Yashodhara's Descent Part 8

“You want to be fucked, bitch?” he yelled.

“Yes please, master.” Jojo cried out.

“You sure you want to be fucked?”

“Yes please, master.”

With his other hand he unbuckled his pants and brought out his big erect black dick.

“Which hole do you want me to fuck you in, bitch?” he asked.

“Whichever you wish, master.” Jojo whined.

“Good answer, slave. Hmm…which hole do I fuck?” he said, pretending to think. And then taking his fingers out of her holes said, “I know…neither. Instead..” he said and walked around the couch until he was in front of her, “..I am gonna fuck this hole.”

Very roughly, he shoved his whole dick into Jojo’s mouth. It must have hit the back of her throat, because she started making gagging noises. But Eric ignored them, grabbed her hair with both his hands and started humping her mouth really hard, his dick sliding in and out of her mouth. Jojo made short gagging noises in the rhythm with which the cock was fucking her mouth.

Meanwhile, Yashodhara had been watching this whole spectacle with an amazed and slightly aroused look on her face. There was no denying it. What had seemed creepy to her a while back was now turning her on. With her coat still in her hands, she walked towards the two of them, as if being pulled by a magnet. She came to a halt a couple of feet away from the couch, and stared at the rough way in which Eric was fucking Jojo’s mouth. Ad she didn’t even realize when she dropped her coat on the floor.

If Eric noticed Yashodhara, he didn’t give any indication of it. He kept fucking Jojo’s mouth mercilessly for a minute or so and then finally took a break by pulling it out. Jojo gasped loudly when her mouth was emptied and exhaled visibly, her breasts heaving a few times. She looked at Yashodhara and gave her an understanding smile.

But that didn’t go down well with Eric. He slapped her hard across the face, the sound of which rang through the room, and made Yashodhara take a step back in surprise.

“Who the fuck told you to look at her and smile, you bitch?” he yelled and slapped her once more.

Tears streamed down Jojo’s face as she looked up at Eric with a wild expression on her face. Eric responded by shoving his dick back in her throat and started face-fucking her. The face-fucking continued for a couple more minutes, and then Eric took his dick out. He grabbed Jojo’s hair, and holding it in one hand walked around the couch. Jojo’s torso moved 90 degrees from facing the back of the couch to facing the side away from Yashodhara.

He then let go of his grip and Jojo’s face and shoulders fell on the couch with a thud. She was now on the couch on her knees and shoulders, her big ass jutting upwards. Meanwhile Eric took off his shirt, pant and underwear and got fully naked, revealing a muscular well-defined body. He threw a quick glimpse in Yashodhara’s direction who was now standing there looking positively horny.

He then got on the couch on his knees behind Jojo’s ass, and put the tip of his dick at her sopping wet cunt lips. Jojo’s body shuddered in anticipation of the penetration, but she kept waiting for a few seconds as it didn’t happen. Eric stayed still, his dick at her cunt lips and said,

“You know what to do, bitch.”

Jojo inhaled deeply and said,

“Please Master. Please fuck me. I beg you. I truly beg you to fuck me. Please. Have mercy on me and fuck me.”

Yashodhara let out a gasp and covered his mouth with her hands as she watched with wide eyes Jojo wiggle her butt and beg Eric to fuck her.

“And why should I have mercy on you, bitch?”

“Please Master. I beg you. I beg you.” she wailed.

Eric smiled and then slowly started penetrating her cunt. Jojo let out a small cry of relief that stretched out as inch by inch Eric’s dick penetrated her. In a few seconds, his dick was completely buried inside her cunt. He then took it out like that gradually all the way and started inserting it again, slowly. Jojo was now making guttural noises like an animal, enjoying the slow fucking she was getting.

All this had by now gotten too much for Yashodhara. She plonked herself on the cushioned chair arranged perpendicular to the couch. She put her hands on her knees and kept watching Eric fuck Jojo slowly. The lust on her face was self-evident and Eric looked at her and smiled, confident that she had taken his bait. Yashodhara looked at Eric’s and smiled weakly and then turned her gaze towards the writhing grunting body of Jojo.

And I could see why Yashodhara was so entranced. Just watching it on the screen, I was incredibly turned on at the sight of Jojo’s tall busty well built body, clad in the skimpiest of leather teddies, kneeling with her head on the couch. And Eric’s well toned body slowly slapping into hers and his huge dick slid in and out of her cunt. Yashodhara was getting to watch all this live, in 3 dimensions, just a couple of feet away from her.

Eric then shifted to a higher gear and sped up a bit. Not too hard, like I had seen him pummel Yashodhara in that clip on the phone. But fast enough. The gradual increase in pace caused a gradual increase in Jojo’s moans too, and they became more high pitched. Her plump ass cheeks kept jiggling every time Eric’s hips slammed into them.

Yashodhara also shifted to a higher gear. Until now she had been shifting and fidgeting in the chair. Finally she could not take it any more. She pulled her denim skirt up until it was bunched around her waist, revealing that she was wearing a thong again. Her hand went down and slid the fabric of the thong to one side, and her fingers started working on her clit at once. She let out a big sigh of relief as she was able to pleasure herself after exercising self-control for such a long time.

Eric watched all this triumphantly and suddenly went from second gear to overdrive, hammering Jojo’s cunt so rapidly that this thighs were a blur on the screen. Jojo started howling with pleasure as he did that and Yashodhara, as if to match their pace, started moving her fingers on her clit rapidly as well. Eric’s mach speed hammering finally had the effect it was bound to have and Jojo started shaking and shivering and her howls got really piercing. She was clearly having an orgasm.

Watching Jojo made Yashodhara hit her peak as well, and soon she also started moaning loudly, her voice mixing with Jojo’s. Jojo’s body raised itself off the couch a couple of times and crashed down with a bang as her orgasm washed over her, and Yashodhara had by now slid down the couch so much that her whole ass was suspended in the air. The two of seemed to climax at around the same time and Eric watched with an accomplished grin as he brought two women to orgasm simultaneously, without even touching one of them, even as he himself had not cum.

In a few seconds, both Jojo and Yashodhara came down to earth and their howls now turned into short soft moans as their bodies felt the receding after effects of their respective orgasms.

“Thank you, master.” Jojo said in almost a whisper as Eric pulled out his cock from her cunt and stretched back. It was still fully erect, and it was confirmed that he had not cum. “Thank you, thank you….finally. Oh god, finally!” Jojo exclaimed and started crying and laughing at the same time as if in relief.

Eric got off the couch and stared at Yashodhara, who stared back at him with glazed eyes. He smiled and got down on his knees in front of her. Half her body was already off the couch. He put his big hands under her ass cheeks and lifted her up, so her cunt was just a couple of inches away from his hard cock. Yashodhara smiled in anticipation as Eric slowly advanced his dick towards her pussy. As the tip of his dick touched the entrance of her cunt, she inhaled and braced for his entrance.

Instead Eric backed away and took his hands out from under her ass, making it hit the floor with a soft thud. He got up, and by now the smile on his face had been replaced with a stern look.

“You think it would be so easy? I told you. If you want to get fucked, you have to be my slave. You have to be my Yoyo.” he said.

“Fine. I am your slave. I am your Yoyo. Fuck me now.” Yashodhara almost screamed impatiently, pulling herself up on the chair.

“Not so fast, Yoyo, not so fast. You don’t just become a slave by saying it.” Eric said and got back on the couch on his knees and behind Jojo who was still whimpering softly.

“Then what do I have to do?” Yashodhara said in high voice.

“You can start by losing that demanding attitude you have. Be more like Jojo here. Deferential.” he said as he inserted his dick into Jojo’s cunt and started fucking her again. Yashodhara stayed silent and looked at him angrily, as if debating if she should just walk out right away. But she stayed there, a picture of contrasts. Her face wore an angry self-respecting look. Her top was still the way it was. But the waist is where the contrast started. Her skirt gathered around it in a bunch. Her thong displaced, her wet cunt in full view and her legs spread apart and suspended in the air as if placed on invisible stirrups.

As Eric fucked Jojo again and started getting her worked up, Yashodhara’s attitude started melting away. The look on her face got softer as she watched the two of them go at it. Eric seemed to have an amazing stamina and continued to pound Jojo like a madman for a full fifteen minutes until finally he started cumming. Jojo had already orgasmed twice more by then and Yashodhara had fingered herself to climax once more.

By the time Eric finished filling Jojo up with his seed, both ladies were a sight to see. Jojo was almost semi-conscious because of the multiple orgasms and Yashodhara’s face held the hunger of a bitch in heat, but the pliability of a bunny rabbit. Eric took his dick out of Jojo and it made a short plop sound and the cum started oozing down her thighs. He then looked at Yashodhara and said,

“You sure you wanna do this too?”


Yashodhara's Descent Part 7

Here’s a new definition of irony. Me, the man whose wife was going around fucking and sucking almost any young man who showed an interest in her, was relishing all the events and not feeling the slightest hint of jealousy, envy or possessiveness. On the other hand, those men who got to ravish my hot wife on whom they had no real claim, all got caught up in the petty throes of jealousy. The next week was full of events that made it seem like Yashodhara had stepped into the centre of some teen television drama series, and although I found it all very amusing, I could see that she was getting genuinely annoyed.

The first person to get ensnared by the green monster was Ramon. Having finally made up with his girlfriend after days of pleading and lying and falsely convincing her that he had not cheated on her, he found out about Saturday night from Carlos. When Yashodhara refused to fuck Carlos and just sucked him off instead, out of worry that it would piss off Ramon, she had been wildly underestimating the repercussions. Ramon was upset that she had even sucked him off. He was not upset about the act itself, but the fact that it was done in his absence and without his permission.

