Anu my neighbour’s wife – Sex Stories

Anu my neighbour’s wife – Sex Stories

My joy went boundless when my wife informed me that Anu also will be accompanying us to Kerala for the summer vacation .Anu is my neighbour’s wife. A real sexual feast to any body with milky white complexion and the proud owner of a pair of big beautiful shaped breasts and large buttocks . Her big eyes was always full of lust .She and my wife Lata were great friends ever since we moved into this new colony in the capital city of New Delhi . Our son and Anu’s daughter were also in the same age group and became friendly soon . But I could not establish a friendship with Venkat – the husband of Anu since he was an egoistic man and didn’t like mingling with others . But Annapurna fondly called as Anu was very loveable and made an intimate relation with us quickly.

Anu was not a satisfied woman in many fronts as told by my wife . She was forced to marry Venkat . She had a failed love story with one Philip while at college . But as she was a Brahmin girl and Philip a Christian , the entire community threatened her family of outsting from the village . Her father was a fine exponent of classical music and didn’t know any other works but to train students in music . So they had to remain in that Brahmin dominated village in Palakkad district for their bread and butter .Her elder sister lakshmi’s husband also threatened them that if Anu elope with her lover , he will divorce Lakshmi .Their only brother jayaram also joined the others and Anu was forcibly married with Venkat – a miser and narrow minded man.

Anu used to come to our flat whenever her husband was not there.She and my wife will be chatting various things . Gradually she started conversation with me too . I was always eager to have chat with her .She had a peculiar habit of not wearing bra while at home . Her big breasts could be seen through the openings of her nighty . I always starred through the split of her dress while talking to her . When Anu came to take note of it , there was a hidden smile on
her face and her cheeks were blushed rose red .But she continued to speak to me in the same style thereafter too.

One day , I was returning after my morning walk . I noticed Anu was doing something in front of her flat . I stopped and watched it for a while .She was drawing KOLAM using powdered rice.
” Is there any drawing competition going on ” ? I asked her.
” You know this is KOLAM a mark of Godess Laxmi Devi to enter into the house hold “.
” Where is room for another Laxmi when there is already one inside “?
She got it and her face blused.
” Any how , how it looks “? she asked me about the appearance.
” Very beautiful indeed . Any one will definitely want to have it their own” I said meaning fully. Anu understood what I meant and didn’t tell anything .

There was an Anar plant infront of a flat in the ground floor . Ripe fruits of Anars were hanging from it. ” The fruits are ripe and ready to be plucked “. I remarked looking at Anu’s big breasts .”
” The flat owner will never allow you . He is a tough guy”.
” Who wants his consent ? I have decided to steal it without his knowledge ”
” What will happen if he know about your robbery “?
” I can handle him . Haven’t you seen my healthy body “?
Anu didn’t reply . But she smiled at me and I was jubilant that she has understood very well what I actually meant. I was very much eager to get more close to Anu . Hence I started my own methods to win her heart . Whenever I bought toys for my son , I bought toys for her daughter too. I started bringing eatables daily on my return from office whch were shared by Anu and her daughter also.As it was difficult to chat with her while at home because of the presence of my wife or her husband , I started making telephone calls to her house from my direct line in the cabin from my office . Initialy it was about the well being and other general matters and gradually I started using double meaning sentences laced with sex .I was thrilled to get encouraging response from her and finally our chat became too hot and erotic.

