The Fabalous Dinner Party

Donna had just got back from her holiday, she had been gone for weeks and I missed her so much. She texted me saying “hey baby, u wanna meet up?” I replied yes and we decided that we were going to meet at the park. It was not too far of a walk and I was there. I must have been early I thought to myself as she was not waiting for me which was unlike her, naturally I began to worry but it was not long until my fears were put to rest as I saw her coming around the corner.

I asked “what took you so long?” “I’ve been planning that’s all” she replied, my face lit up with excitement. We were going to a sort of dinner party but with a BDSM twist, we would get there and they would pick one person to be the slave of the night and the slave would be compel fed food for hours. This for me would be perfect so I agreed to go.

When we got there I walked in with donna and a large man gave me a red hoodie I wasn’t sure as I hadn’t see inside of the building yet, donna told me to put it on so I did. We walking into a very nice looking room and some people were already sat down eating, I could see that I was the only one with a red hoodie on so I began to wonder if I was the slave. “It would be amazing to be the slave but can I do it” I thought to myself.

Myself and Donna sat down but then they brought in a chair, it was not a normal chair, it was made for the slave. It had restraints for wrist attached to the back to keep the slaves hands behind the chair, it also had belts for the slaves head and body. They looked at me and said sit down here not there, I knew it was going to be me.

I sat down and then they proceeded to strap me into the chair, they began with my arms, the large man from before grabbed both of my arms and put them behind my back as another man strapped them onto the chair. They then put one belt around my stomach and one around my head I was then gagged with a muzzle gag.

I was now left alone with the guests and my girlfriend Donna, even if she was no help. Before the compel feeding began I had to wait until all the guests arrived. Even though I was comfortable while tied the guest that were there were already using me for laughs. They tickled me for a bit then a guy came up and hit me repeatedly in my stomach and telling me to be sick. It was all very painful and scary but so very fun.

Everyone had arrived and a woman came into the room and asked everyone to take a seat, I was happy that my misery had ended. I was drenched in sweat from the tickling and feeling very ill from my hiding but still happy. She went on to say “okay people, Thank you so much for coming today and it looks like we have found our slave for the night” in a way all of this was and still is scary to me.

“I think we should get started with our young slave here, you may all start the feeding, we will change his gag to the funnel gag and if you run out of food on the table here I have more in the back so just ask” I suddenly began to regret me decision to go as all the guests (about 14 people) got food and came at me. The man from before came in and took out the muzzle gag and inserted a large funnel gag. The gag was just like the muzzle gag as it had a front panel that had a pipe running through into my mouth, on the outside of my mouth the pipe ran directly up to a funnel, the pipe itself was made of a strong think plastic so there was no chance of biting it to stop the flow of food, this was going to be filling.

After the man replaced my gag he put a blender on the table and the guests proceeded to cram food into it, they blended pizza, muffins, chicken and ice cream all together into a gray think liquid which they poured down the funnel and into my mouth. At first it was easy, letting my mouth fill (it would fill quickly) and then swallowing the contents but after 20 seconds I already felt full and I was struggling to breathe properly. After about 5 minutes I was weeping while eating, there was too much for me. Not only was my stomach hurting I kept chocking and when I did Donna would hold my nose until I swallowed the awful liquid.

Just as I though this could not get any worse or scarier donna’s phone began to ring and she left. The guests did not stop compel feeding me. I screamed as best that I could that my only help had just left “was she coming back?” “Did she need to go and just forgot about me?” “Was I going to die?” I couldn’t stop freaking out in my head until I saw here walk back in. She came to me and the guests stopped feeding me, Donna said “I’ve got to go now baby, enjoy yourself” as she kissed me on my head, I screamed again trying to say “NO!” I struggled against my bounds but it was no use I was held tight, she left. The guests didn’t seem to care that I was just a little boy who they were compel feeding so the continued. It seemed to hurt even more after having the break and I felt like I was going to burst open.
One by one the guests left and so did the woman host plus the large men with her. After some time of feeding just the man and woman were left. They both stopped feeding me and left the room, I could hear them kissing and other things like that. They then ran into the room and the man pushed everything off the table while the woman took out my funnel gag but before I could say anything she crammed the muzzle gag over my mouth. She unbound my arms, legs and body just as the man grabbed me by my hair and dragged me over to the table. He throw me on top of the table and spread my arms out and held them like that as the girl used the same bounds from the chair to tie me to the table in a spread eagle position.

I thought they were going to harm me like that and that very thought made me begin to weep again. They then got on the table with me and the woman started undressing as the man was stroking my body, he stroked on the hoodie from my chest slowly down to my belly button and back up again. The hoodie had a printed logo on the chest in a sort of circle shape and he kept feeling the logo with his finger, I felt like some sort of toy for him. The woman was now naked and the man unzipped his pants as the woman laid across my body. I screamed “they were going to have sex on me” “what were they going to do after that?” Every time he drove his penis into her it hurt me as my belly was so full and sore from the hiding he gave me before, this was causing me to moan which was giving them more pleasure.

After the sex she got her clothes on, kissed him and left. He zipped his pants back up and told me to stop weeping, I tried but I couldn’t stop, he said “lets make you laugh then” then started tickling me. He tickled me everywhere for 20 minutes (there was a clock on the wall) I was sweating and the hoodie wasn’t helping. He pulled down my pants and exposed my erection, he got up on the table and slowly sat on my penis. I screamed and tried to pull away but it was no good, he had sex with me and I was helpless to stop him.

Bhabhi Sang Lesbian Ka Maza – Part 1

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Wilma Initiated Into Lesbian World

This is the second part of Wilma’s recall – the first being Wilma becomes a lesbian. Hope you all keep encouraging me to write my experiences as I recall them. Soon after I left old college, I joined a new college in a different town -a big metro. Accommodation in the hostel was not available so I stayed as a paying guest with a very sweet old lady.

The only problem with that accommodation was that it was about an hour and half from college one way so I was spending three hours commuting. After about four months of college I saw a notice on the college board of another student wanting a girl student to share her accommodation. I met up with the student who put up the notice.

She was from Karnataka in the same year as me but a different stream – commerce to my arts. She had been sharing the two bedroom accommodation with another girl but she left college as her father had been posted abroad and she got admission there. The student – Navedita (Navvy as all her friends called her )

could not afford to pay the rent alone and had therefore wanted a housemate. The monthly expenditure we decided to split both ways. The place was walking distance from the College and it suited me. I took up the offer and moved in. The place had two bedrooms but one bathroom and a little kitchen and sitting room. It was on the seventh floor -the highest floor.

