Being A Dick Addict

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Being A Dick Addict

Hi, I am Chocotaco (name changed). I am 19 years old and I live in Gujarat. about myself, I am an average body guy with a great chubby ass and petite man boobs. My blowjob skills are too good to be found in a guy. So, coming to the story.

I used to watch a lot of porn; especially blowjob and anal videos. Every time I used to look at the pornstar sucking the guy’s dick, I would get a tingling sensation in me. I used to wonder how it felt to have a dick in my mouth.

In the beginning, I used to find it gross to think about having a dick in my mouth. But slowly, I started thinking a lot about having a dick in my mouth and my ass too.

One fine day, I was watching porn and I felt like watching gay porn. I was a bit hesitant on myself whether I should watch it or not. I finally made up my mind and decided to watch gay porn for the first time.

I clicked on a video where a teen guy takes on 2 dicks. He sucks one dick, while he takes another in his ass. It started to turn me on slowly. I still found it weird to watch a guy suck a dick and take a dick in his ass.

I finally couldn’t control myself anymore. I too wanted a dick in my ass, but I was not so fond of being fucked, but rather I was so curious to have a dick in my mouth.

I visited a website called ****. I received many messages due to my bio.

I finally decided to reply to one of the persons that I found to be decent with a good dick. I replied to his message and got a reply within 10 minutes.

The website we were talking on, had a limited number of messages for each person. So we decided to share our numbers. I was very worried. What if the person would be a fake and would share my number with everyone?

He texted me on Whatsapp with a “hi” and a dick pic. Oh my god, that was a dick I could suck for hours!

I replied to him and complimented him for his dick. He asked for some of my body pics and I sent him some.

I love to cross-dress. I wore a nice pink color panty and bra to send him a photo. I even asked him if he wanted me to wear it when I would go to meet him. He immediately said yes after looking at the photo and wanted me to go to his place in the next 30-45 minutes.

I made up my mind and decided to go. I told him I will be there in 30 minutes.

I shaved myself, took a nice shower, applied moisturizer and some vaseline in my asshole. I then wore a pink bra and panty, wore a jeans and a t-shirt on top and left. I reached the destination. He asked me to come and waited there.

I waited for 20 minutes and he arrived. At first, I did not know it was him, because we had not shared our face pics.

We were texting each other and he realized that there was a teen standing in front of him and typing. He asked me if it was me and I replied yes.

He asked me if I was on my vehicle or not. On answering yes, he asked me to follow him.

We started our vehicles and I started following him. While following him, my heart was pounding a lot. It was the first time I would get naked for a man, and that too for a man who is 15 years elders to me.

I was excited and nervous as well. I built courage and stopped being nervous. We reached his house and he asked me to get inside his house slowly without making any noise. I did as he told me to do. It was a small 1 bhk house and I did not care about that. Let’s name the guy as Rites.

Rites got inside the house and I saw a boner forming. I was excited to see his dick getting hard. He slapped my ass lightly, held my hand and took me to his bedroom. He was a bachelor and was new to the city, so he did not have a bed, but only a mattress.

He held me by my waist and started kissing my neck. Rites then slowly brought his hands towards my ass and grabbed it firmly. I left out a soft moan and he realized I loved it.

He then opened my jeans and asked me to get naked for him. But not just naked, he wanted me to strip like a whore. I didn’t know what to do, so I started swinging my ass the way pornstars do. However, he liked it. I got naked and went closer to him to get him naked.

I got him naked, held his dick in my hand and I felt a spark inside me that made me love it.

I started stroking his dick, to which Rites put his hands on my shoulder and guided me to get on my knees. I reAdily did it. I still was not sure if I wanted to suck his dick, though deep down in my mind, I wanted to suck his dick and feel how it’s like to have a dick in my mouth.

I took the tip of his dick in my mouth and I loved it. I loved the sensation I had got. I started to suck it like I already knew how to suck a dick.

I kept sucking his dick while taking it deep down my throat at times. He held my head and fucked my mouth for a while.

After fucking my mouth, he told me he was going to cum and I did not stop. He shot a big fat sticky load of cum in my mouth.

Rites asked me to open my mouth and show it to him. I opened my mouth and showed my cum filled mouth. He then asked me to swallow it, to which I readily did.

I told him I was not into anal sex and apologized for that. I again sucked his dick and he came all over my face and took some photos on my phone as a memory for my first gay sexual encounter.

If anyone is interested in meeting me, please message me on my email. [email protected]

Being A Dick Addict

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