Boys and girls together (2) by Mordred

Boys and girls together (2)
by Mordred

I got home from Jennie’s house and went to my bedroom. I share a bathroom with my brother. I entered the bathroom and stripped for my bath. I turned on the bath and went to my room for clean under clothes. Got them and returned to my bathroom. I jumped into the tub and relaxed for a while. I heard a knock on the doorway from the hall.

“Who’s there?” I asked.

“It’s me, Megan. I have to go so badly, but mom is using mine.” Said my older sister.

“Ok. Come in.”

She entered and ran to the toilet. She lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down, and sat on the toilet. I heard the typical female shushing as she peed. I thought to myself, one of these days I want to see my sister naked, just like Jennie has seen her sister.
When my sister finished, she took some toilet tissue, folded it, stood and spread her legs, turning slightly toward me. She reached in and started to wipe herself. I could see she had no hair on her mound. Cool, I thought.

“So little brother, have you seen your first female yet?”

“No!” I lied.

She held her skirt up and walked over to the tub. “It looks like this.” She teased.

My mouth hung open. “Don’t you have any hair on it?” I asked baiting her.

“No, little brother. Boys don’t like hair in their mouth.” Megan said trying to shock me.

“Has any boy ever seen your thing?”

“You mean my pussy? Only one.”

“Wow. Who?”

“Well, now two have, you and that other person.”

“I can’t see it. All I can see is a slit, I can’t see inside of your slit.”

She bowed her legs and spread the lips with her fingers. “Better?”

She was getting excited her pussy was getting wet. “Oh, that is so beautiful. You should show it more often.” I moved my hands placing them on the side of the tub and since I had just cum twice, I was still flaccid.

“So little brother do you like what you see?”

“Of course. I would love to touch it and explore it. Can you teach me how to play with a girl so she will enjoy it?”

“Maybe. We’ll see.” She had left her panties on the floor by my toilet. She turned bent over to touch her toes, spread her legs the spread her ass cheeks with her hand and looked at me between her legs.

“Wow! Thanks sis.”

She stood and left the bathroom, allowing her skirt to drop, covering her goodies.

I have just seen three pussies in one day, and was going to visit Miss Schmidt at her house hopefully later this week. Each of them looked so different, but similar. Of course, I liked Jennie’s the best. I got to touch and taste hers. I picked up Megan’s panties, smelled them. It was similar to Jennie’s smell. I put them in our hamper and went to bed.

I woke the next morning and had breakfast.

Dad came down and we were all at the table. My brother couldn’t resist the prod. “So what did you do wrong this time? Everyone in school was saying dad had to go to the principles office yesterday.”

“Robert. It’s none of your business. If I wanted you to know about it I would have told you.” Said Dad. “I wanted to find out what happened before letting you all know. As it turns out, John did nothing wrong, but he defended himself. You will never have a problem with me if you’re defending yourselves. So let’s drop it. Ok!”

“Sorry dad.” Said Robert.

“I expect our family to support each other. You will do whatever is necessary to help each other. Do you understand?” Stated dad as he looked from one of us to the other.

I looked at Megan and smiled. She winked at me. I finished breakfast and asked to be excuse.

I went to my room and gathered my schoolbooks and homework. A knock came at my door and I said “Come in, it’s open.”

Megan stepped in. “I guess dad wants us to help each other, huh?”

“Does that mean your going to show me how to make a girl happy?”

“I guess that I don’t have any choice.” She smiled. “Maybe we can talk about it after school?” She said as she lifted her skirt showing that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Are you going to school that way?” I asked.

“Would you like that?”

“I know my friends would. Especially if you had lunch with us.”

“Do you want me to flash your friends?”

“I don’t like girls that just tease. If you’re going to just tease, don’t bother.”

“What do you want me to do for them?”

“I’d rather you wore panties and let me invite friends over. Then if you want to you can have fun with one at a time. But that’s your choice. Have you been with a guy yet?”

“No. But I want to be. Robert has seen me naked. He walked into my room as I was playing with myself and he threatened to tell dad. If I didn’t help him.”

“So what did you do to him?”

“Just jerked him off. He told me to go in your bathroom and do what I did.”