We soon became comfortable with each other. Both of us had off days on Saturday and Sunday, so every Friday evening we went to a video shop and took a VCP and a tape to watch a movie. We paid Rs 50/- for 24 hours hiring the VCP and Rs 15 for the tape. Navvy had a TV in her room which her father had placed for her.

We also bought two bottles of beer to have at night while watching movies on the VCP. Normally Tandoori chicken and some rotis were also bought which was consumed during the movies with our beer. So on Friday night our plan of action was that after making our purchases we returned to our flat, had our bath changed into our night dress and settled down for a movie on Navvy’s bed.

We both started to smoke then also -but our smoking was restricted to only Friday Nights. Navvy was a very pretty lanky girl, about 5ft 6in tall with a figure one could be proud of. Her long hair she neatly kept tied in a bun. She seemed a very modest girl- no bad language for her or dressing with sleeveless blouse when she wore a sari which in the college was once a month.

She always wore a very light makeup. She did wear jeans and trousers though but never to college. Even at night she wore a night suit and had her panty and bra on, unlike me who at night wore a pair of loose shorts and T Shirt without any under clothing.

One Friday evening we went and bought our beer collected our VCP and an English movie tape and something to eat. At home as usual, we had our bath and changed into our night clothes and settled down to with our beer to watch the movie on. Navvy went and fixed the VCP to the TV and when she was inserting the tape to her surprise she found a tape inserted there already.

We were happy as we had two movies to watch. Without taking out the tape she rewound it and pressed play. What followed shocked us; it was a blue film. “Should we watch it or put it off? She asked. After a little heehawing we decided to watch it. It was the first time for me. As the story (?) evolved of lesbians and then heterosexual things started to hot up in our bed.

As the lights were off -though a little stream of light reflected from the next building was coming in – and we were covered by a common bed sheet I could conveniently press my cunt very discreetly as action was hotting up on the screen. I felt my pussy starting to leak. I also saw Navvy first stretching her legs and then crossing and uncrossing her legs.

Her hand disappeared under the bed cover. I could reach my naked pussy by just putting my hand under the leg sleeve as also my tits which now had got taut as I did not wear any bra. Raj had a problem as she had on pajamas and panty so she would have to put her hand through the elastic/ string and as she had on her bra to reach her tit she had to unhook it from the back.

I realized that that Navvy was getting very turned on when I saw her raise herself slightly and then I felt her naked thighs against me. She looked at me just when I switched on the bedside lamp. The bed sheet had moved of our legs. “I am sorry, Should I go to my room?” I asked. There was a silence and then she said, “Would you like to see my Panties?”.

I kept quiet for a while and then pretending to be shocked, said,” Certainly not, I see them every time I go to the toilet where they are drying”. I saw her blush and look down. After a couple of seconds with a loving voice and a smile and lifting her face by the chin, said, “But I would like to see “chaddi ke peche kya hai” (What is behind the panties?).

“You want to see my choot (Cunt)?” she asked. Yes and everything hidden by you”. We put off the VCP and she got of the bed and stood in front of the TV and like a strip artist stared to take off her dress slowly. First came off her top and then her pajama. She was in only her Bra and Panty. She then took of her bra and threw it on the floor.

Her breast looked bigger than what I thought they were. Large and pear shaped with her dark tits at least an inch or so long and her areolas were about the size of the old silver rupee coin; She was a neat 36D which for a girl our age was enormous.-Compared to mine just 36. She started to play with her tits.

My cunt had started to gush with all the pre-cum and I was pressing it to quiten it. Navvy then took of her panty and threw it at me. I picked it up and finding it wet started to lick it As I took of my clothes to play with my tits and cunt she walked up to me and pulled my hand out of own cock holder. She told me to watch her finger fuck herself.

First she started to finger her cunt with her legs widespread; with every thrust of her finger she would gyrate her hips to make my choot more wet. Every now and then she would lick her finger; then sitting on the only chair in the room she spread her legs so that her legs rested on the arms of the chair. Her beautiful cunt was now fully stretched and wide open for me to see.

“Oh Wilo this is lovely. You like to see my choot. See it. See how my finger moves like a piston. Do you like this my Wilo? “Yes yes, Navvy this is wonderful Your choot is awesome” I said. She had her right hand at the top of her cunt and was slowly rubbing circles around her cilt while rubbing her tits with the other hand.

She was alternating pinching her nipples and then running her hand down her crack. My own cilt was twitching crazily and nipples were tingling. Navvy was now rubbing her cilt with one hand and finger fucking her pussy with her other hand. Her pussy was dripping girl juice. Her legs spread wider she was giving me a magnificent view of her soaking wet hole.

Her moaning was getting louder as her hand started to move rapidly back and forth over her cilt. Her head was tossed back and her eyes were partially closed and beads of sweat had started to form. Navvy hand was just a blur now on her cilt and her breathing got erratic. “I am almost there oh yea almost there just for you Wilo. I am cumming. Navvy was almost screaming now.

Her head was thrown back and she was thrashing it from side to side. She pushed her legs down on the bench and lifted her butt up and arched her back. I watched as first her face and neck, then her shoulders and chest flushed a bright red. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssss. I’m cumming. Suzy, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmming!”

she screamed as she pulled her left finger out of her Choot and I watched it start contracting. The first contraction actually spurted a small glob of clear female cum, followed by another, then another, and another, slowly oozing out of her crack. She collected all the juice in her cup of her palm. Her legs remained spread as her contraction slowly stared to diminish.

She then wobbled up to me and after putting some in my mouth which I welcomed greedily she rubbed the remaining on my face and then started to lick it off me. I brought my left hand down now to join my right one at my pussy. I spread my lips and inserted one finger of my left hand into my pussy. I was soaked and it slid in easily.

My intensity of action on my clit had now increased tremendously. I was rubbing it rapidly with my right index finger and fingering my pussy furiously with my left. I pulled out my finger from my pussy and now inserting two fingers, curling them up to hit my G-spot. I was now reaching my organism.

I was rubbing my cilt with greater pith and with the other hand’s two fingers I was fucking myself mad. My hips had started to move up and down. ” Are you there ?” Navvy asked Yea, Yea my lover, there for you.” She suddenly pulled me of the bed and lay down and positioned my choot on her mouth. Within a second I yelled and bucked like a bronco.

Navvy held me firm as I discharged my cum into her mouth. What little split over she licked me off by licking me from my cilt to my arsehole. I got off her and lay down besides her. It was earth shaking experience. Navvy told me she was hoping I was a lesbo and the tape she had put in the VCP was hers to see if I would get horny.

