Brother and sister lose their virginities

Brother and sister lose their virginities

This is a story of a brother (Basant) and sister (Bahar) their cousin (Giridhari) and his wife (Manjula). The setting is rural India, the time, month of May. Basant and Bahar have come to the native village to spend the vacation. They meet with Giridhari and Manjula and have first taste of sex.

The story opens with Manjula telling us her version in Part 1. Later on other players will pitch in.

I have used some of the colloquial words in Hindi to maintain the flavor of the atmosphere. I hope non-Indian readers will pardon me. They are:

Lauda : Flaccid adult penis

Lund : Erect adult penis

Bhos : Vulva

Chut : Vagina

Odhani : Half saari, made of long cloth and wrapped around the body.

Ghaghari : Short flaring petticoat reaching usually up to middle of the lower leg

Choli : Skimpy tight fitting blouse

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Namaste Ji,

My name is Manjula Bharejani. I am a happily married woman of 23 living with my husband Giridhari in a small village of Gujarat, India. Giridhari is 25, a farmer, educated up to high school and in prime of his health. We are married five years but do not have an issue yet.

We are very much in love with each other since the day of our betrothal when we met for the first time. Our marriage went on smoothly. Giri, as we call my husband, was very gentle with me on our wedding night. I was a virgin at the time. He had had only one fuck before marriage. He carried on the foreplay for a long time; in fact, till the time I grabbed his lund (erect adult penis) and practically pulled him over me. He teased my clitoris with his lund before entering into my dripping wet chut (vagina). I was so excited with wonderful sensations emanating from my vulva that I hardly felt the pain of defloration.

We started our married life on a happy foot. Each day started with fucking and ended with fucking. He would wake up early in the morning with glorious erection. Usually I would be sleeping. He would wake me by nudging my bhos with his cock. The cock would easily slide in my pussy wet and slippery from previous night’s fucking and would be buried to the hilt by the time I opened my eyes. Languorous fucking then would follow lasting for at least half an hour. I would get one or two orgasms before he climaxed. Occasionally I would wake up first. In that case I would play with his limp cock; Giri and his cock would then wake up to gather and invade my pussy.

After morning chores he would eat his breakfast and go to the fields to attend the farming. He would return by mid-day for lunch. The lunch was invariably followed by leisurely fuck and subsequent siesta. In the evenings the activities varied from day to day but we would be in bed by about midnight, fucking slow and easy.

This story also involves my Devar (younger brother of husband) Basant and Nanad (sister of husband) Bahar. They are the nearest cousins of my husband. Their family lives in the city of Baroda and comes to our native village twice a year to spend the vacations. At the time of this story Basant was 23, a third year student in Medical College. Bahar was 18 and was enrolled in degree course in Interior Decoration at the University. Both were virgins.

In spite of age difference of two years Basant and Giridhari were more of close friends than brothers. Giri had a reputation of being headstrong and stubborn; he did not care for and did not ask for anybody’s opinion or advice. The only exception was Basant whom he would listen to and ask advice from. Basant had great respect for his elder brother for his courage and frankness.

Once after a session of glorious fuck Giri informed me that they had an unwritten pact between them that each will allow the other to fuck his wife.

He added, ” Don’t be surprised or feel offended if he makes advances. Just don’t respond positively and he will not pester you. He will not do anything against your wish.”

“He is in Medical School, he must have fucked any number of nurses and students. Why should he look up to a village girl like me?”

Here Giri squeezed my breasts and said, “Because this village girl has marvelous boobs and ever ready chut and Basant knows it because I have told him. Oh, yes. He is a virgin yet.”

I made a show of fake anger and asked, “What else have you told him about me?”

“Every thing, he knows every thing about you, including that black mole on left lip of your pussy.”

“Ohh, you men! You talk about nothing but sex. Do you know how shy I will feel next time I see him?”

“Now, Don’t tell me that you don’t like him because I know you do. My gudiya, (doll) I would not mind if you enjoy fucking him.”

“Right now, he is not here, while you are. Why do you waste time?”


