Attacked by a white man by shefux

Attacked by a white man
by shefux

I enjoy getting feedback on my stories good or bad. I try my best to inform my readers as to the content of my stories so that they can decide BEFORE they read it if it is something that they would not like. I do not like stories with scat, heavy pain, or snuff as themes and I do not read them, So if you know you don’t like a story before you read it is not fair to the author to rate it as a bad story because of your dislike of the content. If my story is confusing or poorly written then tell me it’s a piece of crap and then TELL ME WHY it’s a piece of crap.
This story revolves around a mother and a daughter consensually submitting to a black man. There is incest. multiple partners and toward then a dog gets into the act.
Once during this story I use the “N” word when referring to African Americans or blacks in general. I do not use it gratuitously. It is used to show a certain attitude that I believe that no other word can easily express. So if the use of that word offends you please do not read this story.
This is a fairly long story with a good amount of sex and some humor.

Attacked by a white man

I was sitting alone having breakfast in a local Country Caf?hat I frequent and a man stood up to leave with what I assumed to be his wife and nearly adult daughter. He was average in almost every way that I could have described, but his wife and daughter were knockouts. Both were dressed in mid thigh length sundresses with spaghetti straps and low cut bodices. They had long black hair that framed their faces in ebony ringlets. They looked as though they could have been sisters.

While I will admit I had some fleeting lustful thoughts regarding the two women, but that was not the main thought that was running through my mind as I watched them prepare to leave. What had caught my attention was that they were a very attractive family and seemed happy together.

I am a fairly outgoing individual and as the man passed I sought to compliment him and his family.

“You have a very good looking family there sir.” I told him and smiled.

He stopped and stared down at me, as his wife and daughter continued to exit the restaurant.

In a hushed but angry voice he spat. “What the fuck do you mean by that, Nigger.”

Startled and somewhat angered by his response I snapped back at him, “Whatever you want it to mean, Cracker.”

About half of the customers and most of the staff had overheard our exchange, and a hush fell over the diners.

“Step outside you black bastard and I’ll show what the fuck I think it means.”

Actually I was surprised at his demeanor and on some level concerned, because I have rarely found that a white man will confront a large black man unless he has an equalizer near at hand. An equalizer like a gun, or six redneck buddies with pick ax handles hiding around the corner. When I say a large black man, I was referring to myself and I do consider myself large. I’m six four, two forty, and so black that sometimes my skin shines blue, like the wing if a raven. Physically I look like a block of wood with legs. I played defensive end for the Florida Gators until I blew my knee out and I still keep up my exercise program.

I dropped my gaze to the table and sighed. I really didn’t want to get into it with this guy and I decided to apologize and let the matter drop, when the prick sucker punched me upside my head.

Startled, I looked up at him with ‘Why the fuck did you do that’ in my eyes. He hit me again and it appeared to me, that everything he had was in that punch.

I was unfazed physically by either assault. When I stood, I saw fear race cross his face. I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and marched him on tippy toes out the door and around the corner of the building. I threw him against the wall and when he bounced off of it back towards me he punched me twice in the gut and hurt his hand on the second punch. My stomach was still as hard as when I had played ball.

I grabbed his throat with my left hand, picked him up off of his feet and pinned him to the brick building. I drew back my right fist to pound him into next week when he threw his hands up and screamed out.

“Ok, ok, you win. Take them.”

I hesitated with my arm still drawn back. “What?”

“You win, Ok? Just don’t hit me. Take them and let me go.”

“Take who?” I growled waiting to put my fist through is nasal passages.

“My wife and daughter. You won. Now let me down.”

Confused, I released his neck and he slid down the wall and sat puddled at its base shaking.

“Bring them home when you are finished with them.” He said and scrambled to his feet.

He stumbled across the parking lot and got into a blue minivan and speed off.

My arm was still cocked when I turned and face the two women hugging each other.

The wife looked frightened but looked into my eyes and asked. “Which car is yours?”

Arm still cocked, my index finger shot out and pointed to my black Escalade. Slowly the hand on the end of my cocked arm went to my shiny bald head and scratched it. The two women still hugging hobbled over to my Cadillac and got into the back seat. I still had not wrapped my head around all that had happened, but I walked over to my SUV and got inside.

“Why did he leave you here?” I asked

The wife met my eyes in the rear view mirror and shrugged. “You won.”

“Well, where do you live? I’ll take you home.”

“You have to take us to your place.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because you won.”

Frustrated, my voice got louder as I spun in my seat and confronted them. “What the hell am I supposed to do with you?”

They both jumped and the daughter buried her face in her mother’s ample bosom. “Anything you want.” The wife responded meekly.

Call me dense, but it had not yet sunk in as to what they meant by ‘anything’. So I cranked up the Caddy and pulled out on SR-19 south.

I live on a small forty acre farm in the country about fifty miles south of Atlanta in a little community called Meansville GA. The Country Caf?here all this happened was in Zebulon. I had lived in this area all of my life except when I had been away at college.

The town, in which I now lived, despite the name, was family friendly and very comfortable. I was well known and well liked in the community. At thirty five, I still had not chosen a mate and might never, because I had my pick of all of the pussy I could ever need, white, black and all the colors in-between are at my beck and call. Besides, I may be a black man and a jock as well, but Florida is a great school and I graduated near the top of my class. Being smart is attractive to the ladies too.

After a few miles had passed and I had relaxed a little I glanced in the mirror and asked, “What are your names?”

“I’m Lila and this is my daughter Emily.”

Emily peeked up and gave me a fleeting glance before looking away.

“My name is Clyde, but for some reason, unknown to me my family and friends call me Butch.

Emily looked at her mom and said. “I didn’t believe him momma. I never thought he would do it.”

“I know honey, I didn’t think he would either, but he did.” And she patted her daughter’s soft curls.

“What didn’t you think he would do?” I asked, curious about the conversation.

“My husband,” she said. “He has been saying that he was going to give us to a Nig… uh, black man to teach us our place in a man’s world. Now he has apparently done it.”

All of a sudden the meaning of “anything” became perfectly clear. It meant ANYTHING.

“How old are you Emily?” I asked

“I just turned eighteen last month.” She said in a quiet voice.

“And you Lila?”

“I’m thirty four.” Lila explained. “I was sixteen when I had Emily. David is not her father.”

I stared at Lila in the mirror. “And the two of you are just going to let me do anything I want to you.”

“Yes.” Was her simple response.

“You don’t have too.” I said. “I will take you home and forget this whole fiasco.”

“No, we have too. We have discussed this, Emily and I. We want to be dominated emotionally and sexually by a black man and David chose you.”

“Neither you nor David know anything about me. What if I don’t want to use you as you suggest?”

“You are the one David chose so whatever happens, happens.”

I pulled into my pecan tree lined drive way and drove up to my Antebellum home that I have been restoring. I have been trying to get it on the registry of historical Georgia homes but had not at this point succeeded. As Antebellum homes go it was fairly small. It has only eight bedrooms, four baths and. a huge kitchen, parlor, dining room and conservatory. It had six fire places and four huge columns out front. I find it rewarding to own a plantation home that its owners once “owned” my ancestors, so to speak. It is a little over nine thousand square feet. Quite the little bachelor pad.

Emily and Lila gasped when we pulled in front of it and Red my pit bull terrier rushed to meet us. Red’s cropped tail was beating back and forth so fast it was a blur.

