Bong Beauty Shreyashi’s Nightmare! – Sex Stories

Bong Beauty Shreyashi’s Nightmare! – Sex Stories

This story is absolutely a work of fiction, written only as per the author’s imagination. Resemblance to any character or incident is purely coincidental and unintentional. This is only for adults and the author do not support the concept of rape in reality. It is a punishable offence.


Shreyashi always knew she was a beautiful bengali girl. All through her adolescence she was aware of all the male attention she received and her figure only augmented the fact that she was beautiful and desirable or perhaps irresistible! With a 34C bra size her bosom was a treat for all those lusty eyes that always found their way down from her face to the the front of the tight top she would normally wear. With a waist line of 28 she had the perfect bit of flesh around her hips that made for an irrestible bong beauty. And her butt of 36..she knew boys and men both would give it everythng to get a feel or just have a stare when she would walk down the road swinging that sexy ass of hers to the lusty world of male imagination.

Even at 21 she was a virgin. The more astounding fact was that she was still single. Her friends in her college wouldn’t believe her.. At a height of 5 feet 4 inches, and with that sexy figure to couple with long hair and a very fair skin, it was beyond everyone’s imagination how could she still be single! The reason she only knew. For her family was a conservative bengali family. Having a relation before marriage even in this present century was considered a punishable dare. And so as for Shreyashi, she had to pass out her brimming feminine youth without much male company.

However, Shreyashi always had the desire to explore herself, her sexuality, but in her mind she had prepared herself to submit to that one lucky man who would have her as his wife. She was confident that she would live up to her family expectations to be a ‘good girl’… Until that very fateful day.

Being from the conservative background, Shreyashi never much had the opportunity to be as fashionable and modern in her dressing as some of her friends, but everyone including her knew if she was to be even half as exposing in her dressing as them with that hot and sexy body of hers, then that would be more than enough to stretch all the dirty and lusty male imaginations around her. The most that she would do was to wear tight tops, that exposed very little skin, however that was more than one could ask for. With such huge watermelons struggling to be free from the cage of her bra, such tight tops was enough to steal all the attention of the guys from the girls in short dresses to her in an almost unexposed skin attire!

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A very rare ocassion was those special days when she would come wearing saree (a typical Indian dress wherein a long piece of cloth is wrapped around the waist with an end piece (aanchal) covering bosom from over shoulders leaving belly region and back bare but for a blouse). Oh wow! There wouldn’t be any man from as young as 14-15 to as old as 70 who wouldnt stare blatantly at her. That was the lucky day for the guys for they would get glimpses of her glowing white skin around her belly, and even steal a view of her navel, if they were even more lucky. On some days when she would be a little more enthusiastic in wearing a particularly low cut blouse both in front and at back, she would always find guys, junior and senior hanging around her unnecessarily, stealing those intentional touches on her arms, back and even on her ass. When such things happened for the first time she was a little uncomfortable, but with time she learnt to bear with it. Its not that she always enjoys it, but that feminist notion of ‘poor guys’ what else can they do other than just these small touches, would make her laugh in her mind about the tail wagging nature of all those guys. But little did she know that all men weren’t the same. Some could go that extra distance to cross the line from where her life could get destroyed forever. A beauty like her, with such a sexy hot body, its always a danger from the lust filled devils, but she was so confident, nothing can happen to her!

It was the monsoon season in Kolkata. That day there was a function in Shreyashi’s college. She was very excited about it all and she chose to wear a saree to college for the program. Now her college was 16 km from her house and she would normally take a bus. That day she decided to wear a white saree with a black sleeveless blouse. Sleeveless wasn’t something that her family agreed to her wearing but she had convinced her parents somehow, and even with their odd glare as she left her house for her college in that white saree and border matching black sleeveless blouse that exposed a lot of her back, she was very happy in her mind for this is the first time she was wearing such a dress outside her house. The blouse had a knot string just below her neck and a hook around her breasts at the back. The straps were pretty thin for her standards and almost 3/4th of her back was bare. To add to that she had even worn her saree quite low, exposing her navel. She could feel all the eyes on her exposed skin. It was something new. Before there were eyes on her, but there was always a piece of cloth covering the parts where they would gaze. But now it’s different. Shreyashi could feel the male eyes on her bare back, the belly button, her exposed soft white arms. She was feeling hot.

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Amidst all this however she was excited about the function. She put the perfect make up and was to head for the college. She knew about the danger of travelling in this attire in the crowded bus especially at the rush hours of Kolkata and so had taken a cab to her college. For the entire journey she caught the cab driver looking at her boobs through the rear view mirror. It was as if he was watering in his mouth seeing her. Shreyashi was so uncomfortable. His gaze gave her the impression that he was thinking a lot of dirty things about her in her mind. She was disgusted, but kept her cool as she didn’t want to get upset before the function. At last her college arrived and Shreyashi got off as soon as she could, but the middle aged driver kept on staring at her swinging ass as she paced to enter her college. She was unaware that he was massaging the hard on that only her looks had given the lusty cab driver.