Ever since Ramon found that that he was only the second guy Yashodhara had ever slept with, he had started thinking of himself as some kind of a hotshot sexual mentor to her. He wanted her to expand her horizons by sleeping with other guys, having threesomes, and maybe even more. But he wanted to be the guy in charge. He was suddenly feeling all territorial about her. So when he came to know that she had been sucking off his cousin while he was busy making up with his girlfriend, it ticked him off.

As if her dalliance with Carlos was not bad enough, he was even more livid that she had slept with Eric. It turned out that Eric and Ramon not only knew each other, but hated each others guts. Ramon’s girlfriend Juanita used to go out with Eric before they started going out. And she had left Eric for Ramon, a grudge that Eric still nursed. Eric and Juanita had however, still remained “good friends”, and this never sat well with Ramon. He was sure that Eric was secretly trying to win back his ex-girlfriend by trying to convince her that Ramon wasn’t right for her.

And now Yashodhara, his special exotic Indian conquest, had gone and fucked Eric. This not only gave Eric something to boast about when they met next, but it also meant that he know had specific information about who Ramon was cheating on Juanita with. Although Eric had not told Juanita about it yet, it was a trump card he held over Ramon. and Ramon was convinced that Eric would use it sooner rather than later. Ramon told all this to Yashodhara while he yelled at her and berated her for, ironically, being such a slut. He seemed so angry and ready to explode that Yashodhara, despite wanting to, did not talk back and just kept silent during his whole tirade.

Then there was Carlos. He was pissed off that although he had been so patient and gentlemanly to Yashodhara all the time, and made his apartment available for her and Ramon to secretly fuck in, she had spurned him. He could have understood if she had spurned him out of some loyalty to Ramon. But then right after refusing to fuck him, she had turned around and let Eric bang her. He sent her a few text messages expressing all this anger and when she tried calling him back, refused to answer her calls.

Carlos was also apparently pissed at his good friend Eric. According to him, Eric should have known from the events of that night that Carlos was pining for Yashodhara. And he should have been a loyal friend and waited before fucking her. Carlos had already let Eric go in the bathroom for a blowjob, after he got one. Eventually when he fucked Yashodhara, he would have shared her with him too. But Eric instead went ahead on his own and fucked her before he could, which caused a rift between them.

Eric, although not as upset or angry as the other two guys, was being possessive himself. On Monday, he called up Yashodhara and asked her if she wanted to go out with him some time. Yashodhara answered she might… she told me she was looking forward to fucking him in more spacious and comfortable settings than a bar bathroom. But before making plans, Eric made it clear to her that they could only hook up if she agreed to break it off with Ramon. Yashodhara found that very presumptuous and refused.

In a week filled with all this mess, there was some good news. Yashodhara’s car was finally delivered. She was thrilled because it now gave her newfound freedom. It did not matter that ramon was angry with her because she did not need him for rides any more. So when he ignored her, she ignored him back. For the whole week, it was as if they were two strangers. Yashodhara limited herself to hanging out with Kristen in college, and their friendship grew stronger.

At college on Monday, Yashodhara sat Kristen down and told her everything honestly. Kristen was surprised to learn that I knew about everything and was okay with it. She was also surprised at how daring or even reckless Yashodhara had been and was now a part of some complicated sexual triangle…well…not even a triangle… maybe a polygon involving people almost a decade younger than her. Nevertheless, Kristen became a trusted friend and confidante and Yashodhara was actually happy to have someone else to talk to about the whole mess other than me.

Meanwhile, I was not too unhappy about the situation. The drama amused me, much to Yashodhara’s chagrin. But the drama also meant no sex for her for a while from anyone except me. Although I was disappointed at this temporary halt in her adventures, it also meant that I had her all to myself. So everyday when I came home, I found my wife horny and ready to go at it as many times in the night as I could get it up.


However, on Thursday after we finished fucking for the second time that night, Yashodhara was honest enough to admit to me that she was missing sex with others. I was great and she enjoyed our sex, but now that she had tasted the sample of sex with multiple partners, she felt like something was missing now that it had only been me for about 5 days. Her body was craving the company of some other men, and she readily admitted, bigger and thicker dicks. However, she still had her pride and said that she would not make the first move with Ramon, Carlos or Eric and it was up to them to get back with her.

On Friday, I had to go leave town for the weekend and attend a conference in Los Angeles. When I had booked my tickets a week or so back, Yashodhara was happily fucking Ramon, so when I asked if she’d like to come, she said no, that would have her a couple of days to spend with him if possible. Now, with all the men on outs with her, she wanted to come with me, but all the flights were booked. So it was a downcast Yashodhara, troubled by all the drama and the prospect of a lonely sex-less weekend, who dropped me off at the airport in her new car on Friday night.

When I reached LA, it was midnight there, which meant it was 2 am in the Midwest. When I turned my phone on, I saw two voicemails waiting for me, both from Yashodhara. The first one was in a happy voice and said –

“Ajit!!! Great news!! Eric came to his senses. He called me up and apologized for being so possessive, and said he’d like to be in my life even if it meant sharing me with others. He wants me to go over to his place tonight, where he’ll cook for me and then…hehe…you know. Anyway, I have to go get ready and drive over to his house. I’ll talk to you later. Love you.”

That sounded like good news. I was glad to hear that she was no longer morose and was happy. I was also looking forward to hearing updates from her about their night together. I then heard the second voicemail. In this one, she was whispering and she sounded drunk, sleepy, tired, but also somehow satiated.

“Ajiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I love you so much honey so so much. Tonight has been so awesome. I wish you were here. I am calling you from the bathroom so have to whisper. Eric is just something else. He has just been…ohh god…I can not tell you how the orgasms were…. and the whole new thing he got me into. I cant describe it on the voicemail. I have to go back now…oh and also, if you call me after you land, I wont be able to answer the phone. I’ll tell you later why. But just send me a text message so I know you landed safely. Love you.” and the whispering ended.

I found that message very curious and confusing. But I was hoping that the next day, I would be able to get the whole account of her night in detail. I sent her a text message saying I reached safely and took a cab to my hotel, where I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw two text messages from Yashodhara. “gud to kno u reachd safe. i luv u.” and “gonna spend the day wt eric. hav a gud conf.” I couldn’t think much about that though, because I had to get ready and go to the conference. The whole day was spent in talks, lectures and networking sessions. I tried calling Yashodhara in between a couple of times, but she didn’t answer. Instead sent me short text messages saying she was having a great time.

At night I had to go out for dinner and drinks with a few conference delegates and by the time I got back to my room, it was almost midnight. I went to bed right away. And overslept in the morning, which meant I had to go back to the conference floor without asking Yashodhara about her time with Eric. I did get a couple of text messages from Yashodhara saying she could not wait to tell me everything in great detail and I would be surprised to learn what all she had done.

Sunday night, after the conference wrapped up, I was on my way to my hotel room when I called up Yashodhara. I was now finally free and could not wait to hear everything in great detail.

Yashodhara's Descent Part 6

Carlos said he understood, and he’d wait for her to be ready. Then they took a break from dancing along with Eric and Kristen and had a couple more drinks. Meanwhile Eric was flirting with Kristen and meeting with mixed success. She apparently liked him, but wasn’t letting him touch her or kiss her yet. This got Eric a little frustrated and he decided to make Kristen jealous. So when they finished their drinks, he asked Yashodhara if she would dance with him. Yashodhara agreed and they headed to the dance pit.

In a couple of minutes, she felt Eric’s hands starting to wander. He was a lean, well-built and handsome black guy, and Yashodhara was a bit turned on by her first close encounter with a black guy. So when he started feeling her up and fondling her, she did not stop him, and instead responded by rubbing his back and cupping his ass too. Kristen and Carlos were watching them, and if it was Eric’s intention to make someone jealous, it worked more on Carlos than Kristen. He cut in and started dancing with Yashodhara while Eric went back to Kristen.

Carlos, already feeling very teased and turned on and yearning for Yashodhara, started fondling her way more than Eric had. He slipped his hand under her skirt and started fondling her bare ass cheeks. He also started fondling her tits, slipping his hand into her tank top. People around them started noticing this and soon everyone was focused on them. Carlos and Yashodhara both realized they had an audience and this seemed to turn both of them on. She was letting him slip his hand under her clothes but a couple of times when he tried to lift her skirt to expose her ass, she stopped him. Carlos responded by putting his hand under his skirt from the front and fingering her clit and cunt over her thong. —- When they took a break again, Carlos made Yashodhara down two tequila shots, and shortly she had lost even more of her inhibitions. When they went back to the dance floor next, she did not make any real effort to stop him when he lifted the back of her skirt and exposed her thong-clad ass to everyone. I guess this was the part I saw. She could also feel his erect cock through his pants rubbing against her crotch and this was turning her on, in addition to the knowledge that dozens of strangers could see her naked butt. she was getting very turned on by the situation and the cheers of the people around her.

A couple of minutes later, someone let out a wolf whistle and that embarrassed her a little, so she turned around and started grinding her ass against Carlos, feeling his erection rub against her. Carlos started massaging her boobs through her top. Then people started chanting show her tits, and Carlos asked if he should, but she refused, saying that was too much. He then started kissing her very passionately, and she kissed back. It was a long kiss and by the end of it, she was feeling really horny and naughty. So when Carlos asked her again if he could just flash her boobs for a second, she relented.

I knew what happened next, but I didn’t say anything. Yashodhara told me how the bouncer came over, stopped them and started yelling at Carlos. he demanded that they leave the club at once. He was the guy Eric was friends with and who had agreed to let Kristen in. So Eric joined the and started to calm the bouncer down, promising that he would ensure that nothing like that happened. The bouncer calmed down a little and said he would let them stay, but they were banned from the dance pit.