As pit bulls go he was larger than most. He sniffed the ladies and got his obligatory scratch behind the ears from me and shot off into the trees looking for more interesting prey. I thought that if the people in world could be as happy as a dog it would surely be a great place to live. Then I thought again as I remembered watching Red viciously pull down a wild pig and rip its throat out.

I am a building contractor and have done very well for myself the past fifteen years; buying, restoring and selling old homes. They are more like mansions than homes and renovating them can be quite lucrative.

We entered the old house and, the two ladies oooed and aaaahed at the high ceilings and ornate wood work. I went to the bar and poured me a shot of Kentucky bourbon and tossed it down.

I had decided that if these women wanted to be dominated by a black man then I was just the swing dick to do it. I know most people think that the mystique about the sexual prowess of the Negro race stems from the size of their dicks. But I personally do not think that is the major factor for our sexual success. No, instead I think the main reason the African American black man has such a sexual aura about him is because he believes, deep down within his sole that the one thing that he does better than all other races is fuck. It is this unwavering belief that gives him his attitude of superiority over all others and that makes him desirable to females and a big dick doesn’t hurt either. There is an additional belief held among black men that contributes to his allure and that is that pussy was put on earth for his enjoyment.

I walked over to Emily and Lila who were happily chattering away. I put my hands on each of their shoulders and told them to kneel. Their faces sobered up.

“You will address me as sir. You will not speak unless you have asked for permission and permission is given. When you are within the walls of this house you will remain nude unless I have instructed you otherwise.”

I looked at them expectantly.

They returned my gaze with rapt attention.


Lila looked at me confused. “Well wa…. oh” She turned to Emily and said. “He wants’ us to undress”

In less than a minute they were standing before me bare footed from head to toe. They were breath taking. Emily had her hands covering her pussy and I slapped them away.

“One of the reasons I want you naked is so that I can look at you. Never cover your nakedness. Another reason is so that you will always feel vulnerable and the last reason is because I want unimpeded access to your body.”

Emily had a trimmed black patch of pubic hair; the unusual thing about her cunt hair was that it was not curly. It was strait and looked as soft as down. It almost looked as she had attached black feathers to her mons veneris. Lila, on the other hand, was shaved bare. I was not sure which I liked best.

To me the most striking thing about the two women was their skin. It looked as though it had never seen the light of day. There were no tan lines visible at all, yet it practically glowed in the dim interior of the old house. I found no blemishes anywhere except for a small mole on Lila’s right ass cheek as I walked around inspecting their bodies. I stopped behind them and ran my fingers lightly over Lila’s ass. She shivered and goose bumps broke out over her entire body.

“Lila,” I commanded. “Tell me your sexual history.”

“I have had sex with three different men.” She said in a voice so low that it was only a fraction above a whisper.

“You have had sex with three different men, What.”

She realized her mistake and said “Sir.”

“Speak up. You will have no secretes from me.”

Lila cleared her throat and spoke in a clear yet somewhat shaky voice. “Sir, I have had sex with three different men. The first was a high school boyfriend and it was fast, very unpleasant and only happened once. My second lover was Emily’s father, which was also a onetime thing. He left for parts unknown and never knew that he fathered a daughter. Then there is my husband David, who is a very attentive and caring lover.”

“He’s the one who had you shave your cunt?”

She flinched at the word “cunt”

“Yes.” She paused and quickly added “Sir.”

They were nervous and Emily was shaking slightly so I slapped her firmly on the ass, she yelped and jumped, but held her ground. My hand had barely returned to my side and my hand print stood bright red on her tender white ass.

“Emily,” I paused, “how many men have you fucked?”

“None sir.” came a quivering little girl voice. “I have kissed two boys, one at a party and one at the drive-in movies where he briefly touched my breasts over my clothing.”

“Tits.” I corrected.

“Sir?” she asked confused.

“You don’t have breasts, you have tits, hooters, melons” I continued, “and you don’t have a vagina or rectum. You have a cunt, pussy or twat and an ass or asshole. Also, I do not have a penis, I have a dick.”

“Yes sir.”

“So you are telling me that you are a virgin?”

“Yes sir.”

“Spread your legs.” I ordered.

She stepped out a foot or so.

I slapped her hard on the other ass cheek and received the same results.

“If I tell you to spread your legs it is because I want to see your cunt.” I yelled. “In the future if I say spread your legs it means if you are standing you are to get them as far apart as you can without falling down. If you are lying down I want to be able to see your tonsils. Do you understand?”

They both blurted. “Yes sir.”

“Now both of you, spread your legs.”

Lila stepped out wide in a comfortable stance but Emily in a nervous effort to comply had stepped out so far that movement of only a few more inches would have put her in a split. I could tell that it would not be long before her legs would be feeling the strain.

I strolled around them and stopped in front of Lila and pressed two fingers into her pussy. She was dripping wet and I withdrew them, smelled them and presented them to her mouth.

Tentatively she opened her lips and I placed my wet fingers inside for her to clean. She knew what she was supposed to do and Emily watched her mother with wide eyes, suck my black fingers clean.

Then I side stepped to the eighteen year old, caressed her tits and lightly pinched her nipples. Then I ran the back of my hand down across that flat belly, poked gently at her precious navel then continued down to her black muff and tenderly tugged at her fine soft hair.

Her legs were beginning to quiver. I wasn’t sure if it was from the strain or if it was from lust. I suspected both.

I squatted before that masterpiece of female flesh until my eyes were at the same level as her cunt. Slowly I inserted my two fingers into her warm depths and probed for her cherry. She was also wet but not as much as her mother. I drew my fingers back to her pussy lips then jammed them back in, ripping her hymen to shreds.

Emily yelped, jumped up and brought her legs together and grabbed her crotch as surprise registered in her face. A trickle of blood wept from her pussy lips and her mother turned to console her.

I yelled, “Lila,” and she froze leaning towards her daughter.

“Virgins are such a pain in the ass, don’t you agree.” I said to Lila.

“Yes sir.” Lila responded resuming her previous stance.

I rose, stuck my blood streaked fingers up to Lila’s mouth and waited. She shivered, opened her mouth and accepted them for cleaning.

Emily resumed her stance this time her legs were not quite as far apart. I move between the two ravishing women facing the same direction as they were. Took their hand in each of mine and walked them upstairs to my bedroom.

The smallest bedrooms in this house were on the ground floor toward the rear of the dwelling. I assumed when I first saw them that were servant’s quarters and I had been right. They were twelve by twelve and by any modern standards large bedrooms. However the upstairs bedrooms were nearly twice that size. My bedroom was eighteen feet wide by twenty feet long with ten foot ceilings. The king size bed was so dwarfed by the size of the room that it looked like it was made for a child.

I lay the mother and daughter side by side face up on the mattress and looked down on their bodies hungrily. My dick had been hard from the moment that they had stood nude before me and it was beginning to hurt as it was confined in my jeans.

I stripped and stood at the bottom of the bed. My muscles rippled under my dark skin and my dick was so hard that the tip was shiny. Not because if pre cum but because the skin was stretched that tightly.

I crawled between Emily’s legs and rested my cheek on her upper thigh. My breath was tickling her fine pubic hair and I could see the blood that had dried on her pussy lips. I reached under each of her legs, slid my hands up her sides and around to her tits. Then I squeezed those milky white globes as my mouth descended to her snatch and I lapped up the blood and juices that were there. As I ate the teenager she began withering under my tongue and when I felt that she had reached a sufficient level of lust I stopped.