“From now on you tell him that you spoke to me about it and I am going to kick his ass. He is a very nasty person. I can’t understand why everyone likes him?”

“He is a user and he is great at it. People don’t realize it until he has them under his control.”

“If he asks you to do anything sexual for him or his friends you tell me.” I said.

“But John, I need to learn about sex. I get so horny.”

“Why don’t you wait until you know more about it. If we can learn from each other, that would be better. You don’t want to be a slut do you?”


“I’ll talk to Robert.”

We both left my room.

I saw Robert outside of school, before the first bell. I walked over to him and said. “Forget ever using Megan. I will personally kick your ass and tell dad about what you’re doing. Understand?
If you need a whore, find one outside of the family.”

“Did she tell you what she was doing?”

“Yeah. How often do you do it?”

“I’m sorry. I never thought of that. I’ll tell her I’m sorry.”

“I’m not going to warn you again. If I find out you mess with her you’re dead meat.”

He shook his head and I walked away. I didn’t want to be around him. I thought, I wasn’t much better. I wanted to have sex with Megan too. But at least I didn’t try to force her to do it. She was hot. Oh well, I’d have to see how things turned out. Every male and most of the females in the school, above the fifth grade, were curious about sex. I guess it is natural. I don’t think my cock cares who’s pussy it is in as long as it is hot and wet. I think of sex as an entertainment, not as love. I don’t understand love yet. With just sex, it all comes down to getting excited and climaxing. Nothing else means that much. I guess this is when I started to think of all girls as someone to have fun with and enjoy sex. I didn’t think it was wrong if the girls wanted it as well. If a girl were not interested, then I’d leave her alone. The youngest girl that approached me at this time was from the second grade. She was all of seven years old. She said that if I showed her mine she’d show me hers. The oldest so far was Miss Schmidt. She was in her twenties. I was trying to figure out what was right. So rather then worry about it, I will just go with the flow until I find the answers. The best way that I could find the answers was to participate. Decision made. The first bell rang, and we started to file into the school. I went to my classroom and sat in my seat.
I turned around and watched all of the girls take their seats. Most of them did not know how to sit and showed panties. I took it all in. I couldn’t wait for junior high. We got to change classrooms for each subject and had a few minutes to mess around in the halls. Due to the school uniforms, all of the girls wore pleated, plaid mini-skirts with white blouses. Most of the girls sat with their feet together, but allowed their knees to separate. I bet the male teachers were hard all day. Since my Average was one of the tops in the class, I got to choose my seat at the beginning of the year. I sat in the front row middle seat. This gave me a great view of the teacher and any student teachers that came to class. They all wore skirts as well. Every once in a while you got to see some white thigh above their stockings or leotards. On rare occasions you saw panties. I was seriously thinking of becoming a doctor or high school teacher.

Miss Schmidt said. “Attention class!”

I turned and faced the front of the room.

“I want all off the students whose grades are above a B+, who are interested in tutoring to give me their names after class today. Anyone interested in receiving tutoring, please submit your names and the subjects which you will need tutoring. This will of course, has to be cleared by your parents and the teachers involved.

Thanks you.” Said Miss Schmidt. “We will be having a student teacher spending three months with us the year, starting next week.”

We went through a normal morning of classes and then broke for lunch. Since few people in our town received financial assistance for lunch, we were allowed to return home for lunch, if we wanted. Most of my friends came home with me and had lunch at my house. There were six guys my age. We ate in the solarium, which was attached to the house. The guys all stopped talking as someone entered the room. It was Megan.

I was a bit surprised.

“John, can I speak with you a minute?”

I got up and entered the house with Megan.

“John, I’d like to get to know some of your friends a little better. If you don’t mind?”


“Just in case I decide to become a slut.”

I smiled. “Really?”

“Sure. As long as you can control them, I trust you to keep them in line.”

I was not sure how to think about this. I figured, well for now it was ok. “As long as you don’t move on any of them. If you want to try something with any of them you have to go through me to get to them. Agreed?”

“Anything you say.” Said Megan.

“Ok. Come on in then.”

We entered together and I asked. “Do any of you mind if Megan joins us for lunch, from now on?”