“Again.” I said and turned on to all four for doggy style, favorite of Giri. No sooner he positioned himself and saw my rounded buttocks than his lund reared up like that of a horse. He did not wait for my permission; he rammed his cock in my pussy and fucked me gloriously for another half an hour

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I had met Basant and Bahar when I came to my husband’s home for the first time after my marriage. Then after they passed a lot of time with us when they came in for vacation. We would enjoy the usual banter between Bhabhi (wife of elder brother) and Devar and Nanad; sometimes bordering to verbal flirting but Basant did not make any serious advances. My pussy however got wet at mere thought of fucking with him. Luckily Giri kept me well satisfied fucking me twice or thrice every day.

A year after our marriage dark clouds of separation darkened the otherwise bright and happy skies of our lives. All of a sudden Giri estranged himself from me. He became irritable, moody and withdrawn. Some kind of rage was gnawing away his innards and he shut himself inside a cocoon of silence.

I was as miserable as he was. I requested and cajoled and cried asking him the cause of estrangement but he kept silent and aloof. I was worried stiff. Where would I go if he expelled me from the house? Worse than that, what would I do if something evil befell him? There was nobody around whom I could turn to for advice and support.

One of those days Giri exploded. Gashing his teeth he asked, “Have you heard of Madanlal?”

My heart sank on merely hearing that name. He was a notorious gangster in the city of Surat where I was born and brought up. My dad had a retail shop of ready-made garments in Surat. We lived on the first floor above the shop. Right across the street was another shop selling books and magazines. That shop belonged to Madanlal.

Madanlal was a crafty one with smooth façade of an innocent boy. He was known to have talked his way into the families of many young girls and left them converted into women. For a while he targeted me and became close friend of my father. He offered a no interest business loan, started coming to our home at odd hours and brought small trinkets for me. He was an attractive man and without my parents protection I would have been one more virgin left deflowered by him. My mom saw that I was never left alone with that wolf, She had also warned me of the danger. I did not give him one positive response. After about six months he left us in favor of another family.

I told Giri what I knew of Madanlal. Giri was still fuming when he stabbed me with, “If you liked so much to suck his lund why did you not marry him, you slut?”

I could not believe my ears. Was that Giri, my loving husband speaking? I felt faint and practically collapsed on the floor. Giri did not come near me. Instead he twisted the knife in the wound saying, “How about Suleiman?

His is a circumcised lund, isn’t it? You sucked that too. Which one did you like better? Madanlal’s or Suleiman’s? Why? You two-bit whore, why did you come into my life? What wrong did I do to you, if any?”

I was so shocked that tears would not come out of my eyes. I had no strength even to lift my finger let apart answer his accusations. Leaving me slumped on the floor he went away stamping his feet.

Then the crying started which I could not stem. I sobbed away my sorrow well into the evening. I had to get up and cook dinner for him. With Herculean effort I went to the kitchen and prepared one of his favorite dishes hoping against the hope to please him.

He did not come home that night. I spent the whole night sitting, waiting, worrying and crying.

Then the lady luck smiled on me when I had reached the deepest depths of despondency. Angels in the form of Basant and Bahar just flew in.

They knocked on my door one day soon after lunchtime. It was scorching hot day of May and time for siesta; I welcomed them with great pleasure and lot of relief. I said, “I am so glad that you have come. What would you like? Tea? Lemon juice?”

Bahar, “Nothing now Bhabhi. We just had our lunch. Everybody in the house is now sleeping while Bhaiya and me are not used to sleep during the day. So, I suggested that we come here and play cards or whatever with you and Giri Bhaiya.”

I, “I am glad that you came.”

Basant was looking for Giri. Not seeing him around he asked, “But where is that bozo of yours? Is he snoring away his lunch?”

With mock anger I said, “Why? Am I not here to receive you? Would it not do without him?”

They understood the banter. Basant said in equal tone, “Where have you sent my innocent brother in this blistering heat? He will wither away, he being so delicate.”