I got back up and again stood at the foot of the bed.

“Your mother and I will now begin your instruction as to the correct way to please a man with your body. You are to observe these lessons closely and will be expected to perform them with a moderate amount of proficiency.”

I pulled Lila from the bed and lay next to Emily.

I looked up at Lila and said. “Suck my dick.”

Nervously Lila knelt between my legs and asked. May I have permission to speak sir?”


“I have only had my husband’s peni…. uh, dick in my mouth twice and it was only to get him hard enough to make lo….. fuck. I have never sucked a dick to completion sir.”

“Well it’s time for you to learn”

“You can start by gently licking my balls. My dick can take a lot of abuse but my balls are tender and can be hurt easily.” I said glancing at Emily.

The girl’s large brown eyes were as big as saucers as she watched her mother tonguing my balls. Emily scooted down so that her face was adjacent to her mothers and propped herself up on her elbow. She lay there mesmerized as Lila worked over my crotch.

“When you get my nuts nice and wet blow on them and the cool air will make them tighten up then take the entire nut sack in your mouth and warm them back up. Then repeat the process several times.”

Lila did as I instructed and Emily reached between her own legs.

“Emily.” I said sharply. You are not to touch yourself unless you have permission.

“May I masturbate sir?”


“You see that drop of liquid on the end of my dick?” I asked Emily. That is pre cum it is a lubricant much like your pussy juice that you produce when you are aroused.

“Now Lila, lick the bottom of my dick from the base all the way to the tip and scoop that liquid up with the tip of your tongue and hold it there for Em and I to see.

Lila preformed the task as requested.

“Now swallow it and lick my dick all over. Then put the head in your mouth and suck it. I looked at Emily and asked, “What does your mother have in her mouth?”

Emily responded almost as if she were a military recruit answering a drill sergeant. “Your big black dick sir.”

I laughed and Lila choked on my dick.

“You’re absolutely right.” I said still smiling. “And there’s something that you need to know that most white people don’t know about black men and that is, black men have dicks. Dogs, horses and white boys have pricks and cocks.”

“Yes sir.” She said blushing.

Lila was doing a piss poor job of sucking my dick so I grabbed a hand full of hair on each side of her face and pumped her head several times faster and deeper than she had been moving.

“Like that bitch,” I shouter at Lila. “Put some energy and enthusiasm into it.” And I released her hair.

Lila redoubled her efforts and I nodded, “Yes, That’s better. Suck harder and run your tongue on the underside of my dick. Mmmmm, oh yeah, good, good.”

Lila looked up at me and I could read the will to please me in her eyes. God she was hot with my black dick sliding into her milky white face.

I started meeting the downward motion of her head by thrusting my hips up driving my dick deeper; gagging her each time we collided.

“Now, Lila. When I cum and it will be soon.” I said through gritted teeth. I want you to hold it in your mouth. I want you to be able to show Em and I your mouth full of my black sperm.”

Emily was inches from her mother’s face. I think she was holding her breath waiting. Waiting to see the woman who gave her life, suck the nuts of a black man dry.

My gut and legs tightened and I growled. “Here it comes. Don’t spill any.”

I unloaded jet after jet of cum into her willing mouth. Time after time I blaster her tonsils and she kept at it chasing my dick with her mouth. Finally I slowly relaxed my body and sighed.

“That was great.”

There was a small trickle of cum that had leaked past her lips but I only had praise for her. She let my dick slip from her face and sat mute looking into my eyes as proud as any bitch that I had ever seen.

I smiled at her and tenderly caressed her face and transferred the cum that had leaked out of her mouth to my coal black finger.

“Show us the reward that you just worked so hard to receive.”

Lila tilted her head back and carefully opened her mouth. It was so full that her tongue was completely covered. I dipped the finger that had scooped up the leak and coated the end of my digit to the second knuckle and then quickly stuck it into Emily’s gaping mouth.

I did not think it was possible, but Em’s eyes got bigger, her mouth snapped shut and she instinctively drew back wiping my finger clean.

Lila quickly closed her mouth and almost sprayed the sperm in her mouth all over me and the bed, how she held the laugh that racked her body I’ll never know but she did.

I was still laughing when, I told Lila that she could swallow my offering and after several gulps she opened her mouth again to let us verify that it had joined the breakfast that she had eaten at the Country Caf?uch a short time ago.

“Virgins are funny too.” I laugh with Lila as Emily blushed.

“How was your first taste of sperm?” I asked the blushing virgin.

“I….I’m not sure sir. It didn’t seem to have too much of a taste, but then again I wasn’t expecting it and I was distracted. I am anxious to taste it again sir.”

“Would like to see if there is any left in the pipe?” I asked her.

“Yes sir.”

I nodded and she almost dove for my dick and sucked the head into her mouth. It felt like Mr. Oric had connected four of his vacuums in series and jammed the hose on my dick. The head of my dick was very sensitive and I grabbed her hair and forced her off of it.

When our eyes connected she looked like a puppy that had piddled on the floor and was about to get yelled at. I tried not to laugh at her again but failed miserably.

Then, as gently and as tenderly as I could I explained that after a man cums the head if his dick is very sensitive. I explained that it was my fault that I did not give her this information before giving her permission to suck my dick and if she wanted to try again very carefully she could.

She nodded, bent back over and cautiously encircled my dick with her tender lips. She gently and even what seemed like lovingly tried to draw any remaining sperm from my black snake. I don’t think she got much and after a few minutes of trying I told her to sit back and watch me fuck her mom.

I pulled Lila on top of me and kissed her deeply and passionately. I squeezed her ass with my strong fingers and drew her left leg up so that I could have access to her pussy. As we kissed I drew my large fingers lightly through the shaved slit. She was very wet and her skin was smooth as silk. My dick was rock hard again.

I felt Emily shift around on the bed so she could see what I was doing to her mother. I could not actually see her but I assumed that her face was very close to her mother’s pussy. I stuck two fingers deep into Lila and when I pulled them out coated with Lila’s juice, I directed my fingers to where I imagined Emily was and was rewarded by the virgin’s warm mouth cleaning them.

I rolled Lila over onto her back and Em scrambled out of the way. The young mother’s legs were spread wide as my body lay between them.

I rose up in preparation to penetrate her and said. “Emily, I want you to guide my dick into your mother.”

Emily groaned and uttered, “Oh God.”

Em reached between our bodies and grasped my black python and pointed it at Lila’s pussy. I pressed forward and the tip entered Lila’s delicate body. I withdrew slightly and pressed in again, coating my dick with her girl lube. Emily continued to guide my dick with each stroke getting deeper and deeper. Lila moaned as I stretched out her practically unused pussy. Deeper and deeper I drove with slow and easy strokes. Now the sounds that were escaping Lila’s mouth were like a constant humm and her eyes were tightly closed as she focused her mind on the action and feelings between her legs.

Lila opened her eyes when Emily’s hand bumped against her cunt lips. I told Em that she could let go of my dick now and with great reluctance she released me one finger at a time.

