Bela grapples new temptations – Sex Stories

Bela grapples new temptations – Sex Stories

When I woke up the next morning, Bela’s side of the bed was empty. I got up and went to the kitchen and saw her dressed in a sari. Which was a surprise, since she had pretty much stopped wearing any clothes around the house recently. I went close to her and hugged her and kissed her. She kissed me back very cursorily, and her face looked worn down with worry.

“What’s the matter sweetheart?” I asked, “You look worried.”

She didn’t say anything, just kept working at chopping veggies. I repeated the question a couple of times, but she didn’t reply. And it looked as if she was ready to cry. Wisely, I backed off, leaving her alone. The events of last night had been great for me and she seemed to have enjoyed them too, but clearly, in the morning she was looking at things differently. She seemed to have a case of what they call buyer’s remorse.

So I left Bela to her thoughts and work, and went to get ready. I was already very late for work and there was an important job at the factory I had to go oversee. After I got ready, I saw that Bela had laid out the breakfast and packed a lunch box for me. And she had gone to take a shower. I thought of waiting for her to come back and get her to talk about what she was feeling or thinking, but decided against it.

When I got to the factory, Shyam was already there supervising some workers. He politely wished me good morning, but other than the absolute essentials he needed to consult me on, avoided me for the whole day. I also did not make any effort to talk to him. Not out of design, but because I was too focused on the work at hand.

Later on in the afternoon, I got a call from Bela,

“Listen, I have a headache so won’t be cooking today. Please tell Shyamji not to come over for dinner.” she said.

“I could go get food from a restaurant in town and we could still eat with him.” I said.

“No!” Bela said in a stern tone. “Get the food, but only for us. He can eat on his own.”

I thought about coaxing her, but something in her tone made me back off. I agreed and told Shyam. He did not seem to mind. In fact, he seemed relieved when I told him. I guess after last night’s events, he was dreading the next encounter as much as Bela was.

In the evening, I went to the town, got a lot of food packed, and came home. Bela was still in a sari when she opened the door. Her face did not look as tense as in the morning, but she was not completely normal either. Without saying anything, she took the food from my hand and headed to the kitchen to lay it out. We ate in silence. I decided to wait for her to say something, anything. But she kept quiet.

After we got done with dinner, she said her head was still hurting so she was going to go to sleep early tonight. I let her go to the bedroom and sat there watching TV. I was not too worried by Bela’s sudden retreat into a shell. Last night had been a big one for her. She had gone from being a passive but willing participant to a proactive player in our games with Shyam. And she had told me in great detail the dalliances from her past. For a conservative straight-laced woman like Bela, that was the equivalent of going to the moon. So her being disturbed by whatever happened, and having difficulty coming to terms with it was natural.

For the next few days, Bela stayed reticent. She started talking a lot more, but was now always fully dressed, and in a sari no less. She didn’t mention Shyam, so I did not ask her if we should invite him for dinner either. On his part, Shyam was also in a reclusive mood, and seemed to have taken it as a given that our games had ended. I decided to give them both some time before I did anything. Bela became approachable in bed again, and was enjoying sex, but the crazed tigress in her seemed to have taken a leave. The sex was good, but not mindblowing like it had been until recently.

Then a week later, a small incident occurred that rekindled Bela’s fires. By itself, it was not at all a major event. But it did end up feeding her exhibitionist side again, a side that she had been starving. Here’s what happened.

One morning, I left for work as usual. When I got to work, there was a man waiting for me. He had been sent to fix high speed broadband cables for the factory. And since I was the manager, he would wire up my house too. Until then, our internet access had been limited to a wireless card. I was so excited at the prospect of having high speed internet that I decided to take him home first and have him fit the cables there before he got working on the factory.

So I drove back home with him right away, returning home barely half an hour after I had left. With him next to me, I rang the door bell. There was no response. So I rang the bell again a couple of times.

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“Coming.” came Bela’s voice. Then I heard her feet approach the door and ask, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” I answered.

“Oh, okay.” Bela said and opened the door.

The sight that awaited us made the internet man’s eyes pop out in amazement. Bela was standing at the door, a towel wrapped around her body, and her hair completely wet. She had obviously been in the shower. It’s not like the towel was short or anything. It came down to her knees, and covered her boobs and cleavage completely. But the sight of my pretty wife, wrapped in just a towel, her body half wet and her hair fully wet, was enough to get the man surprised. To his credit, he immediately averted his eyes and looked towards the floor.

Bela, taken aback at seeing a strange man with me, jumped behind the door and said,

“Why didn’t you say someone was with you?” she asked in a slightly upset tone of voice.

“I was going to, but you opened the door at once.” I said, stepping inside the house. “Anyway, this man is here to install broadband cables in our house.”

I beckoned him to come in, and he walked inside, eyes still firmly planted on the floor. Bela grabbed the tucked portion of her towel with both her hands and stood there. I expected her to run inside and get dressed. But she just stood there, with a flushed expression on her face. And I realized, she was enjoying how the man was feeling uncomfortable at the sight of her clad only in a wet towel.

