OnlineSlut. Parts 5 & 6

Part 5: The Beginning of the End

Ritu woke up with a broad grin on her face. She felt satisfied – mentally, physically, and sexually. But she was in a dilemma. As she got into the shower, Ritu could not fathom whether the grin on her face was due to the fact that she realized that she hadn’t been actually forced by guys in her office, that she had dreamt the whole thing OR that she had actually remembered the entire dream, that she was masturbating in the shower, replaying the whole dream in her mind.

The answer to her dilemma was clear as she masturbated herself to one of her biggest orgasms since a long long time. Then, for the first time in her career spanning over twenty years, she wore a sleeveless blouse to work.

The guys in her office were in for a show that day.

Before going to work, she hurriedly logged in to her FB account, and changed her DP. She put up a photo of her at her nieces’ wedding; in which she was wearing a yellow designer saree with a single layer of transparent paloo, clearing showing all the details of her yellow sleeveless matching blouse underneath.

This was necessary for her plan to identify “rituslut”.


Part 6: Looking Forward to a Happy New Year

The previous ten days had been a blur for Ritu. Mentally overwhelmed by ‘her’ thread on Xossip, she was bordering on physical exhaustion too. Sleeping only a couple of hours each night, she browsed through the vulgar comments showered on to her photos by her ‘fans’. The whole event was akin to an enthralling adventure in the mundane life of this office boss.

As expected, her new DP on FB (the yellow saree one) had quickly found itself to the pages of the thread. There, it was decorated with the juiciest of comments, fit only for a cheap prostitute. But she, the sophisticated high-class office manager, had found a perverted sense of sexual pleasure in those comments.

“Randi form me aa gayi hai…” (Whore is in form now).

“Iske blouse ke hooks phaad do!” (Tear off the hooks on her blouse!)

“Is kutiya ke yummy mumme main poori raat choos sakta hoon” (I can suck on this bitch’s tasty breasts all night long).

Also, real-life photos that were being snapped in the office continued to make their presence felt on a regular basis. She had been trying her best in the office, on the alert for the snap of a camera, or a mobile phone purposely being pointed at her, in an attempt to recognize ”rituslut”. But all her efforts went in vain. There were too many people talking on their phones in that busy office, it was almost impossible to target each and every one of them.

Buoyed by the sexual interest she was attracting, Ritu went on to post more photos of her on her FB profile. She collected a variety of photos, one from a wedding of a distant relative, some house warming ceremony she had attended, her birthday, and so on; making sure there was some cleavage on display, or the clothes were tight enough to proudly display her wholesome curves. She had gradually uploaded them, one or two a day. Then, instead of checking for likes and comments on her FB page (which she used to do earlier), she went straight to Xossip to take in the vulgar comments as dirty whore!

“Randi ke chikne paer dikhao…” (Show us the whore’s smooth legs) was the requested by someone, and she, as if she was proud of her whore-ness, promptly uploaded a photo that had been taken on her birthday. In that photo, she had worn a knee length pleated skirt, her smooth legs shining in the flash of the camera.

Ritu started doing something which she had never expected she would do in her lifetime. She began masturbating in her office room itself; at the same place, on the same desk, where she had dreamt her humiliating force.

Such was her obsession with this newly found activity that she began to lose track of the reality.

Although her sexual energy had found a much need reprise, her mental and physical state was in a mess. Official work began to fall behind schedule. Deadlines were being missed; important activities were being side-lined. Sensing a lack of interest by their Branch Manager, her employees had started to take their work a bit too easy.

Then, Ritu was brought back to reality a little too harshly. The Zone Officer called her up after going through the previous fortnight’s report, and gave her a full blast of his mind. If you don’t get the work back on track by the end of this month, you will be out of that office, he threatened. It was the fifteenth of December.
Never before had Ritu been admonished by her superiors, for her work had never lacked behind. She could not believe that she was the same woman who had worked so hard for the past so many years. Embarrassed, and disappointed in herself, she made sure to get Xossip out of her head and decided never to visit it again. The website was responsible for her pathetic condition.