For the next four years of our college we lived as lovers and slept in the same bed in the nude. We were up to other thing like watersport. More of that in my next story. Hope you all liked this one.

Wilma Meet High Class Woman

A week or so after my first “money for sex” job while at the Gym there was a call for me. “Hi I am Rama, Someone told me about you who spoke very highly of you. Meet me at Hotel ZZZZ tomorrow at 11 o’clock for lunch in their Room Exclusive. See you on the morrow. Bye Take care love. Looking forward to meeting you.” With that the telephone clicked.

It was a monologue. I neither said yes nor no. The voice was very rich and well modulated and accented. I imagined her to be highly sophisticated and very prim and proper. I decided to go considering the money I would get. I dressed with great care. I shaved my cunt hair absolutely clean and as a further precaution used the hair remover.

I decided for a change to wear my tongs with it’s matching Bra – light mauve with flora design and very lacy, on it a tank top and a short matching skirt, Small heel shoes completed my dressing -of course not to talk of a substantive dose of perfume at all the correct places. At the hotel I went to the Exclusive room and found a nice table for two.

The people there seemed very posh. About a quarter past our meeting time I saw a lady in a trouser and jacket walk in and headed towards me. I had imagined her to be absolutely in the top echelon but she seemed way above that. Others in the room turned to look at her. As she came near me she put out her hand and shook hands with me and settled down.

After ordering her and mine drinks we had an unimportant conversation. Soon Lunch was ordered and quickly finished. After a substantive tip to the waiter we left the room and went to the valet parking supervisor. Soon a Merc rolled in and we got in with her at the drivers seat. We reached her absolutely top-end society and got off and got into a lift to take us to the 14th Floor Penthouse.

I was shocked to see the opulence of the house. There was nothing casual of the place – all the furnishing was formal. She asked if I’d care for a cup of coffee. She took of her jacket and went to the kitchen. After a while she returned with two cups of coffee and instead of asking me to sit down took me to her bedroom – the same size as my two bedroom flat.

Need lees to say it was beautifully furnished. She sat down her and mine coffee on the side table and pulled me to her and gave me full kiss on my lips. As her tongue entered my mouth and started to suck my tongue, she started to undress me. With a little help from me, I was soon down to my panty and shoes. She then stepped back to admire my body.

And commented that my breast were nice and big. She then stepped forward and took my nipple in her mouth – first one and then the next. As she steeped back she left perfectly rounded lipstick marks around my areola. She started to undress. I watched as she removed her clothes. Her slip, bra, panties and nylons all matched.

Her body was soft and a little full but it was still a very attractive figure. Her pubic hair was trimmed and only about tree inches above her cilt. Gravity was pulling her breasts down and the areolas were stretched into ovals. The nipples were pointing slightly towards the ground. The woman sat me on the silk bedcover and it felt cool and it was very slippery.

She knelt down and removed my shoes and then she pushed me back onto the bed. I had expected her to remove my panties at that point but she didn’t. She lay down next to me and tongue kissed me on the mouth and sucked my saliva into her mouth. She also transferred her saliva to my mouth. We were both getting more and more horny.

I could feel my precum trickling down my thighs. She pulled me closer to her to the extent we were stuck with each other. She had not said a word since we had arrived except for asking me for coffee and then appreciating my breast. She loosened her grip on me only so that she could toy with my nipples with her finger tips.

As she continued to suck my tongue she ran her finger tips down, I felt her long manicured nails running down my body; When she reached my tongs, she started to stroke and squeeze my cunt. I felt my own juices making the material wet. She played with my crotch for a while and brought her hand to her nose to smell my cum before licking each finger.

She then took my nipples into her mouth and started to lick and suck them while moving her hand downwards. This time she inserted her fingers under my Tongs waistband. I spread my legs for her and moaned when one of her fingers slipped between my crack of my heavenly gate. She resisted my attempt to press her hand on my pussy. She was clearly teasing me.

She moved her finger from my valley all the way to my arse-hole. She then retraced her downward trip and came back to my breast. My tits were so taut that they were paining. She started to lick my body and moved downwards while at the same time watching my reactions. I started to knead my tits and she quickly moved my hand away.

She reached the waistband of my tongs and caught it with her teeth and gently started to pull them down. I raised my arse little high so that she could easily pull it down. The problem was not my arse but my cunt -it had been leaking so much that the tong had got soaked and was sticking to my skin. She then used her fingers to pull it down and took it off.

She licked me all the way to the sole of my feet and then like a hungry man eater tiger she pounced on my slit and started to lick it. She would suck the cilt and then lick all the way down to the arse-hole and back again. Just when I gave an involuntary indication of my climaxing she left my cunt and came up and started to French kiss me.

I could smell my cum off her. She put her finger into my pussy and then into my mouth. I now my little strength and rolled over her. After sucking on her globes for a while, I rolled onto my tummy and moved into position to inspect her vagina. The labia were like two pink rubbery lips. As I parted them I was able to look directly at her hooded clit.

I licked it I slid the hood away with the tip of my tongue and then kissed her clit and sucked on it until I could feel it swell. She moaned in appreciation I lifted her legs and spread them so that I could fully appreciate her cunt. I could see her all the way to her asshole. Surrounding her anus was a dark ring almost gray in color.

I could not resist sucking and tonguing her clit while I inserted my finger into her puckered asshole. It went in easily. She then uttered her first words after a long time. ” Pyari, do ya teen ungle dal meri gaand me” ( Lover, put two or three fingers in my arse-hole) Her switching to mother tongue shocked me more than the orders she gave.

She pulled my legs over and across her. Soon we were both reaching a climax. I had by now put in three fingers into her arse hole and was furiously pumping it while sucking her cunt. She was playing with my breast and was sucking my pussy. As she drew closer to climaxing she started put pressure on my ears with her thighs. Soon we simultaneously climaxed.

I pressed my cunt into her mouth while I stopped my pumping action in her arse hole but did not remove my fingers. I continued licking her and she climaxed again so strongly that she threw me off her. I had also had a second massive organism.

Her silky cover was soaking wet as we lay down in head toe position, breathing heavily. After a while I turned around and lay in her arms. We made love again after a while. “Teri Choot magnificent hai” ( Your vagina is magnificent). We both had a bath together and then we changed I put my panty into my bag.

She gave me a thick envelope containing quite a few thousand Rupees notes. She told me she would call me again as she was expecting a friend from Russia to come and also she wants me to meet her husband. I did not reply.