On one such occasion , I told her that I was very much hot that if she were in my vicinity , I would have kissed her . She replied to send those kisses through the phone instantly other wise it will loose its heat and flavour. When I asked her why she is not reciprocating to my kisses , she told that she was busy in keeping my first valuable kisses in a safe place. I then told her that it should not be kept in between her cleavage because it is very narrow and my kisses have to suffer suffocation.. Anu told me that she had decided to keep my kisses in between her breasts so that she can enjoy the thrill all the time . I told her that if I am going to have a reincarnation , I would like to become her bras in my next birth so that I can kiss her breasts always .I could hear her laughter like the ringing of cycle bells for a long time .One day I asked her what was the first sex experience in her life . She told me that before attaining puberty , she and her brother used to sleep together.At night , her brother used to persuade her to catch his erected cock and she was fucked in between her thighs by him in those times . She attained puberty at the age of fourteen and her mother gave her lessons of sex thereafter . She hated her brother for exploiting his sister sexually and they were not in good terms afterwards . When I asked Anu who was the first lucky fellow to squeeze her breast , she replied that it was her brother in law( Sister’s Husband ) in a crowded cinema hall till the movie ended . I was shocked to know that her brother in law even offered that he will get her married to her lover if she allow him to fuck her atleast one full night .When I asked her what she had felt when Venkat’s Cock entered into her pussy , she replied that she closed her eyes tightly and imagined the face of her lover and thought that she was playing with her lover .She too asked me about my pre marital adventures in sex and I told her about a night in which I touched the breasts of my elder sister because of curiosity . The breast squeezing experience between me and a girl in our neighbourhood who used to approach me to clear her doubts in mathematics which htither to was known only between me and that girl was also revealed in front of Anu.. I also told her about my watching the sexual plays of my elder sister and brother in law at night through a crack in the door of their bedroom . I didn’t hide details of a night I spend with my cousin sister when she visited our house on one occasion and done every thing except inter course .Gradually there was nothing hidden in between us.

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One day , after returning from my office work , I was reading some periodicals when my wife requested me to replace a fused electric bulb in Anu’s kitchen . Her husband hadn’t returned then . I decided to exploit the opportunity and went to their flat . Anu’s baby remained in our flat . I climbed on a stool and removed the fused bulb . When Anu gave me the replacement , I put a piece of uninsulated wire inside the holder and fitted the bulb . As soon as the switch was on , there was a short circuit and the flat was plunged into darkness . I requested Anu to help me to climb down and she extended her hands . As soon as I climbed down , I hugged her close to my body and kissed tight and passionately on her soft lips.I was thrilled at the first kiss I had given to her ” Ssshh.. Not now Some body may come”. Anu tried to stop me. But I had decided to take advantage of the darkness.I continued kissing on her cheeks and lips . My hands started running on her back and rested on her big bulged breasts . ” Please , this is not the ideal time ” Anu continued her pleading . But I was not ready to slip the opportunity from my hands . I opened the hooks of her nighty and and bend towards her cleavage .I started kissing there and my right hand went insearch of her big round globes .I started squeezing them while Anu tried to escape from my clutches in vain. ” Ssssshhhh. Some body is coming”. Anu warned me. It was my wife Lata who brought a Candle . For the first time after my marriage , I felt angry towards my poor wife . Lata returned to our flat to take care of the children . As there was no more chance to continue my love making , I had to go to the Electricity meter to tie the fuse wire . Anu showed the candle light to me . I removed the wire from the holder and switched on the lights . Anu was happy on the retrieval of electric supply . When I went to their bath room to wash my hands , she accompanied me there too and kissed on both my cheeks and assured that she will definitely find a way to fulfil my desire. She pleaded me not to think anything against her .

As we were planning to visit our hometown in Kerala during the summer vacation , Anu also was interested to accompany us. Venkat as usual withdrew from the programme but allowed Anu and daughter to go and return with us. I was very much happy that during this vaccation , I will definitely get a chance to fulfil my dreams as both of us had decided to visit each other’s houses though located at different districts of Kerala.I played the role of a perfect neighbour and responsible man in our journey from New Delhi to Kerala in Kerala Express .The main reason was that since it was the peak holiday time the train was over crowded and I could not do any thing with Anu during the journey . As we were travelling in A.C Three Tier coach , there were eight passengers in total in our section . I only could manage one or two squeezes to her breasts at night while the others were in deep sleep .

Anu got down at Palakkad and we continued our journey to Ernakulam . I was eager to complete our formal visits to our relatives’ house within a week . In the second week , we decided to visit Anu’s house first and then to visit some picnic spots . We reached Anu’s house in Kalpathy in the evening . It was a big ancient type of building . Anu with her mother gave us a warm welcome. Her father had passed away two years back and Arundhathi – her mother was staying alone there .

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Anu’s mother . She looked like her elder sister only and was in the late thirties . But she looked much younger . ” My marriage with my Mama ( mother’s real brother ) was done when I was just twelve years old . It is a traditional custom that we have to marry our Mama. Then from the next year onwards , I started delivery with a gap of one year each and before attaining seventeen years , I became mother of three children.If I hadn’t operated then , this house would have been filled with at least a dozen children more “. Arundhathi started laughing and we enjoyed it very well .