The four of them went towards the bar stools and sat there. But by now Carlos was really horny. He asked her again if they should go to his place and have sex, but she refused, saying that she couldn’t do it unless Ramon was ok with it. Carlos kept pleading with her but she refused. Then he said, could she at least give him a blowjob in the bathroom? Kristen was listening to all this in surprise because this was the first she had heard of ramon and Yashodhara sleeping together. But she was even more horrified to hear Yashodhara say yes to blowing Carlos in the bathroom. She asked Yashodhara if she was sure about this or was too drunk. Yashodhara told Kristen not to worry, she was drunk, but not drunk enough to do something she didn’t want.

So Yashodhara and Carlos headed to the bathroom and Eric and Kristen agreed to stand guard outside to make sure the bouncer didn’t catch them again. And that’s what they were doing when I saw them standing outside the door. I could not see Yashodhara because by the time I went down there, she was already in the bathroom. Once they were in there, Carlos immediately took out his dick and shoves it into the mouth of Yashodhara as she sat on the toilet. Yashodhara sucked him skillfully and he had already been turned on by the night’s events. So in barely two minutes, he started cumming in her mouth, a big load which she swallowed in one gulp.

Carlos put his dick back in his pants and started zipping it when he saw Yashodhara take her thong off. He looked at her quizzically and she said she needed to pee, so he should go out and she’ll join him later. So he came out, which I had seen him do and then Eric went in. Kristen told Yashodhara in the car why that happened. Eric was really turned on by Carlos and Yashodhara’s horseplay and was trying to feel up Kristen. But Kristen, who was not drunk, kept resisting. As they stood guard outside the bathroom, Eric started getting even more jealous. He suggested that afterwards, the two of them should go into the bathroom and she should blow him. Kristen flatly refused, saying she was not the sort of girl who does that with a guy she has just met. Maybe a few dates, and she’d do anything for him. But nothing that night.

So Eric got upset and said that if she won’t blow him, he’d ask Yashodhara to do it. That’s when Carlos walked out, and told them it had been a great blowjob. Eric decided go try his luck and started walking in. Kristen out a hand on his shoulder to stop him and said if he went in, she would never go out with him. Eric shook her hand off saying that he’d much rather get a blowjob from an exotic and voluptuous Indian woman than waste his time running after a stick-thin blonde.

Yashodhara was just done peeing when Eric walked in and she was shocked to see him. He got a good look at her pussy, and said he’d been really attracted to her all night. Yashodhara was about to tell him to leave, when Eric unzipped his pants and took out his rapidly hardening dick. It was about as long as Ramon’s, 8 inches or so and thick, but it was jet black in color. The sight of this new kind of a dick had a hypnotizing effect on Yashodhara and she just stared at it with her mouth open, unable to say anything.

Eric realized the effect he was having on her and immediately took the few steps to the toilet and inserted his dick in her open mouth. Yashodhara sucked on it obediently, very turned on at what she was doing. As she sucked on his dick, Eric, reached down with his big hands and started fingering her naked cunt skillfully. His big hard fingers sliding in and out of her cunt made Yashodhara lose any control she had left on the situation. She leaned back, taking his dick out of her mouth and started moaning as Eric’s fingers sent waves of pleasure through her whole body.

It had been over three days since anything went up Yashodhara’s cunt. She was aching to be fucked, and had really wanted to accept Carlos’ invitation to go back to his apartment. But his being Ramon’s cousin made her want to wait for Ramon’s permission, But now Eric’s finger had thrown any thoughts of Ramon out of her mind. Plus she was still very drunk. She wanted to be fucked, and looked at Eric with a hungry expression on her face.

Eric didn’t need a degree in face-reading to realize what she wanted. He took his fingers out of her cunt, and pulled her up from the toilet holding her hand. Yashodhara complied and then yielded to the pressure from his hands as he turned her around and made her bend over and keep her hands on the wall. He rolled up her skirt and stared at her beautiful and perfectly shaped ass for a couple of seconds. He then penetrated her cunt in one swift motion and started fucking her hard as she held on to the wall for support. He humped her like a wild dog for about ten minutes, and then the both of them came together, Yashodhara’s body convulsing as Eric shot his seed up her cunt. As Yashodhara’s orgasm subsided, she felt satisfied and even a little excited that now she had been fucked by another ethnicity – black.

As they started getting dressed, Yashodhara realized that her thong which had been around her ankles had gotten dirty because of the wet bathroom floor. So she just threw it away and came out of the bathroom naked under her skirt. She walked out of the bathroom with Eric and joined Kristen and Carlos who were sitting at the table. Carlos smiled and asked Eric if he enjoyed Yashodhara’s blowjob. Eric broke out into an even wider smile and said, he wouldn’t know, because he didn’t fuck her mouth, but her cunt, and held up his hand for a high five. Carlos however looked shocked and hurt and did not return his high five.

Before Yashodhara could say something to him to calm him down, Kristen who was really disturbed at what was happening told her that I had called while she was in the bathroom and I was expecting her to return shortly. So they decided to leave. Kristen, disgusted at the guys for taking advantage of a drunk Yashodhara just stormed out without saying goodbye to anyone. Yashodhara said goodbye to Eric with a short kiss and was about to do the same to Carlos, but he looked away, still pissed off that she let Eric fuck her but not him. She and Eric exchanged cellphone numbers and he told her to call him if she ever wanted some more of it. Carlos was still sulking as she walked out and joined Kristen in the car.

Yashodhara finished her narration and hugged me tightly and said she loved me a lot.

Punjaban Jattiya Husan Diya Mattiyan – Part 10

Hello dosto, mai tuhadi jatti Rupinder Kaur story da next part leke hazir ha. Is war thoda late ho gyi aa update is lyi sorry friends.

Shaam de karib 3 baj rahe c te melo vehde ch bethi sabji cheer rahi c. Inne nu bahro awaj ayi, “bai ghare e o”. Melo ne gate wal dekhya ta kale rang da kurta pajama te payi 50-52 saal da ik banda khada c.

“Aja gujara lang a aage” melo ne jwab dita.

Eh pind da gulaba gujar c jo majha da charaak c te dudh vechan da kamm karda c.

“Ki gall bhabhi aj kalli bethi a,bai ni disda” gulaba aander aaonda bolya.

“Ve aa hune hi baher nu gya pind wall” melo ne jwab dita.

“Acha, hor thik rehnde o bhabhi, bache o bimariya to” gulaba bolya.

“Ha gujra thik hi a, tu dass changa hoi janda time pass” melo ne jwab dita.

“Changa e hhnda bhabhi, dudh dadh vech ke pese kama chaddi de, munde apni kamaayi kar lende a” gulaba ne jwab dita.

“Ve tu vadda munda q ni viah lenda, kine saal hoge teri gharwali guzri nu, na te aap e viah karwaya odo” melo gulabe nu dekhdi hoi boli.

Gulaba – ” bs time pass hoi janda bhabhi, roti pani me bna lenda apna , munde bahro kha pi aaonde a”

Melo – ” ve timepass ta ho e jana hunda pr tivi bina bande da bnda kuch ni gujra”.

Gulaba – ” oh bhabhi tivi to hun ki karona me, nale ik chadd ke bahut mildiya ne,” gulaba hasda hoya bolya.

Melo v samaj gayi ke gulaba ki keh riha te us ne gall badalan lyi pucheya.

Melo – ” hor dass aaj ithe kive aaona hoya” .

Gulaba – ” me ta dudh de peseya nu aya c bhabhi,” .

Melo – ” kinne bande a apne dudh de,

Beth ja me chah banodi aa”.Melo manji to uthdi hoi boli.

Gulaba – do k hazaar banda a bhabhi.

Melo – “Hun hunda dudh ke nahi tere kol” . Melo rasoi wall nu jandi hoi boli.

Gulaba melo de chittad dekh riha “Ha dudh ta hai bhabhi dass kinna chahida a”.

“Ve 2kilo wang de jaya kar ” melo ne kiha .

“Thik a bhabhi,itho langhda fada jaya karuga me, vese ik gall akha bhabhi” gulabe ne melo nu jwab dita.

Melo ne rasoi ch gas te chah dhar diti te rasoi de gate te aa gayi, ” ha keh ki gall kehni tu”.

“Gussa ta kari na bhabhi par hale vi tu mutiyara nu maat paondi e” gulaba melo nu niharda hoya bolya.

“Ve teri chedan di adat na gayi gujra, nale kithe me te kithe 25- 26 sala di mutiyaar” melo gulabe nu boli.

“Le bhabhi tu jhuth manndi a , je nahi mera yakin ta bai nu puch layi” gulaba hass ke bolya.

“Ve ohnu ki pucha, ohne ta kade mera haal nhi pucheya aj tk” melo gusse jhe ch boli.

“Ki gall ho bhabhi, lagda jatt bai khayal ni rakhda sadi jatti bhabhi da” gulaba melo di dukhdi rag ched da hoya bolya.

“Ohne mera ki khayal rakhna gujra, oh ta apde gitte gode samb le ohi bahut a, kitho mere palle pya a ” melo ne talkhi ch jwab dita.

“Bhabhi sachi gall akhda jatt kadar ni jande tuhadi jattiya di, kite mere nal viahi hundi koi jatti, mem bna ke rakhda” gulaba melo wal dekh ke hasda hoya bolya.

