Aunty And Teacher Enjoyed Me

Aunty And Teacher Enjoyed Me

Hi guys… this is sriram with another story happened two weeks ago in chennai. I have already submitted a story already. This story is about how I fucked my tuition teacher and my friend’s mom. Her name is revathi age 48 and size 36 34 36. She has big boobs and bouncing ass. I and my friend were very close. His mom is a traditional women and born in village so she hardly wears bra. She is so kind hearted and very caring for me. Once I got low marks in 12th std. my mom beat me and I went to crying to my friends home.

My aunty hugged and asked why was I crying. I told that my mom bet me for getting low marks in biology. She asked me not to cry and asked me if I could go for tuition. I accepted and she introduced me to her neighbor. She is teacher and her name is saroja age 30 newly married and having a baby. Her size is 34-30-36. Medium sized boobs and small hip and huge ass. I went to her for tuition daily. One day during my pongal I booked two tickets for “ai” movie.

I asked my friend to come but he told he was having homework. My aunt asked if she could come?. I readily accepted. I told that it was night show. At 7pm I came to my friends house to pick his mother and go for movie. The movie starts at 8pm. When I knocked the door my aunty came and she was in her nighty. I told why you didn’t yet ready for the movie? She said she was now only going to get ready and offered me a seat.

After 10mins she came wearing a saree looking like an angel. We both walked on the road and entered cinema hall and movie started. When the heroine came in bikini I got my dick aroused and I looked my aunt. She looked at me and smiled. She kept her on my thighs. I kept my hand across her shoulders. I started to touch her boobs and she didn’t tell anything. I slowly began to press her boobs. She moaned shhhhh ahhh. I pressed her nipple hardly and she shouted ouch and got hold of my cock with my pant on.

As we both are sitting in corner no one could see us and it was dark too. I took my hand and her hand off and knelt down. She asked what are you doing? I didn’t tell anything and lifted her saree and went inside. She stopped me but I took her hand off and kissed her pussy. To my surprise she wasn’t wearing any panty. I started to like her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure slowly. I increased my tongue fucking speed. After 5mins she poured her liquid. I tried to get rid off but she didn’t allow and I drank it fully it was hot. I got up and she said thanks. I said u welcome.

After that I dropped her in her home. She asked me to come to her house and have dinner I too went. She pushed me in the sofa and unzipped my pant and took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. I was passionately sliding my arm over her head. She started to suck fastly and fully. I said I was about to cum. She removed my cock and squeezed my balls rigorously and my cumming sensation went. I said wow brilliant aunty my cumming sensation gone. She went and locked her sons room and came back.

I went towards her lip kissed her. I dug my tongue deep into her mouth and squeezing her boobs. I got very much excited and removed her blouse. Her boobs fell and I started to lick her nipple. She moaned shhh ahhh. I lifted her saree and pointed my cock into her pussy hole. I took her in my had and started to fuck. My cock was going only half and she was shouting shhh come on. I kept her on the sofa and removed her dress and petticoat and started to fuck slowly. With pressure I inserted my dick and went fully she shouted yesss.

I started to increase my speed. After 10mins without telling her I cummed in her pussy with full load that her pussy was overflowing with my sperm. She told not to worry that she had menopause and wont conceive. I got relaxed and my cock too after such a heavy work. I fell down on the floor and my aunt came and sleep on me. She made her pussy in contact with my cock. My cock grew bigger. She smiled at me and positioned my cock in her pussy and moved her hip up and down. Since no rest was given to my cock it started paining. I shouted its paining but my aunt didn’t listen.

Suddenly her friend that is my tuition teacher opened her door and caught us both fucking. She came and gave big slap on auntys face and bet me hardly.

My aunt suddenly closed the door and I understood what was going to happen. I stopped her hands pushed her towards me and kissed her in her lip as I was stronger than her she couldn’t escape. She tried to full me. She is a modern women and wears night dress that is tracks and shirt. My aunt came and stripped her tracks. She out of shame tried to hide her modesty but my aunt removed her panty and fingered in pussy. I pressed her boobs it was soft and was loose. My aunt stood up. I removed my lip and my aunt removed her tops. She was only with bra.

I got excited at her and bounced on her boobs and bite it with bra still on her. My aunt removed her bra and her bare boobs were visible and drops of milk in her nipple. I got happy that I m gonna taste boob milk. I licked her boobs and started to suck out her milk while my aunt was licking in her pussy. She was moaning n pleasure and pushed me close to her boobs hardly. After I drank all her milk I asked her what a surprise mam you let me drink your milk.

She told my child did not drink milk for 3 weeks and my milk got solid and it was paining and I dunno what to do but you helped me out of this problem thank you she said. My aunt went to kitchen to drink some water and my teacher bent down looked at my erect cock. She said not bad and it was bigger than her husband. She ride her tongue on my cock. Seeing this my aunty came quickly and she started to lick.

My teacher was licking one side and aunty the other side. I got an idea and I kept myself in a doggy style. I asked my aunt to lick my ass like a dog and my teacher to lick my cock like a cow gives milk to her offspring. My aunt and teacher appreciated my creativity and stated to lick like that. I was at cloud nine in that position. After 5mins I came on my teacher and she ate it fully. What happened I dunno she suddenly pulled me that side and inserted my cock in her pussy and started to move up and down. My aunt came at back side gave her boobs to lick.

After 10mins I came heavily and loaded my cum in my teachers pussy. With my cock still in her pussy she started to kiss me in my lips. My aunt went to my dick and started to lick my cum that was overflowing. Then we all took rest for sometime. It was 2am so I went to sleep naked with my aunt and teacher doing some lesbian act.

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Aunty And Teacher Enjoyed Me