Giri being delicate? That brought out some smile on my lips. But then Bahar asked, “Where have you sent him? When is he coming back?”

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The smile on my face evaporated faster than a drop of water on red-hot iron. Trying to hold the tears I said, “I have not sent him. He has gone to his fields of his own and I don’t…don’t know …” I could not speak further because of a catch in my throat.

Both of them were sharp enough to sense that there was something seriously wrong. Basant stepped up to me, put his hands on my shoulders and asked, “Bhabhi, what is the matter? What is wrong?”

I had to chew my lower lip to prevent its quavering. I averted my face but could not prevent spilling of tears. I felt his arms going around me; next moment I was bawling out on his chest. He led me to sofa and seated me by his side still holding me in the crook of his arm. With the free hand he wiped my tears and said, “There, there. Have some heart. The sky has not fallen yet. Tell us what the problem is. Does he beat you?”

I, “That would have been better, beating, I mean. There is no use telling, you will lose sleep unnecessarily.”

Bahar was crying silently with me. She said, “We have already lost the sleep seeing you in this condition. So why not make a clean breast of it?”

I, “What is the use? He will get more mad if he learns that I have talked to you.”

Basant “Leave him to me, I will take care of him. But you better start from the beginning and tell the whole story. We are not going to leave here till the time you do that. Start now.”

I told them about Madanlal and Suleiman, omitting the explicit words like cock sucking, whore etc, and crying all along. Gradually Basant had drawn me in his arms and at the end I was cuddled with him with my head resting on his chest, His free hand was caressing my cheeks. Bahar sitting on the floor at our feet was also crying.

I said, ” I cannot see him suffering. He gets up early in the morning and rushes to his fields without eating breakfast. He does not come home for the lunch; sends a servant to get it. He comes home late into the night and hits the bed with or without dinner. He sleeps alone and I can hear him tossing and turning for a long time before sleep occurs. He has lost weight during this one month. Oh, Basant Bhaiya, I am scared to death. What would I do if something serious happens to him?”

Basant patted my cheeks and said, ” Don’t worry Bhabhi, I will talk to him and see what he has to say. Bahar, will you please get a glass of water for her?”

As soon as she was gone Basant kissed me. I felt his lips on my cheek. I allowed him because it felt so sweet. When I did not protest he boldly nuzzled the side of my neck and bringing his mouth to my ear said, “Does he fuck you good?”

I was overcome with shyness talking about sex. I was still in his arms. I hid my face in his chest and said, “No, today is the twentieth day without … without …”

In spite of my shyness I was feeling at home with Basant since next to Giri I liked him the most. Fair, tall and hefty, doctor in making, what more do you want? His hand was caressing my back going up to my neck above and to my hips below. His other hand was on my thigh inching towards my bhos (vulva). Giri, who shared all his secrets with Basant had told me that he was still a virgin. He was behaving like an experienced guy though. I wondered how would it feel like being fucked by him.

While Bahar was returning with water he was saying, “Twenty days is a long period of time. It must be trying to both of you. ” Apparently she heard what he was saying.

She asked, “Twenty days of what, Bhabhi? What has happened, Bhaiya? ”

Basant said, “Bahar, leave her alone. It is something you will not understand, being so young.”

With a long face Bahar said, “I am not that young, Bhaiya. Remember, I had my 18th birthday two months ago? You could not come to the party?”

Basant did not want to tell her of our abstinence of twenty days. Hence, he said, “You are still a young baby to me, birthday or no birthday.”

In desperation Bahar did a bold thing that brought smile to my lips. She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them up saying, “Ye dekho Bhaiya, mein chhoti dikhati hun? Bhabhi?” (Look at these, Brother. Do I look young, Bhabhi?)

I said, “No, no Nanad ji. Yours are bigger than mine. I was telling him that your Bade Bhaiya has not spoken to me for last twenty days.”

Basant was not perturbed by Bahar’s show of maturity. May be he expected his sister to have large boobs. Calmly he said, “She means that Giri has not fucked her for last twenty days.”

