Bus Ride Mallu Girlfriend Turns Out Sexual

Bus Ride Mallu Girlfriend Turns Out Sexual

Hi, this is Sarath. I am going to write the story about my girlfriend and how we traveled on a bus which started with me trying to touch her and progressing slowly. This is my first story so please give me feedback. I will continue writing depending on the feedback.

So I was doing my bachelor’s in a reputed college in Chennai. I had a girlfriend and we both were from Kerala. We always used to travel back to Kerala together. We are from the same home town in Kerala.

During one such trip to Kerala, the bus was very crowded. It was an AC sleeper bus. We were sitting on the middle seats of the bus.

I and my girlfriend have been dating for quite some time now. I was always scared to take things to the next level. However, this one time I was bold and decided to see how things will go.

We were traveling on a Friday and it was also Onam season so the buses were crowded. My girlfriend always had the habit of sleeping on my shoulder when we travel together. And I always used to put my hand around her.

So the bus started. It was dark as the lights were switched off. My hand was around my girlfriend’s body. She was sleeping.

I slowly kissed her forehead and I knew she liked it. My girlfriend was wearing a churidar without shawl that day. So I was slowly starting to make my move. Since it was the first time I was going to explore my girlfriend sexually, I was scared.

Anyhow, I gathered all my courage and slowly touched the tip of the churidar. As I didn’t see any response from her, I slowly put my index finger inside her dress. Still, there was no reaction. This gave me some confidence. I was now touching her neck area and playing with her necklace.

Then I slowly entered my next finger inside my sleeping mallu girlfriend’s churidar. I was now kind of touching my girl’s boobs but not touching enough. Soon, courtesy of the road, bus jerked and my hand was pushed inside!

I thought my girlfriend will wake up now and scold me. But luckily, she didn’t. I took it as a green signal and slowly tried to feel her boobs more. (By the way, I am sorry I forgot to tell you that my girlfriend had 36D size boobs. She was a little chubby and had flesh in the right places. She used to look really good in saree).

So, coming back to the bus journey, I was still scared so I was only touching her boobs from above the bra. However, I could still feel the size of her boobs and the softness of her tits. My junk was already up by then.

Whenever I looked at her, she appeared to be in deep sleep. The bus jerked again and in fact, it kept on happening. But I didn’t progress from her bra. I was slowly trying to press my lover’s bare boobs without waking her up.

After an hour or so, the bus stopped for a break. I woke my gf up and we both got down to grab some snacks. She was smiling all this time and as we were about to board the bus, she quickly went to the restroom and came back. She gave me a smile and we went back and sat in our seats.

Just when the bus was starting, she asked as what I did and what was I trying to do to her?! I was shocked but I told her I couldn’t resist, I always wanted to touch and feel her boobs, I am sorry blah blah.

She was like, it’s all good and gave me the green signal. I was very happy to hear that. This time, the bus started and I was more confident and inserted my hand inside her top. That was when I understood the reason for her smile. My girlfriend had removed her bra!

I was too impatient now. I was pinching her nipples and kneading them very hard. She made fun of me saying I was in a great hurry. What to do, first time excitement I guess.

My girlfriend started making low volume moans and sometimes, she was bitting me in my hand to suppress her sounds. I was kneading the mallu girl’s boobs and her big areolas. I wanted to touch and finger her pussy then and there on the bus but she was like, not now. So I asked her if she could play with my junk and she didn’t say anything.

So I slowly guided her hands to pants’ zip. Initially, my girlfriend was reluctant. But I forced her hand a couple of times to play with my erect dick. Then my girlfriend started opening my zip and she took out my junk.

She slowly pulled the skin back and was playing with my dick. Oh my god, that was a great feeling! And even to this day, I remember that feeling very well.

Since we were on a bus, I took a blanket and covered her as we didn’t want anyone to notice us. I was also slowly kissing her neck and earlobes. My girlfriend was sucking my dick and sometimes she was biting it a little. Then she went came lower to suck and lick my balls. She kept continuing this pattern.

My girlfriend was an expert in a blowjob that within minutes I was about to explode. But then she would stop, take a break and then continue. Finally, she started sucking my dick so vigorously and without pausing. The next moment, I realized I had come inside her mouth. My gf drank all of it.

The bus had a lot of limitations so we couldn’t do anything else but we realized that things would be different between us from there onward.

This is my first story so give me feedback and I will continue what happened after this.

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Bus Ride Mallu Girlfriend Turns Out Sexual