Banging In The New Year with mutliple celebrities

Banging In The New Year with mutliple celebrities

This had to be the last time. And the last time had to be at the very end of the year, so that she could start as fresh as the new year. That’s how Kate Upton framed it, anyway.

I knew this was on borrowed time as it was. Kate mainly reached out to me during her long stretches away from Cy Young boyfriend Justin Verlander. If there was a window of opportunity for it to be anything more, it closed after those leaked pictures of her and him came out. It certainly wasn’t the ideal time to let an affair leak out too.

Once the madness over that died down, Kate decided she had to put this year behind her – and that included me. I had no illusions it would end any other way, and I’d already done enough with her to not get greedy for more.

My only condition was to do everything else on New Year’s Eve for a farewell.

After she made sure Justin wouldn’t make it back for the big night, Kate made the arrangements. It was up to me to fill in the rest of the blanks, on this final night of so many things.

And if this was the end, I wanted to fill in everything. That way there’d be no loose ends, no lingering regrets, no wondering what else could have happened if we held out a while longer – and no need to go back to find out. That’s how I framed it, anyway.

So early on New Years Eve, we both got our final wishes of the year.

Once we got into our hotel room, Kate wasted no time getting in her robe. Whether it was because she was too impatient to start, or too impatient to just get it over with, I didn’t dare to dwell on. There were other more pressing things to take care of.

It started with me bringing Kate to the bed, bending her over, and rolling her robe up to show her bare, full ass and pussy. Deciding to show these underappreciated parts of her some appreciation one last time, I put my face right behind her and ate away.

Since this was the last time, I figured I could get away with licking a little bit above her pussy. Kate didn’t stop me either way, so I went back and forth between licking and eating out both her hole. Her ass bounced back on my face and I made it jiggle further with a few slaps, until I practically motorboated her ample cheeks while fingering her pussy.

I kept it up until she came right on my hand, all while I tongue fucked her backdoor. From the sound of it, she was as out of breath from that move as ever before. And as ever before, her sexual energy was nowhere near spent yet.

Now that I gave her a big opening orgasm in the best way possible, it was her turn to do the same. She quickly untied her robe and threw it off, then laid on her back waiting for me to straddle her. Straddle her with my cock right in range of the hottest tits Sports Illustrated had ever photographed and published – legally.

Kate took my cock and jammed it between her tits, more than familiar with the procedure. She held her breasts and moved them up and down on me, then let me help out after a minute. I doubted I had many minutes left in this position, so I tried to make them count.

I put my palms on her tits and rubbed her nipples on them, while pumping my hips faster. “Tell me when you’re ready….you know where I wanna eat that cum off of,” Kate warned me.

“Then get ready,” I quickly answered, before getting off her and sitting on my knees.

Kate laid beside me and leaned in to quickly suck and lick me all over. She barely got off and pushed her tits up, right on time for me to unload all over them. Fortunately, none of it got on the sheets, as the top of her tits caught every drop.

As she wanted, Kate leaned down and licked as much of my cum off herself as she could. The strands that she couldn’t reach, I rubbed with my own fingers so she could lick them off. I pushed the rest of my juices up so she could lick them, and when she finished, I put my tongue against hers while they were on her breast.

Despite such draining orgasms, this made us hot enough to kiss hungrily and roll around on the bed. When she ended up on top of me, I shoved my head between her tits and devoured them, even if I couldn’t get to every massive inch.

Kate indulged me, shaking her breasts against my face and trying to tit-fuck it briefly. After several minutes, she took her breast away and went down for a longer last taste on my massive organ.

My cock wasn’t quite hard again yet, but Kate would take care of that, as always – well, as always up to now. She sucked deep, hard and wet, now that she had more time to do it before I came. But that became debatable the more she sucked, nibbled and licked up and down, and that was even before she got to my balls.

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I was throbbing again by the time her tongue went below my balls. When her tongue went between the bottom of my cheeks, I was ready to obey her once she said, “Fuck me. Hard. Right there.”

Kate gave me room to get up and get behind her while she laid doggy style again. This time, instead of putting my mouth on her ass, my cock went right in there, wet with Kate’s saliva. I tried to fuck her there as hard as possible without going off, but it was a struggle.

I had to retreat into her pussy, fucking her there while teasing her asshole with my finger. Kate cried and cursed until she told me to stop – at least long enough to get on her back.

I went right back in, as she could now watch my cock thrust in and out of her, and I could watch her tits bounce out of control. I laid my hands on them and held her nipples, pinching them up as she rubbed the sides of her breasts.

“Don’t cum yet….” Kate pleaded. “I don’t want it to….”

“It doesn’t have to,” I suggested.

“No….no it doesn’t….” Kate agreed. Whether she’d keep agreeing after we came was probably another matter.

Still, no matter how damaging, dangerous and addicting some things were…..they were addicting for a reason. If they were hard to quit, they wouldn’t be addictive. And Kate Upton was as dangerous as heroin in that regard.

The thought I could be that addicting to her after all….well, it made me go even harder and faster to prove it further.

