Bollywood fetish sex – Sex Stories

Bollywood fetish sex – Sex Stories

Here is my fantasy for 2 of bollywoods not very famous females rituparnasen gupta n sonali kulkarni,they have something very sluttish n sexy in their looks esp in desi outfits like saari, salwaar kurtas n all .We have some ancesteral land in a village n an old man takes care of it so i decide to make a visit there, i pack all my stuff along wit my laptop n some porn dvd’s , i reach the village in settle down in the small house in the farm , the old man has taken good care of the farm , i asked him who all stay here n he replies tat he n his daughter inlaw as his son is in town working , i ask hi to make food for me too he said things r to be brought from the village which was jus 3 km from the farm n said his daughter inlaw will come n take the money as he is old enough to go any where .I was sitting when i heard someone coming ,it was sonali wearing salwaar kurta ..she looked stunning even though the clothes were cheap n moreover she had some lipstick on “babu ji samaan lana hei bazaar se ,paise de dete to mei le aati” i was hard as i saw her i took out money n gave it to her n did’nt say nything , she smiled n went off ,i was excited as i knew tat in was going to have a good time if i had luck, i decided to take it slow , i thought of taking a look at the farm n went out.The weather was nice n it was a huge farm so i asked the old man where is the tube well he said he’ll come wit me ba i told him to rest n i started walking,jus next to the water well there was junglee jhaadi n a small stream of water it was beautiful, i had a good lok n i came back n was sitting in the porch outside the house i saw sonali come wit stuff in her hand , my heart started beating fast , she came to me n handed me back 150 bucks “ye bach gae paise saab aur samaan le aai hun ”

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I got up n said “ye rakh lo tum paise aur suno ye tumhare liye hei kisis ko dena mat samjhi” she gave a harami look n said “ji saab , khana kitni kab khaenge aap, ” jaldi khila do bhook lagi hei aur suno khana tum leke aana ,theek hei ” i said smiling .She went off n i went in for a shower , bout 2 hrs later i heard somebody putting plates n all , came out frm the room n saw sonali keeping plate n glass on the table , “ban gaya khana , kya banaya hei”i asked “ji saab sabji hei aur chatni,meine banai hei” i sat down n started having food “kaun kaun rehta hei idhar i asked “ji mei aur babba(old man) , tumhara marad kidhar gaya i aked , ji wo sheher mei rehte hei kaam karte hei 2 saal se nai aae, aur khet kaam kaun karta hei,ye jo samne phool paudhe lage hei ye kaun dekhta hei, “ji mein aur ek gaon se aurat aati hei hum dono dekhte hei, i finished my food n asked her to clean it n make my bed.Next morning i got up at bout 10 n called for sonali n shouted her to make chain i went out to the porch n saw some female working in the garden ahead i went close to have a look n saw rituparna oh my i was har as soon as i saw her she stood up “idhar kaam karti hun saab” theek hei n i came back wit hardon n saw sonali coming wit chai in a glass n thought of having some fun i quickly took off my underwear n put back on my shorts wit a huge tent n sat on the bed , sonali came in n put chai on the table “saab chai le lo ” i got up n came out wit a tent in my shorts , i saw her looking down at my tent “ye he hei jo kaam karne aati hei tumhare saath ” i asked “ji saab she replied n she went off smiling i was excited .The day passed by n by 3 afternoon i saw both of them working in the garden n would often look towards me n wld giggle, n they got up n went to the water well for cleaning themselves. Next day i made a plan to have some fun as i was hard since 3 days looking at both of them , at bout 2:30 jus before they finished their work i took my laptop n the porn movies n headed towards the water well , there was a small room where the water pump was kept And i could see from the door who is coming i put on the movie n waited for them to come i saw them Coming n positioned my self so tat the think i m not aware to who coming.I pulled the shorts down till knees n started playing wit my cock , my heart was beating fast as their voice was coming close i was sitting wit my back towards the door n anyone at the door cld c the screen i put on the fetish blowjob film where only blowjob n cumshots were there , the voices suddenly went quite “saab” i heard n sonali came in i had my cock in my hand i stood up as pretending i was caught my shorts down n sonali n rituparna standing at the door both looking at my cock , sonali came forward n take my cock in her hand n rituparna knelt n kissed my cock head i cldnt believe my luck n sonali knelt too n both of them started sucking my cock like hungry bitches “chodega dono ko “saying this rituparna stood n pulled her salwaar down n sonali guided my hard cock into her wet pussy n i started fucking her hard like a mad bull sonali also bended”saab chodo mujhe n i pushed my pulsating cock in her wet tight pussy n fucked them both till they came n then i shot my load on their faces ..

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Bollywood fetish sex – Sex Stories

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