Bollywood Actress KAJAL AGARWAL Sex story – KAJAL AGARWAL Sex Stories

Bollywood Actress KAJAL AGARWAL Sex story – KAJAL AGARWAL Sex Stories

The long waited day has arrived; today is Kajal agarwal film actress wedding, which she has been waiting for almost a month. Her fiance Arun, is from an upper middle class family and he works in a MNC and earns 1 lacks Rupees per month. Arun and Kajal’s wedding was completed around 10: 45 in the morning and all the relatives enjoyed a good feast.

And around 5:30 the reception started and was going well. All the relatives and friends were taking pictures with the couples and there was music all around.

Few hours passed and when the reception was reaching its end, Arun received a call from his friend and he answered it. As he speak his facial expression changed from happy to shocking and tensed. Kajal, who was standing beside him noticed it.

“Arun, is there any problem. You are looking tensed”

“Yes, a big one”


“Since today is our wedding, I gave my project to my friend Jacob. But that idiot has crushed my project”

“What are you going to do now?”

Arun stood silently. Kajal asked him again.

“He wants some help from me”

“Then you can see him tomorrow and make everything right”

“Tomorrow I must submit the project; I am working on that for almost three weeks”

Kajal didn’t say anything.

“Please dear, if you allow me I would go to his house and return in about an hour”

Kajal thought for a while, She has been waiting for her wedding night for a long time and if Arun didn’t go now he would be blabbering about this the whole night and all her dream about her wedding night would be ruined. If he goes now he would be relaxed and they may have an excellent wedding night and so Kajal allowed him to visit his friend. Arun then informed it to his parents and left to see his friend on his bike.

Almost two hours passed and there was no news from Arun. All the guests has left and Arun’s parents and Kajal were worried, they tried to reach through his mobile, but it was switched off.

Kajal was worried too much.

Arun’s parents convinced her by saying that he would often switch off his phone when he is at work, he doesn’t like any distraction.

Another hour passed and the land line phone in the house rang. Arun’s father received it and answered it.

“Noooo…” he shouted and dropped the receiver down.

Arun’s mother and Kajal were confused and asked him what happened.

“We must go to Jon’s hospital now” he said.

And they took the car and drive to the hospital. On the way he informed Kajal and his wife that Arun has met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital. When both the ladies heard this they started crying.

In few minutes they reached the hospital. When they reached the hospital Arun was receiving treatment from the doctor and Arun’s parents and Kajal were not allowed to enter the room and they were waiting outside the room, with lots of tension in their face.

In another few minutes the doctor came out of the room and Arun’s father enquired about his health.

“How is my son doctor?”

“He is ok, he got some injuries in his stomach and thighs. He looks fine outside, but we have to take some scan, to conform”

After that Arun was taken into a room for examining and he was asked to wait for the result. After 30 minutes the doctor called Arun’s father into his cabin. Kajal and Arun’s mom also went with him to meet the doctor.

“Sir is everything all right”

“Yes… but…” Saying that the doctor saw Kajal, Who was still in her brides dress.

“Who is she?”

“She is my son’s wife, they were married today”

When the doctor heard this he showed a sad face and said

“His health is fine, but there is a blood clot near his thighs and waist. So….” he stopped and looked at Kajal.

“So, what doctor”

“He can’t have any sexual activities for almost 12 to 15 months”

When Kajal heard this she was shocked for a second. She has been waiting for this day for so long and now her dreams were crushed. Kajal immediately got over it.

“Due to the blood clot his penis won’t get the erection. It would get back to normal as the blood clot heals” the doctor said.

After consulting the doctor all went to see Arun. Throughout the day Kajal was desperate for the night and now she is only a desperate wife who has to wait for almost 15 months for her first night.

After two days Arun was discharged from the hospital and came back home. They stayed with Arun’s parents for another one week and then Arun and Kajal left to Chennai, where Arun has bought a house for them to stay after his marriage. After reaching there everything was normal for few days and after almost a week Kajal started to feel strange and she felt more unsatisfied in her marriage life. She often started masturbating after her husband went to the office. This continued for few days.

