Aunt’s daughter orders to lick her feet and panties

Aunt’s daughter orders to lick her feet and panties

This series is going to be a long one because I am trying to explain my experience in as much detail as possible. So I hope you’ll bear the drag as it’s going to be worthwhile.

Please read the first part for continuity.

My milf aunt’s daughter Rithika took out her books and spread them on the whole table (she was in her final year in optometry). Meanwhile, I slid under the table. She took my clothes and her panties lying there and slid it towards me under the bed.

Rithika pressed her finger to her lip indicating to me to stay quiet. (As if I would dare to get caught naked by my aunt under her daughter’s bed with her panty in my hand!)

I crawled to the farthest side of the bed. Rithika went and opened the door. Her mother/my aunt came in.

(In conversations, my aunt Sheeba will be represented as ‘S’, Rithika as ‘R’ and Me as ‘Me’).

Sheeba: Rithika, have you finished studying?

Rithika: No mom, why?

My aunt walked towards the bed and sat on the edge of it. She suddenly bent over and reached towards the sofa adjacent to the bed. When I saw her bending, I froze. I could feel the anticipation in the air and I could feel Rithika’s heart beating! From under the sofa, she took out the stress relief ball.

S: What is this ball doing here ?

R: It’s a stress relief ball. It relieves your stress when you squeeze it.

S: Is that so? Then I’ll need a dozen of these because of you guys. ha ha.

R: Very funny, but what were you going to tell me?

Before answering, Sheeba dropped the stress ball to the floor. I retreated back in case she decided to pick it up, but she didn’t. Instead, she crushed the ball with her feet.

That was when I noticed my aunt’s feet. I expected to see dirty feet with some cracks on her heels (as were the feet of my other aunts) but I was surprised to see her smooth heels, and perfectly pedicured feet, her nails had a red glossy finish to it. It practically demanded worship.

My milf aunt’d feet managed to erect my flaccid dick. I crawled towards her to get a better look. Even her feet had a beautiful aroma. I sensed smell of sweet pineapple, even though I didn’t know how she managed to do that but she really turned me on. I was practically drooling.

Sheeba: Get ready, at 4.30, we are going to the hospital. Your dad will be here to pick us up.

Rithika: But why..what happened?

S: My friend’s husband had a heart attack and is in the ICU.

R: Why do I have to come? You and dad should go.

S: No, you will come with us. You definitely know how much he likes you he practically cares for you like his own daughter.

R: But…

S: No buts, you will come now it’s 4, be ready in 30 minutes.

With that, she stood up and walked out of the room. Rithika went and closed the door. I crawled out from under the bed. I could tell from her face that she was not happy with her mother’s decision.

Me: What’s up?

Rithika: Why the fuck are you just standing there? Get down on your fucking knees and lick my feet clean.

My aunt’s daughter sat on the chair and put one foot on my shoulder and the other on my face. I started licking her soles. I felt her jerk a little, I knew she was wet and horny. I started caressing her calves. I saw goosebumps on her legs as she suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards her.

R: You fucking pervert, you’ve been planning for this day for a long time, huh?!

With that, she spat on my face and slapped me square on my face.

Me: I’m sorry, forgive me.

R: You don’t deserve forgiveness, you should pay for what you had in your dirty perverted mind.

I was in shock, I didn’t know what to do. She was walking towards the door, I was stunned for a second but the very next I was moving towards her.

She got to the door, placed her hands on the key and looked at me grinning . When she saw my face, she bent double, laughing. I must have really looked like an idiot.

R: You really should see your face right now.

Me: Please don’t scare me like that. If you tell anyone, my life will be in ruins.

Rithika: I was curious to see your dick go flaccid. When you crawled out from under the bed, you were rock hard. We practically talked for like 5 minutes. Am I that hot that you were hard all that time?

Me: I had your panties, your sweet scent turned me on.

I had to lie because how could I tell her that her mother’s feet gave me a hard on, she’ll…I don’t know what she’ll do.

R: Is that it?

She sat back on the chair and she slid he hands inside her panty and rubbed it a few times and took her hand out. Her hands we’re dripping with her pussy juices. She extended her hand towards my face. I was kneeling in front of her when I smelt her fingers and my dick again started to rise.

Rithika: I see you were right, I really make you that hard huh?