Jethani Ke Sath Mera Pehle Lesbian

Hi Friends, how are you. Main Aarti aaj aapke liye fir se ek apne sabse ache yaadgar sex ki ek ghatna le kar aayi hoon.

Main Aarti bahot hi sundar hoon. Main 30 saal ki hoon aur meri shadi ho rakhi hai aur mere 3 bacche hai. Mere bacche bhi meri tarah bahot sundar hai. Mera figure bahot hi kamaal ka hai. 32-28-32 ka figure hai, jisko dekh kar har koi pagal hua firta hai.

Main saj apke liye apni ek kahani le kar aayi hoon, jo ki bahot mast hai. Par usse pehle main apko apne bare me bhi btana chahti hoon. Main shuru se hi aisi hoon. Mera rang or mere figure par kayi log marte the. Mujhe ye sab bahot acha lagta tha ki koi toh hai jo mujh par marta hai.

Par main kisi de bat nhi karti yhi kyoki mujhe ye sab pasand nhi tha. Bas itna pasand tha ki log mere figure ko dekh dekh kar aaahhe bharte rhe. Mujhe badminton bahot hi pasand hai aur main daily match lgati hoon aur khoob khelti hoon.

Meri shadi bhi time se ho gyi thi, aur main married life me bahot hi jyada khush hoon. Toh dosto ab main jyada time na lete hue apko apni kahani par le kar chalti hoon.

Main apni shadi karke ek bahot hi badi family me aayi thi. Mere pati bhi meri tarah kaafi jyada smart hai aur wo mujhse bahot payar karte hai . Main apko bta doon ki pehle mera thorda ek doctor sath bhi relation bana tha par wo jaldi hi toot gya.

Ab ye kese bana, kyu bana, kisi vajah se bana, wo sab main apko aage btaugi. Ab jab meri nayi nayi shadi hui thi toh main bahot khush thi aur apne pati sath bhi ghumne firne jaya karti thi. Hum honeymoon bhi gye the aur wha bhi khoob maja liya tha.

Hum jab wha se aaye toh hum kuch dino ke liye apne gaon me chale gye the. Wha par mere saas sasur rehte hai aur hum wha par kuch din ke liye rhe the. Fir uske bad hum Gajiabad aa gye the. Wha lar mere jeth aur jethani rehte the.

Udhar mere pati ki bhi posting yha ho gyi thi toh hum kaafi time tak apni jeth jethani ke ghar par hi ruke the. Mere pati ki government job thi toh unke bahar ke bhi tour lagte rehte the.

Main bahot khushi se reh rhi thi aur mujhe kaafi acha lag rha tha ki chalo koi toh hai jinke sath main ache se time spend kar sakti hoon. Meri jethani ek school me teacher hai aur unke bhi 3 bacche hai. Par 3 baccho ke bad wo kaafi moti ho gyi hai.

Meri jethani mujhse koi kam bhi nhi ksrati hai. Balki main unhe kehti reh jati hoon ki kuch toh kam karwao par wo hai ki nahi karati hai. Main bahot khushi se thorda bahot kam kar deti hoon. Aur udhar mera jeth bhi kabhi kuch toh kabhi kuch daily mere khane ke liye late rehte hai.

Main bahot khushi se wha par reh rhi hoon aue jab bhi koi kam karti hoon toh jeeji mujhe rok deti hai aur jab main unse jidd karti hoon toh wo thoda bahot chota sa ksm mujhe de deti hai.

Udhar jeeji mujhe ye bhi kehti hai. ki tum hum sab bahuyo me se sabse jyada sundar ho.. Aur ye toh main bhi janti hoon. Aur wo mujhe apni devrani nhi balki apni choti behen ki tarah rakhti hai, usi ki tarah payar karti hai aur wese hi khyal bhi rakhti hai.

Ab aise hi garmiyo ka time tha toh ghar par main aur bacche hi the. Jeeji school gye hue the, jeth ji bhi office gye hue the aur mere pati toh daily ki tarah office gye hue the.

Main ghar ka chota mota kaam khatam karke andar ek room me ja kar laet gyi. Garmiyo ke din the toh cooler chala kar thandi thandi hawa me bahot hi achi neend aa gyi thi. Fir thordi der baad jeeji bhi aa gyi toh wo bhi mujhe leta dekh kar khud bhi mere paas aa kar late gyi.

Maine unse pucha ki apka din kesa gya toh wo boli ki bahot acha gya par garmi bahut hai aur main thakk bhi gyi hoon. Ye sun kar maine unse kha ki aap ache se rest karlo, jab ap rest karke uthoge toh main apko khana bna dungi.

Fir wo aose hi leti rhi aur uske bad unka hath mere boobs par aa gya. Tab mujhe lga ki unhone wese hi rakh diya hai. Par fir thodi der bad unhone mere nipple ko daba daala. Main ye dekh kar heran reh gyi par mujhe unke aise karne se bahot acha lag rha hai toh main kuch nhi boli.

Fir uske bad maine bhi uske boobs par hath rakh daala aur uske bad maine bhi unke boobs ko daba daala.Aur uske bad jeeji ne mere hontho par kiss kar dali toh maine bhi unke hontho par kiss kar daali. Fir uske baad jeeji boli ki garmi bahot hai, chal saree utar kar so jate hai.

Maine bhi unki bat ko mana aur fir apni saare ko utar dala aur fir uske bad aise hi hum blouse aur patticoat me late gye. Tab jeeji ne apne boobs ko ajad kardiya aur mera blouse upar karke mere nipple ko hath me le kar masalne lag gye.

Unke aise karne se main pagal ho rhi thi aur toh aur aise hi maine bhi unke sath kiya. Aur fir unhone meri choot me ungali de daali toh main aur pagal ho gyi aur fir uske bad aise hi maine unki choot me ungali de dali.

Ab jeeji ne mujhe apne upar le liya aur fur uskw bad aise hi meri choot unki choot se match hone lag gyi. Aur jab wo match ho gyi toh main hilne ho gyi aur wo bhi hilne lag gyi.

Hum ye kaafi der tak aise hi karte rhe aur fir uske bad maine aiss hi thordi der tak karne je bad apna pani nikal diya aur thak kar side me aa gyi. Fir 6 minutes baad jeji ne mujhse kha ki maja aaya toh maine unhe kha ki han bahot aaya.