I could see the looks of satisfaction on all of the guy’s faces. Megan had a hot body and tits. Most of the girls our age were flat.

She sat next to me and locked her ankles allowing her knees to spread wide. She dropped her fork and four heads went under the table to retrieve it.

I mouthed to her. “Panties?”

She shook her head yes.

When they all came up, one had the fork, five faces were flushed.
She thanked Benny and took the fork from him. She got up and went to get a clean fork. They were in the second drawer across the room. She did a stiff-legged bend, showing the bottom of her panties, as she got the fork. All heads, including mine were turned to watch her. I looked at my friends and they all noticed me looking at them and looked down at their food. Megan finished first and said she had to leave. She stood and thanked the boys for allowing her to join them; bent stiff legged and kissed me on my forehead. I was sure the boys were getting a close up view. Benny even turned his head sideways and down for a better look.

She headed into the house. The guy’s eyes followed her.

“I’m sorry John. I couldn’t help myself.” Said Benny.

“Hey, if she shows it, look. I do. Just don’t touch, unless she asks you to.” I said.

“All right John!” Came a cheer.

“She’s showing it not me. If she doesn’t want to show it she had better learn how to bend and sit.” I said.

“You don’t mind?” Asked Jeffrey.

“I don’t own it. It’s not my place to teach her how to sit and bend. But if any of you guys take it without her permission, you’re dead. She sometimes doesn’t wear panties. I added. Three of the guys grabbed their crotches and moaned.

“Have you ever seen her naked?” Asked Peter.

“A few times. We do live in the same house guys.”

“Does it excite you?”

‘I am human.”

“I wish I saw my sister naked.” Said Frank.

“Ask her if she will show you. Tell her she is beautiful, she may just let you see her.” I said.

“Did you ask Megan?”

“No. I see her in the shower or sometime changing her clothes. She is not very shy around me.” I said. “You know if you treat your sister like a friend, she will be more cooperative and less nervous around you. You all have sisters. Try it. Then maybe we can eat over your houses a few times.” I said. This could really work out well, I thought.

They all agreed to try. “Can’t hurt.” Said Mike.

“Ever see your mother naked?” Asked Mike.

“Not yet. But I can hope.” I said.

“I’d love to see Jennie naked.” Said Benny.

“Not much chance of that.” I said. “She’s one of the guys. If you mess with her she might just kick your ass.”

“And she could to.” Said Mike.

“I bet John could.” Said Frank.

I just made a face.

“Don’t you think she’s hot?” Asked Mike.

“At my current stage in life. I fuck a snake if it wiggled.” I said.

Everyone agreed, with a “Me too”.

We headed back to school.

After the last bell everyone but eight of us left. My strongest grades were in science and health. I usually got all of those tutor assignments. They were mostly all girls and that was not because they needed them. Three of the girls actually needed the tutoring. The other five just wanted to be around me. I signed up for tutoring and Miss Schmidt passed me a note with her phone number. She said under her breath, call me tonight. I left for home and met Jennie at the door.

“Hi John.” Said Jennie. We went into my house and Jennie greeted my parents.

“Oh, Hi Jennie. Did you and John study hard last night.” Asked my mom.

“Oh, yes. Very hard.” Giggled Jennie under her breath. “Can he help me tonight?”

“If you parents don’t mind, its up to him.” Said Mom.

“So what’s up Jennie?” I asked.
“My sister found the picture and she threatened me saying if I didn’t tell her who it was, that she would tell dad that I had it.” She smiled.

“You didn’t tell her, did you?” I asked.

“No. I told her that if she wanted to have sex with this guy, she could. But to protect him, she would have to do it my way. Then she stared at the picture and asked how old he was. I said my age. She said your kidding. Does he know how to use it? I said no; you’ll have to teach him. I thought she was going to climax right then and there.” Said Jennie.

“So when is this set up to happen. ” I asked.

“This week-end. So, we have to move up our plan together. I want to be your first also. If you don’t mind.” Said Jennie.

I smiled. “If I don’t mind! Are you insane? I want you to be my first everything.”

She looked around and hugged me. “See you after diner then, ok.”

I winked and smiled.

