Blackmailing Jane Part 3 – Sex Stories

Blackmailing Jane Part 3 – Sex Stories

Jane was still in her robe when I got to her house and was sitting at the breakfast table. She asked if I wanted something to eat, but I told her what I wanted to eat was not on the table. She looked puzzled for a minute, then told me that she guessed she was still being blackmailed into being fucked. She got up and went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth and returned naked.

She climbed in bed with me and asked if I had fucked by girlfriend Bonnie yet. I told her no. I told her that I had taken her advice and it gotten me as far as kissing her tits. Then Jane told me “Maybe you should try to fuck her mom. I was talking with her and she was complaining that Buford is not fucking her enough. She even mentioned your name–said your dad was the first guy to fuck her, maybe she ought to fuck you before you got Bonnie’s cherry.”

“You’re kidding” I said.

“I’m not, you should try, what have you got to lose. If not her, a lot these older women in town are in the same boat. Their husbands just are not fucking them enough and they are complaining to each other. I brought up pussy eating, they said they never get that, but they would love to. Ryan, you are a great pussy eater, and a good with that fucking too. I think you should go for it.”

I walked over to Bonnie’s house a few days after my conversation with Jane, still thinking about what she had said. Bonnie’s mom, Barbara, was working in the flower garden and told me to go on in the house, that Bonnie and some her girl friends were there. I noticed that Barbara was wearing shorts and a halter top that did nothing to hid her nice c cup tits. Overall, Barbara was a good-looking woman in her late 30s, about 5’ 6 “ tall and weighing about 130 pounds. She had blue eyes and light brown hair pulled into a pony tail, making her appear younger.

When I knocked on the door Bonnie came to the door and said “Oh Ryan, come in, but I forgot to tell you that Edie, Patsy and I are going to town today and will be gone until this evening. We will leave right after lunch, but mom wants you to stay for lunch and then help her hang some pictures if you don’t mind.”

“O.k. Sounds like a plan to me.” We sat around and talked a while, then had lunch.

Barbara came in and we joked around some. As the girls were leaving she said to Bonnie “are you sure you want to leave Ryan alone with me? He is a cute boy, and your dad has been sort of lazy lately”

I must have blushed, because Bonnie said “oh mom, look, you’ve made Ryan blush. Now be good and don’t tease him.”

When the girls left, Barbara came over and took my arm and said “I’m sorry, I did not mean to embarrass you.”

“Oh, its o.k., I wouldn’t mind even if you were not kidding.”

She raised her eyebrows and looked at me, then said well “we had better get to work.”

We were bending over picking up a heavy picture and Barbara’s top dropped down some and one of her tits was exposed—instantly I got a tent in my shorts. She looked straight at me, because I had stopped moving, then looked at my crotch, then she said, “my God, you’ve got a hard on” the she realized her tit was out of her halter.

“Ryan, I’m sorry, I did not know, I really am sorry.” ”

“Hey, it was my pleasure. Bonnie keeps her locked up like Fort Knox, and besides, yours are gorgeous.”

“Oh shit, aren’t you the bullshitter, Ryan”

We went back to work, bantering back and forth, and I continued to get some flashes of flesh now and then. Finally we finished and Barbara asked if I wanted to sit and look at some photos.

We sat side by side on the sofa and she pulled out some albums. Our thighs were touching and the heat caused my cock to harden.

After a while, Barbara, said that was enough of that and stretched back on the sofa, and then asked if I could rub her neck. When she leaned forward, I could look into her halter and see her nipples were as rigid as my cock. “would you mind if I lie down and you rub my back, that garden work this morning was tiring?” I told her no problem.

Barbara put her head a few inches from my hard cock and I began to rub her back. I could feel her breathing on my cock, then she moved her head even closer and closer and finally she was kissing my cock through my shorts. But then Barbara stopped and went into a monologue about how wrong it was for her to be kissing and seducing her daughter’s boyfriend. All the while I was kissing her ears and moving down and kissing her tits. Once again, she talked about it was wrong, that I was her daughter’s boyfriend and that she was married. Then she asked me how many times I had had sex. I lied and said none. This seemed to excite her.

I moved my hand under her shorts and down her crack and began to rub her ass hole then Barbara, in a husky voice said “Ryan, it is so wrong, but we need to go to my bedroom now!” She flung her halter off as she went and then the shorts and her panties with one motion. I quickly removed my t-shirt and shorts and we fell on the bed in a 69 position. I began kissing around her pussy, and she said, “I need you to eat me now, no foreplay now, just go for it” so I found her clit and began to suck on it. She had my cock in her mouth and was licking the full length and then sucking the tip, and then she arched her back and gave a little moan and juices flowed out of her pussy as she came. The excitement of her orgasm caused me to come too.

Barbara then moved down to my head and we began to French kiss, mixing our cum. She was telling that she had only one other oral sex experience, but that the guy had not made her cum. She wanted to know how I had learned to do that and I told her I had read about in a book. She was still on top, rubbing her soaking wet cunt over my cock and soon it was hard again. Taking her hand, she guided it in, bareback. She rammed down on me hard and fast. I thought she was going to break the bed. The headboard was banging off the wall and soon she came again and in a couple of minutes I told her I was about to come. “shoot it in me,” she told me.

“What about pregnancy?”

She grunted, “this is safe time” and as I shot wad after wad into her belly she came again.

Barbara sort of collapsed on me and after a few minutes, said “well, for your first fuck, that was fantastic. It was a great fuck for me. And if you marry my daughter, all I can say is she is going to be a very happy girl, and you are going to be true mother fucker because I expect you to fuck your mother-in-law at last once a month.”

I did not marry Bonnie, but I did fuck her eventually, and Barbara and I continued to fuck for the next twenty years. Buford never found out, as far as I know. And yes, Jane was right, there were other women in town that wanted to fuck a young man, and I was available.

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Blackmailing Jane Part 3 – Sex Stories