Fir jeeji ne mujhe choot me ungali dalne ko kha toh maine wese hi kiya aur fir 2 ungaliyan dal kar unhe chodne lag gyi. Fir thordi der bad wo jor se mujhse chipak gyi aur jor jor se aahhaahh aaahhh karne lag gyi aur fir unka bhi ho gya.

Maine unse pucha ki maja aaya toh wo boli ki han.Aur fir humne saree pehni aur fir late gye. Bas uske hum dono ko jab bhi moka milta hum aise hi apni sex ki payas ko bhuja liya karte.

Aage meri jeth jethani ke sath bhi kya kya kiya, uske liye meri agli kahani ka intezar kare.

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Horny Office Babe Lesbian Relation With Maid Savit…

I had moved to a new place on transfer. While the company I worked for, had arranged for a nice small studio apartment and a car, it obviously could not arrange for a friend. Many of the office colleagues were nice and had asked me over, where I met their friends and families; there was no one I could relate to really.

Fortunately my work kept me busy for about two months, till things fell in place. Work and social life became routine and boring. My minds began to wander into a make believe world of sex. I was wondering; if I could find some woman to love me, play with my burning pussy, satisfy my lust. The situation got worse on Saturdays and Sundays when we did not have to go to office.

My only companion on those days was my little Peter Pan -a steel battery operated viabrator. Very religiously, I used to use it almost constantly from Friday night through to Sunday night, when it was folded into velvet and safely tucked into my cupboard. From Friday to Sunday it was generally very busy keeping me entertained or was under my pillow resting waiting the next session.

I had a maid who would come to my place to clean up. She was about 18 years old, dark girl, with long curly hair and worst of all an interfering nose. Always interfering with my dressing table, my fridge and my kitchen cabinet. She came around 10 in the morning, cleaned up the place and then sat watching TV for another hour or so while having some thing to eat that I made for her as a brunch.

While watching TV she was constantly jabbering and asking one question after another. The only reason I did not kick her off from my work was because she was honest. Bachelor girls tend to be careless with their jewelry and their purses, especially when living alone. I was not an exception but I never lost anything with her though she had a free run of the house.

Savita (the maid) had a key to my place, so that she could come into the place to clean up when I would be at work on weekdays. By the time Savita came at 10 o’clock on my off days, I would have had my bath, and made my bed, put Peter Pan comfortably under my pillow.

One Saturday morning, Savita came in earlier than I had expected. I was having a bath when she came in; the bed had not been made either. Wrapped in my housecoat with nothing on underneath, I came out after a bath to find the bed made and this young girl studying Peter Pan.

I remained calm and pretended not to show any interest in what she was holding with a hope that she would put it down and forget about it. No such thing. True to form, she had to ask me what this contraption was. “Nothing, you just keep it back where you found it” I replied to her sternly. “Still, it must be something. I found it under your pillow.” She continued without paying attention to my stern words.

“OK, this is meant to relax one’s muscle when one is tired and tense. Now put it away.” I replied with a little agitation. “Oh! I am feeling a little tired and tense now. Show me how to use it. I will not disturb you.” She continued. “Alright, just for a short while. I do not know why I tolerate you, you little interfering girl. With that I grabbed Peter Pan from her hands.

The moment I took it in my hand, sex laden clouds floated across my mind. Should I or should I not entice Savita ? The answer was a resounding “No”, or perhaps “Maybe” I switched Peter on. A soft, gentle whirring sound emitted from it. Sound which I related to sexual satisfaction, leading to gathering more clouds in my mind, more so as I had lead a celibate life for the last three to four months.

I gently pressed Peter against her one cheek and then glided it to the other cheek via her chin and onto her ears. She raised her face and closed her eyes as I traced her lips with Peter. As I started to move it away, she caught my hand and said, “Please a little while longer.” I went through the procedure again, almost like a doctor examining a patient.

When I brought Peter against her lips again, she half opened her mouth and stuck the tip of her tongue out to lick Peter. She let out her first soft moan of enjoyment. “Oh Ma’am, this is really good”. My clouds were darkening. I brought Peter to the nape of her neck, to below her chin. She now started to look sexy.

With my free hand I pressed both her cheeks and said “Enough for you” My voice, I did not recognize. It was sounding so husky. It was at the point of no return. “Please”, she pleaded. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Without saying another word I continued the downward journey. I could feel a slight trickle on my thigh, my tits were beginning to harden:

the excitement was moving to a crescendo. I slowly brought Peter over her blouse where her breasts were nestled. I moved Peter from one breast down the valley to the other breast and started to form concentric circles were I assumed her tits were. Savita was getting horny. I saw her move one thigh over the other, quite apparently to press her pussy.

She was busy watching me trace her outline. “Are you feeling nice?” I asked. “Hmmm” was her response. “Should I put this under your blouse”, I continued. No response, so I very tentatively moved it under her blouse. Peter must have just about touched her tit when she said, “Oh! This is wonderful”. I started to stroke her cheeks with my fingers.

She seemed to quite enjoying both the stroking and the vibration on her tit. She pressed my hands to bring Peter closer. With my free hand I unbuttoned her blouse, initially just the top two buttons and subsequently the remaining. I noticed just a fleeting blush as she closed her eyes. I then put Peter on my own tits to get some relief.

Savita opened her eyes to see why she was not getting any sensations. To further entice her, I put my free hand inside my gown and started to press my tit, she smiled. I realized she was now a `captive’. I then `accidentally’ let my one breast be exposed and placed Peter on the tit. Savita was wide-eyed seeing a comparatively larger breast (38C to her 34C).

I smiled at herand tanked off her blouse. She made no attempt to cover her partial nudity. She had firm small pear shaped breast. Her puffed up tits were pointing upwards. Peter was now busy creating ripple on Savita’s breast. I then touched her breast and started to gently knead her breast and pinch her tits. “Are you enjoying this?” I asked. “Oh, Madam, it really heavenly.”

She said. I then took her hand and put it on my exposed breast. I could see she was nervous and her hands were trembling. “Don’t feel afraid. Make me also feel nice”. I switched Peter off and opened my gown from the waist up exposing both my breast. The gown was now staying up only by the cord as I took it off my shoulder.

Savita started to knead my breast, slowly at first and with little more strongly, as she got more comfortable. She was quite enjoying both getting a gentle massage and giving me a not too a gentle massage. Without saying anything more I bent down and took her breast into my mouth and gave a very gentle nip with my teeth to her tit.

As there was no reaction to it, I started to suck and kiss her tits. I felt her pull me closer to her. I let her go and thrust my now very hard tits towards her. She quickly caught on too what I wanted. She started to suck me. My pussy was on fire now. As she lifted her arms to get me closer, I noticed that she had a undergrowth of hair under her armpit.