On the next stroke I bottomed out and our pubic bones were pressed hard together. Lila’s hum turned into a groan and the pitch went up an octave. Then I began some serious fucking. Faster and harder my dick pistoned in and out of that tight white pussy so fast that I imagined that we were creating sparks and setting the bed on fire.

Emily moved to the base of the bed and crawled between our legs and I could feel her breath on my balls as she was fascinated by my big black dick reaming that dainty white cunt. Then I felt her finger trace around my dick pressing it up against her mother’s stretched snatch. Then she tried to fondle my balls and ass but I was moving too fast for her to able effectively get any enjoyment from her efforts. So she went back to Lila’s pussy and probed all around where we were joined.

I could feel Lila tighten up, her eyes rolled back in her head when she lost it and began bucking under me. She almost threw my two hundred and forty pounds off of her one hundred and ten pound frame.

Even as tight as her cunt was around my dick, girlie juice shot from her pussy and I could feel Emily playing in the soup like a child in the tub playing with soap bubbles.

After Lila got her first nut I slowed to a more moderate pace but the force I used on my down stroke increased and our bones would smack together. Each time I hit bottom Lila grunted. I felt Emily try to get her head into our crotches. I assume she was trying to lick her mother’s cunt cream up but my movements were pounding her head like boxer wailing on the small bag, so she pulled back.

Lila came again and rewarded Em with more cum. Since Emily could not lick it from the source it sounded like she was content to scoop it up and lick it from her fingers.

Lila had three more orgasms before I roared and blasted her cunt with black sperm. Tears were streaming from her eyes. Not from pain but from the absolute best fuck she had ever received in her entire life.

“I would have never have believed that sex could be that wonderful.” Lila exclaimed!

I allowed without comment that she broke the rule of no speaking until spoken to and rolled off of her, accidently kicking Emily in the head because she was still wedged between our legs.

I looked at Emily and said. “Since you are down there clean your mother’s cunt with your tongue. Em got a big grin on her face and dove right in to that sloppy pie and imitated my dog Red licking his nuts.

Every time Emily swiped her mother’s clit Lila jumped and after about five of those swipes Lila busted another nut and washed Em’s face for her. I lay back and marveled at the daughter’s excitement at cleaning her mother’s cunt.

After awhile I said to the younger woman. “Emily.” and she looked up at me with her mom’s and my cream dripping from her face. “It looks like you have done that before. Did you leave something out of your sexual history?

Em’s face turned bright red and she ducked back between her mother’s legs to hide her shame.

“Emily.” I called.

But she shook her head and refused to look from her hiding place. I sat up and put another big red hand print on her ass. Her head popped from between her mother’s legs and she had a startled look on her face.

“It’s ok.” I said. There’s nothing wrong with eating pussy. I do it and I love it. Lila, get between my legs and clean my dick.

When Lila moved I patted the bed beside me and told Em to sit beside me and tell me about her girl history. She blushed again and hung her head, but nevertheless moved to the spot that I had pointed to and sat cross legged facing me. When she folded her legs her pretty pink pussy winked at me and despite having just cum I felt my dick twitch.

Lila began enthusiastically slurping our combined cum from my dick and balls. There’s nothing prettier than a girl with a smile on her face and your dick on her tongue.

I shifted my body a bit so that I could snake my left hand under Emily’s legs and diddled her wet pussy. I loved the way her cunt hair felt when I combed my fingers through it.

“Ok Em, how many pussy’s have you had your face in?”

She turned beet red again and mumbeled. “Just one, sir.” Then she turned to her mom and said. “You remember Becky, the blond with the big brea….tits don’t you mom?”

Lila had half of my dick in her mouth but managed to nod her head yes.

Then Em turned back to me. “I was at her house and I was to sleep over that night. We had showered and I was dressed in my pj’s when Becky came out of the bathroom naked and began rummaging around in her dresser for something to wear. She pulled out a pretty pink teddy that was so sheer that it hardly looked like cloth at all. It looked more like she had a ball of pink light in her hands.”
“She tossed it on the bed beside me and walked to her vanity and started brushing her hair. She was looking at her body, turning this way then that. My eyes had not left her nakedness from the moment she entered the room.”

She looked into the vanity mirror and said. “Do you think I have a nice body?”

“My mouth was dry, and I could only nod in answer to her question. Her back was to me but I could see her entire frontal reflection in the mirror. She caught my eyes with hers and she slowly let her free hand drift down to her …….pussy and started playing with it. Her pussy hair was as blond as the hair on her head, it was curly and so fine it hardly shielded her pussy from my eyes at all. Her slit was just a straight line that disappeared between her legs. My eyes were no longer locked with hers, because I wanted to watch her play with her pussy. I don’t know how big her tits were but if I had to guess I would say that they were “C” cups. They were huge compared to mine.”

“Anyway, she put the brush back on her vanity and came over to the bed and stood right in front of me. She was so close she had to feel my breath on her navel. She started caressing my hair and running her fingers lightly over my face and asked me if I have ever licked a girl between the legs before. I still could not speak but I managed to make a little shake of my head that I hadn’t.”

“She wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled my face to her pussy and she told me it was easy. Just stick your tongue out and lick, and I did.”

“She never did put that teddy on. She had my face between her legs all night. She taught me how to please her with my mouth and I made her orgasm three times before we both fell asleep. When she woke up during the middle of the night her pussy had been my pillow she had me eat her twice more, then again in the morning before we got up.”

“I had my PJ’s on all night she never even kissed me. That was the last time she invited me to her house and she hardly acknowledged me at school after that.”

“And that was the only time I was ever with a girl sir.” Emily said finishing her story.

I looked down at Lila and she had long ago cleaned my dick and it now looked as if she was just worshiping it.

“May I ask a question sir?” Emily asked.

“Sure.” I told her.

“When are you going to fuck me sir?”

I smiled at her and cupped her chin in my hand, leaned forward and tenderly kissed her.

Then I pushed her on her back and said. “your next.” Lila have you eaten pussy before?

Lila blinked, and pulled her mouth off of my dick and said in a voice just barely above a whisper. “No sir.”

Emily piped up and said its easy mom. Just stick out your tongue and lick. Oop’s sorry sir.”

“That’s ok Em. I guess I need to change the rules a little. You may not speak unless spoken to when there are other people visiting. You can speak freely around me when we are alone, unless I tell you to shut up.

“Lila, get up here and let your daughter teach you how to eat pussy and get her ready to lose her virginity. When I come back I want that cunt drooling.”

Emily giggled and spread her legs wide.

I got up and took a leak. Then I went down to feed Red. His name is not very original. I call him that because he is a red nosed pit bull terrier. In my opinion pit bulls, in the right environment, are the most loving, gentle and friendliest dogs on the planet. However in the wrong environment they can be one of the most deadly animals, pound for pound.

When Michael Vick was arrested and convicted of training and fighting pit bulls. He made a comment that some picked up on but most didn’t. One of the excuses / reasons Vick said that he engaged in the sport of dog fighting was that it was the culture he was raised in. It was a common activity in the environment in which he grew up and this is true. Many a southern country boy both black and white was raised with the belief that dog fighting was an exciting and acceptable (though illegal) pastime and could often be financially rewarding. I was one of those boys, however as I grew older and more responsible I rejected that part of my heritage, but my love for the breed is deep within me and I love Red as much as any man can love an animal. Red and I hunt together and there is a lot of opportunity for Red to get hurt on some of those outings and he has been hurt several times. But I would never pit him against another dog for sport.