One day Arun came early from office in a hurry

“Kaju darling today is the happiest day of my life” Arun said Kajal and gave her a tight hug.

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“What Arun, I have never seen you this excited”

“Do you remember the project I was doing during our marriage?”

“How can I forget it, that fucking project is the one shattered all my dreams” Kajal thought in her mind.

“Yes Arun” Kajal said with a forced smile on her face.

“That project got approved and I am going to Delhi to present the project. If I succeed I will move one more step up in my career”

“When are we going” Kajal asked.

“Sorry dear, you are not coming with me. It is a two week trip and my company is paying all the expenditures. And my boss is a very strict man and he won’t all wives to travel with the employees for any business trip, since he thinks it may distract them from doing their work”.

“Oh, when are you leaving?”

“The flight is in another two hours”

Hearing this Kajal cursed her stars and started packing all the stuffs for Arun for the trip. In a couple of hour Arun left to the airport in a cab and Kajal stayed in the house looking at the walls.

Next day in the morning Kajal wake up early and then opened the window and saw a man almost in his early fourties entering the house compound, wearing a vest and a lungie. She immediately got off the bed and went to the door. When she reached the door the doorbell rang, Kajal immediately opened the door.

“Ma’am, vessel” he asked.

Kajal had no clue what he was talking about and then she saw a cycle standing outside with a milk can on its back and understood that he was asking for a vessel to pour milk (While Arun was here he would get up early in the morning to do the office work and he would place the vessel in the door and Kajal would wake up after that to prepare breakfast, so she had never seen the milkman before). Kajal immediately went inside the house and took a vessel and came back. Then when she bent down to get the milk her pallu slipped slightly and her deep cleavage was visible for the milkman and he was staring at it while pouring the milk.

“wowww…” he shouted in his mind.

Kajal didn’t notice it, when the vessel was filled Kajal moved and the milkman shifted his sight from her cleavage immediately. Kajal then took the milk and got into the house and closed the door. She then placed the milk in the kitchen and went back into the bedroom to close the window. When she neared the window she saw he milkman stop his cycle near a bush and suddenly he raised his lungie up and put his hand inside it and pulled his dick out, Kajal was shocked when she saw his dick, it was long and huge. The milkman started pissing on the bush and Kajal looked at his dick pouring out his urine without even blinking her eyes. After pissing he took his cycle and left the place. Kajal too closed the window and left to do her work, but the picture of his huge dick was fixed firmly on her mind.

That night Kajal was thinking about the milkman and his dick, she was eagerly waiting for the sun to rise, so that she could meet him.

In the morning at 5:30 Kajal opened the window and looked at the gate eagerly waiting for the milkman. In another few minutes she heard the gate open and saw him coming in and she was eagerly waiting for him to ring the bell, and as soon as the bell rang, Kajal went to the kitchen and picked the vessel and went out to fetch the milk. This time Kajal was looking at the muscular body of the milkman and felt a vibration between her legs.

“Ma’am, isn’t sir home” the milkman asked Kajal.

“Yes he is out for a business trip and he will be back soon”

The conversation between them started like this and they continued to talk for another 15 minutes and during the conversation Kajal came to know that his name was Sundar and he had been married for 12 years and has two children’s. Kajal also spoke to him about her family. After their little conversation Sundar left to deliver milk.

Kajal felt happier talking to him, ever since she moved here she has never had a good talk to anyone. Most of her neighbours would go to work (both husband and wife), and the remaining would wind up in clubs and other activities. The conversation with Sundar brought some relief to her mind.

After that day Sundar would often spend more time with Kajal, talking to her about his work, his wife and some personal stuff. Kajal also started becoming close to him. Now a day he would come early to deliver milk to spend more time with her. As time passed both Kajal and Sundar were attracted by each other but they didn’t have the guts to express their feeling.

One day Sundar came almost one hour late from usual time.

“Why are you late today brother?”

“Last night I slept very late, so I couldn’t get up early”.