On the 16th, first day of the new week (fifteen days before New Years’), Ritu called in a whole office meeting. She gave them the scolding of their lifetime, shouting and losing temper at their casualness. She cancelled all leaves for Christmas and New Years’; making it clear that it was on her employees to bring back the level of excellence her office was known for. All remaining days in that year would be working days.

Her employees could not believe the harsh punishment that had been melted out to them, that too at no fault of theirs. Sulking, they went back to their cubicles, and digested the fact that they had been robbed of their holidays for no apparent reason.

They continued with their work as if nothing had happened. But underneath their passive faces, a cloud of frustration was taking form.


It was the 28th of December. Ritu was in her office room, checking the work of the previous fortnight. The end of month closing was just three days away; she wanted to make up for the previous fiasco with an on-time report, and get back into the good books of her superiors.

She heard a knock on her door. It was Pratik, one of her Assistant Branch Managers.

“Good morning ma’am,” he cheerfully said. She just nodded without looking up, irritated at the interruption.

He continued in the same happy tone, “Ma’am, we are planning to have the New Years’ Eve party…” Dazed, she looked up at him as he explained the location (some resort on the highway) and the arrangements that were being made for the party.

Oh shit! She had completely forgotten about the New Years’ party the company organized for its employees every year. Thankfully, Pratik had taken care of the arrangements. She was a bit relieved.

“Okay, good planning,” she said, as if all she had been thinking about was this stupid party, “make sure that a driver picks me up that evening, as my husband will be out of station and I can’t drive all by myself to such a far place on the highway.”

It was as if words got struck in Pratik’s throat. He fished for words to speak. “So…uummnnn…Sir would…not be joining us?” he managed to blabber.

“No!” she replied in an increasingly irritated tone, “Is there a problem?”

She saw him shift nervously before he said, “No…problem…no…the driver will pick you from your house at 7 PM.” But what she didn’t see was his Assistant Branch Manager gulp down a huge amount of saliva, as if a hungry wolf had spotted its prey.

Absent-mindedly, Ritu’s mind went to deciding what dress would be appropriate for the occasion.

OnlineSlut. Part 4

Part 4: Force Ends

Pratik had been mauling at my breasts since he had scooped them out, pinching and rolling my nipples intermittently. They had started to pain a bit by now. Once he even tried to reach over to one of my breasts with his mouth and suck at them, but he was so tightly caught under me that he was unable to reach and gave up the attempt.

All this while, through the stripping and mauling, I had kept on crying and screaming into my mouth gag. But the intensity of my efforts to scream and cry multiplied a hundred folds when I heard the sound of opening of a zipper. Pratik had made just enough space between his body and mine to squeeze his hands to his trousers. He tried to take out his penis through the zipper itself but was unable to do so due to the lack of space. He then undid his trousers completely and pushed it down a few inches, along with his underwear. This was enough for his penis to get out of its hold. I could feel its hardness on my hips, and also the wetness at its tip, precum was oozing out of it.

Pratik slided downwards a few inches to free his penis from below me. As if it had a mind of its own, Pratik’s penis went directly towards my shaved vaginal opening. I could feel its moist bulbous head knocking on the doors of my womanhood, although not waiting for an answer. Pratik directed it through my dry vaginal opening with his left hand while trying to spread my vulval lips with his right hand. When the tip of his penis was just beyond my vulval lips, Pratik, holding me at my waist, gave his body the final push to enter my vagina. Even through his thick monkey-cap I could hear a loud moan of pleasure escaping his mouth.

“Jaldi chodna shur karo kutte!” exclaimed Rahul. (Start fucking her quickly, you dog!)

Now, with his penis deeply embedded inside my vagina, Pratik started fucking me in hard painful thrusts. Still holding at my waist, he pistoned his penis along the whole length of my vagina again and again, making me recoil with each thrust. His motion was not that smooth as he was so tightly squeezed under me, which made the impacts more painful for me.