“Changa ve bhutia galla na kar, haye haye chah ta ubli jandi a” melo ne gulabe nu jwab dindeya chah dekhi ta ubal rahi c, oh dudh paon layi rasoi ch chali gayi, gulabe ne mauka tak asa pasa vekhya te rasoi ch chala gya te melo nu picho jaffi pa layi, melo de mumme gulabe de hatha ch c, melo is achank hoye hamle to ghabra gayi.

“Haye gujara eh ki karda ve” melo gulabe de hath fad mummeya to hata rahi c .

“Jatti da khayal rkahda pya bhabhi, ” gulabe ne apne bulla nal melo de gardan chumni suru kar diti te hatha nal mumme daba riha c.

“Haye ve chadd umer ta dekh meri nale avdi” melo kasmasondi hoi boli.

“Umer to ki lena bhabhi,tu ta hun v jwaan a te me b ghode warga aa” hun tak gulabe da lun khada ho gaya c te usne apna chadra chuk lun bahr kadya te salwar upro hi melo de chittda te ghasson lag pya.

” tu ta jva e pagal a ve gujara, hayye chadd ve de hun” melo b hun tak garam ho chuki c par oh dar rahi c ke kite koi aa na jaye, gulaba melo de mumme sahla riha c te apna mota lunn melo de chittda di darar ch fasa masal riha c.

“Jattiye ban ja is gujar di, raniya to vadh sja ke rakhuga” gulaba ne melo nu apne wal palta liya te melo diya akhan ch dwkh bolya, is to pehla ke melo kuch boldi gate de khadkan di awaj ayi ta gulabene jhat apna chadra thale kar lya te rasoi cho bahar a gya, bahro sher singh a riha c te gulabe nu dekh bolya, ” oh ha byi gujra aj ider kive”

Gulabe – ” bas bai dudh de pese len aya c te bhabhi chah banon lag pai”.

Melo ne v kapde thik kite te cup ch cha pa ke le ayi. ” a gye tuc, chah le ke awa ke nahi pini” melo ne sher singh nu puchya.

“Nhi me nhi pini chah, tezab jiha ban janda” sher singh manje te bethda bolya.

“Gulaba rupee mangda dudh de hege ta de deo” melo ne kiha.

Sher – ” de hi dinde a mud ke fr reh jane aa, kinne bande gulabya ”

Gulaba — 2hzaar bnda bai , nale bhabhi dudh kehndi c bai 2 kilo de jaya kar.”

Sher – ha dudh de jya kr yaar, dairy ala ta kuch ni hunda dudh” sher singh ne rupee kade te gulabe nu de dite.

Gulabe ne rupe fad lye te chah pi ke cup rkhde hoye bolya, “Chal thik a bai fr kal to de jya karu me dudh, changa bhabhi” gulaba melo val dekhke bolya te chla gya.

Melo ne v sukh da sah lya ke aj masa masa bachi.

Eh kahani agge jaari rahegi…

[email protected]

Yashodhara's Descent Part 5

After our sex-filled weekend, Monday rolled along. Carlos had given Ramon a key to his place. So for a couple of days after classes, Ramon and Yashodhara would head to his place, and have sex for a couple of hours before he dropped her home. Carlos was never home, because his job kept him away till late. So it was just her and Ramon. They fucked pretty much everywhere in the apartment. On the couch, on the bed, in the kitchen, on the floor, and once even in the shower, standing up. Yashodhara described all the sessions to me in great detail, which always turned me on enough to fuck her right away. Even after her fuck sessions with Ramon during the day, Yashodhara had plenty of energy and appetite left for me. In fact we were having much more sex now than before, so I was happy.

Middle of the week however, a small problem arose. Ramon’s girlfriend was getting really suspicious. They had a big fight Wednesday night. So for the next few days, he could not get away alone after classes. He had to head home immediately to meet his girlfriend, spend time with her and work on their issues. He still dropped Yashodhara home after classes, and they did make out a little in the car. But they could not do much. Coincidentally, this was a week I was very busy at work too. So I’d get home close to midnight and was always too tired to have sex. By the time the week ended and Saturday arrived, Yashodhara had gone through almost three days of no sex at all, which was a big change from getting fucked by me and Ramon both on a daily basis. Even worse, on Saturday morning I got a call from my boss asking me to come to the office and help him out for an important report. So even before Yashodhara woke up, I had to leave.

I ploughed through work on Saturday, wanting to get done as soon as possible so I could go home and fuck my wife. But the work was too much and too important. By evening I had to call and tell Yashodhara that I will be late returning home once more. She sounded disappointed, but said she understood. And I got back to work. An hour later, Yashodhara called me up,

“Hi Ajit. How’re you doing sweetie?” she asked.

“Still buried in work.” I said sadly.

“Awww. Anyway, here’s the thing. Kristen called and asked if I wanted to go hang out with her. Some shopping at the mall, dinner and stuff. Since you’ll be late, I was thinking of going.” she said. I remembered Kristen, the pretty blonde I had met last Friday night when they all went out. she seemed like a nice cheerful girl and I thought that spending time with her would lift Yashodhara’s mood.

“Sure, sounds great. Don’t be too late though. I’ll be home by midnight, and tonight, no matter how tired I am, I just need to do it with you.” I said.

“Hehe, sounds great. I am really starved too. I’ll be home by midnight for sure. Kristen is 19, so it’s not like we can go to bars or anything.” she said.

“Alright, have fun.” I said and hung up.

For a couple of hours after that I kept getting updates from Yashodhara via text messages. Going to the mall. Bought new shoes. Going for Thai food. I was too busy to respond, so probably sensing that from the fact that I sent no replies, she stopped messaging me.

Finally at about 11 pm, the work ended and I was ready to go. My boss was very grateful to me for coming in and thanked me repeatedly. Then he insisted that I come with him to a bar for a couple of drinks, his treat. I was reluctant and first, because I couldn’t wait to get home and fuck my wife. But he was very insistent. So I texted Yashodhara asking if she was home yet. Her response was a single word – No. So I thought I might as well spend half an hour or so with my boss Mark.

Mark took me to what he said was his favorite bar. It was actually more like a club. One section of it was like a pub, quieter with seating and TVs tuned in to ESPN. And then a level below it was a dance pit of sorts with its own bar and bartender, where the atmosphere was more like a club, with loud music, dim lights and so on. Mark and I sat at he bar, ordered a couple of beers and sat there talking of this and that.

About ten minutes passed and we noticed a lot of guys getting up from their tables and going to the railing on the side which overlooked the dance pit. Mark wondered out aloud why all these men were standing there looking into the pit. The bartender overheard him and said, apparently there’s a hammered chick getting felt up really nicely by a couple of guys, and everyone’s hoping to get a look at her boobs if she flashes them. Obviously, Mark and I immediately got up and headed to the railing too. We had to push and jostle a bit to get to a spot where we had a good view of it.

“Where’s the action at?” Mark said aloud to no one in particular.

“There. The back corner. See that chick in the short skirt wiggling her ass?” someone answered. I craned my neck to see, but I still couldn’t get a good view of the portion of the dance pit he mentioned.

“Oh yeah, I see her. Damn. Look at her move. What is she though?” Mark said.

“What is she? A hot horny drunk chick, that’s what she is.” the same guy answered.

“No I mean…ethnically… the dude with his hands all over her is Mexican. But she doesn’t quite look Mexican. She looks kinda….Indian. His kinda Indian.” Mark said pointing at me. “Hey Ajit, come over and see if this woman is one of your people, will ya?”

I pushed through a few men and came next to where Mark was standing. I then followed his gaze. And I almost exclaimed out in shock. Not only was the woman Indian, she was my wife! Dancing with her was a hispanic looking guy that was not Ramon. And he had his hands on the back of her skirt, very visibly grabbing and fondling her ass. She had her hands on his shoulder and was shaking her ass to the music. A few feet away from her, I saw Kristen dancing with a black guy, but they weren’t being as amorous as Yashodhara and her partner.

“Well, is she Indian?” Mark asked, poking me in the ribs.

“Yeah, yeah she is.” I said, thankful that Mark had not yet met my wife or I’d have to answer some really embarrassing questions.

“Holy shit! He is lifting her skirt! Woohoo! Butcheeks!” some guy around her said, and everyone whooped and cheered. Sure enough, the guy had lifted the back of her skirt and held it above her waist. Yashodhara was wearing a thong underneath so almost all of her ass was on display. She seemed to have noticed it and stretched her hand back to pull her skirt down. But either she was too drunk, or was doing it half-heartedly or both. After a few futile attempts to pull her skirt back down, Yashodhara gave up and kept dancing, letting half the bar see her ass.

A few of the guys around her let out a wolf whistle and cheered. Yashodhara turned around and smiled at them. Maybe she felt a little embarrassed, so she turned around, taking her ass out of public view, and starting grinding it against the crotch of her dancing partner. But the way she smiled and moved, I was sure she was really drunk. The guy moved his hands to the front and started massaging her boobs through the tank-top that she was wearing.

“Damn, I hope she flashes her boobs next.” said Mark, a sentiment that seemed pretty universal. Because some guys on the dance floor near her started chanting in unison – show her tits! show her tits! show her tits! Yashodhara smiled and shook her head, as she rested it on her partner’s shoulder. He bent his head and started kissing her, very passionately. She put a hand behind his head and started kissing him back hungrily too. And I found myself getting really turned on. So far she had described everything she did in great detail. But now, seeing for myself, the way she was lip-locked with a stranger, felt very erotic. I was worried I might start getting a hard on in public.

“Look at how she is eating his face!” someone around me said. “That women needs a good fucking tonight, and Chico there is gonna give it to her.”

