Boss’s Wife Ended Up Being My Fuck Buddy

Boss’s Wife Ended Up Being My Fuck Buddy

Hello guys, Myself Abhi, a software engineer from Hyderabad working at a reputed company. This experience is about how I fucked my manager’s hot curvy and busty wife at his house on a promotion party. This is my first story at XIS and this is going to be a detailed one.

Introducing myself, I’m Abhinav, Software Engineer in Hyderabad. 6 ft tall, fair enough, well built. I don’t say that I’m a gym guy. But I play a lot of cricket, football, and badminton. That is where I get my stamina and energy from.

Coming to my hottie, she is my manager’s wife. Let’s call her Pari (She is really like a pari). Pari is from Chandigarh, aged 32, 5.5” in height and man what a figure, 36-24/6-36. Milky white, soft and sexy body. I get an erection just thinking about her.

Pari’s husband was my lead for 2 years, and now got promoted to a manager. We have a very good rapport in the project and off work too. We became good friends and share our life stories too. When asked for a party for being promoted, he invited our team for dinner at his house.

That is when I’ve met Pari for the first time. She was wearing a deep cut blouse wherein I could see the bust line and a green color silk sari. When he introduced me, we had a handshake. I felt the smooth hands. I was standing aside and God what a figure that was.

I kept staring at her imagining sucking and eating those boobs. She saw me staring at the boobs and the bulge in my pants. We all went in to have our dinner. I was just behind her while I was eating. that is when I was checking out her ass.

After our dinner, my manager was talking to everyone. I saw Pari sitting alone, checking her phone. I thought to go in and start hitting her.

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Me: Hi Pari, did you have your dinner?

Pari: Yes Abhi, did you?

Me: Yep, Thanks for asking. Your husband is a very good guy and very hard working too. He deserves this promotion.

Pari: Yeah, I hear that from his friends too. But, what is the use of it?

Me: Why what happened? Are you not happy with his promotion?

Pari: Yes, I am happy for his promotion. But life is not just about promotion. There are other things too apart from work.

Me: Absolutely, If you don’t mind, may I know what are you feeling bad of?

Pari: I know you are his closest person at work. But I don’t know if I should be saying this to you or not.

Me: Please tell me. I will be very much happy to help.

Pari: Ok. See, he spends a lot of time at the office and doesn’t spend time with me at all. He comes late at night, just has his dinner and sleeps. I would want to spend time with him, you know, the other way. But he doesn’t understand.

Me: Yea, I understand. Spending quality time in bed is also important.

Pari: Yea, but he doesn’t understand that. Frankly speaking, it’s been a long time we were having sex. I don’t know how to make him understand that.

Me: I can’t do anything in this case. But let me know if I can help you any other way. (keeping my hand on her thigh).

Pari: Thanks Abhi, I feel very good talking to you, and sharing with you. I know only you can help me.

Me: Just say how. (we both know where is this leading to)

Pari: I know you like my boobs. I saw you staring at these (She was moving her pallu a bit to show those boobs). I want you to fuck me, make me your slave.

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Me: Oh my god! I’m waiting to hear this baby, I can’t wait and want to fuck you right now!

Pari: Now? Pagal ho gaye ho kya, ab kahan karenge? Sab hain na.

Me: Let’s go to the washroom.

Pari: (after thinking for a while) It’s risky, but I can’t wait for it too. (winking)

Pari slowly got up and went towards the washroom. After a few seconds, I followed her. After I went in, I locked the door. She said, “Let’s be quick as we don’t have much time.” Without even talking a word, I just pushed her to the wall and started kissing her lips.

I quickly removed her blouse and sari, and oh my god, she was even more amazing than I imagined. Those big white boobs with dark nipples are making me mad and that black panty. I just took one boob in my mouth and squeezing the other. She was letting out soft moans.

I started rubbing her pussy on top of the panty itself. In no time I could feel the wetness on the panty. I went down and removed the panty. It was like opening the door of heaven. She was clean-shaven, and that puffy pussy. As I started to lick her pussy, her moans were going loud.

Pari: Ahh! Suck it, baby! (pushing my head into her pussy) Put your tongue deeper. Make me yours.

She had an orgasm and released her juices on me as I was sucking. It was tasting really good. I got up and took out my cock. She was shocked to see my 7” thick cock. And I just put my cock in her mouth and started mouth fucking her. She was sucking my cock like a pro.

Pari: I can’t wait anymore, fuck me now!

I just made her sleep on the floor, widened her legs and put my dickhead inside. She started to shout. I just covered her mouth with my hand and started to fuck her slowly. And suddenly, I’ve pushed my entire cock inside. She started shouting in pain.

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I just covered her mouth again and started to fuck her. She slowly started to enjoy the cock.

Pari: Oh my god, This is so good. Fuck me more, deeper, baby.

Me: (With my every push) Take this, you bitch!

Pari: Oh my god, I am near my peak. I am about to cum.

I was squeezing her boobs, and sucking them while fucking her hard. I changed her to the doggy position and was fucking deep with hard pushes. I love to fuck rough and wild. After 15 minutes of deep hard fuck, I took out my cock and gave the load on her face.

We both rested for a minute, cleaned and dressed. She was like, “I hope we meet again soon.” I gave her a deep passionate kiss, took her number and went out.

It was already 12:30 in the night and everyone started to leave. This was my first bathroom fuck and an amazing one. We continued to chat and have been having sex whenever my manager goes out on a business trip.

I hope you guys like my experience. Please do share your feedback or responses at [email protected] Any girl/woman in and around Hyderabad wanting to have their desires fulfilled, please do email me.  Privacy and hygiene are two things I can never compromise on.

I’ll be back with another experience of how I fucked Pari and her friend for 2 days, exploring each and every corner of the house, including the balcony.

Boss’s Wife Ended Up Being My Fuck Buddy

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