There was a famous temple in that village and my wife being a hard devotee of the God , proposed to go for a darshan . The ladies had their bath quickly and started changing their dresses . When my turn came , I went to the bath room but could not find any tapes there. The water had to be drawn from the big well adjoining the kitchen . Anu came to my help immediately and filled two big bronze vessels kept in the bath room with cold water .Before shutting the doors , I pulled her inside and embraced tightly to my body .
” Sssssshhhh . Don’t be impatient . The entire night is ours ” . She consoled me .
While having bath and doing darshan at the temple , my mind was full of Anu’s sexy body . I made a lot of imaginations in my mind about what are to be done at night . I was not interested in circling around the temple and sat under a tree and dreamt about Anu’s naked body , her big soft breasts and rose red lips . On my return too I kept silent while the ladies chatted about their own world and the children were busy in their own innocent world. It was decided that my wife and Anu’s mother will again visit the temple in the early hours of the next day . We had an early tasty dinner and went to sleep in the room allotted to us in that big house.

Due to tiredness of the bus travel which took around three hours , Lata and my son started sleeping instantly. But how can I sleep ? My long cherished dreams are going to be fulfilled very soon . I knew from my experience that , my wife won’t wake up till next morning and there is nothing to worry . So I got up and went in search of Anu’s bed room . In that ancient big house , I searched for my darling in the darkness. There were so many rooms and I couldn’t locate her bed room . At last , I found the door of a room opened and I entered into it . There was a wooden cot inside it but no beds were spread on it . When I proceeded further , I found a bed spread on the floor and some one was sleeping in it . I sat on the bed and probed with my hands . I felt that some one was sleeping on her back there . It could be Anu ; I decided because her daughter was also lying with her . My happiness increased bound less . I ran my hands all over her body and finally converged on her breasts. I started pressing them . She was wearing a blouse and petticoat at that time . I started opening the hooks of her blouse . She was not wearing a bra at that time . As soon as her breasts were freed from their captivity , I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking it . Hooooooooooow ! This was the pleasure I had been waiting for . I continued sucking her nipples while squeezing the other breasts . I laid on her and started kissing on her lips and cheeks . As soon as I laid on her , I felt some resistance from her . I felt angry . Why she is doing all these ? She was trying to push me . It increased my anger . I pinned her in the bed and laid forcefully on her . She was still continuing her protests . I untied the knots of her petticoat and pulled it through her legs .She was not wearing panties too . I ran my hands all over her pussy and quickly removed my dhothi and underwear . My erected cock was ready to start its explorations . I placed my cock on the doorstep of her pussy and thrusted inside . Her pussy seemed very tight . It increased my passion . I forced my entry inside her pussy and kissed tightly on her lips . My toung entered into her mouth and teased her toung . My hands were busy on her breasts and I could feel that her nipples were hardening . A positive step . I told my self . I took her nipples in two fingers and started fondling them . The other breast was squashed in my other hand . I could feel that she had started enjoying the game . I lifted my hip up and started my forward thrusts. Her pussy had become lubricant then . I increased my speed gradually and I could feel her lifting her hips according to my thrusts .My pleasure increased multifold . Then she too had started responding positively . Her hands ran through my hairs and back . She kissed on my face and chest and I matched her equally by thrusting with more force . I felt her orgasm a number of times as each time she hugged me tightly to her body . Before cumming inside , I thought to taste her pussy . I took out my cock and my face closed to her pussy . I inserted my toung inside and started licking the honey already filled in . The salty tasted liquid was sucked continuously be me . She brushed her pussy on my face continuously . After making her uncontrollable with lust , I entered into her pussy again and thrusted vigorously . As I was about to cum , I banged forward with more force and with the stamina of a horse . I started cumming in her pussy continuously for a long time and fell on her body , totally sweating but with the satisfaction achieving my long cherished dream .She moved her fingers passionately
