Bobbi Sue’s Sex Adventures – Sex Stories

Bobbi Sue’s Sex Adventures – Sex Stories

I am 5’1″ tall, and weigh
around 105 lbs. I love to work out, and I regularly
lift weights, run, roller-blade, and swim. In the
winter I cross country ski to keep my well-toned
34A-22-34 body in shape. My breasts are small, but
firm, and I’ve been told that I have a perfect ass. I
have shoulder-length blond hair, and blue eyes, and
most guys tell me I’m cute.

I love sex! Up until several months ago, I had had a
pretty normal sex life, but then I started acting out
my fantasies of showing off. I started by running
topless on a trail in the woods, and I’ve advanced to
fucking groups of guys.

In my last letter, I described how I’d flashed my ass
to a room full of my co-workers, and told you how I
was going to meet some of them for lunch.

Well, that was on Monday, and man was it hot!!!! My
friend Mary has a house nearby where I work, and she
agreed to let me use it for my meeting. A friend from
work (Bob) who knows all about what I like, told a
bunch of other guys at work that he knew of a really
hot woman who was looking for some fun.

Well, Bob lined up five guys to come over during our
lunch hour. I normally wouldn’t let my co-workers know
how horny I am, but after telling Bob about my desire
to have them, he suggested that I wear a disguise! So,
Mary lent me a French maid’s outfit that had a black
wig and a mask that covered the top half of my face.
Under the dress, I wore a black waist nipper (corset),
black stockings, and a black garter belt.

On Monday I went over to Mary’s a little early, so that
I could spend a little time alone with her. We have a
special relationship, and I love nothing better than to
crawl between her legs and suck on her pretty pussy.

When I got to Mary’s, I stripped in front of her and
asked if she’d help get me ready. She came up to me
and kissed me deeply and passionately. As she probed
my mouth with her tongue, I unbuttoned her blouse and
pulled it down off her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing a
bra, and I held her close, pressing my small breasts
against hers.

I wish I could describe how it feels for a woman to
hold another woman. The feeling of her soft, large
breasts against mine is so erotic, it makes me want
to do anything to make her happy. That’s how I felt
on Monday as she stroked my hair and kissed me.

I reached down and undid her pants and pushed them
down. As they fell to the floor, Mary broke off the
kiss, and I said, “I want to taste your pussy.”

Mary smiled at me and stepping out of her pants, she
led me to the bed.

I knew I only had a few minutes until the guys arrived,
and that I still had to put on my costume, but I had
to taste Mary’s sweet pussy now.

As she reclined on the bed, I dove between her legs and
licked her juicy slit. I love the sweet taste of her
pussy juice; and I love to get it all over my face. I
had intended to have Mary lick my pussy to get me ready
for my gangbang, but I could feel the wetness between
my legs and knew I was ready anyway.

Just then, we heard the doorbell. Mary made me stop
licking her, and said something about getting dressed,
but I didn’t want her to go. I made her promise that
she would come back after she let the guys in. She
said “okay,” and then got up and put a robe on and
left the room.

Mary was back in a minute, and she opened her robe and
climbed back on the bed while I positioned myself back
between her legs. As I fucked her with my tongue, she
told me that there were six guys, including Bob, and
how they had thought she was the one who was going to
fuck them. She said that she’d told them that she was
there for the same reason they were, and that they
could have me after she was through with me.

As I started to get Mary off, and as she started to cry
out for me to, “Suck my pussy, bitch!” I thought of
what those guys must be thinking, and it made me want
them really bad.

After Mary was through cumming, she got up and fastened
her robe. She went to the closet and got out my cos-
tume, and helped me put it on. The maid’s uniform was
too big, but I planned to take off the dress right

I had brought my own corset and stockings, and they
fit very well. Mary helped me put the wig on, and
after I’d donned the mask, I really looked like a
different person. I couldn’t wait to fuck the guys
I worked with!!

Mary said she had some errands to run, so she got
dressed. When she was ready to go, she told me to
come with her.

We walked into the living room, and I almost said
“Hi.” That would have been a mistake; I have a pretty
distinctive voice, and the guys would have know right
away who I was. And while that would make what I was
doing much hotter, it would also jeopardize my job and
reputation as a respected member of the community.

Anyway, Mary introduced me as Candice, and said that I
didn’t talk much, but did a lot of other things.

Then she left, and Bob took over. He asked me what I
wanted. Well, I couldn’t tell them what I wanted, so
I decided to show them. I started by unbuttoning my
maid’s dress and letting it fall to the floor.

So there I stood in my corset, garter and stockings,
my small firm breasts pushed up by the top of the
corset, my nipples erect, and nothing between my pussy
and their cocks but air!

I had planned to suck each of them off first, so I got
down on my hands and knees and motioned for the nearest
one to come to me.

As he stepped in front of me, I reached up and undid
his pants. I pulled his pants and underwear down and
stared at the hard, six-inch cock that stood just
inches from my face. I had always wondered what he
looked like without his pants one, and now I knew. I
licked my lips and moved forward, opening my mouth
I took the entire length down my throat.

I love the feeling I get as someone’s cock head pushes
into the opening of my throat, and I loved it then as
I swallowed his cock.

As I sucked him, he started to fuck my face. He grab-
bed my head in his hands and thrust his hips back and
forth as his cock plunged in and out of my mouth.