After a long time they broke their kiss and the guys around started applauding and cheering. Her partner then whispered something in Yashodhara’s ear, and she closed her eyes and slowly nodded. The guy flashed a big smile at people around him and then his hands went down to the hem of her top. He slowly started pulling the top up as the guys started cheering.

“Booby time!!!” someone around me exclaimed.

He rolled her top up slowly, almost teasingly, and her flat stomach and belly button came into view. The cheering and clapping around them got really loud as the top rolled up even further. And just as it was right below her boobs, a big guy, almost 7-foot-tall and big-built, stepped between the cheering guys and Yashodhara, and pulled her top down. Everyone let out groans of disappointment as the big guy, apparently a bouncer in the club, started talking very animatedly to Yashodhara’s guy. There was a lot of gesturing and hand-waving. Kristen and her black guy stopped dancing and joined the trio. Soon, the black guy, Yashodhara’s guy and Kristen were arguing with the bouncer, while Yashodhara, looking very dazed and drunk, just stood there leaning against her guy’s chest.

I didn’t understand what was happening until some guys around me started discussing it and I got it. Apparently most clubs have these unwritten rules about flashing. Flashing till underwear is fine, which is what the guy did when he showed Yashodhara’s thong-clad ass to everyone. But actual nudity was forbidden. So showing her boobs would have crossed the line. Add to it the fact that Yashodhara seemed totally hammered. When a woman was that drunk, even if she flashed people voluntarily, clubs were worried that the next day they might come back and sue them for letting it happen. So the bouncer had stepped in and put a stop to it.

In a few minutes, the argument between the bouncer and Yashodhara’s friends ended and he walked away, shaking his head and looking upset, The four of them then walked away from the dance pit and to the side, where we could not see them.

Yashodhara's Descent Part 4

They finished their drinks and were cuddling on the bed silently for a while when Ramon asked her if she had ever thought of having a threesome. By now, he was also fingering her and she was getting horny again. Plus she was still drunk. So she said that yes, she had often fantasized about it (which was news to me!) but didn’t know if she could actually go through with one. He said that any of his friends she met tonight would be delighted to join in if she ever wanted. She said she’ll think about it, but for now she was happy with just doing it with him. He then asked her if she liked anal sex and she told him correctly that she and I had tried it a few times over the years, but she had never enjoyed it. All this talk was getting Yashodhara horny and she felt Ramon getting hard again too. She got up to go to the bathroom, and said that once she came back, they should have sex. He was obviously ready.

In the bathroom, she peed and then as she was about to leave, caught a sight of herself in the mirror. The disheveled hair thanks to Ramon pulling it and all the hickies and bitemarks. As she stood there examining the marks, she heard a door open. She had not noticed that the bathroom had two doors, one from the living room and another from Carlos’ bedroom. And it was Carlos standing there, staring at her naked body. She stared at him and thought of running out, but for some reason just stood there.

She then asked him if he hadn’t fallen asleep. He smiled and said that she had been moaning and howling so loudly as Ramon fucked her that he could not. She smiled and apologized for it, and he said no problem, he enjoyed it. He said he was also enjoying looking at her perfect naked body and that Ramon was a very lucky guy to have it for himself. Then he asked her if she and Ramon were exclusive, or if she would consider being with other guys too. Yashodhara said that so far it was just ramon, but she had not really thought much about other guys one way or another. Carlos said if she ever did decide, she should give him a call. She just smiled and walked out of the bedroom.

Carlos was now the third man in the world to see her completely naked and that turned Yashodhara on even more, if that was possible. She ran to Ramon, and he started fucking her again. Once again, it was very rough and in every position possible. In fact when I texted her in worry asking if she was alright, she was being fucked in the wheelbarrow position again and had replied to me while he kept fucking. This time he tried a couple of other positions too, fucking her from behind standing up, as he bent in her waist, and he held both her hands. He also fucked her holding her up against the wall, which she said she really liked. And again, there was a lot of dirty namecalling and references to her being Indian.

At one point when he turned her around to fuck her doggy style again, they both faced the bedroom door and saw that Carlos was standing there, watching them. She felt even hotter as she stared into his eyes, her boobs swinging back and forth rapidly as ramon fucked her doggy style. When Carlos saw that she did not seem to mind him watching, he took out his erect cock from his shorts and started jacking off. She saw his cock which she said was also pretty big….maybe big cocks ran in their family. Yashodhara realized that she was in the danger of losing self-control and fucking Carlos too, something she didn’t want to do yet. (Yet?? I asked and she smiled). So she told Ramon to cum soon because she needed to get home. Ramon who had been holding back his cum with great effort, immediately let loose and filled her cunt for a second time that night.

Ramon then said that she should help finish off poor Carlos too, but she shook her head. He said maybe take it in her mouth and she refused. Then he said she should at least let him cum on her tits, because if it weren’t for him and his apartment, they would not have gotten together that night. She reluctantly agreed and as soon as she did, Carlos rushed forward, whacked his dick really fast and sprayed her tits with his cum.

Yashodhara then said she really needed to get going, so Carlos went to make a call to the cab company. As she started getting dressed, Ramon grabbed her bra and panties and said he was keeping them as souvenirs. She had no choice but to let him. And that’s why she came home without any underwear.

After Yashodhara finished narrating her story, I was obviously ready to bang her then and there. She was turned on too. So we started having sex right away, and as I fucked her, I noticed that her cunt had gotten slightly loose. I wondered if my being in her gave her pleasure any more, but she was moaning and groaning quite well, so I abandoned the thought.

After we finished having sex, as she was getting dressed, I asked her if she was now ready to fuck Ramon in our house and she said she still wasn’t. But she would not mind doing it at Carlos’ place again. Then I asked her about the threesome and Carlos. She said she was still not sure about the threesome, but she had been thinking of sleeping with someone other than Ramon and Carlos seemed like a good candidate. She also said though that now that she had tried a hispanic guy, she was curious about others – like white guys, black guys, Arabs etc. I was thrilled at how much my wife’s sexual thinking had evolved in a matter of weeks.

I started asking her more questions, but she put a finger on my lips and said this weekend was all about me and her. And we should talk about other guys some other time. With that, she went to the kitchen to start lunch and I sat there wondering if whatever was happening was really as good as I thought it was.

Yashodhara's Descent Part 3

Yashodhara had made a few friends at college, and she and Ramon were part of a small group. That week, the group made plans to hang out at some clubs dancing Friday night. And they’d all be home by 2 am after the bars closed. Everyone was happy and excited about the plan, but Ramon was even more enthusiastic. After the plans were made, he took Yashodhara aside and said this could be like their first “date”. They’d go out with the group, but an hour or so later, he suggested Yashodhara make some excuse about a headache and he could volunteer to drop her home. And instead, they’d go hang out, just the two of them, at some other nightspots he liked. First, she was reluctant about the idea, but then Ramon guilt-tripped her saying he never got to spend any alone time with her except in the car. So she relented.

Friday night, Yashodhara rushed through her dinner and ran into the bedroom to get ready for the date night. When she came out over an hour later, she looked jaw-droppingly stunning. She wasn’t showing a lot of skin or anything…. it was after all a Midwestern winter night, so skimpy clothes were out of the question. She was wearing a red school-girl style skirt, which extended an inch below her knee. Below that, she had on knee-length leather boots with heels. On top, she was wearing a white button-down shirt that was very snug-fitting, so it accentuated her big tits and her flat stomach. And it was very white so the black bra she was wearing under it was visible. She had also left the top two buttons of her shirt open, giving a nice hint of cleavage. And her shoulder-length hair, which she usually tied into a bun or a ponytail, was down in waves, which contrasted well with her make-up and bright red lip stick. She looked so ravishingly beautiful, I felt like fucking her right there. But she refused, not wanting her make-up messed up.

Then she got a call on her cellphone from her friend Kristen that she was about to reach our house to pick Yashodhara up. Yashodhara wore a shiny leather coat that went down to her knee, wrapped a scarf around her neck, put on a loose woolen cap, and got ready to leave. There was a honk, and my wife kissed me on the lips, and left the house.

Barely 30 seconds later, my cellphone rang and I answered.

“Ajit, could you come out? Everyone wants to meet you and get introduced.” Yashodhara said.

“Um, sure.” I said, put on a jacket and other woolen stuff and walked out.

I saw two cars parked on the road outside the house and Yashodhara was sitting in the back of one of them. I walked up to it, and a pretty young blonde behind the drivers side flashed me a big smile and yelled,

“Hiiiii Ayyy-jeet.” pronouncing my name like Americans usually do. “Yash has told us soooo much about you.” She said “Yash” rhyming with “rash” which amused me.

“Yash?” I said, smiling at her and extending my hand which she took.

“Yeah, it is too friggin hard to say yash-ode-harr-aa. So we just call her Yash. I am Kristen by the way.” she said happily. “Thanks for letting us kidnap your wife for tonight.”

“No problem.” I said smiling at Kristen and then at Yashodhara.

“I’ll introduce the others.” Yashodhara said. The guy in the front next to Kristen was Max. The girl next to her was Susan. I was surprised at how young they all looked.

“You guys don’t look like you’re of drinking age.” I said.

“Obviously we’re not.” Max said disappointedly, “Which is why we’re just going to alcohol-free dance clubs. Yash is the only one who can legally drinking. The rest of us are all 19 or 20. Although Ramon in the other car has a pretty good fake ID.”

Two factoids wrestled with each other to shine themselves on my brain. The first, that all these people were just 19 or 20. And then I was surprised that I had not guessed it earlier. Yashodhara was doing a bachelor course after all. So most students were bound to be that young, almost a decade younger than her.