“Were you milking the cow all night?” Kajal asked funnily

“No if was just milking my wife, she is a sex hungry bitch and she never lets me sleep when she was in mood”

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When Kajal heard this she was shocked, and her face become dull. Sundar noticed it.

“You miss your husband, don’t you”

“Not really, if he is here also he won’t be able to do nothing to me” Kajal said it without her knowledge.

“What do you mean” Sundar asked shockingly.

Kajal came back to her sense and don’t know what to say.

“Oh, he was always busy with his work and carries his laptop every were like they were joined twins”


“Don’t worry it will all work out as time passes” Sundar tried to console her.

As they continued their conversation, it went deep into Sundar’s sex life with his wife. He talked about his wives structure and her reaction when he presses her boobs, etc… Kajal felt awkward but she enjoyed it.

That night Kajal was unable to sleep thinking about the things she and Sundar talked in the morning. And the sight of Sundar’s huge dick came in front of her and she started masturbating thinking about him. While fingering her pussey she imagined of his dick and pressed her boobs harder and harder and let out some wild moans and reached a couple of orgasm before she went to sleep.

After that day onwards their conversation revolved mostly on sex and Sundar started admiring about how beautiful Kajal looks and even gave sexy comments about her structure. He would often compare her with his wife and say what kind of stuffs he would do to his wife on bed. At first Kajal felt awkward but now she also teases him with some sexy replies, this continued for few days. Sundar now often visits Kajal when he got free times and Kajal would get more excited every time he visits.

One day Sundar came to her house in the evening at around 4:30pm and rang the doorbell. As usual Kajal came and opened the door and welcomed him into the house and made him sit in the hall and she sat next to him.

“You came early today, have you already done delivering the milk”

“No, I may not have work for a few days. Some of the cows in my house are ill so if we milk them now it won’t be got for their health and for those who drink the milk. So I won’t be working for at least a couple of days”.

“Ok, how is your wife doing?”

“She and the kids are at her mother’s house; they went to attend the marriage function of her close relative and will be back in few days”

“Then are you alone in your house, and why didn’t you go with them”

“If I go with them, there won’t be anyone to look after the cow”

“Oh I forget that”

Then talked for another 20 minutes.

“Kaju could you bring me some water to drink”

“Oh sure, wait I will be back”

Saying that Kajal went into the kitchen. Few seconds after she entered the kitchen…

“aaaaahhhhh…” Sunder heard Kajal screaming.

He immediately went into the kitchen and saw Kajal down on the floor. He immediately lifted her up and Kajal hold his shoulder and got up. While holding him the side of her boobs were pressing towards his arms, and Sundar could feel the softness of her boobs and got a instant erection inside his lungie. Being so close to him Kajal could smell the sweaty odour from his body and wither boobs feeling his muscles Kajal was getting arose. Sunder slowly took her into the bed room and made her lie on the bed.

“What happened!?” Sundar asked her.

“I stepped on the water on the floor and slipped”

“Where does it hurt?”

“In my back and legs, I think we should call the doctor”

Hearing this Sundar thought that he has got an opportunity to feel the smoothness of her skin and he don’t want to slip this opportunity away.

“Kaju, why do you need a doctor when you me”

“What do you mean?”

“I am good at treating this kind of stuffs. I have learned these from my grandfather”

“Are you sure you can do it, because it really hurts”

“Trust me I am positive”

Then Kajal agreed to him. Sunder immediately went to the kitchen and took the oil can and walked towards the bedroom, on the way he saw the house door open, he immediately locked the door and then entered the bed room with the oil can.

After closing the front door Sundar entered the bedroom and saw Kajal lying on the bed with a painful expression on her face, which was so sexy. Seeing her like that made his mind crazy and he was felt more eager to touch her smooth skin. Sundar wasted no time and immediately went to Kajal.

“What is it on your hand” Kajal asked.

“It just olive oil”

“I thought that you will be using balm”

“No, it would do fine. Now turn around and lay with your back facing the ceiling”

Kajal did as she was asked to do and her face was resting on a pillow. Sundar moved even closer and got a good look at her back.

