Blasting my cum into her

Blasting my cum into her

Hi guys, this is Raj Rambo. Back with the continuation to the first part of touching after a break. To enjoy more, please read it before this one, because without wasting time, I will go right into the story.

I woke up on my bed naked, with a morning salute. I lifted my comforter and got out of bed. There was a small white stain on my grey comforter. It was my precum from last night.

It’s been one week since I fucked Anjali. Not only that, I challenged myself not to masturbate or release my cum for this whole week. It has been a tough week. But worth the waiting (you will read why in this story).

I spent my 7 days watching porn, reading sex stories, and having sex chats with Anjali. My dick was so excited every single time. Warm precum used to ooze out and flow down my 5.8-inch cock. But I did not jerk off. I used to rub the precum all over my rock hard dick, sleep with the wetness and stickiness.

During our sex chats, I used to edge myself so many times. But denied my own ejaculation by cupping the balls and squeezing the base of my cock very tight. Sometimes I even had to block the slit opening on the tip, not allowing anything to come out. This way, my dick was under painful torture, yet a sweet pleasure.

Finally, the day has come. I will get to touch Anjali again today and unload my heavy cum in my balls into her. I freshened up, got ready, and was all set to go to her house. It was 11am. Anjali’s beautiful mom should have left. I got the confirmation by Anjali’s message.

Anjali: Come and get me, tiger. I am all yours now.

Me: (tiger emoji) (running man emoji).

I reached her house in no time and knocked on the door. Anjali did not open the door for a few minutes. I was getting restless, but I know she is just teasing me. After about 5 minutes, she opened the door and let me in.

She was wearing shorts that barely covered her thighs and a loose t-shirt with a deep cleavage cut. It was her regular home clothes. But today, she looked extra beautiful and extra sexy. Even her perfume smell made me go crazy for her. I missed her so much!

She welcomed me with a warm and naughty smile. Instantly sliding my fingers into her shorts, I pulled her towards me by holding her shorts and waist. Anjali did not expect this and lost her balance, dropping onto me. Not wasting any time, I put my lips on her lips.

Aahh… those lips. How much I missed them! We walked inside the house, kissing each other. I closed the door, pushed her against the door, and locked it. Now she was all mine. Her lips. Her breasts. Her pussy. Every inch of her body is mine. I have been craving this all week.

I hungrily started sucking on her upper lip. She was sucking on my lower lip. My tongue was making its way into her mouth, despite the tight sucking. She tasted the same. But it was all I needed the whole time. I started licking every corner of her mouth and rubbing our tounges.

My body is pinning her against the door as we kiss. Our hands were rubbing all over our bodies pulling each other closer and closer. Kissing intensifies. I grabbed her right leg holding her thick white thigh, and held it up. She wrapped it around my waist.

Now she can feel my dick hard inside my pants rubbing against her pussy. She instantly jumps up, puts her other leg around my waist, and holds my neck and collar bone for support.

I put my hands behind her and hold her close to me, squeezing her 34 sized boobs between our bodies. Pushing my hard dick onto her pussy, we keep kissing passionately, exchanging our saliva.

I then walk to her bedroom. Not leaving her lips even for a bit. Her shorts were so short that it was now exposing her ass cheeks in that position. My hands went inside her shorts, touching her ass cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze as I walk.

We reach the bedroom. I put her on the bed, still not leaving her lips. I put my hands inside her t-shirt. Caressing her navel, I start lifting her t-shirt up. As my hands undress her, my lips went down her body. Sucking on her neck and down to her collar bone. Using my tongue to lick her.

Anjali is now in her sexy black lined bra with some flowers on it. The fabric was so translucent that I could see her fair breasts through the bra, except for her nipples. The flowers on the bra are covering those beautiful erect nipples.

I could not take my eyes off her beautiful semi-naked boobs. It felt like I was seeing them for the first time. My hands are holding the underside of the boobs, giving them a good massage.

I instantly put my lips on her cleavage, trying to dig my face between those melons and start sucking on her cleavage going down in her valley. Making it all wet over her bra.

Trying to find the hooks of that sexy bra, my hands roam around her back, rubbing everywhere. But Anjali did something unexpected. She wrapped her arms around my shoulder and legs around my waist, held me tight, and rolled over.

Now I was sleeping on my back, and she was on top of me, sitting on my erect dick. My face was still buried between her breasts. Anjali moved down, got her face on to my face kissed my lips softly. With the sexiest voice, she whispered in my ears.

Anjali: I want to drink your cum first.