At one point he grabbed my hair (my wig actually), and
I got a little worried. But I was able to guide his
hands back to my face, and I relaxed a little as he
continued to fuck my mouth.

I knew all of the guys there, but it was so incredibly
sexy to finally be able to be myself (albeit incognito)
around them.

Ricky was the guy who was doing me, and I’d often
wondered what he’d be like in bed. I bet he’s wondered
about me, too, but I’m sure he didn’t recognize me.

Ricky moaned that he was going to cum, so I moved back,
pulling his cock from my mouth.

So there I was kneeling in front of him, looking up at
him through my mask on, with my mouth open. He had to
know that I was begging him to spurt his cum on my face
and in my mouth. I really wanted to tell him to do it;
I love how it affects men when I tell them to cum in my

His cock erupted and the first couple of jets hit my
nose and cheek. I wanted to taste him, though, so I
moved forward and took him into my mouth as he con-
tinued to pump out jets of cum.

I love swallowing cum, it makes me feel like such a
slut. I especially love doing it in front of a bunch
of guys.

After Ricky was through, I motioned for the next guy
to take his turn. I ended up sucking off all five of
them while Bob watched. It was really hot!! It was
all I could do to keep from talking to them. I’m
usually very vocal and I really wanted to beg them for
their cum.

I restrained myself, and moved back over to Ricky. I
sucked his cock back into my mouth, and when he was
good and hard I got up and led him into the bedroom.

One of the things I like to do, is to take on a bunch
of guys one at a time. I’ve heard guys talk about
girls pulling trains, and it gets me off to know
they’ll be talking about me that way.

When we were in the bedroom, I closed the door and laid
down on my back on the bed. Ricky knew just what to
do, and I wrapped my legs around his ass as he pushed
his cock into my pussy.

He fucked me hard for about five minutes and then he
came in my pussy. I couldn’t wait for the next guy to
slide his hard cock into my cum-filled pussy, and as
Ricky got up, I whispered, “next.” I whispered so that
he wouldn’t be able to tell who I was by my voice, and
he didn’t look shocked, so I guess it worked.

I laid on that bed as each of the five guys fucked me.
By the time they were through with me, my pussy was
really sloppy from all of their cum mixed up in me.

In between guys, I stuck my fingers in my pussy and
sucked some of the cum off of them. When the last guy
was done with me, I followed him back out to the living

Three of the guys had left, but Bob, Ricky, and the guy
I’d just fucked were still there. I walked over to
Ricky and stroked his cock as I stood close to him and
rubbed my body against his. He started to get hard, so
I dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth again.

When he was fully hard, I took his hand and led him
around the back of the couch. Then I bent over the
back of the couch and pulled my ass cheeks apart.

At first he put his cock in my pussy, but I pushed him
back until his cock fell out. I looked up at Bob for
some help. I wanted Ricky’s cock in my ass, and if I
had to ask him to do it, I would.

I guess I had stopped caring if they found out who I
was, and I was just about to tell him to fuck my ass,
when Bob said, “I think she wants it in her ass!”

I nodded my head at Ricky, and he placed the head of
his dick at my asshole. God, he took forever!! He
finally started easing it into me, but so slowly that
I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pushed back against
him as hard as I could, and finally, I felt his cock
slide all the way in.

I guess Ricky got the idea, because he really started
to fuck me hard after that. I had to bite on my thumb
to keep from telling him how good it felt!

Well, Ricky shot his cum up my butthole, and then the
other guy took his place. God I love to be fucked in
my ass!!! There isn’t anything like it!! I only
wished their cocks were a little bigger.

I took another load of cum in my ass, and then Ricky
and Al (the guy who’d just finished fucking me) left.

As soon as they were out the door, I started to take
off my wig and mask, but Bob stopped me. He said that
I should leave the mask on for a little while longer.
Then he led me over to Mary’s dining room table and
told me to get on my back on the table.

I did as Bob asked and when I was up there, he pulled
me to the edge and lifted my legs straight up. Then he
pushed his cock into my ass! I placed one foot over
each of his shoulders and just laid back and enjoyed
the feeling of his big cock sliding in and out of my

He started to ask me how I liked his cock in my ass,
and he called me Candy. I could tell he was getting
off on pretending that I was some one else, so I played
along with him.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck your Candy’s ass!” He kept calling
me Candy and telling me what a slut I was. I didn’t
care who he called me as long as he kept fucking me.
He was really doing me too. I was afraid that we might
break Mary’s table!

I fucked my pussy with my fingers as Bob pounded my
ass. I brought myself off just before Bob told me he
was going to cum, and I told him to do it in my mouth.

He pulled me off the table and onto the floor, and I
just had time to wrap my lips around his cock before
he shot a huge load of cum into my mouth. I still
remember sucking the last bit of cum from his beautiful
hard cock as he said, “Swallow it Candy.”

I wish his cock was in front of me right now!

Afterwards I asked him who Candice was. He said that
it was a girl he’d emailed some of my stories to, and
that he’d been fantasizing about her.

So, if you read this Candice, I enjoyed being you.

God, it was hot fucking the guys I work with!! I wish
that I could let them know it was me, but that wouldn’t
be smart. If I could just be sure that they wouldn’t
tell anyone else…

I guess that’s it for now. I hope you’ll jack off
thinking of me taking Ricky’s cock up my ass. I know
that’s what I’m going to do right now; or maybe I’ll
go over to see if Jim will help me out.

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Bobbi Sue’s Sex Adventures – Sex Stories