At the function, Shreyashi was the star of attraction. And also the object of envy for all the other girls because there wasn’t any guy who would even look at anyone else other than her. There were random guys complimenting her about how she was looking and all other flatteries that she very gently avoided them being too personal to her. Even those rowdy bad guys of the college who already had the dirty eyes on Shreyashi found it too difficult to resist her that day. She was overwhelmed by all the attention, it made her feel like a queen. Bt little did she know that being the queen was such a curse!

At the dance session, all the guys wanted to dance with her. She obliged to some, but she couldn’t keep up with everyone. At a time she realised she was dancing with a gang of guys all around her. She didn’t object, it made her feel royal. There were some bold guys touching her here and there. Those rowdy bad guys also had joined the dancing. Slowly they made it close to her touching her on her ass and bare waist as she swayed with the music. This sent a shivering chill down her spine. This hand was different than the others. It was more rough and more sure of intention. No, this just can’t be an act of dance, nor was it soft and playful, it was a deliberate attempt to touch her on her skin, an act of molesting her! She turned towards them, and they looked at her with those same devilish eyes that has always followed her for the last 2 years in her college. There were 5 of them, and they were all extremely close to her than her comfort. The dim lighting of the dance room only aided those guys. Shreyashi was making her mind to say something to them as the hands had not yet left her body, infact they were freely roaming around. But just then the guy behind her held his hand up from her ass circled around in front of her and held both her boobs in his huge dirty rough hands. Shreyashi was shocked, startled, in disbelief of what just happend. She froze for a second trying to reason that it couldnt be true, bt then when the senses prevailed, so did her temper! She turned around in a whiz held those hands and smack!!! Slapped the guy right on his face! “You bastard!” Everyone was shocked! No one had seen what had happened bcoz of the darkness in the dance floor. And Shreyashi reacting like this wasn’t normal. All the guys around her moved away as the guy whom she slapped stood holding his face. Shreyashi pushed aside all the guys and walked out of the dance room, out of the college! She was angry, but there were tears in her eyes, but there was something else! Those eyes! After she slapped him… Those eyes.. It was making her throat dry.. It was as if all the world’s cruelty and evil was in those eyes. She was afraid for some reason.

However, as she kept walking down the lawn of her college into the road outside her anger took over her fear. She kept saying to herself, “Those bastards, i will complain about them to the principal tomorrow, should teach them a lesson!” All her fear drained slowly as she thought those cowards, idiots, what could they do to her, she would slap and beat them off!

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It was already late evening by then, and Shreyashi realized she had come w alking a long way from her college. She stared up and saw the cloud cover hovering. “Shit! It’s gonna rain soon! I should have booked a cab long ago. I am an idiot wasting my time thinking about those bastards!” She took her mobile phone with the intention of booking a cab, but as soon as she tried opening her phone she realised that her battery had drained due to all the photos and selfies that she had clicked the entire day and she had planned to charge it before leaving so that she could book the cab. She had completely forgotten about it. “Shit! What do I do? I walked a long way, can’t go back now.. The rain is coming soon!” She walked to the main road trying to catch a yellow cab. But it was already past 9 pm and in Kolkata thats pretty late for a young sexy girl to be alone in a road so far from home! She couldn’t manage to find a cab, she couldn’t contact home, she was stuck! There were few private cars waving past and slowing down, but she knew of the dangers and didnt evn look. The rain was coming. She could feel a drop hitting her bare arms. “O shit!” The only option she now had was to take the bus that she would normally take to her house. But she had never travelled at this time in the bus, that too in such a saree. With the previous experience in the dance room at the back of her mind, she wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea, but she really couldn’t find any more choices. The next bus that will come, she will have to get in!


One, two, three… the drops started coming down! “Oh no!” Shreyashi didn’t know what to do know, She ran to the bus stop shade but by then she was pretty drenched. Her boobs got accentuated even more as the white saree got stuck to her skin. Now she had done her hair in a bun before the dance, so that her long hair wouldn’t come in her way of dancing. So her back was almost bare. Her saree and blouse was drenched as the rain came splashing. In a few seconds, the already emptying main road at that time of night became completely deserted as the few people who were present ran to find shelter.
Shreyashi stood hoping that the bus would come soon and she would hop in somehow and atleast be sure of reaching her home. She hoped it wouldn’t be too crowded! Definitely not, it’s not the rush hour, it should be pretty empty! Who would be out at this time of the night!

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While she was thinking all this in her mind, walking through the rain came a group of some guys all aged between 25-30. They found the bus stand where Shreyashi was standing as a shade where they needed to save their already drenched body from getting drenched furthur. “O shit! Who are these guys? They look like rough dirty goons. Why did they need to stand here only!” thought Shreyashi to herself as she tried not to look at them and kept staring at the rain splashing road hoping that the bus would come soon. Indeed they weren’t what a young girl all alone in a rainy night would be pleased to have as company. There were 5-6 guys all looked like rough rogues from their faces and they even had bottles of alcohol in their hands and seeing Shreyashi in the condition that she was, it wasn’t very difficult to understand why they chose to stand there.

