Call boy Vikram satisfying lust of neighbourhood Aunty – I

Call boy Vikram satisfying lust of neighbourhood Aunty – I

Hi everyone, I am Vikram a call boy from Vijayawada. Coming to the story, the heroine is srija age 27 lives in my nest door with her parents. She was married and divorced due to unmutual understandings between her and her husband. So she live next to my home she always come to my home to spend some time with my mother.

Forgot to tell her statistics she is 34 38 40 she not fat but her ass will always ask any man in this world to fuck her a lot, her swinging ass made me to think her in a wrong manner but my age asked more than thinking so I made my next step towards her by becoming very close to her soon in few months we became best friends.

She take cares of me when my mother went to village or any functions… she was elder than me so no one doubt on us.Soon we started sharing our secrets then she started asking about my college and girls and all this stuff, soon she became more emotional because she was interested in studying where her parents married her and that also became ruined.

Then I went near her consoled her, where her big boobs touched me and from then we became very close started discussing the matters like love girlfriends sex.. etc. then I asked her do you had sex anytime??? She laughed and said I had some role play with my husband when married but not any sex. Then I said hooo that is the reason your ass is still swinging.

She then asked naughtily what I am talking. Then we entered the chapter of sex, where I have taken the initiation of pressing her hands and with some courage kissed her initially she rejected but by my urge responded well and then suddenly her mom called her and she left.

From that day we try to kiss and have some play with each other. But my best day came in my life in the form of her parents leaving her and going to attend a marriage at her native place leaving her alone in her house asking my mom to take care of her.

So they left in the early morning and I got ready to college, while I am having breakfast she said her parents left and she was alone. Then I have asked her shall I come to your home as my mom is busy with her house hold works.

So without going to college I went to her home, as soon as I entered her home she closed the door and hugged me and I started kissing her slowly on her lips and my hands on her back and slowly kissing her earlobes and neck by which she was aroused a lot and we went to bed room and removed her nighty with once and she was in black panty and bra which I like the most and pushed her to bed where she was inviting me for the real fun.

Went over her and kissing her with real lust and she was shaking and pinching my back, slowly went down and removed her bra and sucking the melons, by which the nipples are erect and I began pinching. Sucking one and pinching the other and exchanging and did like that for 20 mins and went down to her voluptuous body, stomach and played with that by kissing it and went down for the real action where she stopped me and asked for my man.

Then she removed my pant and underwear at once and taken the 8 inch into hand and rubbed it and the I asked her to suck which she took into her mouth hesitatingly and I removed her panty which was already wet and we are in 69 position and suking sssssppppurrrrrrr sppppuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa

were the sounds from both of us where we came about 10 mins we cummed in each others mouth and took rest for 30 mins. Meanwhile she went to my mom and chit chatted and came for the real action so that my mom will not get any doubt.

She started stroking it once again and it regained its own position and she wide spread her legs and started inserting my dick in it it was so fat not entering and later it entered its tip and by pushing half of it was entered and she started shouting aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa and asked me to remove it as she was a virgin it was not entering

I pushed it hardly where it entered and I started slowly keeping in mind that it is paining for her and did like that for 5 mins and slowly increased my speed aaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa hmmaaaaaaa yeaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa yeaaahhhhh sameee raaa alagey dhenguuuuuu super raaaaaaaaaa hmmmm bagaaa dhenguuuu raaaaa abbaa enthaa bagundooooo chalaa

bagundhiii raaaaa ammaa enthaa sukhamgaa vundhoooo hmmm abaaaaa inkaaa fastgaaa raaaaa hmm adhiii alaaaaneyy same alaneyyyyyy hmmmm aaaaaaa super fuck me like that hmmm… (nenu vinnadhii nijameyy raaa enthaa lavuu poduguu vuntey anthaa sukham vasthadhii antaaaa adhii neekuu correct gaa saripothundhii raaaa pandu) what I heard is right raa pandu,

which one is having more size and length will give more pleasure baby its correct in your case im doo lucky to have you….. that day we fucked in afternoon once again and in night my mom asked me to sleep with her as she was alone in her home and that night I fucked her 5 times in different positions like doggy banana split to the wall in sofa and so on but most memorable is under the shower…. We are still continuing it.

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Call boy Vikram satisfying lust of neighbourhood Aunty – I