And of course, the second fact, that Ramon was sitting a few feet away from me. I took a couple of steps to the other car, and saw him. He flashed me half a smile and nodded. He did look tall, well-built and handsome, and I could see why Yashodhara or anyone else would feel attracted to him. He had a light brown skin, like Hispanics usually do. Although his body was like a boxer’s, his face gave away his age. His face still had the innocence, confusion and bravado of a 19-20 year old. I walked up to him and extending my hand, said,

“Hi, I’m Ajit.”

“Hey man.” he said in a thick Mexican accent, “Ramon.”

He didn’t say much else, and did not look chatty or friendly like the others. He was probably nervous about meeting the husband of the woman he was banging. A woman, almost a decade older than him. I nodded at him and walked to the front car.

“So no drinking tonight?” I asked looking at Max and Kristen.

“Nah, we could if Yash here agreed to buy booze for us. But she refuses.” Kristen chirped.

“Hey, if I get caught, I’ll be deported!” Yashodhara protested.

“yeah, we know. Just givin you a hard time, Yash.” Kristen laughed. “Anyway, we gotta get going to our alcohol-free dance club. Have a nice night, Ajit. We’ll get your wife back safe and sound.”

“Have a good time, all of you.” I said, leaning into the rear window and pecking Yashodhara on the cheek.

I stepped back and they drove away. Ramon nodded at me again as he drove past me. I stood there for a while, surprised at myself for not realizing how young he was. I smiled as I realized that when Yashodhara and I had our first kiss in high school, Ramon was probably 6-7 years old, watching cartoons on TV. When Yashodhara and I slept together for the first time, Ramon was years away from puberty. And this guy was now banging my wife. Seemed funny and a little sad at the same time.

I headed back into the house, and wondered what I should do. I took a bottle of scotch out of the liquor cabinet, turned on the TV and sat there, drinking and watching. I figured out another reason Ramon wanted to break away from their group. The rest of the group, all white, innocent and looking like Disney teen stars, were not going to drink. Ramon had a fake ID and he had a hot woman of legal drinking age. Of course, he’d want to break away and go to actual bars and clubs with her, instead of “alcohol-free dance clubs”. ——-

There were a couple of decent comedy movies on cable that night that I kept switching back and forth between. And kept sipping on my scotch. An hour or so later, I was pretty buzzed when my phone buzzed. A text message from Yashodhara – “told em headache n left. ramon n i goin to bar. love you.” So they had finally dumped the other group. I texted back a message saying I loved her too. And got back to watching the movies.

As I watched, I also kept thinking about Yashodhara and Ramon. I had always sort of pictured in my mind her being in the car with him. But now that I saw how he looked, the pictures were clearer, and I got turned on. The thoughts of a 19 year old tall burly guy with a baby-face having his way with my petite and pretty wife, ten years older than him, were very arousing. I wondered what he would do tonight. Dance with her, fondle and paw her in public in bars, as other men looked on and envied him for being with such a hot Indian woman. Maybe he’d take her to the bathroom in a bar or club and fuck her there. But that was almost as uncomfortable as doing it in a car.

Two hours passed and it was almost midnight when I got another text message from Yashodhara – “am bein such a notty girl tonite. flrting with all his friends. dancing with em n all. love you.” His friends? Where did his friends come from? I thought it was going to be just Ramon and her. But clearly there were others too. That worried me and turned me on at the same time. The idea of Yashodhara, all dolled up, flirting and dancing with a bunch of guys in a bar while getting drunk was very exciting. But I was also concerned. Her with just one guy she knew and trusted was one thing. But a bunch of guys, all drunk, seemed a little scary. However, I just sent her back a text message saying I was glad she was having fun.

Another hour passed and another text message from Yashodhara. This one was full of spelling errors so she was obviously very drunk by now – “ala gusy luv me. bt am nt letng thm do much. gonan go 2 carlos huse wit ramon.” Okay, who the fuck was Carlos? Obviously, one of Ramon’s friends, but why was she going to his house. I decided it was time to get some information, so instead of texting back I called her up. But she didn’t answer and it went to voicemail. Five minutes later, I called her again, but no answer. Fifteen minutes later, my phone rang, and it was Yashodhara finally returning my call.

“Hiiiiiiiii” she squealed, sounding very drunk.

“Hey honey, what’s happening?” I asked.

“I love you soooooo much.” she said.

“I love you too.” I answered.

“I am in the ladies bathroom.” she said. “I could not answer your call because the guys were all around.”

“Ok. Who is this Carlos whose house you’re going to?”

“He is Ramon’s cousin. We’re goin to his place for some drinks… the bar is about to close. Can I go?” she asked in a sweet voice.

“Okay, will you be spending the night there?” I asked.

“Nooooo. Just a little time. I’ll get a cab home in an hour.” she said, “Anyway, gotta go.”

And with that she hung up. I sat there wondering if I should intervene or do something, or tell her to come home at once. But I was curious to see what would happen. I poured myself my umpteenth scotch for the night and sipped on it. I thought about whether Ramon and Carlos would both fuck her. Maybe together. Would she really come home, or would she just spend the night? I kept thinking about worrying questions and erotic scenarios and I didn’t realize when I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up with an urgent need to pee. Drinking so much scotch will do that to you.

Yashodhara's Descent Part 2

I quietly looked at her. She looked back. Then I said,

“I need some time alone to think.”

She nodded, and I got up and went to the living room and lay down on the couch. I thought things over. Everything. Honestly. And after an hour I went back to the bedroom. Yashodhara was sitting on the bed with her arms around her knees, looking petrified. When she saw me walk in, she stared at me with fear-filled eyes. I sat down next to her, put my arm around her shoulder and started talking. and it was a long conversation, so I will just summarize the main points.

I told her that I loved her more than anything in the world. And that I had loved all these years we had together. But it was natural for a sense of sameness to set in, especially in the physical domain, after these many years together. So I could understand why she did what she did. And truth be told, I might have done the same thing or even more if an attractive woman had courted me ardently like Ramon had. I also told her that I have had fantasies for a couple of years about her being with another man. And an attractive woman like her deserves to taste more of life if she wants to. I did not have any expectations or boundaries for her in terms of what she did physically as long as she stayed emotionally faithful to me. I would not get upset if she did anything, literally anything, I emphasized. I would not leave her, but I had two conditions. One, that she should be honest to me about everything, and tell me whatever happened in great detail like she did today. And two, if I get a chance to be with another woman, she should not be upset.

Yashodhara said she was surprised that I was reacting so open-mindedly and was not angry at her. She admitted that over the years, she had found a lot of men attractive and had often fantasized about them, but never did anything out of love for me. But as the years went by, the yearning for trying someone else kept growing. Especially since so many men of all types kept flirting with her. But even now, she was not sure if she wanted to actually sleep with a man or just do other stuff short of it. Maybe she would be satisfied with the high she got from just kissing and fondling with Ramon. Maybe not. She was not sure. What she was sure of was that I was the only man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and I was the only one she could ever be emotionally attracted and connected to. So no matter what she did, she would never leave me either. As far as the conditions were concerned, she accepted both of them. She would tell me honestly and in detail about whatever she did with Ramon. And she would not mind if I fooled around with another woman. Her only condition was that I should not tell her about my dalliances. She said she understood why i wanted to hear everything in detail about her, but she did not want the same thing.

And with that understanding reached, we hugged each other and made gentle passionate love that night.

The next couple of days, I was really busy at work because of an upcoming deadline. I would get home really late, close to midnight when Yashodhara would either be studying or sleeping. I felt tempted to ask her every day what happened, but did not feel like disturbing her studies or sleep. In the morning, we’d both be in a rush to get ready and leave, so we couldn’t talk much then either. Finally, on the fourth day when my deadline was met, I came home at a reasonable hour in the evening.

When I got home, Yashodhara was taking a nap on the couch. She usually didn’t take naps during the day, so I wondered what exactly had happened to tire her out so much. I thought about waking her up to ask, but she looked so peaceful, I let her sleep. I sat on a chair next to her, reading a book. An hour or so later, Yashodhara woke up, saw me and smiled.

“Hi sweetie.” she said, and got up and kissed me long and hard.

“Wow, you seem to have had an interesting day.” I asked when she broke the kiss.

“Yesssss. So are you ready for my Ramon updates?” she said, planting herself in my lap.

“Yes. Have you had sex with him yet?” I asked.

“No.” she replied matter of factly, “But things have moved ahead a lot. Here’s what’s been happening”, and she started telling me.

The day after we had our long talk, Yashodhara got into the car with Ramon to be dropped home. Usually he didn’t make any reference to their making out while driving, and didn’t’ make any advances until they were outside our house. But that day, he asked her if she was OK with going to a more private spot. She agreed. So on the way home, he pulled the car off the road into wooded area, and came to a stop. He left the engine and the heater running, obviously, because the mercury was way below zero. He then unbuckled his seat belt, leaned to his right and started kissing her. Yashodhara kissed him back passionately, for the first time using her tongue, which got Ramon very excited. In no time, his hands were inside her coat, massaging her boobs over the sweater and when she didn’t resist, inside the sweater and the top, and inside her bra cups, fondling her boobs and playing with her nipples. When she didn’t resist, he made the move that had made her stop last time. Slid his hand to the back. he was delighted when she did not stop him and he unhooked her bra.

With the bra unhooked, he got better access to her boobs. He now slid both his hands under her cups and started fondling her boobs roughly. After a couple of minutes, he took her coat off, and then her sweater, top and bra, neither of which she stopped him from doing. Ramon was now getting really excited at how well things were going. So excited, that Yashodhara could see his erection poking through the front of his jeans. After he got her topless and started playing with her tits, she reached her left hand over and felt the bulge in his pants. The size of the bulge seemed very impressive, so she tried to unbutton and unzip his jeans, but could not do it with her left hand. But Ramon realized what she was trying to do and happily opened his jeans. He then got back to mauling her tits with his hands and mouth as she slowly slid the front of his underwear down, and felt his erect dick.