I led the man towards the main phone line, showed him where the television was. He followed me, very consciously trying not to look at Bela. Bela, instead of going and getting dressed, surprised me and followed us! As I registered her presence behind me, i looked at her with raised eyebrows. The man also sneaked a peek at her, and then looked away.

“I just want to know where the wires will be.” Bela said feebly, as if giving an excuse for her presence. I smiled in my mind, and kept instructing the man about the layout. Bela followed us all the while, her wet hair dripping water all over the floor. By then, the man had gotten comfortable enough to look at her once in a while, although he was still careful not to stare openly.

Bela, who until then seemed to have a plain expression on her face, seemed to be getting slightly annoyed. I was not sure why. For a while, I wondered if she wanted me to take the lead, take the towel off and expose her nakedness to the guy. But that seemed a little excessive, given Bela’s current mood, and even if that was what she wanted, it seemed too risky. The games with Shyam, a colleague who could be trusted, were one thing. But doing too much in front of this man, whom I did not know at all, could be fraught with danger. I ignored Bela’s annoyed look and kept leading the guy around the house.

“Alright, I will start laying the cables right away.” The guy said after I had finished explaining the whole layout to him.

“I’ll go get dressed.” Bela said in an almost throaty voice, and started walking away. And that’s when she did something small but significant.

As she walked away, the wet towel wrapped tightly around her body was accentuating her magnificent ass. Both the guy and I could not resist out male instincts to gaze at her ass as it sashayed away. But a few seconds later, Bela stopped. I watched, spellbound as she untucked the end of the towel that was holding it up, caught the other end in her hand, and opened the towel, holdings its ends on either side of her body for a brief moment. The towel was still covering her nakedness from where the guy and I were standing. And then instantly, she wrapped it again, tighter, tucked it in and resumed walking.

And then I realized why Bela had seemed annoyed. I remembered how she got upset at Chandan for not paying too much attention even when she was exposing herself. I guessed that she felt the guy here was doing the same thing. She wanted him to openly stare and ogle at her. Instead he had been taking peeks at her discreetly, which I saw but she probably did not. And so she had pulled this little unwrap-rewarp stunt to tease him.

I looked at the guy and his eyes were about to pop out. He did not get a look at anything. But he was obviously thrilled at the thought that a beautiful young woman’s boobs and pussy had just been on display a few feet away from him. Sure, he didn’t get to see them, but the situation itself was enough to make him break into a sweat. He kept staring at Bela until she disappeared into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

Finally he turned to look at me, realized that I had caught him staring at my wife, and immediately blushed a little. He picked up his bag and started taking the equipment out. I went to the bedroom, pushed the door open and walked in. I smiled at the sight I saw. Bela was dressed, but for the first time in days, she was not wearing a sari. Instead, she was wearing a skirt that went to mid-thigh and a tank-top. She heard me walk in, looked at me and smiled. Smiled in the free and carefree manner that I had not seen her in for days.

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I walked towards her and hugged her in my embrace. I had meant to just hug her, kiss her, maybe cop a feel and then head out. But what Bela did next shocked and awed me. She pushed me hard, making me fall on the bed. Then she ran and bolted the bedroom door shut, and as she was rushing back to the bed, started taking her few clothes off. By the time she reached me, she was completely naked.

Like a starved nun, she unbuckled my pants and pulled them down. Her crazed display had already made me hard. Right away, she got on top of me, took my dick inside her and starting humping. And, to my surprise, started moaning and groaning loudly. Really loudly. I smiled, grabbed hold of her waist and thrust my dick into her cunt harder, and she yelled out,


That really surprised me. I was about to tell her to be careful, because the internet guy might hear when it struck me. She was doing this precisely so he could hear. So he would know that she was in the bedroom, naked and getting fucked. That really turned me on. I wrapped my hands around her back and pulled her down to me until her boobs were squished against my chest. And I started fucking her hard. Bela kept shouting dirty words and obscenities. This renewed sluttiness of my wife obviously had an effect on me and within minutes, I started pumping her cunt with my seed.

As soon as I finished filling her with my seed, Bela started kissing me passionately and running her hands up and down my chest. I kissed her back and was about to lay her on her back and go down on her when suddenly she jumped off me. With the towel, she cleaned the stickiness down there and started putting her clothes on again. I was amused and curious at what was happening. What exactly did Bela have in mind, I wondered.

I lay there, with my dick hanging out, as Bela got dressed in the tank top and the skirt and said to me,

“I am going to the kitchen to cook.” And she left the bedroom.

I got dressed too and went out. The guy was busy taping some cables together and looked at me as I walked out. He gave me a blank look and I returned the blank look too. Bela was already at the kitchen table, taking out vegetables to chop them. I picked up a magazine from the living room, went to the dining table and sat there.

I pretended to read the magazine as I tried to read my wife’s mind. Did she want me to expose her to this guy like I had exposed her to Shyam? I thought of testing the waters by first fondling her in front of him to see how she reacted. But then I decided to just wait and see what she did. The guy kept working, Bela kept cooking and I kept reading the magazine. Finally, half an hour later or so, I was about to take Bela to the living room and try something when the man poked his head in the kitchen.