Having fed Red, I was giving serious thought to sharing my two little cunts with a few of my friends. I mean, they wanted to be dominated by black men; maybe I should give the girls the whole experience. As exciting as seeing their little pusses’ pounded by a half dozen of my buddy’s was, something in me didn’t want to share my good fortune.

As I entered my bedroom Emily was screaming out an orgasm as Lila rooted deep in her daughter’s cunt.

“That should be enough.” I said and Lila raised her dripping face from Em’s pussy and gave me a big smile.

I lay back down on the bed and stuffer a pillow behind my back so that I could lean back against the head board and watch my little beauties work.

“Ok Em, get that dick hard so I can stuff it in that virgin pussy of yours.” Emily crawled over my leg and immediately engulfed my black snake. I told Lila to lie next to me so that I could play with her tits.

Emily had learned her lessons from her mother well as she polished my knob with her tongue. I stroked and caressed Lila’s tits for a few moments then I got rougher and pinched and squeezed them alternating back and forth.

After about ten minutes Emily had my dick ready to cut glass.

“Ok you virgin slut. Lay down right here. Lila guide me in.”

Emily’s eyes were bright with excitement and occasionally I saw some fear flicker there. I was over her like I was doing pushups from my knees and that tender target was dripping with anticipation. Em’s mother grabbed my dick and aimed it at that target, Em had her lower lip pinched between her pearl white teeth. As soon as my dick touched her pussy she scrunched her eyes tight and her body tensed.

“Relax Emily, despite what you may have heard losing your virginity isn’t very painful. Besides I have already removed the biggest source of pain that you would have experienced if you still had your cherry. So just relax, in fact if you do anything push out, as if you were having a baby. I will go slow and will not give more than you can take, Ok?”

She let out her breath and let her body relax. I pressed again then backed off just as I had with her mother. I didn’t want to hurt this young morsel, no, in fact I wanted her to love getting fucked. I wanted to drill this sweet cunt for years to come. I told Emily to lift her head and I snatched a pillow up and stuffed it under her head. Now she would be able to see my black dick slide into her body as well as feel it.

Little by little I drove deeper and deeper into her virgin cavity. She grimaced a couple of times but most of the time she was meuing like a kitten. Lila released me and she too dove between our legs to watch her little girl being de-flowered. I started making longer strokes driving into her depths with each one.

“Oh God.” Emily cried. “It feels so good. I can’t believe that huge thing is inside of my body.”

As soon as she said that she had her first vaginal orgasm and responded much as her mother had earlier. I bottomed out in her while she was creaming around my dick. I held myself deep inside of her and moved my pelvis in a circle as I pressed against her pubic bone. This circular motion forced my dick to move around inside of her like a painter stirring a can of paint. Em got another nut and I started to really fuck her now. Forty five minutes later I was still slamming into her.

Sweat was rolling off my body despite the chill in the air. I had no idea how many orgasms Emily had, but it had to be at least twice as many as her mother. She was panting under me valiantly trying to match my thrusts. Then I felt it rise up inside of me. I began a low growl and as my orgasm approached my vocalization became louder and louder until I was practically yelling at the top of my lungs when my sperm blasted into her lily white cunt.

“That…” I announced. “Is how you fuck a virgin.” I said. “The only problem is that you will be spoiled for life because that kind of fuck you don’t get every time.” I told her, trying to catch my breath. “You don’t get that kind of fuck even most of the time. Then I said. “Lila clean my dick and be careful of the head, then clean your little girl up, she was fantastic.”

Emily blushed at my praise. I was whipped and I knew that she had to be.

Lila was lapping up our goo when she paused and asked. Sir, would it be all right with you if I called my husband and let him know that we are ok?”

“No, let the bastard sweat.”

“Yes sir.” And she resumed her duties.

“Maybe I’ll let you call in a couple of days.”

The two women quickly looked at each other, from their reaction I was sure that they had expected to be home late tonight or at the latest in the morning on, but to their credit neither said anything. There was one thing I knew for sure, if I was going to keep them that long I was going to need some help. I could probably go five or six times more over the next two days. I guess I could take them home and demand that her husband bring them back next weekend but I wasn’t sure that he would be willing to give them up once he got them back. For the life of me I was at a loss as to why he gave them to me in the first place.

It was one in the afternoon and I was getting hungry. I told the girls to get dressed. Then I added, “No underwear.” They both blushed and went to find their sundresses and sandels.

I met them down stairs in the parlor with a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut six inched off of the bottom of each of their dresses. Their cunts were still covered but sitting and light breezes were going to be a challenge. A strong wind would keep their hands really busy. While I was at it I cut the bodice between their tits down almost to their navel. Their boobs were not overly large but they were firm and formed perfectly. The amount of bright white titty that was exposed was substantial. They would have to be very careful about bending over if they didn’t want nipple showing.

On the way out to the Escalade Red showed up to say goodbye. He stuck his nose in Emily’s spermy pussy and licked. Em squealed and tried to dart away but red stuck with her and got in several more licks. I opened the Cadillac’s passenger door and she dove for safety into the car’s interior. Red knew better than to follow into the vehicle without permission and sat just outside the door. Then he took a swipe at Lila’s cunt as she slid into the black car next to her daughter. Lila did not try to dodge red’s invasive tongue. In fact she paused at the door one foot on the ground the other inside the caddy and let red have his way with her shaved doggy treat for a few seconds. I thought, she has either had doggy tongue before or that she was a very adventurous lady.

As I drove down my long drive way I let my hand drop between Emily’s legs and pushed the edge of my hand firmly against her cunt and kept it there. Em smiled at me and laid her head on my shoulder and hugged my muscular arm.

Just for the hell of it I thought it would be fun to go back to the restaurant where I had met these two luscious ladies and see the reaction of the people who saw what happened this morning. Most if not all of the people who worked there know me pretty well and as I said before I have lived in this area all of my life. Besides, wealthy educated black men stood out in rural Georgia even if it was 2010 and a black man was president.

On the way my cell phone rang. “Yo cuz.” I answered. It was my cousin Jefferson who was one of my crew foremen.

“We bout to run outta white primer. You wan me to git some or kin you pick it up n bring it by?”

Jefferson, Willy and Bo were at one of my acquisitions and were putting the primer coat on the interior. I told him that I would stop at Pike Depot and pick up ten gallons and drop it off to them after I ate lunch.

“Hell you jus now eatin lunch?”

I smiled over at the two ladies. “Yeah, it’s been a busy morning.”

Since we had to pass Pike Depot before we got to the Country Caf? decided to get the paint on the way.

I ordered Lila and Emily to follow me into the hardware / lumber store and went to the contractor’s desk.

“Hey Butch.” The familiar face behind the counter called to me. Zeke was an old white man that my dad had run around with back in the day and he was as close to a father figure as I had since my dad passed.

“Hi Zeke. I need ten more gallons of that white primer you sold me last week.”

Zeke got on the intercom and his voice boomed throughout the store. “Johnny, bring two of the 1246 white primer to the contractors desk please.”

About that time Zeke spied Lila and Emily and shot them a half toothed smile and asked. “Can I do something for you ladies?”

They blushed as his eyes undressed what wasn’t already exposed.

“There with me.” I grinned at Zeke. The old man looked incredulously at me and I winked at him and said. “It’s a long story I’ll tell you later.”