It was the first time I had seen this in any women. Believe me it looked very sexy. I bent and kissed and licked her armpits. The sight of such a hairy armpit made my treasure trove throb. I pushed her on the bed and again picked up Peter. I then started to bring Peter on to her thighs from over her skirt. I finally got it between her thighs and let it whirl there for a while.

She started to twist and turn, so I put it under her skirt and over her panty. She was now completely worked up. She shamelessly pressed her pussy once or twice. On her own she removed her skirt exposing her panty. I could see that her panty was quite soaked. I let Peter massage her for a while from above her panty. She then parted her thighs.

I then putting aside Peter pulled off her panty. Her pubic hair, apparently never been shaved, covered her honey holder completely. She covered her eyes with her arms out of embarrassment. Peter was put back to work for a short while. Peter had an uncanny knack of making a woman spread her legs. Savita also fell for the magic of Peter and spread her legs.

I then bent down and kissed her honey pot. Savita spread her thighs further. I started to lick the free flowing honey. Savita’s body tensed and then she burst like a water-balloon. The soles of her feet were facing the ceiling. I dug into her torpedo tube with my tongue so that no juices got wasted.

She was groaning and writhing in apparent ecstasy, pushing my head into her, so that I don’t let go. I was quite enjoying it myself. I held up her legs and spread them as wide as possible Her dark curly hair were matted and from in between the forest the Valley of No Return was clearly visible. King Solomon’s Mines could not have looked more glistening.

I would have continued drinking from the fountain of youth but my leg splitter was clamoring for attention. I let go, so did she. Opening and taking of my gown I sat down on my haunches next to her face. I could feel her hot breath on my cunt. I used both my hands and split my hairless pussy so that she could get a good look.

She stared at it for a while but did not make any move. “Play with it, Savita”. I asked. I fingered my hole to show the way. She, then slowly but surely reached out and touched my Valley of Ecstasy. I could fell her pressure also on my arse -cheeks as she pulled me closer to her. As I straddled her so that she could get an uninterrupted excess to cunt,

I said “Darling, eat this split,honey-filled cutlet”. I lowered myself on her mouth while at the same time keeping my split open with my fingers.

Nakhra Chadhti Jawani Ka – Episode 36

Agle din subah ho jati hai, aur aaj shagun ka din hota hai. Ladki wale shagun le kar ladke walo ke ghar aate hai. Shagun gaon ke pass wali Balwinder ki jameen par laga hota hai. Whan hi tent laga kar os jagah ko bahot acha bana diya tha. Sab tyar hone me lage hue the. Shagun 11 baje hona tha, isliye sab usse pehle tyar hone me lage hue the.

9 baje gye hote hai, aur Channi ka kaam pura ho jata hai. Channi kitchen se bahar nikal kar phone par baat karte hue bolti hai.

Channi – Haye oye phool abhi tak pouchne nhi. Shagun ka time hone wala hai, jaldi se jaldi phool whan poucha.

Ye keh kar wo phone cut kar deti hai. Aur bahar ko jati hui wo Balwinder ko awaj marti hui boli – Jara suno ji.

Balwinder – Haan bol meri bhagwaane.

Channi – Ohh halwia ko bhej dena tha whan.

Balwinder – Abhi bhej deta hoon.

Itne me Sukhjeet bahar aati aur kehti hai – Behen ji aap itni tension kyo le rhe ho ? Sare kaam apne aap ho jane hai.

Channi – Behen ji kya karen pehli shadi hai, tension toh apne aap ho jati hai.

Sukh – Chalo ab tyar ho jao, sare arrengment apne aap ho jane ne.

Channi – Behen ji wo maine ek parlour wali ko bulya tha, wo aayi hai ya nhi ?

Sukhjeet – Haan behen ji wo kab kia ayi hui hai. Wo kab se aap ka hi wait kar rhi hai.

Fir Sukhjeet aur Channi dono Channi ke room me chali jati hai. Sukh Channi se puchti hai – Behen ji aaj aapne dalna kya hai ?

Channi – Behen ji main do teen suit le kar aayi hoon. Par mujhe ye samjh nhi aata ki main konsa suit dalun.

Sukh – Aap mujhe dikhayo behen ji.

Channi apne teen suit nikal kar Sukh ko dikhati hai. Sukh ko un suits me se ek gulabi rang ka suit kafi pasanad aata hai. Aur wo suit Channi ko deti hui boli.

Sukh – Lo behen ji aap ise try karo.

Fir Channi wo suit le kar bathroom me chali jati hai. Channi 5 minute baad bathroom se wo suit dal kar bahar aayi. Sukh usko dekh kar boli.

Sukh – Behen ji baat si bani nhi. Sab kuch dekha dekha sa lag rha hai.

Channi – Ohhh hoo behen ji ladke ki maa par toh dekhe hue suit hi ache lagte hai.

Sukh – Ohh hoo behen ji aaj kal sab kuch chalta hai. Wese is suit me jab aapko Meeta dekhega, toh uska kuch bhi nhi hilna.

Sukh ki ye baat sunte hi Channi sharma kar boli – Behen aap bhi naa.

Sukh – Behen ji isme sharmane wali kya baat hai. Aisi baten toh ab hum dono apas me kar hi skati hai. Par ab aap khud hi dekho is suit ka kameej kitna bada hai. Aapke chuttar bhi nhi dikh rhe hai.

Sukh ke muh se ye baat sun kar Channi hairan ho jati hai, aur wo jawab dete hue boli – Behen ji is umar me chuttar kon dikhata hai.

Sukh ankh mar kar boli – Behen ji is umar me toh asali maja aata hai, chuttar dikhane ka.

Channi – Behen ji mujhe ache se pata hai, maja toh aapko ata hai apne chuttar dikhane ka Bittu ko.

Sukh sharama kar boli – Behen ji usne toh dekhe bhi hue hai, aur khaye bhi hue hai.

Channi – Haye behen ji aap toh sach me bahot chalu ho.

Sukh uske pass ja kar chuttaro par thapad mar kar boli – Acha behen ji kal kon bus me apne chuttar meete se ragad rhi thi.

Channi thodi garam ho jati hai aur boli – Haye kya karun behen ji us time maja hi bahot aa rha tha.

Sukh – Behen ji agar wo wala maja aaj bhi lena hai, toh ye suit change karo abhi.