After only a couple of minutes, I could feel his thrusts gaining speed and realized that he was close to orgasm. He was going to ejaculate inside my unprotected vagina!

Again, I started to vainly plead and cry into my mouth gag, “Please don’t cum inside me!”

Pratik was now on the brink on ejaculating his load inside my vagina. As he reached climax, he tightly gripped my breasts on both sides, and then just let go of his body. His penis thumped one last time inside my vagina as he released his hot semen inside me, simultaneously letting out a howl of pleasure and satisfaction.

I could feel his now limp penis plop out of my forced vagina, along with a blob of his semen. He lay under me, very still. He was panting, more out of pleasure than exhaustion. I was panting too, more out of exhaustion than pleasure, and filled with disgust. The room was circling all around me. I lost consciousness.

When I regained consciousness, I found myself sitting on the sofa inside my office. I was completely naked now, the bundles of clothes around my hands and ankles had been removed off (they were piled up on my desk), and my mouth gag was also gone. The three of them were sitting on the other sofa.

Covering my breasts with one hand and my womanhood with the other, I almost shouted out for help, but before I could, Rahul came up to me with two camcorders in his hands. He replayed the moments of my force by Pratik which had been captured by Arpit and him, from various angles. Tears were copiously streaming down my face as I watched the videos of my force.

The two of them had made sure to capture it all on video. Right from the moment Pratik’s erect organ had sprung out of his trousers, to the moment of his orgasm, a close up shot of his limp organ plopping out of my vagina and his semen that followed its way out, moistening my vulva, panning back all along my body to my dazed face, it was all there. They had made sure to pan in to record by face once in a while; there was no mistaking the identity of the woman lying spread-eagled on the desk.

One thing was not there and that was their faces. None of them could be recognized due to their similar monkey-caps.

“Tum ko pata hai na kya hoga agar ye video public ho jaayega?” asked Rahul. (You know the consequences of this video going public, right?)

With her rapist unrecognizable on the videos, it would be impossible for her to accuse Pratik of raping her. Moreover, it was even not possible to prove it as force; it could well have been a well-acted role-play. With this realization explained to me by Rahul, I hung my head in despair and shame.

My fate was now sealed. I was now their “Office MILF Whore”!

They were now talking normally to me, as they did each and every day.

“We both would love to fuck you too right now Madam, but others may get jealous that the boss is favouring us,” said Rahul, explaining to me that there was no time for Arpit and him to fuck her now and they would love to get their chance as soon as possible.

“But you have to do something about this before we leave,” said Arpit, and took out his erect penis, striking it against my cheek, “Chal acche se choos isko aur tu video bana!” (Get to sucking it nicely and you make a video!)

I took Arpit’s penis inside my mouth reluctantly and started to blow him as Rahul made sure to capture even this on video. I was sure that he had zoomed in to record only my face and Arpit’s penis only. Arpit, unhappy with my blowing effort, held my hair with both his hands and started fucking my mouth, shooting a huge load of semen inside my mouth, on my face, and into my hair. Satisfied for the moment, he exchanged places with Rahul who then fucked my face while Arpit recorded the act.

Meanwhile, Pratik had been busy rearranging my desk, “I should be awarded Employee of the Month for doing your desk,” he grinned. The other two laughed.

Satisfied with their combined efforts on me, they packed the ropes, gags, camcorders into their bag, along with the torn pieces of my clothes. The three of them left my office room, not before shouting, “Mrs Ritu S, Bitch Whore”.

I was left naked inside my office room, with my face and thighs smeared with semen. I heard the door close behind my three Assistant Managers and lock automatically from the inside, wondering how I would ever get out of my room in this condition. It was then that my alarm clock started beeping and I woke up with a broad grin on my face.

Padhai Achhi Ya Chudwane Ka Experience? – Part 4

Mikhail ke dimaag main gaand marne ki hawas itni cha gayi ki usne bager contract pade us par sign kar diye aur apna lund ritu ki gaand main ghused diya.

Ritu bahut zor se cheekh padi.