Just then Johnny showed up with the two five gallon pails of paint and set them down next to me and I signed the credit slip.

“You two take these to the car.” I told the girls and both looked at me with, ‘are you kidding’ written across their face.

Johnny grabbed the paint and said. “I’ll take it to your car Mr. Brown.

“No Johnny. I want these two day laborers I just hired to do it. I need to get my money’s worth out of them.

By now there were several men standing aground the vicinity admiring the ladys charms.

Emily grasp the handle of the pail closest to her and bowed her legs like she was riding a horse and hoisted the heavy paint a few inches off of the ground and shuffled toward the door. The crowed murmured, because bent over like this her tits were pressed together by her arms and her nipples were in full view of any one in front of her. She tottered along like that for a few feet and would stop to rest for a little while then continue another few feet legs spread wide.

Lila took a different approach. Lila bent at the waist and drug the pail across the floor backwards. This had a tremendous effect on her audience, because when she bent over the back of her dress pulled up exposing her ass and her de-nuded pussy to the gaze of the men behind her. The men in front of her were able to see right down through the front of her drooping dress to the floor behind her. She passed Emily and several men rushed to the door to hold it open as an excuse to get a better look. It didn’t matter to them that they were holding open automatically opening doors. When Emily saw what her mother was doing she adopted the same procedure and wowed the men around her. By now there were at least fifteen guys watching the show my ladies were putting on.

Johnny was scratching his head and Zeke was smiling ear to ear.

“Those are some mighty fine day laborers you got there Butch. Zeke cackled. “But I doubt you’ll get much work done though.”

I smiled at him as I followed the girls out to my car. “You just may be right there Zeke, you just may be right.”

I loaded the paint into the back of the SUV and the girls climbed back into the seat next to me. My hand dropped immediately to Em’s pussy and I stroked her cunt hair.

The caf?as only a mile further north on state road 19. There were six cars in the parking lot when we pulled in. That was a lot of people considering it was around two o’clock and they usually close for the day at two thirty.

As soon as I passed through the door Ruth hit me with. “What the hell happened this morning? I thought you were going to kill that asshole.” Then she saw Em and Lila trickle in behind me.

I shrugged and replied. “I guess he didn’t have the stomach to stand behind his big mouth. He ran from here so fast that he left his women behind. I’ve been keeping them company while I figure out what to do with them.” And I winked at her.

“Yea, well you left without paying for breakfast. Your ticket is up by the register.

“Sorry Ruth, things were kind of screwed up this morning. I’ll take care of it after lunch.”

I pointed the girls to a booth so that they would have to show their pussies when they got in and out of the booth.

One of the big farm boys at the local’s table hollered over. Well Butch if you can’t figure out what to do with them I’ll take them off your hands.”

“Thanks Bubba.” I told him. I call all of the white guys that I don’t know by name Bubba. I smiled back at him and said “I’ll let you know.”

Bubba’s eyes bugged when Emily sat down and spread her legs to get into the booth and again when Lila did the same. I sat in the booth opposite the ladies and accidently on purpose kicked Lila’s outside foot out so that Bubba and anyone else sitting at the local’s table had an unobstructed view up Lila’s dress. She left her leg there and blushed and all the while pretended to be fascinated with the menu.

Peggy the waitress sauntered over to our table. Peggy and I have shared each other’s bed from time to time but it has been awhile. I am and have always been up front with all of the women I sleep with. I am not ready to get serious and if that is what you are looking for then don’t bother to slip into my bed. If you do then you are going to be disappointed there is always a few that think that their pussy is so good that I’ll change my mind. Peggy was not one of those. She just loved to fuck and I thought her pussy was one of the better ones that I have tried. Good pussy is more about attitude and enjoyment than it is about tightness or virginity.

Peggy noticed Lila’s shaved snatch and made it oblivious that she was staring at it when she said. “I’m surprised that you’re hungry Butch, because from the looks of things you have eaten recently.”

“True Peg,” I said. I did have some soup earlier but you know that it’s not very filling and I soon want more.

Blatantly Peggy rubbed her crotch and Mmmm yes, I know sooner or later you always come back for seconds.

Bubba was going ape shit trying to get Peggy to move because she was blocking his view. Peg ignored him and took our order.

When Peggy left I leaned over to Lila and told her when the waitress leaves our order casually pull the hem of her dress until it was at the edge of her pussy and leave it there.

She gulped and said. “Yes sir.”

Bubba had made sure that the other four men at the table knew of the visual feast that was only a few feet away. One man actually got up and moved to the other side of their table. Lila no longer had a menu to hide behind and was constantly blushing and she pretended that she was listening to a conversation at our table even though there was none.

I helped her out by telling her that we were going to deliver the paint to another house that I owned that my company was restoring.

Peggy delivered our order, Lila put a napkin on her lap and covered her exposed pussy, the men at the local table groaned. She surreptitiously slid her dress up under the napkin then waited a moment, and then she picked up the napkin to wipe her mouth and left it on the table. Now her cunt was hanging right out there and the table of horney men groaned again, only this time I think that the people in the kitchen could hear them.

Peggy gave me the check and asked. “It sure looks like you guys are having fun, right now I’m so hot I’m going to have to go to the restroom to take the edge off. How come you never played any of these gamed with me Butch?”

Surprised at her question I responded. “I had no idea that you might be inclined to play this type of game, especially on home turf.”

“Well you would be right about that, but you could always take me to Atlanta to play.

“I promise you I’ll think about that.” I said grinning up at her.

Bubba and the boys were visibly upset that we were leaving. I paid both the lunch and breakfast checks and met the girls at the Caddy.

This time Lila sat next to me and when I grabbed her cunt it was leaking a copious amount of slit slime.

“I guess that turned you on didn’t it?”

“God yes! I have never been exposed like that sir, I was so embarrassed. I never knew that I could get excited by showing my pussy in public. I’m sure I left a puddle on the floor in that restaurant”

“I think you are going to learn that while you are with me, you are going to find a lot of things that you didn’t know that will turn you on.”

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed over to Concord Ga. where Jeffery and the guys were waiting for the paint. I was renovating a medium sized two story frame colonial home built in around 1910. Unfortunately there was no conclusive documentation on the age of the house.

Complete paper work can mean as much as ten to fifteen thousand more during the sale of these older homes. Ordinarily I don’t buy a home without an extensive history check and documentation, but I got such a great deal on this fantastic old structure that I couldn’t pass it up. In addition to the house and property I got the furnishings as well. There were some unbelievable antiques that were left behind by old man Collins. He had no heirs and he was strapped for money due to the missus’s medical bills. So I bought the house and let him live in it until he passed two years later.

We were an odd couple as friends go, Mr. Collins and I. We would sit on his veranda, drink mint juleps and he would tell me stories of the old house and his wife that he dearly loved and missed terribly. I learned a lot about the house that I would never have known if we hadn’t imbibed that minty concoction. I also found out what a randy woman his wife had been.

As we drove along the shaded roads Emily pointed out the turning colors of a particularly colorful tree that we passed. Fall was a great time of year around here and I could not see me leaving Georgia for any extended period of time. I guess I loved the state almost as much as I loved my dog.

I informed the ladies that when there were other people around I would address them by the letters M and L in an effort to protect their identities as much as possible.