Sukh ek aur suit chak ke Channi ko deti hai. Channi suit pakad kar change karne ke liye andar ja rhi thi Par Sukh Channi ka hath pakad kar boli – Behen ji kha ja rhe ho, aap yhin par change kar lo naa. Yahan kon dekh rha hai.

Channi – Behen ji aaj tak main kabhi open me kapade change nhi kare hai.

Sukh – Acha acha khule me apne chuttar masalwa skati ho aap, par open me kapade change nhi kar skati.

Channi – Bas karo behen ji ab. Aap ne toh meri maar hi li hai aaj.

Sukh Channi ke pass jati hai, aur Channi ka palla pakad kar uska suit utar deti hai. Channi ne white color ki bra dali hui thi. Jo Channi ke mote mote boobs ki vajah se fatne wali ho rkhi thi.

Channi – Haye behen ji itni jor se suit utarne ki kya jarurt thi, aram se utar lete.

Sukh – Behen ji wo baat ye hai, ki maine aapke boobs dekhne the.

Channi – Kyo behen ji ?

Sukh – Abhi bhi kamal ke hai aapke boobs.

Channi – Kamal ke toh hone hi hai, kyoki sardar ise hath tak nhi lagata.

Sukh – Haye fir kisi bahar wale se hath lagwa lo naa behen ji.

Ye kehte hi Sukh Channi ka nada khol deti hai. Nada khulte hi salwar Channi ke pario me aa jati hai, aur sirf bra panty me reh jati hai. Channi ke mote mote aur gore patt Sukh ke dil ke khinch dal rhe the.

Sukh – Behen ji agar Meeta ne aapko is halat me dekh liya, toh usne usi time aapka kaam kar dena hai.

Channi – Ahhh behen ji wo toh kabhi se meri lene ke chakar me hai. Par main hi use nhi deti, kyoki mujhe dar lagta hai. Khain koi panga na pad jaye, khin kisi ko pata na lag jaye.

Sukh – Nhi padta koi panga, main bhi toh apni choot Bittu ko uske ghar hi de kar aayi hoon. Kisi ko kuch pata nhi chala.

Chani – Behen ji aap toh puri expert ho naa isliye.

Sukh – Behen ji kya karen, jab ghar maja nhi aata ek aurat ko. Toh use maja bahar lena hi padta hai. Aur behen is suit ke niche aapko black color ki bra aur panty dalni padegi.

Chani almira se apni ek black color ki bra panty nikalti hai, aur Sukh ke samne hi apni pehni hui bra panty utar deti hai. Channi ke mote mote gore boobs ek dam ajad ho jate hai. Aur Channi ke boobs ke kale niples ek dam khade hote hai.

Sukh Channi ke boobs ko dekh kar boli – Haye behen ji aap toh apni jawani sambhal kar baithe ho abhi tak.

Channi muskura kar kale rang ki bra panty dalne lag jati hai. Nayi bra hone ki vajah se bra thodi tight hoti hai. Jis vajah se Channi se apne aap bra ke hook nhi lag rhe the. Wo Sukh ko bra ke hook lagane ke liye kehti hai. Sukh bra ke hook lagane ki koshish karti hai. Par usse bhi hook nhi lagte.

Sukh – Lagta hai behen ji aapke boobs aur mote ho gye hai.

Channi – Behen ji jara khich kar band karo naa.

Sukh khinch kar hook laga deti hai, aur channi ke boobs tight ho kar khade ho jate hai. Fir Channi apni panty utar deti hai, Sukh Channi ke gore mote chuttar dekh kar use hath me bhar kar masal deti hai. Chuttar masalte hi Channi ki ankhen band ho jati hai.

Channi – Ahhh ssii haye behen ji aap ye kya kar rhe ho ?

Sukh – Behen ji ek baat batun.

Channi – Haan pucho.

Sukh – Shadi ke baad kitne bandho se hath feriwaya hai aapne ?

Channi – Ye kya baat kar rhe ho aap behen ji.

Sukh tabhi ek hath se chuttar aur jor se daba deti hai, aur ek hath se apni ungli uski gand me dal deti hai. Isse Channi puri garam ho jati hai, aur garam ho kar apni sari sachai Sukh ko bta deti hai.

Channi – Behen shadi ke baad maine abhi tak do bandho se hath firwaya hua hai.

Sukh ye sunte hi samjh jati hai, ki Channi bhi chalu hai.

Sukh – Haye behen ji kon kon hai wo ?

Channi – Ek Meeta aur ek shamsher.

Sukh – Haye shamsher kon hai behen ji.

Channi – Apne gaon ka post master hai.

Sukh – Haye post master se bhi hath firwa liya behen ji aapne, aap toh sach me kamal ho.

To be continued…

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Sweetie Having Sex With Malti

My husband I am married for about three years. I am twenty six and have worked pretty hard at keeping in shape. My boobs, while smaller than average, seem to fit any athletic body, and I’ve had no complaints. My husband Sanju is twenty nine and also in great shape. Like most husbands, one of Sanju’s favorite fantasies is to see me with another woman.

It comes up from time to time, and while I indulge him with talk in the heat of our passion, I really have no interest in being with another woman. At least that’s what I always thought. Sanju’s best friend, Akshay invited us over for a barbecue. We barely knew his relatively new girlfriend, Malti. She was twenty three, and as expected had a great body.

She was also friendly, confident and a lot of fun. Through the evening we downed a couple of bottles of wine, and were feeling pretty good. We headed for the hot tub, nicely secluded in the corner of Akshay’s deck. Akshay, of course, suggested that we all lose our suits, but I wasn’t that drunk.

Once in the tub we continued to talk and laugh and drink, and before long Akshay was kissing Malti’s neck. She was having a hard time carrying a conversation, and finally just gave up and gave Akshay a long, hard kiss on the mouth. This amorous behavior and the wine were also having effect on me. Soon Sanju and I too were necking like teenagers.

I was getting pretty hot, but I was still too modest to forget that there was another couple three feet away. However, the sounds from Akshay and Malti were becoming too interesting to ignore. Sanju was kissing me and letting his hands roam, but I opened my eyes just a little to peek. I watched fascinated as Akshay undid Malti’s bikini top and let it fall.

He then kissed his way down her neck and licked her nipples. Her boobs were larger than mine, and very firm, with nipples that pointed slightly upward. I could see why Akshay was getting so excited, and I was surprised that it was having an effect on me too.

The next thing I knew, Akshay’s swimsuit was beside the tub along with Malti’s bikini bottom. He continued kissing down her body and gently lifted her and set her down on his lap, impaling her on his erection. As she slid down on him I imagined how it felt. Before long she was riding him for all he was worth, and between the two of them I thought they would wake the whole neighborhood.