Without any hesitation, Yashodhara told me it was longer and thicker than mine. Mine is a 6 incher with a decent girth. She said he must be around 8 inches with twice the girth. That made me feel a little emasculated, but also excited at the thought of my wife playing with a big thick cock. She played with the impressive cock for a while, running her fingers up and down it, and grabbing it in her fist and pumping it for a bit. Ramon meanwhile decided to strike while the iron was hot and with his right hand started unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, which he managed to do very easily. He told her to lift her ass, and when she did, slid her jeans and panties down to her knees. After that he started playing with her clit and fingered her pussy. This got Yashodhara really horny, but it also made her realize that she was moving faster than she wanted.

She curtly told him to stop. He did and leaned back in frustration. Yashodhara said this was going a bit too rapidly. So as a compromise, Ramon suggested that they both masturbate while watching each other. She didn’t feel comfortable masturbating in front of him yet, although she wanted to do so really badly. At the same time, she was really fascinated by his huge dick. So she suggested that instead, she could give him a blowjob. Ramon, obviously delighted, agreed and Yashodhara bent her head down and took his dick in her mouth.

“Wait a minute.” I interrupted. “You voluntarily gave him a blowjob?”

Yashodhara nodded shyly

“But I have to beg you to give me blowjobs.” I protested. “Blowjobs from you are like national holidays, just a few a year!”

“Obviously, that will change now, Ajit.” she said with a wink.

“It better! Anyway, go on.”

Yashodhara took his dick in her mouth and started sucking on it hungrily. As she did it, Ramon played with her magnificent ass, fondling and spanking it. this sudden progress in their games had turned on Ramon a little too much. He didn’t last very long and within minutes, started cumming in her mouth.

“Let me guess. Another change. You swallowed, right” I asked and she nodded again.

She said she didn’t feel great swallowing his cum, which is why as soon as it was done, she told him that was enough for that day. She put all her clothes back on, he zipped his jeans and he dropped her home.

The next two days were pretty much a replay of that day, except that Ramon got Yashodhara completely naked. On the way to our house, Ramon would pull over in some remote spot and they would go at it. The action stayed limited to fondling and blowjobs. She still didn’t feel comfortable letting him finger her. but she had done it to herself multiple times each day after coming home. Ramon, who had been initially happy with the big jumps in what they were doing, started demanding more.

So on the fourth day, that is today, they moved a little bit further. She finally gave in to his constant demands of letting him fingers her, but said she still wasn’t ready for his tongue. Ramon agreed and started fingering her. Within a few minutes, he had gotten her so worked up with his skillful fingers that when he asked once more if he could go down on her, her answer changed to yes. Yashodhara said that his tongue is also long, thick and kinda raspy and the way he licked her felt so much better than the way I did. Within thirty seconds of his tongue going to work on her clit, she started orgasming. Her first orgasm in Ramon’s presence. He loved how noisy she was when she came and how she uttered a lot of expletives.

“Expletives?” I asked quizzically.

“Yeah, like fuck, cunt, dick, etc.” Yashodhara said.

She loved his oral skills so much that she made him go down on her four more times during the next half an hour, each time, cumming harder than she had before.

Yashodhara's Descent Part 1

My wife Yashodhara and I are in our late 20s, have been married for 4 years, and have been living in America for over a year in a Midwestern town. I am a tech consultant and she was a school teacher back home in India. We were high school sweethearts, so even though we have been married only four years, we have been together for almost 15 years. We moved to the US because I got a great job offer from a rapidly growing biotech firm. They were willing to pay me a six figure salary and sponsor green cards for me and Yashodhara. Initially after we moved to the US, the plan was to have our first baby that Yashodhara would stay home and look after. But after months of trying, when we couldn’t conceive, we went to doctors and found out that there was a problem with her tubes and she could never conceive. After the disappointment of never being able to conceive ebbed, Yashodhara decided that she wanted to become a school teacher again. So she decided to enroll in an education degree program in a local community college.

We pretty much settled into a regular routine – me with my job and Yashodhara with her classes. She was delighted with the coursework, her instructors and the overall program, and the determination to become a school teacher in the US seemed to make her forget her inability to have kids. All her classes during the first semester were timed such that I’d drop her off at the college on my way to work at 9 am and pick her up on the way back at 6 pm. But in the second semester, her classes ended at 2 pm. So I could still drop her to school, but she either had to sit around doing nothing for four hours waiting for me, or then take a bus. And waiting for a bus in the brutal Midwestern winter was not something one looks forward to. So we decided to buy a second car, this one for her.

Yashodhara was very excited about what would be the first ever car that would be exclusively hers. She started making decisions about the model and the color of the car, as well as about some features she wanted pre-installed. And she was being very finicky. When the second semester was just about to start, she finally picked one to buy, the dealer told us that the particular model we wanted in the particular color Yashodhara had her mind set on, would take 2 months to be delivered. I suggested that she should get it in another color, because a 2 month delay would mean either sitting around for 4 hours when her classes ended early, or then taking a bus in the cold weather. But Yashodhara was adamant. She said she would wait everyday for two months at college, or if she got too bored, take the bus home. She was so hell-bent on getting that particular car, I had to relent.

For the first week or so, she waited at school for me to pick her up. But one day in the second week, I got a call from her at 2 pm.

“Hi Ajit!” she said sounding very happy.

“Hi honey, what’s up?” I asked.

“Great news. I am getting a ride home from a classmate today.” she said, almost giggling with delight.

“Oh, that’s nice. Who is it?” I asked.

“Guy named Ramon. Our house is on his way back.”

“Cool. So you won’t have to wait for me today.” I said.


That’s when I heard the beep of call waiting.

“Anyway, I am getting another call. I’ll see you at home.” I said and hung up.

When I got home, Yashodhara told me that Ramon had offered to drop her home everyday if she liked, and asked me if she should accept. I said why not. It was great that her ordeal of having to wait for me would not last for two months. I suggested that she offer to split the fuel expenses. The next day, Yashodhara said she had offered to split the expenses, but Ramon had refused saying it wasn’t necessary.

Which did not surprise me at all. Men are always happy to pay for good looking women. And as far as looks go, Yashodhara was a bombshell. At 5 ft 3 she wasn’t tall enough to become a model. But if not for her height, she easily could have become one. She had a flawless milky white complexion and a heart-shaped face with grey eyes. As if the face itself wasn’t attractive enough, she had perfectly shaped 34C boobs without any sag, and an hourglass figure with a petite waist and a curvy well rounded ass. And below the ass, she had the slender and contoured legs of a goddess. My wife always drew second and even third glances from strangers, which always made me feel lucky that I managed to bag her early in high school. Because there was no way a beauty like her would have reached adulthood without being pursued by dozens of eligible men more attractive than me.

So I could understand why Ramon was happy to have my beautiful wife in his car every day and not take any money for it. I am sure he would have paid her to let him drop her home. he had to have been attracted to her. Few men weren’t.

And sure enough, a couple of days later, I got the evidence of his being attracted to her.

“Something awkward happened today.” Yashodhara said to me as soon as I stepped in the door.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Today, when Ramon drove me here and I was about to get out of the car, he asked me if I’d like to go have coffee with him.” she said, blushing a bit.

“Ah ha. And what did you say?”

“I didn’t know what exactly he meant. If he was asking just as a friend or something else. I mean, he knows I am married. So it couldn’t have been like a date type thing, right?” Yashodhara asked me sincerely.

“How would I know? I have never even met the guy. Anyway, what did you say?” I asked.

“I just said I had homework to do, so maybe some other time.” she said.

“You said some other time?”

“I know. I was just sort of avoiding it. But that actually made him happy. He said sure, we could do it some other time. When? let’s make a date. And then took out his palm pilot and started looking at his calendar!” she said.

“Well, what do you expect? So what did you say?” I asked.

“Nothing. I just said, no, I am not sure of my plans. And I just got out of the car and came inside.” she said.

“Hmmm. OK.”

“So what do you think, Ajit?”

“What do I think about what, honey?”

“Should I just stop getting a ride from him?” she asked, with a worried look on her face.

I thought about her question. Actually, I pretended to think about her question. Because truth be told, the idea of some guy flirting with my wife turned me on a little bit. I had always enjoyed reading erotic stories where men liked to see their wives with others. And I had fantasized very often about Yashodhara and other men. But I had never quite mustered up the courage to actually share these fantasies with her. And now that there was an actual guy flirting with her, I was intrigued to see how the situation would unfold.

“No, that’d be silly.” I finally said. “So he asked you out. who wouldn’t? You’re a bomb, and you know it.”

“Ajit!!” she said blushing.

“Oh yeah, you’re a bomb. In fact if you were married to someone else, I’d still want to go after you.” I said, pulling her in my arms.

“Hehe, you’re such a rogue.” she said, and hid her face in my chest.

“That I am. But anyway, seriously, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. You should still take rides from him. We’re in America now. People asking each other out on dates is normal. And refusing them is normal too.” I said.

And that’s where the matter ended. Or so I thought for a couple of days, because Yashodhara didn’t bring up Ramon and I didn’t ask about him either. But then one day, as we were having dinner talking about each other’s days, Yashodhara suddenly said,

“You know, this Ramon guy is getting very naughty with each passing day.”

“What? what do you mean each passing day?” I asked, surprised and a little curious.