I pulled up to the house, popped the rear door of the Escalade and the three of us got out and went into the old home. Jeffery greeted us in the foyer and I told him the paint was in the Caddy. He motioned for Bo and Willy to retrieve the paint while he stared at Lila and Emily.

“Jus in time Butch, we got bout a half gallon leff. I ment to ax you bout dem base boards in the kitchin. We gona strip em out and replace em?” My young cousin asked me, never taking his eyes off of the girls.

Jeffery is every bit as smart as me, but he has never had the desire to be more than a construction Forman and when he dropped out of high school. I did everything I could to make him go back. I refused to let him work for me unless he at least went to night school and got his GED. He got his high school equivalency three years ago. I have tried to talk him into taking classes at the local Junior College, I even told him I would pay for everything, but he had no interest in higher education. I thought that it was such a waste, but it is his life and he has to live it the way he wants’ to. I always wondered if he realized how dumb the way he spoke made him sound.

Bo and Willy came in with the five gallon pails and stored them in one of the closets.

Jeffery finally got around to asking me what had been on his mind since he saw Emily and Lila get out of my car, “Who might deese fine white women be?”

“Just a couple of day laborers I picked up to help you guys.”

Jeffery’s head snapped around and looked into my dead serious eyes. “Fuck you say Butch?”

“I said, you could use a couple of extra hands getting that upper molding prepared for the top coat. This is M and I pulled Emily in front of him and this is L and Lila stepped up beside her.”

Jeffery grabbed my arm and pulled me off to the side and whispered. “Fuck Butch, we aint gonna git nothing done with dem bitch..….ladies prancin round here.”

“I guess you will have to do the best that you can.” I informed him as I walked away.

All the furniture in the house had been packed into three of the bedrooms so the rest of the house was empty.

There were two ladders in the living room where the boy’s had left them. They had been painting primer on the ornate wood work at the top of the ten foot wall and only had a few more feet of it left.

I handed each girl a brush and instructed them to get up the ladder and finish the job.

“Bo, I hollered. “Hold the ladder for L. Willy, you do the same for M. Don’t let them fall or there will be hell to pay.”

Both men responded, “Yass sir.” At the same time and held each ladder steady as the two women ascended them.

When the girls were high enough for the three men to see up their dresses I thought Willy was going to faint, so I grabbed his ladder in case he might accidently pull it over with him if he fell. He regained his composure and several white teeth and a couple of gold ones made their appearance.

Willy was in his late fifties, with a wiry body and was strong as an ox. His wrinkled skin was as black as mine and told of a hard life, but I never heard the old man complain and he willingly did whatever job was assigned to him no matter how dirty or nasty it was.

Bo was a much bigger, younger and slower man, with mocha brown skin and a cap of tight kinky black hair. I supposed that if Willy was as strong as an ox, Bo would be a team of them. I have seen Bo wrap his arms around a three hundred and fifty pound drum of solvent and set it on the tail gate of a pickup truck.

All three of my employee’s necks were bent double as they gazed at the pussy’s rising before their eyes. Lila made sure that she kept her legs as far apart as she could while making the climb.

Willy whispered to me in an awed voice. “Oh God. Ain’t never seen no white pussy afore boss.” his eyes never left that white pussy.

Seeing that Willy was ok and wasn’t going to spill Emily to the floor I grabbed Jefferson by the arm and literally drug him away from the heavenly vision before him. I took him into one of the bed rooms with the furniture in it.

Jefferson began to complain. “Awh Butch, whyent you let me stay n look at em bitches?” he said as he peered out the door from where we had just come.

“You want to look at them or do you want to fuck them.”

His head swung back around to me and said. “Huh.”

“I said.” Smiling at his confusion. “Do you want to LOOK at that pussy or do you want to FUCK it?”

“Both.” He said grinning back at me.

“Then help me drag some mattresses into one of the empty bed rooms.”

Stuff was piled on the beds and we had to move it to get to the mattresses. I had to caution my young cousin several times to be careful with the antiques, because he was so anxious to get to the fucking.
We were able to free three double mattresses and place them side by side in the empty east bedroom. Together Jefferson and I returned to the living room and watched the girls paint. At least that is what I did. Jefferson practically stuck his head under Emily’s dress.

“Ladies,” I announced. “you had better come down and take off those dresses before you get paint on them.

Both girls came down the ladders. Emily had to pause until Jefferson moved his head out of the way. Lila was first to disrobe and she handed me her dress with a little smile dancing about her face. She was getting much more comfortable exposing herself in front of others. Emily on the other hand had a full body blush going on as she handed me her altered clothing.

Lila started to go back up the ladder when I said. “I have a different job for you two in the other room. Four of us moved off to the east bed room when Jefferson noticed Bo and Willy standing there with their mouths open and their dicks straining to get out of their jeans.

“Com on yo dumb bastards. The boss be givin us a bonus.”

By the time the three workers got to the bed room the girls were on their backs with their legs spread.

Willy stuttered. “O..o..oh L..l..lord.”

Jefferson tore off his clothes and dove for Emily. They were both about the same age. His hands roamed her body as he kissed her.

Bo and Willy looked at each other. Bo may be slow but he was stripped and lying between two stark white thighs with his dick ready to enter Lila before Willy had his shoes off.

I went to put the girl’s dresses in the storage bed rooms and when I returned, Willy was lying on his side so that Lila could suck his big fat black dick into her mouth, while Bo pounded his into that shaved white cunt. Lila look liked a little pre-pubescent girl lying under Bo’s bulk. Fortunately he had the presents of mind to not let her bear his weight, because if he had he would have crushed her.

By now Jefferson was balls deep into Em and humping like a mad man. I was sure Emily was still tender from the fucking I had given her earlier but she looked like she was loving the dick sliding in and out of her as she humped back at him with her almost virgin pussy.

Lila screamed with her first orgasm and asked Bo to fuck her harder. The big man did his best by slamming nearly three hundred pounds into her knocking her body forward several inches and dislodging Willy’s dick from her mouth. The old man realigned himself with Lila’s lips and put his hands on her shoulders to keep her in place. Now that the mothers body could not be moved forward her cunt was taking the brunt of Bo’s pounding dick. She grunted around Willy’s dick each time the big man slammed into her pubic mound. She screamed again just as Willy started pumping his sperm into her mouth. She coughed and attempted to swallow as best as she could the huge load the the scrawny old man delivered.

Emily shook under Jefferson as her nut raced through her and she squirted my cousin’s balls with her girly cum. Bo and Jeffery roared at almost the same time and filled both cunts with their nut soup.

Bo rolled off of Lila and his chest was heaving in an effort to regain his breath. Jeffery continued to pump into the younger woman and she seem to appreciate the fact that he didn’t stop, because she was about to get another big O. Jeffery rolled onto his back pulling Emily on top of him. She never missed a beat and was riding his dick like a she was on one of those balls with the handle on it bouncing up and down. Her hair was whipping back and forth as she impaled herself onto my young cousins black snake.

Willy scooted down so that his face was level with Lila’s navel. The wide eyed old man reverently caressed her tits and nipples. Then he let his gnarled black fingers drift down across her stomach and lowered further to her pussy.

The old man played with her spermy cunt and I heard him say to no one in particular. “This is the most’est beautiful thing I ever did see.”

