Brother’s wife feeds me her milk

Brother’s wife feeds me her milk

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and in the evening, my father brought a huge cake with candles ‘2’ and ‘1’ and we had a blast. We means my parents, my elder brother Subroto, his wife Sumita and me Sanjiv. Nobody from outside was invited.

My sister-in-law Sumita had cooked some delicious items for dinner and we all enjoyed eating that – she’s a damn good cook. Not only a good cook, according to me she’s a beautiful wife, a good daughter-in-law and a very loyal and trustworthy friend, the last one is for me. She’s one year younger to me and has been married to my brother for the last one and a half years. Ever since she came into our home, she has really transformed the house into a home.

My parents could not believe probably that I’d live this long. I was born 7 months premature, weighed not more than 2 lbs at birth and was so weak that I couldn’t suck milk from either my mother’s breasts or a bottle. In the initial days, I was fed with cotton balls soaked in milk and had enough strength to suck only after 15 days or so, by which time, my mother’s milk had dried up and I was put directly on formula. I guess my fetish for breasts and breast milk comes from that.

My elder brother is associated with a pharmaceutical company and is a sales person. He travels so much that he’s not home even 10 days a month. This makes life very tough for Sumita, I could see that. She gets up very early in the morning, cooks breakfast for everyone and lunch for me, my father and for my brother when he’s in town. She then gets busy in other household chores. After having lunch herself, she either gets down to some stitching, which she’s fond of, or does other hobby things.

There’s nobody in the house at this time as the guys are all out for work and my mother goes to some social organization which she’s linked to. By evening, she’s busy again as each of us are getting back from our work. By the time she goes to sleep, it’s quite late at night. Surprisingly, even after all this dedication, she does not get a worthy behavior from anyone in our house, which I absolutely hate. I try to make up to her, as best as I can, which might include taking her out some time for lunch and such. She never expresses so much, but I believe she looks forward to these moments with me.

On top of this, she’s pregnant and her baby is due any day now. Before I go out for work each morning, I make it a point to ask her if she would need anything for her own use and buy it for her, whatever small the thing might be. Whenever she says that she does not need anything, I bring some flowers for her – she loves them. Needless to say, these things and my brother’s absence has brought me and Sumita very close to each other.


Recently, I have noted that Sumita touches me when we are close to each other. This never happened before. Now, if we are sitting on a table in a restaurant, she would touch my hands or play with my fingers while having a conversation. When we are standing in a queue for taking tickets to a movie, she would stand very close to me, her big breasts touching my back.

Sometimes, when I have brought her something to surprise her, she had come and hug me tight and at least on one occasion, she kissed me very close to my lips. Initially, I have felt a pang of guilt, knowing that she was my brother’s wife, but later, when I have seen that she’s behaving normally otherwise, I loosened up.

Her belly had gotten really big now and I was supposed to take her to her doctor today. As usual, my brother was not in town and so, I had to accompany her.

She dressed in a beautiful pink sari and a matching blouse. She sat by my side in the front in the car and I could see that she had her hand either placed on my hand or on my thigh throughout.

Once we reached, we waited in the reception area till she was called. Though she insisted, I let her go in the doctor’s chamber alone – I was not very comfortable accompanying her in.

After some time, the doctor came out of her chamber, spotted me sitting and called me in. When I went in, the doctor explained that there was some problem with the amniotic fluid and that it was much less in quantity than required. She suggested to admit her the next morning and they would induce labour pain and let her give birth though it was not yet the scheduled time.

I was in a fix as I did not know what to do. I asked Sumita if I should what she wanted to do and if she wanted me to call my brother and seek his advice. She said not to contact him and in her opinion, me and her should be able to take a joint decision without involving anybody else.

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I noticed a friction between her and my brother when she said this. Because we had to decide immediately, I spoke to her and informed the doctor that we would be back the next morning at 9:00 in the morning.

We went back home and I informed my parents. My mother immediately called my brother and he said to go ahead and that he would still require a few days more before he’s able to come back.


As decided, I took Sumita the next day to hospital and a separate room was ready for her at the hospital. She was immediately taken in there and the nurses and the doctors got busy with her.

One of the nurses gave me a complete list of things to procure – couple of milk bottles, a can of formula milk and some nighties which could be opened from the front, among other things. I did not know if Sumita had these nighties and I asked her. She told me that she has a few by her bedside drawer.

I was feeling ashamed to go through her clothes and she told me that it was absolutely okay with her. When I was coming out, she held my hand closely and told me to get back as soon as possible – she needed me there.

I went back home and came back to the hospital as quickly as possible. By the time, I was back, Sumita was almost ready to go into labour. I don’t know what had happened meanwhile and asked Sumita the details, just like a fool.