“Kaju, if you don’t mind could you please remove the pallu of your saree”

“What, no I can’t”

“Then how would I able to apply the oil if your saree is on the way”

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“But… But…!!!”

“I knew what you are thinking, you can think me as a doctor, I know you will certainly do if a doctor asks you to do it”

Kajal thought for a while and felt little convinced and she slightly raised her body up and immediately Sundar pulled the pallu of her shoulder and put it aside, Kajal once again went back to the same position. Sunder once again took a good glance at her white back and moved up and saw her boobs pressing against the bed.

The sight was too much for he, he just wanted to take his dick out and shag at that moment, but he controlled his emotion and then he took the oil can and pour some oil in his one palm and applied to the other. Then slowly rubbed it over her back. As Sundar’s hand moved to and fro over her back Kajal started to relax and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it. Sundar first worked on her back and seeing her relax he slowly moved his hands to the either side of her waist and gave it a gentle press.

“mmmmm…” Kajal moaned as he touched her waist.

He continued it for a while and then stopped.

“Kaju now turn around and lay on your back”

Kajal didn’t say anything and turned around and laid down on her back. At this position her white and smooth tummy and her two mountains inside her blouse gave a good treat to Sundar’s eyes.

He didn’t waste any time and climbed over the bed and kneeled over Kajal’s thighs with his knees on either side of her thighs. Seeing Sundar in this position made Kajal more uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything and simply watched him do his activities.

Once he was comfortable in that position, he took the oil and poured it into Kajal’s belly button and filled it. Kajal’s body started to shiver as the oil slowly filled into her and Sundar also was able to feel her body tremble and the vibration in her body made his dick even harder.

After filling her belly button with the oil he placed the can aside and slowly dipped his middle finger into it and the oil started to over flow and started running down her tummy. Sunder then slowly applied the oil all over her tummy slowly with little pressure. Suddenly a question aroused in Kajal’s mind

“Why is he applying oil on my tummy… I was hurt on my back!!”

But she didn’t mind it since it felt more satisfying and she almost forgot the pain started feeling his hand slipping over her tummy. As he continued it Kajal was looking at his muscular body that is shining with some sweat drop. Sundar slowly increased his pressure on her body.

“mmmmm… aaaahhhh” Kajal closed her eyes and started letting out some mild moans that Sundar enjoyed so much.

Before the start of it, Sundar thought of only feeling Kajal’s smooth skin, but seen all this he thought that he could easily seduce her and make her share the bed with him.

He then made a plan to take this to the next level. He then stopped massaging and got of the bed.

“Is it finished” Kajal asked.

“No, we have not completed even 50% of the treatment”

Kajal was shocked and equally excited that there is yet more to come.

“Then why did you get off”

“I am little thirsty, let me drink some water and when I come back lets work on your legs. Do you need something to drink?”

“Yes there is a cup of cold coffee in the refrigerator, could you bring me that”

“Oh sure”

Saying that he entered the kitchen and took the cold coffee out and then he removed his undies and dropped it on one corner of the kitchen and he saw his dick rock hard and standing erect inside his lungi. Suddenly an idea flashed in his mind.

“Ha, Kaju is there any hot water in the kitchen” Sunder asked Kajal from the kitchen.

“I don’t think there is any, if you need you could boil some water” Kajal replied.

Sunder knew she would say this.

“Ok Kaju, thanks”

Saying that Saying that Sundar took his lungi and tied it above his thighs and when he did that his dick automatically popped out of his lungie. He then holds his dick in his hand and started to masturbate thinking about Kajal’s sexy and smooth body and skin. In now time he moaned…

“mmmmmmmm… ooohhh” and was about to cum.

He doesn’t want to waste his precious cum so he immediately took the cup containing cold coffee and ejected all his sperm into it and then he took a spoon and mixed his sperm with the cold coffee and made it a cum coffee, and then he waited for his dick to get back to normal. In another few seconds his dick was back to normal and then he took the cold coffee and brought it to Kajal.

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Bollywood Actress KAJAL AGARWAL Sex story – KAJAL AGARWAL Sex Stories

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