through my hairs and kissed tightly on my lips . She placed her nipples in my mouth as if a mother feeding her baby . I started sucking it and slowly and my passions increased agains . This time she climbed on me and inserted my erected cock into her pussy and started thrusting forward. This was a new experience for me . Her big breasts were hanging down and banged on my chest continuously . I started sucking the nipples while hugging her close to me . I could feel hot liquid coming out each time she had orgasms .She felt tired after so many orgasms and came down. I hadn’t peaked then yet . When I started to insert my cock in her pussy , she guided it into her asshole . OOOOOOOOOOOOh . What a feeling when I entered inside . The cock was gripped tightly around and my cock started working like a piston .I caught her breasts extending my hands under her armpits and crushed them in my palms . I enjoyed this novel experience very much and gradually cummed once again this time into her ass hole . As I was fully exhausted , I didn’t tried for a third round and returned to my bed room and in no time fell into a deep sleep.I woke up early in the next morning , when I heard Anu’s mother calling Lata to get ready to go to the temple . I was happy because Anu was not going with them and I could enjoy with her at least for one hour . The new and pleasurable experience of the previous night was still green in my memory . Lata and Anu’s mother set for the temple within fifteen minutes and as soon as I heard Anu shutting the front door of the house , I waited impatiently for her arrival . But I waited in vain . There was no sign of her coming . I felt annoyed . What she is doing now ? Why can’t we exploit the favourable time ? I went out and searched for her in all rooms. Finally she was located in the bath room . She was having an early bath . I pushed the door and entered inside . Anu didn’t panicked to see me . She was wearing a bath towel only and her half nude body was visible in the fading light . Small drops of water adorned all over her body like pearls . I embraced her tightly to me and her breasts crushed to my chest . Her cold naked body gave me supreme pleasure . I showered kisses all over her cheeks and lips . My lips travelled down to her neck and then went to her breasts . Anu closed her eyes and hold my head tight to her breasts . I continued kissing her body from point to point and reached her naval . Her bath towel was removed and she stood infront of me fully naked like a marble statue . I continued kissing on her abdominal area and closed to her pussy . She was jolted when I kissed on her pussy and entered my toung inside . I removed my clothes quickly and guided her hands towards my erected cock . Her cold soft hands caressed my tool .I made her lay on the floor of the bath room . The cold floor and her cold body was really pleasurable . I brushed my cock on her pussy continuously and pressed inside . Slowly it entered inside like a snake entering its hole . She enveloped me in a tight embrace and started kissing me . I too started fondling her breasts and sucking the nipples . I started moving in and out of her pussy and accelerated my speed gradually . Anu was enjoying the game very well . She made markings on my body with her nails and teeth . I hugged her closely and pounded the pussy vigorously . As our bodies were cold , we took more time to peak . The whiteoily liquid from both our pussy and cock was spilled all over the floor of the bath room . Anu was eager to finish her bath before Lata and her mother returned . But I informed her of my desire to fuck her ass hole ,
” Oh ! No . You will tear it . I can’t allow it “. She objected
” But how did you allowed it yesterday “?
” Me ? Yesterday ? what nonsense are you talking ? I waited for you the whole night alone and you fell asleep as soon as you had the dinner”.
” Now you are telling nonsense . Had you forgotten what happened last night ?”
“You would have had a dream in my memories “.
” Don’t say rubbish . I came to your room . Your daughter was also sleeping with you “.
” Are you sure “?
” Definitely “.
” If you won’t get a shock , I will tell you what would have happened . It could be my mother with whom you spend last night “.
” How could it be “?
” I pretended headache and went to sleep in a separate room to accommodate you last night . My baby slept with my mother . I spend the full night alone in that room while you enjoyed very much with my mother though by mistake . But how my mother surrendered before you ? She and our father were such a made for each other couple . Some times her youth ful body would have compelled her to surrender before your sexy healthy body “.

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I didn’t know what to reply.
” Any how , let bye gones be bye gones . Now you have enjoyed both me and my mother . Who was more enjoyable ? Who gave you more pleasure ?”
“If you won’t disappoint and mind my answer , I have to tell you that your mother was better”.
” Anu laughed . ” I expected the same too .I had watched numerous fuckings of my father and mother at night . After each fuck , our father use to say you are the same Arundhathi still who came to my room on our first night”.
” But you have never told me about watching the fucking of your parents”.
” I was ashamed . I used to insert my forefinger inside my pussy and move in and out after watching their plays”.
“Why did you decide to reveal it now “?
” Because I think there should not be any secrets between us “.

As it was time for the return of Lata and Anu’s mother , I had to return to my bed room.