The thing about me, I am a giver. Meaning, I love to please women more than me being pleased by them. But it’s been one week since my dick got any attention. So it needed some love. I am craving it badly. I was happy to hear Anjali’s words, and I let her take control of me.

Anjali licked my earlobe as she was rubbing her soft cheek on mine. She then blew some air onto my eyes, making me close my eyes. Caressing my hair, she put her lips on my lips and gave a passionate kiss.

Her hands were roaming around under my t-shirt, rubbing my abs until my chest. She eventually pulled up my t-shirt, breaking the kiss. I was now sleeping topless under this sexy bitch, Anjali.

Sitting on my hard dick and hands on my bare chest, she gave me a naughty smile. She leaned on to my body to kiss my chest. Touching her soft lips first, then using her tongue to lick around. She started sucking on my nipples and biting them. Her warm mouth felt so good on my body.

Anjali started sucking down my body, licking my abs, belly button, and stopped right before my pelvic area. She pulled down my shorts. Now I am in my boxers with a hard rock dick waiting to be sucked.

She did not give it to me easily. She played around with my boxer first. Pulling the elastic with her teeth, rubbing the tent with her cheek, kissing it, licking over it, and making it all wet. She was sucking on my precum from my underwear.

Then Anjali pulled down my boxers, and my cock came out like a spring, pointing right to her face. She examined it for a few seconds by moving it sideways, up and down.

No hint of pubic hair as I shaved it the previous night. She blew some air in the corners. Then she cupped my balls and examined them by giving a light squeeze.

Anjali: These feel heavy. Filled with so much cum inside.

Me: Yes, babe. I have been storing it all for you.

She smiled and kissed the tip of my cock. The pre-cum on the slit was sticky and was stretching between my cock and her lips. She licked it off her lips with her tongue. She started stroking my cock gently. She was in no rush. Taking her time in building up more sperms in me.

Anjali pulled down the foreskin completely and squeezed out more pre-cum from the base to the tip of my cock. It started dripping down my length of the cock. She stopped it in between using her tongue and licked it up to the tip like ice cream.

Anjali: Do you want to fuck my boobs?

Me: Yes! (Nodding like a greedy bitch)

She laughed out hard and made me sit on the side of the bed. She kneeled before and positioned herself, and then rubbed my cock on her bra. She then put her hands behind to unhook the bra.

This position made her breasts look even bigger. She took off her bra, exposing her naked breasts. I but my lips seeing those. If I were in control, I would have jumped on her and suck them like a hungry dog. But I let her please me today.

She started by rubbing my penis on her naked soft breasts. Poked the erect nipple on the slit opening of my penis. Then she held my cock between her boobs and started jerking me off.

She lubricated by spitting on her boobs. The soft wet skin of her boobs rubbing around my cock felt amazing. Her lustful eyes looking right at me was even sexier. After some time, precum started building up on the tip again.

Some of it was on her boobs, making them sticky and wet. Anjali simply licked it off my cock. She kept repeating it. Stroking it fast between her wet boobs for a few minutes, let some pre-cum build-up, squeeze it out, and lick it off.

After about 10 minutes, my cock was all wet from her saliva. Veins popping out. And my balls started feeling the pressure. She understood my pain. She enjoyed giving me pain. I enjoyed the pain she gave me.

Anjali now started using her lips to wrap my cock and started sucking on it. One hand was holding the base of my cock, and the other was cupping my balls, massaging them well. She increased the pace of her sucking, taking more and more length into her mouth.

In no time, she started deep throating my cock. Gasping for air, taking no breaks, she was sucking on my cock like a professional. My cock started accepting her prayers. I was in immense pleasure. I was about to cum! I spoke out as if I were on drugs.

Me: I am about to cum, Anjali.

Anjali did not stop. She wanted it all in her mouth. She continued massaging my balls and sucking my cock deep and fast. I could hear the wetness of my cock as she was sucking. I held her head tight, pulled her close to me, and started shooting my cum deep into her mouth.

I was in heaven, releasing all my load into her. She took it all inside her! She wrapped her lips tightly around my dick, not letting anything get out of her mouth. When I was done releasing it all, I was breathing heavily. My dick was still sensitive, moving by itself out of pleasure.

She sucked from the base of my cock to the tip taking every single drop into her. Enjoying the creamy thick cum, she swallowed it all with a big gulp.

She licked off her sexy pink lips, still looking into my eyes with lust. Anjali looked like a wild cat gulping down my cum!

It’s my turn now! To please my angel, Anjali!

To be continued…

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Blasting my cum into her