“Ok, John. I’ll see you later then.” Said Jennie in a loud voice as she walked toward the door. “Bye Mr. and Mrs. Blaugh!”

“Bye Jennie.” I noticed my dad checking out Jennie’s butt, as he said good bye.

I thought to myself, she’s all mine, at least of now.

I went to my room and called Miss Schmidt.

“Hello. This is Irene. May I help you?”

“Yes, this is John.”

“Oh, hello John. How are you this evening?”

“Fine thanks you. You want to set up a meeting at you house this week or week end?” I asked.

“This week end if you can.” Irene said.

“Ok. I have plans Saturday evening. Can I come over during the day on Sunday?” I asked.

“Perfect, John. I’ll see you Sunday around 10:00 AM. Ok?” Said Irene.

“Sounds like fun. I’ll see you then. Bye.” I said hanging up the phone.

I took my bath and changed into clean under ware and sweats. I then lay down on my bed. I wanted to be rested for tonight with Jennie.

I heard a knock on my door, which woke me from my half sleep.
“Come on it.”

Megan walked in and came to the bed. “So John. How did the lunch go?”

“You have six young boys walking around erect hoping to get a glimpse of your naked pussy.” I smiled.

“Oh, I’m honored to have you included.”

“I only have eyes in this head, not this one.” I said indicating which head I meant.

“Thanks John. Robert apologized. He asked me if I forgive him. He would like it if I helped him with his problem. Indicating his small head.” She giggled.

“If you not careful, you’ll have dad in you next.” I suggested.

“You think so?” She asked.

“He has a little head too.” I smiled.

“You know anytime you want to try me, I’d be more then willing.”

“Thanks, sis. But if you’re going the lunch route, you’re going to be very busy. Anything you want or need, I know five guys that will do your bidding. Just ask me.”

“Really. Five of them.” She asked.

“More if you want to take on the whole school and their fathers.”

I smiled. She seemed to like that idea. “But in the beginning, please let me handle it. Ok?”

“Yes John. I promise.” She said.

“Just how horny are you?”

“Well if you drop your sweats, we’ll miss diner.”

“Sorry I have to tutor Jennie tonight.” I said.

“You should move on her she is one hot little girl. I wouldn’t mind licking her myself. She has a rock hard body. Just like a guy.’

“I wouldn’t know about that, but she can outrun most of my friends and catch a pass better then I can.” I smiled.

“Well, if you get the chance drop a hint about my desire to lick her, ok?”

“Sure. She may like the idea.” I suggested.

I rushed through dinner and went to my room to brush my teeth and make sure I smelled good. I went down stairs and watched TV for about fifteen minutes when dad said.

“Don’t you have to tutor Jennie tonight?”

“Yeah dad. Want to come with me?” I smiled.

He had and evil grin. “I wish.”

I smiled and left.

I knocked on Jennie’s door and her sister Lacey answered. “Hi. Is Jennie here?”

“What do you want with her, John?” She asked.

“I am going to help her with her science homework.” I said like a dolt.

“Oh. Sorry I thought you were someone else. Please come in.”

She said. “You know her room, right?”

“Yes, Lacey. Thanks you.” I ran up the stairs.

I knocked on Jennie’s door as her mother came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. It parted at her knees and I saw a bare pussy. She didn’t realize I was there until she turned and saw me. By this time I was facing Jennie’s room. I wondered if all of these pussies were always there to be seen, and I just never noticed them?

Jennie opened her door and I entered. Jennie’s mom never knew I looked at her naked cunt.

I walked over to her desk and turned the computer on. I looked toward the side to indicate someone was near. Jennie winked.

“Jennie, please sign on, ok?”

“Ok, John.” She said as she slid into her computer chair.

We heard a knock on her door and her mother’s head peeked in the room. “Hi John. I hope I didn’t surprise you in the hallway.”

“No, Mrs. Courtney. It’s always a pleasure to ‘see’ you.” I said emphasizing the see.

She flushed and smiled. “Oh you little charmer you.”

“You be careful with him Jennie. He is a smooth talker.” Said Mrs. Courtney.

Jennie pretended confusion.

Mrs. Courtney giggled and then left.

“Gee John. Even mom has the hots for you.”

I just smiled and said. “Megan has the hots for you!”