Going hard and fast risked ending this much faster, and risked her coming to her senses and ending things much faster too. But the way she screamed and arched her tits and ass….it made me think it was a risk worth taking.

I thought it was, anyway.

When she took herself off me and fingered herself until she came – just so I’d stay hard while she rubbed her cum on my cock and tasted it on me until I came deep down her throat – I suspected she’d decided she felt the same.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone had put up with her boyfriend’s massive new movie beard for weeks and months now. It really wasn’t bad when Andrew Garfield kissed her with it – and she had her fun with tugging and playing with it during intimate sessions.

But having all that hair scratch her when he kissed her lower lips was just too much. As such, Andrew really couldn’t do much down there until the beard came off, no matter the inventive ways he came up with to get it out of the way.

So when he got an early New Years present – permission to shave the beard now that the shoot was over – he made sure to give Emma her early gift as well.

That’s why almost as soon as he got back to New York for New Years Eve, he made sure Emma stayed at her hotel instead of greeting her. He kept her waiting just enough to annoy her by the time he knocked on the door – but not enough that she wouldn’t be amazed when she saw him.

And although she missed playing with it when Andrew immediately made out with her, she missed it far less when he quickly sunk to his knees.

Once Andrew got her out of her jeans and underpants, his face buried itself between Emma’s legs like never before. Certainly like it hadn’t in months. Without any fears of chaffing or rubbing her the wrong way with his large facial hair, he rubbed his cheeks, chin and mouth against her pussy like it was life or death.

He practically covered the rest of his lower face with her juices before he even used his mouth. By then, Emma needed to lie down before she fell to the floor and broke her skull. Once she used those exact words, Andrew got up and let her take him to the bed.

However, Emma was now ready to try something else they hadn’t done for a while.

Andrew loved it when Emma sat on his face. He loved it when Emma sucked his cock. He loved it doubly when they could do both at the same time. And for the first time in weeks, they did just that.

Andrew really loved Emma sucking his cock these days, now that her voice and throat were extra strong after all her Cabaret work. He loved seeing her face and her eyes while she did it – but she also loved seeing her perfect ass hovering over his face and teasing it with her perfect pussy. After going without it for weeks, he realized just how much he loved it.

Emma had a slightly more awkward view in this position, of course. But now that she could freely push her ass and pussy against her boyfriend’s face, without rubbing any beards the wrong way, she would put up with it. In fact, she was ready to soak his bare mouth and chin.

She pictured how he would have looked soaked in her juices with the beard – and pictured the beard soaked with them. It made her laugh right on his cock, and keep laughing over it even when she came off.

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“Fuck, Emma, fuck!” she barely heard Andrew say into her. Knowing what that meant, she got her mouth back on him right as he shot off. Before long, Andrew’s groans and vibrations on her made her start cumming on his mouth too.


When their lips and faces were full and wet enough, Emma rolled off Andrew. He sat up and Emma soon joined him right into his lap. “I knew a sense of humor did it for me, but….” Andrew didn’t have to finish.

“Yep, you know the way to my heart. Or down my throat first, I guess,” Emma joked. Andrew shook his head until Emma cupped it, feeling his smoother face with her hands now.

She slowly brushed her lips against his, then started trailing them up and down his cheeks and chin. Andrew now saw how much he missed this as well, as the feeling of hair all over his face was nothing compared to the feel of Emma’s lips and mouth.

She kept kissing and enjoying him on his neck, collar bone and throat, going slow enough to savor every inch of bare skin, and rubbing it deep enough to make both of them start boiling again. If Emma was being particularly sentimental, she missed kissing him all over his face like this, as much as she missed Andrew kissing her down below all over.

Andrew loved and missed this even more, though. Feeling her smiles and kisses and how sweet, warm, goofy and sexy as all hell each of them felt – just like the woman who owned them. When her lips finally got back to his, their eyes stayed open just a bit, as they loved watching the other’s darken and turn seductive and wanton while their mouths got faster and hungrier.

Now there was nothing scratchy in the way of distracting them from that. At least until Andrew’s next movie about someone with an Oscar friendly beard. But he could go his next two or three movies without that, surely.

“Well, hello again,” Emma said as she felt Andrew becoming fully grown under her. “Okay….I guess you’re ready to fuck me one last time,” she said right against his lips.

When she realized how that could have sounded, she was much less seductive when she corrected, “I meant this year! Not ever! You know that! Of course, why wouldn’t you, not that I….ugh, these lips were so much better today when they weren’t talking!” she groaned.

“Normally I’d disagree. But we’ll save that for 2015,” Andrew tried not to laugh. But Emma let out an embarrassed chuckle as they both sank onto the bed. She stayed on top of him and kept her trembling, laughing lips on his neck, along with her face.

“I really missed doing this,” Emma said, hiding her red face in his neck a while longer.

“Me too,” Andrew stated into her still redder hair, his hands sliding down to her ass. Once Emma felt that, he had to clarify, “Oh, I didn’t just mean….this!” he said with an extra squeeze of her hips. “You know that! If I made you think I didn’t….”

“Okay, we can work on that next year, too,” Emma shut him up, putting her face back against his and positioning herself over his hips.