On hearing this I gasped while Bahar giggled. I felt shy and hid my face in my hands. Bahar blushed deep pink and said, “Bhaiya, what kind of language you use!”

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Basant, “You claim to be an adult, you should know what fucking is. And speaking of fucking, tell me Bhabhi, tell the truth, did anybody fuck you before your marriage?”

I cringed due to shyness. Nodding my head I added, “Only partly.”

Basant became a bit serious when he continued, “Who was it?”

I had not forgotten that fateful afternoon when Indu Bhabhi (my brother’s wife) dragged me by wrist to the fourth floor of my father’s village home where Giri was supposedly resting. We were engaged but not married then. After Bhabhi left us alone inevitable kissing and fondling followed. Giri wanted to fuck me but I refused; I did not allow him to touch my pussy. He had pulled out his lund and asked me to hold it. I was thrilled to feel for the first time an adult erect lund in my hand and was so excited that I would have succumbed to his demand but for two things. First, he asked me to take it in my mouth. The thought is repulsive to me even today; it blunted the edge of my ardor. Secondly my mom came looking for me and I had to leave with her.

Later during the day Indu Bhabhi told me, “Manjula, you are lucky to have man like Giridhari Lal as a husband. He is very cleaver and caring. Besides he has a magnificent cock and he knows how to use it.”

I asked, “Did you do ‘that’ with him?”

She replied, “Yes, and taught him some kissing too.”

My face must have displayed my displeasure, for she was quick to add, “After you left with mother, he was in a miserable state with erection which was almost painful. It is harmful to leave the cock without making it ejaculate. And … here I must beg your pardon, frankly I could not hold myself.”

I don’t blame Indu Bhabhi for what she did. And she was right regarding his cock; it is magnificent and he knows well how to use it.

I narrated the incident as good as I could in my faltering voice, hiding my face time and again. I added, “Your Bhaiya is the only man who has touched me so far. He knows that on the first night I felt the pain and bled a little when he … he … did that to me.”

While I was relating the incident, Basant was busy nuzzling his face in my neck. It felt so sweet and relaxing that I did not stop him. He was pecking on my cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead and ears. It was very tickling and I was tossing my head this way and that. During this skirmish his lips happened to touch mine quite accidentally. Even though the contact was brief it generated a sort of a thrill, which rushed to my nipples and pussy. He also must have felt something of the sort because he repeated the process again and again. I pressed my lips firmly against his expecting his tongue to come out any second to invade my mouth. Nothing of the kind happened, may be he was not familiar with that kind of deep kissing.

If Basant was unfamiliar with the art of kissing, Bahar was down right ignorant. Seeing me and Basant kissing she got tempted and joined the fray. She started kissing me like she was kissing a baby, light touches of closed lips only. I was getting excited and wanted real soul kisses.

So, I took the lead. First I brushed my lips on Basant’s mouth. He responded by imitating me. I licked his closed lips with the tip of my tongue; he did the same. I pried open his mouth with my tongue and pushed it into his mouth. Here he hesitated and tried to push me away. I was expecting that reaction and was prepared for it. I simply held his head and kept my tongue in his mouth moving all around and feeling the wonderfully smooth inner skin of his mouth. Soon he found the kiss to be extremely pleasurable and then after took over the charge. When I pulled out he was quick to fill up my mouth with his tongue.

When there was an interlude in our kissing I was still feeling tingling sensations on my lips. Our mouths were swollen and wet. I moistened a finger on Basant’s lips and painted the spittle on Bahar’s. She sort of revolted jerking her head away and saying, “Bhabhi, why do you do such dirty things?”

Basant said, “Come to me, my flower. Let me show you something.”

Bahar came up and sat on my other side. Basant held her face and applied his lips to hers. The inevitable occurred. She jerked her head away and wiped her mouth. Basant however patiently persisted. It took some time but Basant did not leave her till she cooperated in the kiss. By the time he released her mouth she was dazed. No sooner she recovered she went berserk showering kisses on my face, neck, upper chest and everywhere she could reach.

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Brother and sister lose their virginities

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