“Sir, one minute.” he said, throwing a quick glance at Bela and then back at me.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Sir, the router is not working. I will have to get another one.” he said.

“Okay, so get it.” I said.

“Our store-room is far away. I won’t be able to get it today. I can come tomorrow and install it.”

Ah, I thought to myself. I am sure the router is fine. This bugger just wants an excuse to come to the house again.

“Okay, so come tomorrow.” I said.

“Okay Sir.” he said, then paused and said, “Maybe you should tell me about the factory layout too.”

I nodded and got up to take him back to the factory. Then, on an impulse I turned around and went to the kitchen table where Bela was standing.

“I have to go honey.” I said, putting my hands around her. “I’ll miss you.”

And then I kissed her for a good 30 seconds or so in full view of the guy. And after breaking the kiss, for good measure, spanked her on her ass really hard. Bela just giggled and got back to her work.

The rest of the day, I kept planning what I would do next day. When the idea first struck me, I dismissed it, thinking it was too stupid and risky. But then I reasoned with myself that there really wasn’t a big risk. If anything, there was a big upside. If things went according to plan, I’d get to see what Bela was capable of in my absence.

So here’s what happened the next day. The man landed up with another router and his equipment at the factory at about 10 am. I drove him to our house, and knocked on the door. Bela opened the door, clad once more in a tank top and a short skirt. After letting us in, she gave me a big smile and went back to the kitchen where she had been working.

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The man, whose name I learnt was Riaz, got to work in the living room. I watched him work for a while and then, when he wasn’t looking at me, took my phone out and hit the ringer button. The phone started ringing as if I was getting a call. I turned the ringer off, put the phone to my ear, and strolling towards the entrance connecting the kitchen and the living room, said,

“Hello? Yes…..oh hi!….oh I didn’t know….. well, that’s great…… oh sure, absolutely……. yes I know it….it’s just 80 kilometers away. Okay, I’ll see you then.”

And I pretended to disconnect the call. Bela turned around and looked at me questioningly.

“Sorry darling, that was a senior VP from our company. He is coming to Basantpur which is a couple of hours away for a client meeting and wants me to join him for lunch. For, you know, updates on the factory.” I said.

“Okay….” Bela said uncertainly.

“So I’ll have to get going. I’ll be back by the evening, okay?” I said, gave her a peck on the cheek and left.

“But….what about him?” Bela whispered.

“He’ll finish his work soon and get going. You don’t have to pay him anything, so if he asks, just tell him to talk to me.” I said and walked to the living room again.

Riaz had obviously heard everything I said. I went up to him and said,

“I have to go to Basantpur for some urgent work. You keep working here, and finish everything off today. And then, just walk tot he factory. It is not too far.”

“Ok sir.” he said.

“Bye darling.” I shouted, took my keys and walked out of the door. I got in my car and drove away. And for all that Bela and Riaz knew, I was headed towards Basantpur, 80 km away.

But obviously, I was not. My plan was to sneak back to the house and see what happened next. In the morning when she was in the bathroom, I had purposely unlocked all the windows in the house, but kept them closed, so that Bela would still think they were locked. But I would be able to open them slightly from outside and observe what was going on.

My intentions behind doing all this were simple. I wanted to see how far Bela would go with a strange man without me around. Would she try something or would she just go into shutdown mode? I also wanted to see how Riaz would react if she tried something. And how she reacted to whatever he tried to do. Which one of them if anyone, would make the first move? Bela had already teased Riaz a little the previous day, with the towels stunt and then screaming like a banshee while fucking me when he was in the house. Would Riaz take that as a signal to do something? Would Bela try another such stunt? So many questions!

And of course, if Riaz tried something excessive, I would be right there outside the house to stop it all. So I parked the car behind a tree about half a kilometer from my house. And then I started walking back to the house, my chest thumping with anticipation.


In excitement, I almost ran half the way to the house. Then I decided to take precautions. I crossed an empty lot to the back of the house, which has no windows, so there would be no chance of Bela seeing me. I crouched behind trees and bushes until I got to our compound, and then jumped over the wall quietly. I took out my phone and put it in vibrate mode, so just in case she called me, she wouldn’t hear the ring tone.

I rushed to the back wall of the house and took my shoes off, to make sure my footsteps weren’t audible. I then gradually crept along the wall until I was outside the living room window. I gently opened the window so there was a gap of a few inches and peeked in. I saw Riaz was still laying out the wires and taping them to the wall. It had been just 15 or 20 minutes since I left, so I was not surprised to find everything perfectly normal.

Next, I tiptoed towards the kitchen windows. There are two windows in the kitchen. One right above the stove, and I obviously could not peek through it, because Bela would see me. The other window was in the side wall, towards the back. It also has curtains. I slowly pulled it slightly open, moved the window and saw that Bela was working at the stove. The pressure cooker was making hissing noises and there was another pot on the second burner. Bela looked very engrossed in cooking, and I couldn’t help but gaze admiringly at her butt which was being outlines through her short skirt.

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Bela grapples new temptations – Sex Stories

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