“Next year, then,” Andrew agreed, pushing himself into her for the last time in 2014.

As he started pumping inside her and she went back to kissing and nuzzling his face, he hoped he’d say that again, in this exact same context and exact same time next year. And a few more after that.

Alexandra Daddario

I was already driven to distraction by Alexandra Daddario once when we were getting ready to go out for New Years. Well, the first time was more a case of timing than anything.

I just happened to get to her place and go upstairs, right as she was getting ready to shower and clean up. That gave her enough time to reason that we could help each other clean up and save on time. Then again, the minute she turned on the shower and took off her robe, I knew we would be wasting a good bit of time and water.

Alexandra’s insanely sexy, busty, curvy, blue eyed and supple lipped body was the most popular Internet sensation of 2014 – at least among intentionally leaked nude images. No matter how much I’d gotten to enjoy it myself, without HBO or the Web as a barrier, there was no resisting that body and that young woman covered in cascading water – and soap if we had time.

I finally scrubbed her, but not before getting every bombshell part of her wet – some more thoroughly than others. After eating those parts, I stayed composed long enough to fuck them against the shower wall.

With her soaked tits crushed against my much less ample chest, and her face looking even more breathtaking as it came apart, I barely managed to pull out before cumming – defeating the whole purpose of showering. Still, I soaped up a sponge and made sure her midsection was clean in the end.

I figured that was enough to drain our system, at least until after midnight. As such, we could actually get dressed and focus on the party. In my case, I could get redressed while Alexandra finally got to try her outfit on.

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It took everything I had not to take it off once she did. Instead of being naked and getting ready to soak her glorious body, she had it crammed into a green dress with an unescapable amount of cleavage peeking out. She usually shied away from such dresses if she could avoid it, at least since January 2014, yet it seemed she wanted to end the year on a less conservative note – just as she began it.

Well, not quite how she began it. At least not in front of a million cable viewers. Well, maybe in front of one would be okay.

I had to stop myself, since I already had my pre-party fun and we didn’t have time for more. I’d just have to keep under control tonight, avoid getting too handy when we danced and kissed at midnight, then let it all out when we got back here. Maybe we’d let some of it out in the car first, if we parked it far enough away.

“You’re hard already,” Alexandra burst my bubble, if not other inflated things.

“What? I….I can’t be showing, right?” I asked, not bothering to deny it.

“No, but you were clearly getting ready just in case,” she stated. She had me there. “If you’re like this now, after what we did, you’ll never make it through the party. And I shouldn’t have to change just because of you. Or anyone else who stares, for that matter.”

I could tell it wouldn’t do any good to ask why she’d wear one of her….stare worthy dresses anyway. Instead, I promised, “I’ll be okay. I’ll keep it hidden if I have to, and make sure to only look you in the eye.”

“If only that made it easier for you,” she responded. She was right – it usually didn’t. “And if your….imagination is that active, mine will be too. So….we’d better drain them both, then.”

Alexandra went over to the towel rack, felt around until she grabbed a dry one, then folded it and placed it on the floor in front of me. She then rolled up the bottom of her dress until it was above her knees – then dropped them onto the towel to make them more comfortable.

“You don’t have to….reward me for being too horny,” I had to say for the record, no matter how much the rest of my body said otherwise.

“This is the last time I’ll get to do this in 2014, anyway. So who says it’s a reward just for you?” Alexandra questioned, as her hands went to my zipper.

She gave me no room to question that, so I stood still as she took out my cock and balls. I froze in every possible way once Alexandra wrapped her supple mouth around my head, slid her lush lips down my shaft and gazed up with what remained the most stunningly gorgeous big blue eyes I’d ever seen.

My hand finally moved to cup the cheek of the most stunning face I’d ever seen, as it filled itself up with my cock. I didn’t want to put it in her hair and give her more to fix when she was done, and I didn’t want to fuck her gorgeous mouth and finish way too soon without her permission. In short, it was an effort to just move my hand over her face and move nothing else.

But Alexandra’s hands were busier, as she put them at the front of her dress and pulled it down, revealing the most stunningly jaw dropping tits anyone had ever seen on screen in 2014, if not ever.

Although I’d felt them up and made them so wet over an hour ago, I still had to feel them when they were dry. I bent down as best I could to fondle them while staying upright, and she helped by pushing them up while still sucking my cock. She helped even more when she popped off it and brought her tits up higher.

Once they covered my cock, I barely managed not to topple over. When I succeeded, I reached back down to tweak her nipples as Alexandra moved her tits up and down my shaft. We both fondled her tits while she fucked me with them, and also let her tongue down to lick my head as it poked out.

“You want it?” Alexandra asked quietly. “If I had time and if this dress wasn’t on….I’d let you cum right on my tits. But that’ll have to be the first thing off our bucket list next year. For now….”

Alexandra took her tits off me, rubbed my head against them for a while, then sunk her mouth back down on me. Her face and eyes hypnotized me as her mouth slowly sucked deeper and deeper. But I did notice her hands leaving her tits, and her legs starting to squeeze together – like mine did when I was trying to hide my boner.

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Banging In The New Year with mutliple celebrities

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