Mikhail aadha lund andar ghusa kar ruk gaya. Jaise hi ritu thodi si normal hui , mikhail ne ek dhakka aur lagakar pura lund ritu ki gaand main daal diya.

Ritu ki aankhoon main dard ke karan ansoon aa gaye magar wo sehan kar rahi thi, sirf contract ke karan.

Mikhail ne dhere dhere gaand marni shuru kari. Jab use laga ki ritu saath dene lagi hai to usne apni speed teij kardi.

Har dhakke ke baad uski jhangh ritu ki gaand se akar takrati aur dhap dhap ki awaj aati.

Maine dekha ki ritu ke chutad bhi laal ho gaye the.

Bahut deir tak wo isi tarah ritu ki gaand marta raha, ritu barabar uska saath de rahi thi.

Kafi deir baad uska paani choota aur usne apna lund ritu ki gaand se nikal liya.

Ritu ki jaise jaan main jaan aayi.

Mikhail ne ab mujhe dekha.

Mere pass koi option nahi tha kyonki mikhail ne contract sign kar diya tha.

Mai bhi ghodi ban gayi aur mere saath bhi wahi hua jo ritu ke saath hua tha.

Raat bhar mikhail kabhi hamari chudai karta kabhi gaand marta.

Uska lund hand pump ki tarah tha ki jitna karo utna paani nikal lo.

Hum teeno thak kar kab so gaye pata hi nahi chala.

Subah jub meri aankh khuli to meri choot aur gaand main bahut dard ho raha tha.

Mujh se hila bhi nahi jaa raha tha.

Maine sir ghuma kar dekha to mikhail nazar nahi aaya.

Bathroom se awaj aa rahi thi. Main samajh gayi ki wo naha raha hai.

Maine ritu ko hilaya. Uska bhi wahi haal tha jo mera tha.

Ritu ne pehle bade babu ko phone kara aur unse driver aur car bhejne ko kahaa.

Yeh bhi kaha ki kisi malish wale ko bhi bhej dain kyounki hamare sharir main itna dard ho raha haai ki hila bhi nahi jaa raha.

Bade babu ne bataya ki wo raju ko bhej rahe haain . Wo bahut achchi malish bhi karta hai.

Phir ritu ne md saheb ko phone karke bataya ki contract sign ho gaya hai aur market rate se 10% zayada ka rate mila hai.

Md saheb bahut khush ho gaye. Ritu ne agey kaha sir hamara bahut bura haal ho raha hai, hum aap se kaal milainge.

Md saheb maan gaye aur kaha ke wahin farm house main hi aram karo. Koi jaldi nahi hai.

Itne main mikhail naha dho kar aa gaya. Usne side main pada contract utha kar padnaa shuru kiya aur chounk kar bola “is main rate to bahut zayada hai”.

Maine kaha “sir kal aapne hamari kunwari gaand ka mazaa liya hai, uske agey to yeh rate kuch bhi nahi hai. Yeh hamara wada hai ki aap jub bhi delhi aayenge hum aapka swagat choot aur gaand se karainge”.

Wo hans diya aur bola ki usko bhi kaal saari raat bahut mazaa aya. Usko nahi pata tha ki indian chudai itni achchi hoti hai.

Itne main raju andar aa gaya. Aakar usne pehle to hamain nange pade dekha phir bola ki car aur driver aa gaye hain.

Humne mikhail ko kaha “sir driver aap ko hotel chhoud dega. Hum aap se kaal milainge office main’”.

Mikhail bola “koi baat nahi. Aap bhi aaj aram karo”. Yeh kehkar wo raju ke saath bahar nikal gaya.

Raju usse chhoud kar phir andar aaya aur hamari halat dekh kar samajh gaya.

Maine raju se kaha “ raju bade babu keh rahe the ki tum bahut achchi massage karte ho. Hamare bahut dard ho raha hai khas tour se gaand main. Kuch aisa karo ki dard kam ho jaye”.

Raju bola “madam main aapki halat samajhta hoon. Aap mera haath lagne do, 15-20 minute baad aap bhaag rahe hoge”.