“Well, ever since that day when he asked me for the coffee thing, he has been acting a lot more flirtatiously.” she said looking at me.

“How so?” I asked.

“Well, honestly, nothing really too drastic. But not too minor either. He compliments me on what I am wearing or how I look.”

“Yeah, but that’s normal, isn’t it?” I asked.

“Yes, but sometimes it is beyond just the “you look pretty today” which other people say too. Like two days back, he told me how my eyes are enchanting, and how once he looks into them, it is very difficult to look away.” she said, shrugging.

“Ok…” this was getting interesting.

“And yesterday he said I had the most perfect luscious lips he had ever seen. Not too thin, not too pouty. And he envied you for getting to kiss them whenever you wanted.” she said.

“Wow. That is some heavy flirting.” I said, getting a little excited at the idea.

“Anyway, I didn’t pay much attention to that. But then, today he asked me on a date again. This time dinner and drinks downtown.” she said.

“What?” I said, almost spitting my food out. I was not surprised that he asked Yashodhara out, but that she seemed so calm about it.

“Yeah, but don’t worry. I firmly refused. And then I told him that all his flirting and comments and everything was making me uncomfortable and I was thinking of not taking rides from him any more.” she said.

“Oh, so what did he say?” I asked.

“He got very apologetic. Said he was sorry if he was crossing any lines and he didn’t mean to. And that the flirting and everything was just for fun. And if it made me uncomfortable, he would stop.” she said and continued, “He said he found me very attractive physically, but was not really interested in me romantically. So I should not worry and that from now on he would behave like a gentleman.”

“Hmm…fair enough. Like I said, what man wouldn’t be attracted to you physically?”

“So I have decided that I will see how he acts tomorrow. If he continues to be weird, I’ll just wait for you to pick me up.”

The next day, Yashodhara told me, with a big sense of relief that Ramon had been perfectly gentlemanly, like he used to be in the initial days. No compliments, no looks, no flirting.

Nothing Lasts Forever

My name is Jai.I used to live with my parents in the small city of Panvel near Mumbai. The story that I’m about to tell you happened with me a few years ago but it seems to me that I’ll never be able to forget it. I belong to a relatively poor family but my parents made lots of sacrifices in order to give me education. I still remember my father going to his job wearing boots that had hole in them. Instead of buying new shoes he bought my school uniform and books. My mother sewing clothes for others daily while cooking food for us and taking care of other house chores. The list of their sacrifices for me is endless. I wanted to repay all their hardship for me but knew that there wasn’t much I can do at that time. So I did the right thing and with hard work and determination excelled in my studies.

I knew that it wont be possible for them to send me to college unless I got myself scholarship. The happiest day of my life was when I got my scholarship letter from a famous college of Mumbai. The real joy for me was not in that letter but seeing how happy and proud my parents were. All of us were so happy until we realized a new problem. Where will I stay in Mumbai? My father had a few relatives living in Mumbai but he was a proud man. Even under some difficult times he never asked for anyone’s help before but this was different. Finally he decided to talk with his elder brother. My mom wasn’t too happy about this but even she realized that there was no other option. See the thing is that my uncle was quite a rich man yet he never helped my father. On the other hand papa never asked for his help either.

He is 5 years older than my father and at that time was about 51 years old. He lived with his wife whom he married 2 years ago after his first wife died. He didn’t have any kids from his first marriage and yet to have any from this one as well. I didn’t attended his marriage because I was having exams at that time. I heard my mother saying afterwards that his wife looked more like his grand daughter since she was just 18 years old at the time of their marriage. To our surprise uncle agreed to let me live in his house. I was so happy and 2 days before the college was about to open I went to my uncle’s house with my personal belongings in a small suit case.

When I reached his house a pleasant surprise was waiting for me there. When i ringed the bell a young woman opened the door. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was about 5’6 with fair complexion, full lips, long thick hair which were open at that time and big boobs. The thing that attracted me the most about her were her eyes though. They were deep blue with an intensity that penetrated straight to my heart. I never believed in love at first sight theory but when it happened with me i was left stunned. God knows how long I stood there eying her up and down until she finally broke the silence.

Priya:”Hi, are you Jai?”

Jai:”Ye..yes I’m Jai.”I mumbled like a moron.

Priya:”Please to meet you Jai. I’m your aunty Priya.” She said that and extended her hand towards me. I kept on shaking her hand alot longer than I should have. When I realized that and let it go she dazzled me with her stunning smile. She showed me my room and once she left I did the only right thing that was left to do, masturbate. In a few days I started to feel at home. I started helping them out with some house chores. My uncle turned out to be a nice guy after all. He treated me like his own son which embarrassed me sometimes considering the way I felt about his wife. I was trying to keep my distance from her yet a part of me was always dying to get near to her.

I couldn’t stop noticing that she enjoyed the attention that I gave her. Uncle had his own business and was always busy. I ended up spending alot of time with her in his absence. We even saw movies together sometimes and while eating pop corn from the same bowl our fingers touched each other frequently. I couldn’t helped myself from touching her more and more. You know like brushing my hand against different parts of her body “accidentally”. The thrill that I got by doing this was too much for me to resist. The fact that she let me do this only made me bolder. As days went by we were fast becoming good friends. At that time we didn’t realized that somethings that start out innocently are not that innocent after a while. Touching each other was quite normal now.We even started sharing our secrets with one another.

She told me how she didn’t wanted to marry my uncle but in the end agreed because of the financial condition of her parents. It got to the point where one day I even asked her “Do you love him?” She stayed silent for a while before saying “Some people are not lucky enough to experience true love in their life.” Although she never told me that but my I was convinced that they didn’t have sex anymore. I mean it wasn’t just his age that made me think like that. He used to come quite late at night and often drunk. As soon as they were in their room I could hear him snoring loudly within minutes. Her beauty and charm were driving me insane and I was fast losing track of what’s right or wrong.

One day when I came back from college she was in the kitchen cutting some vegetables. She was still in her black night gown and was looking divine. She had her back towards me when I entered kitchen. Her arms and almost half of her legs were naked. This along with her inviting hips started to make me horny. I don’t know what came over me as I went behind her and held both her hands from behind while touching my tool with her ass. “Can I help you?” I asked her while rubbing my crotch against her ass. “N…no tha thanks” She said in a trembling voice. “It’s ok. Just let me help you” I said and we kept on cutting vegetables slowly while I was holding her hands and rubbing my erect rod with her sexy ass.

Her body was shaking now but she still didn’t said anything. Until I started kissing her on the neck passionately. “Ahhh what are you doing? Umm please stop” She managed to say while moaning in a weak voice. I started fondling her big breasts and kept on kissing her neck. “Ummm no please ahhh this is not right” She said as her body was getting caught in the heat of the moment. I opened my pants and let them fall on the floor. My rock hard cock came out ready for action. I rolled her gown upwards till her waist and as it turned this really was my lucky day as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I spread her legs wide apart with my feet and went down on my knees. As soon as my tongue touched her cunt moans of ecstasy came out of her mouth. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhh yesss ummmmmmm” She was moaning now like a bitch caught on fire and her moans were only making me hornier as I started eating her pussy wildly. I turned her facing towards me after a few minutes and took off her gown completely.

My mouth started drooling as soon as I saw her melons. I started chewing her erect tits wildly while squeezing her other breast with my hand. She was moaning loudly and it was arousing me even more. I kept on sucking her juicy boobs. It was getting too much for me now and my cock needed some attention as well. I lay on the floor and told her to suck me off. She was under my command now. Slowly she went down on her knees and took my shaft in her mouth while thrusting her hot pussy in my face. We were in a perfect 69 position now and sucking each other to the state of ecstasy. With loud moans she reached her first orgasm “Ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhh yes yesss yesssssssssssssss”. I rolled her off me and now she was on the floor. I told her to get on her all fours and came behind her. As soon as I saw her shaved cunt up in the air I couldn’t control my self any more. I came behind her and pushed my cock in her hot cunt. It went in like a hot knife through butter.

I was thrusting it in and conquering her cunt inch by inch with powerful strokes until all of it went inside her. I was fucking her mercilessly now and she was moaning like crazy as she reached her second orgasm “Ahhhhhhhhh Ummmmmm Ahhhh Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. I kept on penetrating her pussy for a few more minutes until i was about to cum as well. I took out my cock from the depths of her cunt and moved towards her mouth. She took it in her mouth eagerly and started sucking me off passionately. I was holding her by the hair and fucking her mouth royally. I was grunting loudly as my balls were slapping against her chin and send my hot semen deep down her throat. She didn’t try to take my cock out of her mouth and kept on sucking me until my cock went limp.

From that day on we kept on fucking each other all the time. There was no thought about right or wrong anymore. Within no time what started out as a sexual relationship developed in to something much deeper than that. Both of us were happy until one day she told me that she was pregnant. I was shell shocked. Maybe I should have been more careful but it was too late now. On the other hand my uncle was over the moon when he knew she was pregnant. He waited a long time to become a father. I guess I was wrong about them not having sex after all. She had a few complications during her pregnancy but nothing serious. She was really happy during pregnancy and finally the big day arrived.

It was 5 in the morning when she felt her water breaking and uncle rushed her to hospital. I too went with them even though he told me that I don’t have too. Even under those conditions she gave me a smile before going in the operation theater. I’ll never forget that smile. I don’t know how much time we spend waiting outside but it felt like an eternity. Finally the doctor came and what he said shattered my world. She died while giving birth to our son. I was heart broken. There were just so many things that I wanted to say to her but now it was too late. Uncle was also sad but his sadness lasted for only 6 months after which he got married again.

Not only did I lost the love of my life but I’ll never be able to tell my son that I’m his real father.