Being a part of my friend’s lesbian fantasy

Being a part of my friend’s lesbian fantasy

I have gone through many dirty adventures. So I decided to pen down a few of them. I have had all types of sexual experience to date, including lesbian fantasy.

But first, let me describe myself! My name is Anupriya. Mostly everyone calls me Anu. I am 5 feet 3 inches with figures 34-26-34. I am quite slim and short. My breasts are not big, but my assets are exceedingly cute!

Now let me tell you a little about my background. Both my parents passed away when I was very young. I was brought up by my uncle (my mother’s elder brother) and aunt, along with my elder cousin brother.

My uncle was a kind man. Although he did not show much love and affection, he always gave me enough money whenever I asked for it. My cousin brother hated me, but I always liked him.

My aunt was a cunning and heartless woman. She makes me do all the chores.

I was a maid of all work in their house. She even tries to use force to make me do what she wants. But I was always very obedient and perfect in whatever work she gave. So I did not give her any chance to beat me.

I grew up as an exceptionally docile child. I grew up learning to never say no to an elder and just go with whatever they say.

I acquired my father’s personal laptop at a very young age. I had access to the internet and porn, and I got addicted to it later.

Being an extremely meek and submissive girl, I drew interest in BDSM!

Now coming to the incident. This one would be my very first sexual experience. I was studying in junior college at that time. I studied in an all-girls school. Being very unique, I did not get along much with the other girls. But I never felt lonely because of my best friend, Divya.

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We both were on the same wavelength right from middle school. Her height, figures, and frame of mind were pretty similar to mine. I shared all my secrets with her (except my BDSM fantasy). She, too, shared everything with me.

She was a secret lesbian, but not like a real one, just as a fantasy. She loves to kiss me. Being her girlfriend, I accept it, although I don’t like it.

It was just a week before our midterm exams. On that day, we had an extended tuition class. It got too late, it was 7 at night. So I decided that Divya should come to my house and stay for the night. Divya agreed.

Her house was far away from the tuition center, while mine was within a walkable distance. I had gone to her house many times. But she has never come to mine because my aunt does not allow (but this time, I somehow convinced her). It was the first time she came to my house.

I showed her to my bedroom. I usually take a bath before bed. I gave her a pair of dress to change, and I went to the bathroom. After taking a nice hot bath and wearing a loose, comfortable dress, I came out of the bathroom. I was startled to see Divya using my laptop.

When I saw what was on the screen, I got dead shocked. It was a video of a man paddling a naked girl’s ass. She found my secrets! For the past three or four years, I’ve been looking at internet porn. I quickly came to know that my favorite type of porn was maledom.

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Men whipping women, putting them in bondage, and fucking them. Over the years, I’ve accumulated quite a large collection of pictures, video clips, and sexy stories on my laptop.

Divya: You sure have a lot of this stuff, Anu.

I immediately closed my laptop and snatched it from her.

Me (angrily): Don’t you know that you must not take or see other’s personal things without their permission?

Divya: Anu, but I am your best friend.

Me: You won’t fucking understand.

Divya: Anu, do you like these kinds of stuff?

Me (reluctantly): I do.

Divya: Do you want a man to do that to you?

Me: I do.

Divya: Oh, my goodness! I never thought that a girl would like getting spanked. Anu, you must be stupid (laughing).

Me(angrily): You idiot, I am honest, but you are fucking teasing me.

Divya: Cut the crap! We’ll discuss this later. It is already so late. Just give me a kiss, and we’ll go to sleep.

Me: What the hell! Why the fuck should I?

Divya: If you don’t kiss me, I will call your brother from the next room and show him all the crap on your laptop.

Me: You are freaking abnormal.

Divya: Look who is telling this.

Me: Divya, I have told you several times that I desire to kiss a boy and not a bitch like you.

Divya: You don’t have a boyfriend now, but I will pray that you will soon get very handsome. So for now, please, please, your girlfriend instead.

Me to myself: Divya, you wicked witch, you always trick me into doing whatever you wish.

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Me: Ok. I accept. But one condition, promise me that you will forget whatever you saw on my laptop and don’t ever talk about it again.

Divya: Ya, sure, my dear, I promise.

Usually, she gives me a gentle kiss on my cheek, but she did not fear doing anything this time. I saw a devil in her eyes. She pushed my breasts and pinned my back to the bed. She came slowly closer and closer. Her face was too close to mine. I was breathing heavily on her face. I looked deep into her evil eyes.

She whispered softly, “Open your mouth slightly.” She gently kissed my dry lips, bit my lower lips, and pushed her tongue inside. She sucked my tongue and dribbled my saliva. I, too, did the same, and it seemed like she was enjoying this. We were nibbling our tongues and exchanging our salivae.

We kissed each other for approximately 30 minutes continuously. I never thought kissing could drain out so much energy. We both got completely exhausted.

Divya(smiling): Anu, thank you so much. It was really so fun.

Me to myself: I feel too bad, I became a bitch like her.

I switched off the light. We both slept closely, hugging each other.

To be continued.

I hope you all liked this story. Please do send me your feedback and comments to [email protected]

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Being a part of my friend’s lesbian fantasy

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