Agey bola “madam magar meri baksheesh kya hogi”.

Ritu ne pooncha “matlab”

Raju bola “madam aap jo bade babu ke saath table ke neeche karti thi wo sub mujhe pata hai. Mai bhi jawan hoon aur mera lund bhi. Ek baar aapki choot ke maje lena chahta hoon”

Ritu ne meri taraf dekha. Maine halke se sir hila kar usko apni sehmati de di.

Ritu ne raju se kaha “ theek hai raju. Aaj hamari company ko bahut bada contract mila hai to khushi ka mouka hai. Chal to aaj hamari choot ke maje le le magar do baatain hain – pehli ki yeh sirf ek mouka hai , baar baar nahi milega, doosre hum bahut thake hue hain to jo kuch karna padega wo to akela hi karega”

Raju ki to jaise lottery nikal gayi. Wo maan gaya.

Usne pehle to hamari massage kari phir choot aur gaand ke chhed ke beech main kisi point ko aise dabaya ki 15 minute main hi hamara sara dard gayab ho gaya.

Lag hi nahi raha tha ki saari raat hamari gaand mari gayi thi.

Raju uth kar hamari taraf dekh raha tha jaise permission lena chahta tha.

Hum dono apne paer phela kar seedhe leit gaye aur raju ko isshara kar diya.

Raju ne apni pant utar di. Uska lund samne ki taraf tana hua tha, lund ki nasain bhi phooli hui thi.

Pehle maine apne paer utha diye. Raju ne apna lund mere andar daal kar chudai shuru kar di.

Meri choot sunn hoi wi thi. Mujhe uska lund andar jaata pata hi nahi lag raha tha. Kuch deir main usne apna veerya meri choot main hi chhoud diya.

5-10 minute aram karne ke baad usne ritu ki bhi chudai kari.

Wo bahut kush ho gaya tha.

Usne hum dono ko thank you kaha.

Hum bhi bahut khush the. Is ek raat ki hamari chudai main hum sub ko kuch na kuch mil gaya tha…..

Mikhail ko indian choot aur gaand,hamain moti commission,md saheb ko unka business,office staff aur bade babu ko unki naukri, aur raju ko hamari choot.

Agle din jab hum office pahunche to md saheb ne hamain bulaya aur kaha “ rashmi aur ritu yeh raha 20 lakh ka tumhara advance cheque baki ke baad main milainge, doosra board of directors ne tum hain business director appoint kar diya hai, tum dono ka alag cabin ban raha hai, ek furnished ghar aur driver driven car bhi milegi. Ab tum dono company ke clients to handle karogi aur company ke liye business laogi.”

Hum jab cabin se bahar nikle to sare staff ne aakar hamain thanks kaha magar bade babu apni seat par udas baithe the.

Maine unke pass jakar pooncha “bade babu ab kya hua , aap ki naukri to bach gayi””.

Bade babu bole “rashmi meri naukri to bach gayi magar tumhara saath bhi to chhoot gaya. Tum to ab cabin main baithogi aur main yahan.”

Main hhns di aur boli “bade babu, hum ahsaan faramosh nahi hain. Aap ne jo shuru main hamri madad kari aur hamain yahan tak pahunchaya wo hum kabhi nahi bhol sakte. Aap jub chaho maze lene kai liye hamare ghar aa sakte ho, bus aane se pehle yeh poonch lena ki hamare saath koi client to nahi hai”.

(pathakoon is tarah hamari to nikal padi. Hume paise to mile hi mile office ki taraf se ek bunglow aur ek car bhi mil gayi thi. Hum soch rahe the ki jo kuch hamain chudai se mil gaya wo kabhi itni jaldi padhai se milta?)

The End

Didi Ka Suckretary Job Interview

Namaskaar mera naam Rahul hai aur main 18 saal ka ladka hun, jo ki apni badi behan ke saath nya nya delhi mein gb road ke pass shift huya hun.

