Beginning After An End

Beginning After An End

It’s strange but when I was in a relationship with Marushka, we didn’t go beyond makeout. But after a breakup and a gap of long 1 year, it all started intensely. Somewhere I felt like drawn to her again. And it was strong enough to have the courage of messaging her.

I started chatting with her and got friendly. I got a great response from her too. Somewhere it looked like even she was wanting the same. It all began in 2016. We used to chat like before. From friends to best friends to secret lovers. I told her how much I miss her. She replied with the same strong feelings.

Our chats grew deeper and erotic. We use Hike to chat. It was our place of chatting back when we were in a relationship. And even now it was our secret place to share our inner secrets, erotic romantic dirty cute secrets. Among those late night chats, we were getting closer day by day and night by night.

One night I gathered some courage and sent her a kissing sticker. She giggled. I felt good about it. She sent me back. I was on cloud nine. Since then, hugs and kisses fled through chats. Things were going well and I decided to tell her my hidden feeling for her.

I told her that I miss those times with her that we used to have secretly. Back when we were a couple, we used to makeout. Our favorite places were terrace and a hilltop. And when I told her this. She said how much she misses them too. My heart was jumping in joy.

I asked her what would she give to have those awesome times again. She said, “Anything baby.” That was the point when my not so fun life turned into the most exciting one. One evening I asked her if she wants to walk with me on the terrace.

Deep inside I wanted her to come so that I can re-live those old naughty moments. And then she said, “Ok.” My heart went from 60-120 bpm in 10 seconds. I got fresh and went up to the terrace. I looked around and made sure no one is around. In a few minutes, she arrived.

We went to a corner where it was safe for us to stand. We started talking about old times when we used to come here as a couple. And now we stand there not as a couple but more than friends, secret lovers. We made jokes, shared incidents, and then I started to flirt with her.

She enjoyed and giggled. And then I thought of having some fun with her so I tickled her. She was always very sensitive. She got closer laughing and I hugged her tight. I felt her body on mine. Our heartbeats rose together. I slowly planted a kiss on her neck. She let out a soft moan.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I moved my face from her side to her face. I looked into her eyes and kissed her lips slowly. She responded in the best way and we started kissing. From slow to fast and harder. I moved my hands around her waist and kissed her as I wanted her so badly.

And then I moved my lips to her neck. She moaned and held my head. My hands started moving into her top. I moved up to her soft boobs and grabbed them. Her body has always been so perfectly curved, 34-28-36. My hands were fondling her soft boobs and squeezing them hard.

She was breathing so damn heavily. I turned her around, made her lean her back over me. My dick already had become so hard. It was pressing against her ass. I was kissing her neck, playing with her boobs. She turned to me and kissed again. I slowly moved my right hand down.

While my left hand was pressing her boobs and squeezing her hard nipple. I slowly moved my hand in her track pants and kept ma hand over her panty. She was breathing heavier and moaning a bit louder. Her soft hot pussy was wet already. And then I rubbed her there.

She was moving her ass and pressing it hard against my dick. I put my fingers inside her panty and felt that wetness. She was moving like anything. She was moaning and saying, ” Oh baby, no. Stop.” I was in no mood to stop. I started rubbing her clitoris.

It was drenched in her juices and hot and inviting me for more. I moved my fingers on her pussy lips and started making her moan louder. While my hands were playing with her pussy and boobs, my lips were eating her neck and ears. Then I took it a step ahead and inserted my middle finger in her tight hot and soft pussy.

She went crazy and screamed, “Aahh, baby, stop.” I kissed her lips. And started fingering her slowly. She was oozing juices. I then pulled her back and made her lean against the wall. And fingered her more and faster. She was enjoying every bit of it. I was thirsty for her juices.

I went down with my lips while kissing her neck and her boobs. I sucked her boobs so hard and bit her nipples. She was holding my hair and breathing heavily. I moved down again, licking the way from between her boobs to her belly. And then I pulled down her track pants and panty.

I planted a kiss on her waistline and with my tongue went over her pussy. She was smelling soo seductive. I started with my lips and tongue on her pussy lips. Started kissing her and slowly licking her way inside her hot dripping wet pussy. She tasted great and was enjoying every second.

She pulled me up saying, “Stop, enough now,” and kissed me. We kissed for a while and I grabbed her ass pulling her close enough so that not even air can pass. Her hot wet pussy was over my hard dick. We calmed ourselves down because it was time.

We were there for a long time. I pulled her pants up and kissed her bye. She went to her home and I to mine. A lot more happened from then. Stay tuned with me for later experiences of mine with her in upcoming parts. Feel free to share your feedback on [email protected]

Beginning After An End