“Arey bhai! Aajkal eikhane item ra dariye thakche naki? Jantam na to!” (Hey bro, does the items nowadays stand at this place? I didnt know that!) Hearing this Shreyashi felt her heart run cold. All her feminist confidence were now running low. “Maal to noy puro makhon re, takiye dekh erokom forsha maagi aage haate peyechs?” (Not just an item, she is pure butter, just look and see, have you ever put your hand upon such a fair slut?) Shreyashi tried hard to ignore. She was hoping the bus would come and all this would be over.

” Bhai, dekhe to borolok maagi lagche, o mamoni ekhane ki korte? amader kache eshe darao na!” (bro, she looks like a high class slut, he sexy come and stand near us baby!)
This time the guys directly darted those dirty words at her, all the time laughing as Shreyashi tried hard to ignore. She knew they were too many for her to do anythng and due to rain it wasn’t possible to find help.

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“Arey bhai, eto randi choda maagi, kotha e bolche na! Ki korbi bol to?” (Bro, this slut is not even talking to us, what do we do with her now?). “Sali r bohot demak, bohot gorom shorir maagir dekh na, dudh gulo dekhe to amr bara khara!” (This whory slut has a lot of attitude, has such a hot slutty body, just look at those boobs, my cock got hard just seeing them!). Everyone kept on drinking and laughing as evryone joined in commenting about her, dirty and nasty.

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” Sali erokom maagi gulor e rape hoye jai janish to.”
“Ha bhai, abr sada saree pore esche, sada kapor a to rape er por rape er daag aro bhalo bojha jabe!”
(slutty whore, such sluts gets raped you know! Yes bro, and she is even wearing a white saree, In a white saree the marks of rape are best visible). Hearing this remark evryone burst out laughing. It was too much for Shreyashi now. They were openly discussing about her rape. Thats added to the fact that they already almost raped her with their eyes, in their mind and with their dirty words! How could she just stand and bare it all. But there was a fear in her. She turned to look at them with the sternest glare she could manage. This is what they wanted. They whistled and laughed at the best resistance she could offer now. She was feeling real helpless now. Arguing with them would only give them what they want. She had to stand and bare it all and hope that the bus would arrive soon.

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The guys got even bolder after this and came close to her. She was already standing at one corner of the shade taking the deflections of the rain drops on her face and body drenching her saree even more in the hope that she could keep a safe distance from these thugs. But now they were close.. Very close.. Shreyashi tried to look away, until she felt a hand on her ass and she froze! For a second time in less than an hour she felt the same thing! This was getting too much, Shreyashi now decided to confront and as she turned to face her molester, one of the guys throwed the alcohol in his hand right at her boobs staining her white saree and also spilling some on her face. The smell made her want to vomit. She had never tasted alcohol, and it seemed a little bit of it had entered her mouth. She closed her eyes to negate the bad taste and smell of the alcohol and she could hear claps and whistling of those cruel bastards. After a while, she opened her eyes and could see them looking at her with glee and lust, like wolves on a prey. She followed their gaze to her boobs. Oh No! The alcohol had completely made her saree at her boobs transparent now, and moreover her saree was stained and she smelt of alcohol. Shreyashi wanted to shout, slap those bastards, complain to the police about them, but just then she heard a horn blowing from a distance and she turned to face the road and was overjoyed to see the bus for which she had been waiting for so long! She leapt into the rain, waiving, her heart elated that she was saved from the ordeal that she was facing for the last few minutes, and finally she will be home soon! Little did she have the idea about what was in store for her the rest of the night!

As the bus drew near, slowly Shreyashi’s joy turned into despair! The bus for which she had been waiting for so long had indeed arrived, but it was jam packed! There were men hanging from the door. How could she travel in such a bus, not while wearing such a saree! Oh no! Shreyashi wasn’t sure what to do, letting this bus go would mean going back to the shade with those thugs again. Moreover, it was already pretty late she wasn’t sure if she would get another bus or not! She really didn’t have much options. As the bus came to a halt in the scorching rain, Shreyashi already drenched to her bone stood looking as the men holding on to the door got down to give her space. Even in the rain she found all those men staring at her body. It sent yet another chill down her spine. “Why the hell did I come today like this?” she thought in her mind! “ashte bhai, ladies ache! Maal take tule ni dara!” (Slowly man, there is a lady, let me pick this item up!) the conductor shouted to the driver and everyone heard it, so did Shreyoshi. She went red in embarrassment. Evryone had cruel smirks on their faces as they were staring at her alcohol stained boobs.

She moved in to enter into the bus. It was just not possible. There ain’t any space. Just as the bus started moving, she somehow managed to get some space to stand on the footboard of the door with men hanging behind her. She felt hands on her ass, her waist. She couldn’t even turn to look where the hand came from! Suddenly almost as if with the noble intention of helping her, the conductor put his hand on her ass and pushed her up, feeling her up completely. You can’t stand here, ladies should go in, its dangerous at the door, he reasoned. But everyone including Shreyashi knew what his real intention was.

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Bong Beauty Shreyashi’s Nightmare! – Sex Stories

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