Me : Yes..

I don’t know what happened to me when I smelled her juices because I lose control over myself. Without even thinking about it, I grabbed my aunt’s daughter’s wrist and started sucking her fingers like a kid who had chocolate all over his fingers.

When I licked her fingers clean, she smiled and just pulled my head towards her. She wiped her spit off my face, and pressed her lips against mine. Her lips had a faint taste of strawberries at that moment and I wanted more. While I was trying to explore all of her mouth with my tongue, she pulled away.

Rithika: Not so fast, you pervert. I’m not your girlfriend you’re MY dog. Know your boundaries.

Me: I’m sorry

R: I have to get ready, it is already 4.10.

With that, my aunt’s daughter just removed her t-shirt and shorts and was standing in front of me with just a black bra and panty. Seeing her like this, I felt my heart beat rising.

I just couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful body. She had curves at all the right places, I never in my life expected to see my cousin like this. She blushed at my attentive gaze and asked playfully,

Rithika: Have you never seen a girl undress before?

Me: Yes, but not such a beautiful girl.

(I’ve previously had 3 girlfriends and had fucked them all till my hearts content. One of them might even make to a story if you guys want to hear more about her. If I get 5k likes I’ll consider writing her story.)

I was especially staring at my aunt’s daughter’s panties contemplating whether her panties were wet or not? I mentally kicked myself when Rithika snapped her finger and grabbed me from my dream and brought me down to earth. When I regained my composure, she slid her hands in her pussy rubbed it, looked me in the eye and asked,

R: Want to taste me?

I didn’t know what to say but my head nodded all by itself. She held her hand out in front of my face. Her fingers were oozing with her pre-cum. Without hesitation, I licked every single drop and I knew that I had pleased her when she smiled.

Rithika: To be honest with you, I thought you’d be grossed out when I told you to lick my feet. But I was surprised when you licked my feet without hesitation like a lollipop. In fact you even like my cum and I’m really impressed. You’d make a really good servant.

With that, the dominant girl stripped off the last bit of clothing covering her assets. My brain refused to process the sight in front of me. My cousin was completely naked in front of me while I was naked on my knees. I know this is a dream for many people out there.

Rithika: What are you staring at?

Me: Nothing.

For that, I got a good kick in my balls.

R: Didn’t I tell you I don’t want to hear your fucking lies?

Me: I’m sorry, I was looking at your boobs, they look beautiful.

R: Now, that’s more like it.

I tried my best to take my eyes off her boobs when I finally did, I saw that her pubes were shaped like a heart. She picked up her panty and held it before me.

Rithika: While I’m getting ready, lick every single drop of my cum. It should be dry.

Me: Well, I’ll try.

R: You better..

With that, she took a pair of jeans and a black, lace top from her wardrobe and changed. I was trying to suck every last bit of her juices from her panty while stroking my cock. When I was about to cum, Rithika stopped me.

R: You only cum when I tell you to, is that understood?

Me: Yes.

R: From now on, you’ll only cum while licking my feet. So, go on.

My aunt’s daughter just rested her feet on my face. I badly wanted to cum. So I just started stroking my dick while licking her soles. While stroking, she rubbed her feet against my already hard dick which made me even harder.

Rithika gave me the best footjob of my life, the incredible wave of pleasure made me a little light headed. Her feet were dripping with cum. With that, she smiled and gave me her panties.

Rithika: Clean that off. I’m not going out covered in your cum.

Me: Ok.

I cleaned her feet, she took her panty and smelled it and then threw into the laundry basket.

R: Get dressed, As you know, I’ll be out for like 2 or 3 hours. So, go home and jerk off thinking of me.

Rithika winked and opened the door and went to the living room. I quickly sneaked out of the house and went home.

Nothing much happened for the next 3 weeks. Rithika had her exams. She didn’t mention anything and I wasn’t about to bring that up. We acted as if nothing happened. She talked to me normally every time we met.

It was June 4th. Most of my family was gathered at Rithika’s place for some kind of ritual. When I went to her place, she was not there. When I asked my aunt, she told me that Rithika was having her last exams that day. I went around the house helping for the ritual and greeting our elders.

This concludes the second part stay tuned for the third part.

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Aunt’s daughter orders to lick her feet and panties