Sumita kept quite for some time and then explained that she has been given an enema to clear her bowels and that her pubic hair has been shaved. I grew red on my face as I was not expecting these answers.

Looking at me, Sumita laughed out loud and pulled my head to her. She kissed me full on the lips and told me that it was okay for me to know everything about her and that she did not mind at all. “I’m lucky to have somebody to share my intimate details with.” I became further red faced.

The doctor cam in with a nurse who had a syringe in her hand. The doctor explained that it was time to induce labour pain. On her instructions, the nurse administered the injection.

That was the first time I came face to face with the intensity of what a labour pain can be. I salute every mother in this world to have undergone such ordeal to bring a life into existence. No guy, however tough he is, would ever be able to endure the same.

As the injection started taking effect, Sumita’s grip on my hands tightened. I became terribly afraid and ran to the nurse station to inform them. They smiled and said it was natural and the pain was supposed to increase. I felt so helpless.

A few minutes later, Sumita was wheeled, apparently to the labour room. As far as Indian laws are concerned, nobody, apart from the people assisting in the birth, is allowed inside the labour room – no family, no friends.

The next one-hour seemed like more than four hours to me. By the time Sumita was wheeled back into her cabin, I could see her completely exhausted from the birth. She still had drops of perspiration on her forehead and I took out my handkerchief and wiped them off. She held on to my hand.

The nurse informed me that she had given birth to a healthy baby boy and the baby would be given to her after medical checks and cleaning. One of the nurses advised me to go out as they needed to change her dress – from the hospital gown to her nightie. I had nearly reached the door when I heard Sumita say ‘no’.

Me and the nurses were all surprised but Sumita insisted that she did not have any problem with me staying while the nurses changed her. I went to the window and kept on looking outside till I heard the door of the cabin open and close.

Sumita was sitting on the bed in her nightie, her head thrown back at the headrest and the buttons of her nightie were undone. That was the first time I noticed the change in the size of her breasts, within such a short time, they must have increased at least two sizes.

The fact that Sumita wanted me there when she was changing clothes and now that her buttons were undone and more than half of her breasts were spilling out, left me feeling very awkward. Sumita was talking to me about her experience of giving birth and I was looking at the different walls of the room. She noticed that and pulled my hand.

When I looked at her, she smiled and asked me, “Feeling ashamed, are you?” Just this question of hers was enough to make my face red again and she laughed at my reaction. She pulled my head to her and started kissing me on my lips. I did not know what to do and though I did not pull away, I never kissed her back. She stopped kissing me, looked at my eyes and said, “What’s the matter with you, don’t you love me?”

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“Of course I love you Sumita, I have always loved you and you know that. It’s just that I’m feeling extremely awkward in this situation,” I confessed.

Sumita pulled my hand towards her breasts. The back of my palm were now touching her skin. I could feel her looking directly into my eyes but my gaze was averted. After a few moments, she spoke, extremely seriously and that’s when it dawned on me how much she loved me and that her love was not exactly what she should have for her brother-in-law.


“Listen Sanjiv. I love you and I know how much you love me. I have loved you ever since I entered your house as a newly wedded bride. Let me confess, but in your entire household, I’m in love with you only and no one else, not even your brother. It’s just that I am his wife and thus have some duties towards your brother but even when we have intercourse, I’ve never actively participated or even enjoyed the sex and I have never had an orgasm.

Initially, I tried to think of you as a brother but within a few days realized that it was impossible for me to do so. It’s not that I love you because you’re taller, fairer or more handsome than your brother, it’s your love towards me.

I don’t know how you would take it and I’ve been very anxious of your reaction when I told you this, but I have been thinking of telling you this for quite a few days now. The more time I have spent with you, the more I have fallen in love with you. Do you agree to be my lover? Mind you, even if you don’t agree, my outlook towards you isn’t going to change.”

I was a confused mix of emotions. I loved Sumita but have never ever thought of her as a lover. I was astonished about what she had said just now, because I never thought she had those feelings for me. But, thinking again now that she had said it, I felt closer to her and not hated her at all. I decided that I did not know what I needed to change in me to be her lover but yes, I wanted to be what she intended me to be – I loved her too much.

She was looking into my eyes all this time and trying to gauge what was going through in my mind. Now when she saw me looking at her, she asked, “What do you think?”

Instead of answering her, I let my head rest on her exposed portion of the breasts. She lifted my face in her hands, pulled me towards her and kissed me again on my lips. I felt my cock twitch. I looked into her eyes and said, “You are too precious for me to lose Sumita. You’re right that I love you too much but I have never ever thought of being your lover.

I agree it was not exactly a sisterly love but it was a love between very close friends. But now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m amazed to notice that I’m feeling more drawn towards you and if you are asking a direct answer to your question then yes, I’m also in love with you and would like to be your lover. Please accept me with all the faults that I might have.”