“Really? That’s very tempting.” Smiled Jennie.

“I can set it up for you.” I said.

“Will you help me through it?” Jennie asked.

“If you like. I’d be happy to help you, both.”

“When? Tomorrow?” Asked Jennie.

“If you’re not to sore?” I said.

“Ok. I might as well get it all try out. Then I can decide if I’m a carpet muncher or not?”

I stood and hugged Jennie. We kissed and it was great. I felt her strong body against me. She really was muscular. I hope she never stops liking guys or at least sex with me. We both stripped and lay on the bed.

“What happens if your mom comes in?” I asked.

“We’ll ask her to join us.” Joked Jennie. “She never comes in when my friends have been here a few minutes. She saw you enter, so it was ok for her to knock and enter. She hopes were doing it. She likes you I told you. She is afraid I might become a lesbian.” Said Jennie.

I looked at her with a frown.

“I don’t think I will, but tonight could change that.” She smiled.

I said. “Thanks for putting the pressure on me. I have never done this before.”

“If yesterday were any indication of what boys are like, I love it. You cum is delicious. You cock was amazing. Your kisses and licking were outstanding. I doubt that losing my two remaining holes to you will not be just as great.”

“Which should I do first?”

“You’re the health wizard. Which do you think?” She asked smiling.

“Oh, yeah. I guess it’s an easy choice.” I said.

We started to kiss and touch each other. Jennie had a body to die for. When she did develop breasts, they could only make what she already had more desirable. After both of us having brought the other off orally, we were ready for the first penetration.

“Jennie, do you want me to take you cherry with my finger or…”

“No. I want it to be with you cock, please.”

“But that will hurt more?”

“She smiled. “That’s ok John. I want you inside of me with you cock the first time. I can handle it.”

I smiled. “Whatever you want Jennie.”

I got between her legs and rubbed the head of my cock between her pussy lips. She reached down and spread the lips. She lifted her legs so he knees were in her chest. The head of my cock slid between her lips. I pushed and it went in three inches. I stopped as Jennie winced. “Are you ok?” I asked.

“Keep pushing John.”

I pushed a little more and she to three more inches. “Only an inch to go.” I said patiently.

“Do it john. Slam it home!”

I slammed into her. I felt my balls crush against her ass. What a feeling. I leaned forward and rested my face next to her neck kissing and licking her neck. She turned toward my face and we kissed again, long, deep and with love. We lay there unmoving for about five minutes, the heat of her cunt keeping my cock hard. She slowly started to rock her hip. I looked into her face. Her expression was one of either pleasure or pain, I wasn’t sure.
When moans started to escape from her mouth, I was sure. It was definitely pleasure. I let her control the motion.

Jennie whispered. “John, please fuck me.”

I started to pump into her. Pulling out until the head of my cock reached her outer lips and then pushed it as deep into her as it would go. Her breathing began to increase. I tried to match the pumping to her breathing. So she was shaking and squirming around under me. I thought she was going to throw me off of her. She wrapped her legs around mine and escape for me was impossible. She held me in her legs like a vise. She climaxed and continued to climax. She was amazing. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and I was loving it. I came inside of her and remained hard and continued to pump. After a second cum into her hot pussy, she released her hold on me. I lay with my cock in her and we stayed that way for an hour.

My dick eventually left her pussy and flopped out.

She smiled up at me. “Do you think you can continue?”

“I sure as hell am going to try, if you want me to.”

I rolled off of her and she rolled to her stomach.
I could not resist touching her ass. It was as hard as a rock.

“See if you can insert a finger.” She asked.

I rolled over behind her and started to lick her asshole. I never thought I could do this, but it turned out to be a pleasant experience with Jennie. As I licked I snaked my index finger up inside of her. He asshole clamped done upon my finger. I was concerned about the effect this might have on my cock. She was still flat on her stomach.

“Wait John.” She got up and got some KY jelly from her dresser. She came back to the bed and got on all fours. She handed me the jar and said, “Put some on me and you.”

I applied some to her asshole and put some on my cock. I was now able to slip three fingers into her.

“Squeeze the head of your cock to make the blood leave the tip the try to get just the head in.” Jennie instructed.