Lila smiled down at the old man, drew his face up to hers and kissed him. I think if Willy had not been so black I would have seen him blush. Lilly thanked him for the compliment and reached down between them and clasped his hardening dick. Lila guided the stiff dick into her pussy and whispered something into Willy’s ear. The old man rose up on his hands and started moving into the beautiful white woman with slow deliberate strokes. His head was bent down as he watched his black bone disappear into her milk white body.

“Oh lord take me now cause I’ll never be happier.” Willy exclaimed.

Lila giggled and stroked the old man’s kinky hair.

Emily was still bouncing on top of Jeffery when her stomach muscles tightened and she ground out another nut. Her pussy squeezed down Jeffery and his orgasm race out of the end of his black dick and splattered her cunt with more black sperm. The teenager collapsed onto Jeffery’s chest and she lay there breathing hard. The young black man caressed her back and let his big hands wander down to her ass and squeezed her firm globes. He dipped a finger in their soup and pressed his finger into her asshole. She moaned but continued to lay there. He pressed deeper and traced the outline of his wilting dick that was still buried in her cunt. He scooped up some more cum and attacked her asshole with two then three fingers buried deep in her shitter. I knew that her ass was still virgin and I wasn’t about to let Jeffery or anyone else take her cherry but me. Emily was groaning with each stroke of Jeffery’s fingers.

I pulled her off of him and told her to get on her hands and knees. I poked my dick in her slimy cunt and wiped it on her puckered brown rose. Then I coated my black snake again and slowly but firmly pressed it into her ass. She whimpered several times but did not try to avoid penetration as I stroked deeper and deeper into her small white body. God I’ve never had anything that tight around my dick except my right hand.

I looked over at Willy and Lila. The old man was pumping that bitch for all she was worth. As he slammed down she met his stroke by banging up at him. The old man started to shake and then he blew his wad into that bald white pussy with more power, I’m sure, than he has in the past twenty years.

I returned my concentration to the tight asshole hugging my dick and I started fucking her rose bud in earnest. Emily squealed, shot juice out of her pussy and coated my balls. I never knew a woman that squirted as much as Em. I gritted my teeth and gave her a sperm enema that emptied my black balls for the fourth time that day.

I let Em’s hips go and she collapsed onto her stomach and my dripping dick popped from her gaping asshole. Young butts stretch so well.

“Jeffery, see if you can find some towels.”

Bo said, “I know where they are Boss.” and hopped up to get them.

“Wait a minute before you get the towels Bo. It’s quitting time, and I want everyone to take a shower, I’ll treat for dinner.”

Everyone was happy with that.

“Also, my two day laborers and I are going to spend the night in this old house and anyone of you that wants’ to make it a slumber party is welcome. Maybe we can turn these two bitches into night laborers.

A roar went up from my three men and they slapped each other on the back. Lila had a big smile on her face and Emily was blushing again, her head hung low.

Dinner was a jubilant affair. Questions were asked, some were answered some were not. Anything to do with Lila’s and Emily’s back ground or present living situation were deflected by me. We all had a few drinks and were feeling very mellow by the time we got back to Concord. On the way we stopped at a convenience store got a Styrofoam cooler and loaded it with Ice, beer and sodas.

Willy had already asked if he could make love to Lila’s pussy with his mouth before everyone fucked it up.

Lila kissed him deeply and said. “I would be honored if the boss says it’s ok.”

I nodded my approval.

Bo spoke up and requested. “Since we be dole’n out pussy, I sho wood like some dat teenage asshole.

Everyone laughed except Emily; of course she blushed and hid her face in her hands. We flipped the mattresses over, Emily got on all fours and Lila spread her white thighs for Willy. Bo corked Emily’s ass and Jeffery filled her mouth. I won’t take you through the night’s activities, but it suffices to say the girls didn’t get a lot of sleep.

When I woke up Willy was using Emily’s spermy pussy for a pillow. Jeffery was sprawled on a mattress by himself, Bo was buried in Lila’s asshole and all were snoring to beat the band. I was going to have to throw away those mattresses.

I popped a beer, walked out and sat naked on the veranda railing. The chilly October air was crisp and I watched the sun come up through the pine trees. Minutes later Jeffery stumbled out just as naked and with his own beer.

“Damm, dat be some fine fuckin pussy.” He proclaimed.

“In a little while I’ll load them into the caddy and take them to my house to rest. You think you three can finish up the primer coat today?”

“Sho Butch, no prob.”

I handed him a twenty and told him. “Take Bo and Willy for some breakfast. Then push them hard. Let them know that the fun is over and I expect some hard work out of them or next time I might not be so free with my pussy.

“You ain’t never had no pussy to be free with afor, yo sho yo going to have some fum now on?”

“I just might. Only time will tell.”

We woke the girls and drug them to the shower. Then I took them back to the Antebellum and the three of us crashed in my bed. Around ten am I was roused by my cell phone. It was a supplier in Atlanta, there was a problem with an ornate tub that had been ordered for the Winston house that we were remodeling for a wealthy couple from New York. I was going to have to go there and visually inspect it because the crate was damaged in shipping. The supplier didn’t want to accept delivery unless I ok’ed it. They could hold the truck an hour but after that they had to accept it or send it back. I told him I would be there in forty five minutes and I got dressed

I let the girls sleep and called Jeffery on his cell. I explained the situation to him, told him to come to my house and keep the ladies company until I got back.

“Has Bo or Willy got a cell phone?” I asked him.

“Bo got one.”

Ok leave them there to finish up. Tell Bo to call you if they have a problem.

“Can do Butch.”

By the time I finished my call I was half way out my drive way headed for the big city.

I made it to the supplier in time, determined that the tub was not damaged enough to reject it and had the supplier put it on his delivery schedule. Then Murphy’s Law struck. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Traffic in Atlanta is almost always bad. Today it was worse. Then some bone head wasn’t paying attention and rear ended me. We waited for the cops, exchanged insurance information and I was on my way as fast as the traffic would allow. By the time I got back to my house seven hours had passed since I got the call from Atlanta. There were trucks and cars parked all around my house.

When I walked into the parlor the furniture was shoved to the sides of the room. Two king size mattresses were placed in the middle of the room. On one was Lila with one black dick in her cunt one in her ass and one down her throat. On the other mattress Red, my dog, was fucking Emily so fast his ass looked like a paint shaker at Home Depot. There had to be at least twenty men in various stages of undress wandering around my house. Some black, some white and some brown. Those that weren’t fucking the girls were getting ready to or were worn out.

Jeffery staggered over to me. “I tried to keep the ladies compney like you ax’ed, but dem bitches wore me out the first auer. So I called fer som back up. When the cunts wore dem out I called fer som more. I don no how Red got in, but by the time I found out, he be deep in dat pussy and dey weren’t nobody brave nough ta git him outta dat.”

I yelled party’s over and hustled everyone out. The ones in pussy stayed until they got their nut. Red was tied to Emily and she looked like that was just fine with her.

Twenty minutes later everyone was gone. Red was able to disengage with Emily’s pussy and cum ran out in cupfuls onto the mattress. I gathered the girls messy, sperm covered bodies to me and told them how sorry I was. I tried to explain that there was a misunderstanding and that I hoped that they were not hurt.

They looked at each other then at me and in stereo they said. “We loved it.”

Lila’s husband has no idea what the fuck he has gotten us into.

I guess I should buy some stock in a mattress company.

The end.

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