I could see her eyes forming drops of tear and by the time I finished, a drop fell from the corner of her eyes and slid down her cheek into the pillow underneath. She pulled me towards her and started frantically kissing me, on the forehead, cheeks, eyes, nose and finally, a lingering one on the lips.

I suddenly remembered and stood up. She looked questioningly at me. I told her that I have to rush back home and give the news of the birth to my parents. She smiled and urged me to be back by her side as soon as possible. I assured her that I would not be gone long and that I could not afford to be away from her for long, at least not now.

I reached home, gave the news to my mother, who immediately proceeded to call my brother. She wanted me to have lunch and then go back to the hospital but I told her I was not hungry and rushed out. I could not afford to miss her even for a few moments.

By the time I was back, I saw that Sumita had the baby on the crib by the side of her bed. I looked at the baby. He was very good looking with a fair amount of hair on his head. He was all crawled up in the crib, sleeping peacefully.

I sat on the bed and took Sumita’s hands in mine. She told me that within a few minutes after I had left, the nurse brought the baby in and gave it to Sumita. As soon as he was in her lap, he started crying and she breastfed her. Within just a few minutes, he was fast asleep and she lay him down on the crib.

I could feel that Sumita might have breastfed because as soon as I entered, I could see a wet stain on her nightie where her left nipple was. I told her that I knew she had breastfed. She was surprised and asked me how I knew. I said that was a secret but she would not let me go without telling her. Then I pointed out the stain on her nightie. She was surprised to note that she had leaked.

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Seeing my eyes fixed to her breasts, she smiled and asked me what I was thinking. I told her that I always could guess that she had large breasts but when I saw her breasts today after delivery, I could not believe how big they’ve become.

“Do you like them as of now or before?” she asked.

“The bigger the better,” I replied.

She sat up on the bed and gestured me to put my head in her lap. I did that and she pulled one of her breasts and offered them to me. I looked at her questioningly as I did not know what she intended me to do.

“Suck my nipples and drink my milk. I know you did not receive any when you were a child and have always had a longing for them. I am here to fulfill your needs and as long as I’m producing, my milk would always be there for you. Even after my child weans, I would keep up my supply just for you.”

I could not express how happy I was and immediately pulled one of her nipples into my mouth and started sucking hard. She let out a slow moan and told me to go easy. I reduced my sucking and immediately felt my mouth getting filled with her milk.

After drinking some of her sweet milk, I suddenly realized that she had the child to feed and left her breast. She understood and pulled me back on her breast saying that she had another to feed the child from.

I kept on draining her breast and she kept on moaning. By now, I had a huge hard on and Sumita saw that. She told me to go lock the door and come back to her. I did that and when I came back, she undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She inserted her hand in and pulled out my cock. She gasped at the width and the length of it and said, “I am so happy to have all this for me now – I cannot guess the amount of pleasure that it would give me.” With that, she started sucking.

I was already on the verge of exploding. She could feel that and said, “Hold on, not yet.”

“It’s getting difficult for me to hold, the way you’re sucking it,” I said, between clenched teeth.

She probably realized suddenly that it would not be possible for her to have sex as yet. She nodded okay and kept on sucking. Within a few minutes, I started to build up and came all in her mouth. She was surprised at how much I had cum and tried to swallow it all but couldn’t and some spilled from the corners of her mouth.

I was panting and looking at her, saw an immense satisfaction writ large on her face.

I adjusted my clothes and sat down on the stool by the side of her bed. I was still in a daze and did not believe what had just happened. She smiled at me and said, “Well! How do you feel now?”

“Exhausted,” I said. She smiled again and said, “Don’t get exhausted so fast, more is yet to come.”

“I can’t believe you doing that to me.”

She lifted herself up on her elbows and said, “Do you regret it?”

“Of course not.”

“Good, because I don’t regret it at all. Enough with my image of a good housewife. I have my own desires as a woman and I have but one life to live.”


In the evening, my parents came to see the baby. They brought in some dinner for me as well as Sumita. They knew that I would be attending to her in the night as well. They never, of course, knew what had gone in between.

They spent around an hour and then left. I asked the question haunting me, “Sumita, I have always loved you and I had accepted you as my brother’s wife all through. But now, it would be very difficult for me to accept you sleeping with someone else. What do I do?”

She gave it a thought and said, “As such, your brother is out of the town mostly. I do accept that when he comes home, he’s dying for some sex and I, as a responsible wife, have never denied him that privilege. With the birth of this baby, I would be able to maintain a distance from him for a few months but things would become complicated after that. I guess you would have to accept that I would need to give in to your brother’s demands sometimes.”

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Brother’s wife feeds me her milk

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