“How do you know these things?”

“I love the Internet.” She giggled.

I managed to get the head in her asshole and she tightened done on my cock.

“Ohhh.” I moaned.

“Was that a good or bad moan.” Jennie asked.

“The best!”

I pressed forward a little and another inch entered. After about four more spaced pushes. My balls slapped against her cunt.

“Oh yes.” Said Jennie. “I feel totally filled.”

I reached around and worked on her clit as I slowly plowed her hindquarter. This was an experience that I never would forget. The muscles of Jennie’s back looked like that of a flexed weightlifter or bodybuilder. I moved my hands over her whole body becoming excited by the feel of her strength. She came twice and then on the third time, I came with her.

I lay with her for about a half-hour. She got up got a wash cloth and was going to clean my cock when she decided to suck it clean. This really turned me on that she would do this for me.
She helped me to my feet.
“You had better get going. It ‘s almost ten. And you have to talk to your sister about tomorrow night.”

I smile. “Guess your not too sore then huh.”

“Yes, but who cares. Thanks John. If you ever need anything let me know.”

“I think my dad has a thing for you too.”

“Really. I never thought of doing older guys. If you want me to I will for you. Just clear it with your mom.” Jennie said.

I was just joking. I started to think about girls in a different way.
They were as bad as guy, if not, worse. I guess that expression, find them, feel them fuck them and forget them was beginning to make sense to me. I got dressed and left.

I went home and mom was up. She looked at me and asked. “Is everything al right John?”

“I’m not sure mom.”

“Want to talk?”

“Yeah, if you don’t mind.”

We went into her sewing room, mom’s office.

“So what is the problem John?”

“What do you think is my problem mom?”

“Girls, right?”

I smiled ear to ear. “Good guess, mom.”

“John, remember I was a girl once. Your generation matures a lot faster then mine did. And we grew up under different rules. Can you be a bit more specific?”

“Yeah. I just don’t want to offend you.”

“Oh. It’s about sex then. John, I have done most of the things your just beginning to try. So spare yourself the guilt. Call it as you would with your friends. Speak freely.”

“Well mom. Like you said your rules were different then ours. We are more open and free about sex.”

“Let’s get something straight. You can call your cock a penis if you like or a cunt, a pussy or vagina. Or you can use the common words like I just did. If you use a word I don’t understand, I’ll stop you and ask what it means. I am giving you the permission to use any words that help you to explain your situation.”

“Can you help me by asking questions?” I suggested, slyly. “Or can I ask you some questions?”

“Sure. What would you like to know?”

“Have you ever cheated on dad since your married?” I asked.

“Not yet. I can’t until he does. Those are kind of our rules.”

“Would you be upset if he did have sex with another girl or woman?”

Mom smiled. “No. I would love for him to do it. He wants to see me with another male, but he forgets, I wouldn’t until he does it.”

“So you want to have sex with another male?”

“Yes, or males, I was always a very horny girl. Does that shock you.”

“No. I think it’s cool. If he ever does cheat, I want to be first on your list.”

“Thank you, John. That’s so nice of you to say that.”

“I mean it mom, I could use the help learning. If I can set dad up with someone he wants, is that alright with you?”

“Sure. Who Jennie? He really likes her. Sometimes when we do it he calls me Jennie.”

“Wow. Thanks mom. I’ll see what I can do. But you have to promise to help me learn.”

“That is a promise. Just be careful.”

“Nite Mom.” I said as I headed for my room. I guess all woman and girls are the same, guys too for that matter.
I went to my room and took a shower and settled into my bed when Megan came into my room.

“Hi John. Just wanted to say good night.”

“Oh Megan. Would you be free tomorrow night?”

“Depends on the reason.”

“Well, I spoke to Jennie about coming here and talking with you about some problems she’s having with boys and she asked her mom if she could talk to you. Her mom said yes. Oh, and she wants me there since we are good friends.” I said with an evil grin.

“Really? Is she sure she wants me to lick, I mean talk to her.”

“Yes. She has never tried it before, but would like to try it.”

“Great! See both of you tomorrow. Good night little brother.”

She left and I was asleep as soon as the light went out and my head hit the pillow.

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