I continued watching, mesmerized. Suddenly Malti and I had eye contact, and I froze. Fortunately she was too far gone to care, and just smiled a satisfied smile. Sanju, meanwhile, had gotten my top off while I was preoccupied with my voyeurism. He began massaging my hard nipples. He was oblivious to what was going on, and tugged at my bathing-suit bottom.

I didn’t feel comfortable, right there in front of them, so I whispered that we should leave them alone to finish. We grabbed our towels and headed for the guest room. Sanju’s towel did little to conceal his excitement, and once in the room we were all over each other. It didn’t take long for both of us to reach crushing orgasms.

We were way too drunk to go home, so we stayed the night, though we didn’t get much sleep! The next morning Akshay and Sanju acted macho, talking about cricket and not saying a word about the night before. Malti acted like it was no big deal. After break fast we were alone in kitchen. She said, “I hope you didn’t feel uncomfortable last night.

I’ve never done that before, you know, in front of anyone, but somehow I must have felt comfortable with you guys. Plus Akshay just knows how to get me going.” I told her it was no big deal and that it wasn’t like we thought they always did that. It just so happened that we were right there. She was great about it, and somehow it didn’t seem all that weird.

Anyway, Sanju and I had several great sessions over next few weeks thinking about that experience. About three weeks later, Akshay invited us over again, this time mostly for him and Sanju to watch the cricket match. We arrived early and had dinner. Again the wine flowed. After dinner, Akshay checked about the match.

There was still time to start because of the delay due to rain. Now there was time to hit the hot tub. I got up and said, “I’ll go change.” “Don’t bother,” Malti said. “I mean, we’re all adults, and after last month, I don’t think we have any secrets.” So it was agreed. I still hid behind my towel as I slid out of my clothes and into the hot tub.

We were a little more nervous this time, so we broke out a bottle of champagne. Soon I was feeling no pain, and being naked in front of our friends didn’t bother me in the least. Feeling frisky, I started kissing Sanju on his neck. Then we were kissing again, and a peek at Akshay and Malti showed them getting into it too.

There was noise from TV in the house, and Akshay said, “The match has started!” he turned to Malti and said, “This is rain delayed short match, so we’ll be back soon.” He gave her a quick kiss, climbed out and grabbed his towel, but not before I caught a glimpse of his semi erect cock, much larger than any I had seen, and I felt a twitch between my legs, my over flowing pussy.

My thoughts were interrupted by Sanju’s quick “Sorry, honey, I’ll be back soon.” And he too was gone into the house to watch the stupid match. “Great,” Malti said. “This calls for a drink!” She grabbed the bottle near the hot tub and filled our glasses. Before long we were giggling. Then Malti was complaining about getting turned on, then being put on hold so Akshay could watch the cricket match!

I made some comment that by the size of things it looked like he would be worth the wait, and she said, “So you noticed, huh?” I said, “You guys make a great couple, with his build and your perfect body.” God, I couldn’t believe I was talking like that, but Malti said, “You really think I have a nice body?”

“Of course,” I said. “Look at you.” She said, “Well, I think your body is great too, so strong, firm, smooth” As she talked, my eyes closed. I was floating in the warm water and the haze of the champagne and the compliments, when I felt fingertips on my nipples, like bolts of lightning traveling the length of my body and creating an immediate warming between my legs in my over flowing pussy.

My eyes opened and I tried to say something, but at the sight of this beautiful woman drawing my boobs to her mouth, all that came out was a moan, aaaahhhhhh mmmmm. My breath became short as her tongue replaced her fingers on my nipples. Her hands were on my rib cage, pushing my boobs up to meet her eager mouth.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. As if in dream, she lifted me to the edge of the hot tub and began moving down my body. There was a part of me saying, “What are you doing?” but it felt good and I felt so comfortable that I just leaned back and let her do whatever she wanted. If I thought the lightning was intense when she first touched my nipples,

it was nothing compared to the jolt I got when her tongue reached my clit. She felt so different from Sanju, and took her time; hitting all the right places that only a woman can know. I felt my body reacting. My heart was racing. The orgasm started deep within me, and when I came, it was the most satisfying wave, which I wanted to ride and ride.

I stroked her hair as she continued to work her magic. Reaching an orgasm had only increased my excitement, and all I wanted to do was please this person. So I lifted her head and slid back down in the tub. We hugged, and I gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

Her lips were soft, so different from a man’s and had the taste of me on them. As I considered this, she kissed me hard and slipped her tongue in my mouth. Our nipples rubbed together, and as we broke our embrace, we looked down at our contrasting breasts. I slid down and licked her nipples. I do this to Sanju sometimes, and while he enjoys it, this was completely different.

Every time I licked and nibbled, I could imagine and almost feel it myself. My hands slid down between her legs, and my fingers slid into another woman’s pussy for the first time. The rush was incredible, and Malti too seemed to enjoy it. Her moaning and breathing increased. Suddenly I just had to lick her down there,

so I lifted her to edge of the hot tub as she had done with me and ran my tongue down into the closely shaved area around her knob. This really had an effect. She arched her back and pushed her hips into my face. I continued to do all the things from memory that I love so much. I opened my eyes and looked up her body. Here was a beautiful woman with her arms back and her back arched,

writhing with pleasure. I was overcome by her heaving chest and undulating hips. Her thighs tightened around my head, and she climaxed with the same moan I’d heard a few weeks earlier as Akshay did his magic. Malti slid back down into the tub. We were both panting and moaning as we came back from that special plateau.

As we caught our breath, the reality of what we had just done sank in, and we both felt awkward. Malti said, “Hey, I’m sorry. I’ve never done that before, I mean it was great, but I’ve never, with, you know, a woman, and nobody can know, okay?” I was so relieved, I gushed. “Yes, nobody can know! I can’t believe I got that horny. It will be our secret!”

With our relief, the tension subsided and we had a good laugh. We were ready to get out when we heard shouting from the house, and out came Sanju and Akshay. As they approached, they dropped their towels and we both got a good look at their cocks. Akshay stood by the tub and said, “What have you guys been doing?”

Malti quickly replied, “Waiting patiently for our men! Now get in here!” We were both still very horny, and the poor guys didn’t know what hit them. My reservations of a few weeks earlier were long gone. I quickly straddled Sanju and slid his cock in my pussy.

He was startled by my aggressiveness but definitely wasn’t complaining! I heard Akshay and Malti doing the same.