I was ashamed to face Arundhathi . She too didn’t appeared in front of me . After the daily routines and breakfast , Anu took us to sight seeing in the ancient village .We enjoyed it very much . After lunch , I preferred for a sleep while , Anu took Lata and children to the house of some of their relatives .

My heart was heavy because of my relation with Arundhathi . Both of us were alone in the house at that time . I tried to sleep forgetting every thing happened last night . I had fallen into a slumber when I felt somebody sitting on my bedside and woke up . It was Arundhathi. I got up quickly and both of us starred to each other .

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All of a sudden , she leaned to my body and started sobbing . I didn’t know how to console her.
” I haven’t thought of any other man till yesterday and never allowed any one to touch me”.she said.
” I am sorry . I made a mistake “.
” Yes . I could now understand that it was a mistake . I should have realised it when Anu went to sleep alone in another room . My daughter has never got any thing she wished and had to shed a lot of tears . Don’t make her cry again “.
” You can trust me “.
” I know you are a good and generous man . Anu had told me every thing about you . Now you have taken place in my heart too “. Saying this she again leaned to my chest . I realised then that she had come to me to have sex only .I grabbed her face on both my hands and kissed passionately on her cheeks and lips . Her face blushed rose red .
I made her saree pallu to fall down from her shoulder and starred continuously at her big fleshy breasts .
” Don’t stare like this at them . They may melt” She joked .
” I am thank ful to the person who helped you to maintain such a good pair of breasts”.
” It is none other than my Mama or husband . When I was married , they were just big as two lemons . Mama asked me if they were left by the cooks who came for the marriage party . He used to give a good massage to them daily and when I delivered Lakshmi the next year , they were fairly big enough”.
I opened her blouse hooks and pulled it through her arms . Her breasts struggled to get out of her tight bra and I obliged them .I felt an alien smell from her arm pits and started smelling and licking there . Her breasts were rubbing on my face then . She pulled her saree and untied the petticoat . When she stood in front of me fully naked she appeared more sexy than Anu. I made her sit on my lap and extended my hands to cup her breasts under her armpits . Arundhathi pulled my dhothi and removed my underwear . My erected cock jerked in her arms and she voluntarily guided it into her mouth . Her smooth slippery toung spiralled around my cock and I felt I was elated to the heavens . It was the first time my cock was sucked by some one . Arundhathi licked the colourless fluid oozing from my cock and I jerked in passion in each of her plays . I climbed down from the cot and stood in front of her and made her kneel infront of me . My cock entered into her mouth and I started thrusting into her mouth holding her head tightly . Arundhathi contracted her mouthwalls in such a way that her mouth became very tight for my cock . Each time I thrusted forward , her toung played a wonderful game on my cock and gradually I increased my speed . I filled her mouth with my cum and she consumed it without any problems . I made her lay by my side and both of us started loving making to each other by kissing , squeezing ,fondling etc of each other’s pleasurable organs . I aroused again and climbed on her body and started inserting my cock in and out of her pussy. The play lasted for a long time and when both of us peaked , we slept in the same bed for a while . When I woke up around five o’clock , Arundhathi had already gone out . Anu and Lata had n’t returned still .
” Enjoyed well with my mother in our absence “? Anu asked me secretly while drawing water from the well for my bath .
” Why not ?” I asked her.
” You have to come to that room to night . I will be waiting for you “. She pointed to a room and I agreed . That night I enjoyed with Anu till the wee hours of the next day .

When we bayed good bye the next day , I could see the disappointment in the eyes of Anu and
Arundhathi. As my wife preferred pilgrimage to temples than picnics , I changed our programme schedule and decided to visit temples . We took Anu and Arundhathi with us to each temple . While Lata will be having darshans with either Anu or Arundhathi , I will be enjoying in the hotel room with who was left behind on such times .

We didn’t got A.C reservations for our return journey and had to return by Sleeper class . I could not hide my joy when Arundhathi said that she too was accompanying us to have a sight seeing in Delhi . Through out her stay lasting three months in Delhi , she arranged to have sexual plays with her or Anu on numerous occasions. My poor wife Lata didn’t know anything about it . Still I am maintaining my relation with Anu in Delhi and with Arundhathi when we visits our home town on vacations.}

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Anu my neighbour’s wife – Sex Stories

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