Bangalore Girl Who Wanted Punjabi Sex

Bangalore Girl Who Wanted Punjabi Sex

Hi guys, I am back with my next story. Thanks for loving my first story a lot. My name is Dhillon (name changed) and I am a pure Punjabi guy.

Once I got a job in one international company as a French specialist and for that, I had to come to Chennai. I was accommodated in Navallur Chennai, near to one famous society. There, in this society, mainly all the people are from outer Tamil Nadu.

One day, while coming to my room, I saw one girl looking at me. She gave me a very cute smile. I was confused because I was kind of an introvert and less social. So I avoided her and went to my room.

After 3 days, I saw that girl again and she wished me. This time, I wished her back and like this, we started exchanging greetings with each other. I remember, she always used to be with a boy with whom she would go for some walks.

One day, while I was going to buy my provisionary, I saw this girl near to the shop and we started talking to each other. It was a casual conversation.

She told me her name and asked mine. She said she was always impressed by Punjabi boys and very fascinated by them from the movies and all. I took that as a compliment because I thought she just gave a casual appreciation which most people do in Tamil Nadu.

I got to know that she was from Bangalore and was working there in an MNC. She had a boyfriend who was also actually from Bangalore.

The beauty of this girl was fucking awesome. Her eyes, hairs, and that hot body figure – all those were killing me. I always thought that her bf was lucky to have a gf like her.

We used to meet at the society and her office timing was always similar to mine. So, we always come across each other. Her bf had night shifts.

One day, she invited me to for tea near the food street. I went with her and we were chit-chatting while enjoying the tea. I realized that she was a year elder than me. She asked me about my relationship.

I told her that I just had a breakup because that girl wanted to move forward with her career instead of getting married. She consoled me. Then I was saying some bad things about my ex-gf like, how she ruined my life and how girls always accuse boys of cheating while the girls always do that.

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She consoled me again and said that she too was facing such a situation.

“My boyfriend is cheating on me with some other girl and my life is fucked because of that. I am depressed and I want to come out of that.”

We exchanged our numbers and started talking to each other over the phone. We started becoming more open to each other.

She told me that her parents were going to fix her marriage soon. “Oh, that means we will have just a short-term acquaintance and then I have to forget you.”

She said, “Hmm, maybe we should hang out at my place before that.”

So we planned to meet at her apartment where she lives alone. She said she will cook me authentic south Indian food.

The next day, I reached her flat with a bouquet of flowers. She was flattered by my gesture. She looked like a goddess that day. She was wearing a beautiful cotton saree of black and red color. Her figure was looking like a pointed knife especially that waist of hers.

We tried to hug but hesitated at first and then we hugged. Her cleavage was visible and she saw me looking towards her bulky assets.

I came inside the house. She asked me to sit on the sofa and relax while she would bring the food.

I told her that I was good at cooking and I can help her. She agreed and I went to the kitchen with her. While cooking, my hand was touching her hand and sometimes on her waist. She was smiling all the while.

Then we came back and sat on the sofa and started talking about our past lives and all the boring stuff. In between, she told me that she had to bring something from the kitchen. The moment she stood, she suddenly felt a pain on her back and quickly lied on the sofa and requested me to bring Volini from the drawer.

I didn’t know why but I felt like she was doing it purposely. Anyhow, I brought Volini because it was in my mind that I had to touch and fuck this sexiest figure in the world that day.

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The moment I started applying ointment on the back, a voice came from her mouth, “Aaahhhhh”.

I started applying the ointment on her lower back. I started from the bottom and moved upward. She was making some sexy “ahmm” “ahmm” sounds (the ones which you see in certain kind of movies).

Her moans were slowly getting louder. Then she stopped my hand and leaned towards my face.

“I have heard that Punjabi dicks have a lot of energy and a Sardar with a hot figure is what I need. Please give me the enjoyment and pain which I never experienced before. I need it”, the girl boldly said and before I could respond, her lips were already on mine. We were kissing.

By the way, I have learned a lot about different positions in sex and how to satisfy a girl. And now, the goddess of sex was in front of me, ready to be fucked.

I grabbed her by her hair and smooched her wildly. I was eating her soft lips like grapes and sucking her tongue. We kissed her for almost minutes and then I moved towards her neck. I gave her a soft love bite and she moaned loudly, “Oh fuck yes!” “This is what I want.” “Kill me”. “Today, I am your slave”. Her sexy words were giving me more energy.

I started sucking her earlobes and forehead. She said, “Yes, this is a new experience for me.”

I slowly opened her saree. She was now in her pantie and bra and it was really a wonderful sight. The moment I removed everything, I got the opportunity to see the best things in her body naked – her boobs, her sexy waist, and her wet vagina.

The Bangalore girl was just hungry for some action but she was also feeling shy. I knew what she wanted.

I picked her up, took her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. I started licking her foot, toes, calves and then licked around her vagina. I wanted to make her beg for my dick in her sexy voice.

She was saying, “Hey baby, what are you waiting for? Don’t kill me like this. I am ready for you.”

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Then, I started licking the best and hottest thing – her cunt. Oh yum yum! That taste was fucking awesome. She was crying and I was continuously licking the pussy. Her legs were moving wildly and sometimes she was locking me with them.

After some time of non-stop pussy licking, the horny south Indian girl cummed with a loud moan and shiver. She then asked me to show my “panther”.

She removed my clothes and kissed me everywhere. Then she went down and licked my balls and penis for the next few minutes. She was doing it so well and like I had watched in the porn movies. She was licking and eating it my dick at some speed.

After some time, then she asked me to fuck her as she couldn’t wait anymore.

I climbed on her, lifted her one leg and shoved my dick into her inviting pussy. I started fucking her continuously in that position. She was shouting, “Ahha ah ah ah aha ah please is paining”. She was crying and shouting. “Oh, my Singh. I will die now!!”

I just ignored her and kept banging her pussy like a wild animal. At one moment, she said she cannot take this anymore and it was enough. But I was not stopping and I wanted to show that energy she wanted.

After 1 hour of continuous fucking in which she came several times, I left her when I was about to cum. She asked me to cum in her mouth. The moment I cummed, I hugged her and she kissed me by saying, “thank you for this memorable sex”.

I told her that I know more moves if she wants to try now. She laughed and said, No. My bf will come soon. We can meet later.”


Any girl, who wants that energy and or any unsatisfied aunties, please give me chance to hit the right place. Contact me at [email protected]

Bangalore Girl Who Wanted Punjabi Sex

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