Basically main punjab ko belong krta hun, mere mom dad punjab mein rehte hai, aur unhone mujhe aur meri didi jinka naam riti hai unke saath delhi mein rukvaya hai.

Meri didi ki umar 24 saal hai aur woh dikhne mein bohot khoobsurat aur pyaari hai unki kamar patli hai aur gand boht moti, unke boobs normal size ke honge aur ek dum kadak hai kisi bhi mard ka woh khada kraade, unke nipples kabhi kabaar unki t-shirt se dhikte hai didi ki figure boht kamaal ki hai.

Main aur riti didi delhi mein aa toh gye par ghar chalane ke liye hume kamana padhna tha, iski shuruaat maine ki main koi chhota mota kaam kr leta aur ghar mein thode paise aane lage.

Ek din main apni didi ke saath lad pdha kyunki ghar ka kharcha nahi nikal rha tha, didi sirf ghar mein beth ke khaa rhi thi aur unka saara bojh mujh par aa rha tha.

Maine didi ko naukri krna ko kaha aur didi maan gye.

Riti didi ne kaha ke main itni toh padhi likhi hun ke kisi ke office mein secretary ka kaam kr lun.

Maine kaha haan didi yeh bhi theek hai main kisi naa kisi se baat krke rakhuga.

Kuch dino ke baad didi ki job applicant wali file ka approval huya aur unhe ass paas ki basti mein ek office mein bulaya interview ke liye.

Main jab waha gya toh woh area ek dum ganda tha, waha par kaafi ladkiya thi aur ladke bhi kaafi maujood the uss jagah par didi hi kaam krna chahte the.

Maine didi ko mna kiya ke didi yeh area acha nahi hai, lekin didi kehte ek baar interview mein kya harz hai.

Maine kaha haan ap kr lo apna shaunk pura.

Jese jese hum office ki taraf gye ass paas ke sabhi ladke didi ki gand ki taraf ghoor ghoor kar dekhne lage. Kyunki jese jese didi chal rhe the. Woh kabhi ek taraf toh kabhi dusri taraf hill rhi thi.

Didi ko dekh kar kayi aadmi toh apna lund pakd kar ragadne lage, par didi ko pta nai kya aag lagi thi aur kehne lage, maine toh interview dena hi dena hai.

Jese hi hum office pohche maine dekha ki waha ka boss gora sa tha aur ganja bhi tha usko saare waha johnny bulate the. Uski height lagbhag 6 foot hogi aur woh body builder lag rha tha.

Usne bade hi pyaar se didi se haath milaya aur unhe office mein aane ko kaha.

Jese hi didi office andr gye usne mujhe bahr rok diya aur kehne laga job ki interview unki hai teri nahi. Main hairan huya ke yeh aadmi mujhe ese kyu bol rha hai, lekin didi ke face pe ek smile rhi aur woh bade hi pyaar se office andr chale gye.

Mere aadha ghanta bahr bethne tak didi nahi aaye main boht bore hone laga, bahr beth ke achanak hi andr se awaaz aayi aaaaahhhhhhhh.

Maine socha yeh huya main darr gya aur ek baad ayi wohi awaaz aaaaahhhhhhhh. Tabhi main room ke door ke paas gya aur dheere se halka sa office ka darwaza khola aur dekha ke didi table par ghodi bane huye hai aur peeche se aakr johnny usnke chutdo par apni belt zor zor se maar rha hai main hairan hi ho gya.

Johnny ne didi ko zameen par fenka aur didi ghutno ke bal beth gye. Didi ne apne app hi johnny ki pant utaari aur, ek dum se hi didi ke muhh pe aakr johnny ka lund baja didi ne uss lund ko ghurr ghurr kar dekha, woh 9 inch ka lund didi ne apne haathon mein pakda aur usse ragdne lage.

Didi ne johnny ka lund apne muhh mein liya aur kya mazedaar blowjob diya. Johnny ko johnny didi ki tareef kr rha tha ke waah tum toh meri secretary nahi balki suckretary ban ne ke layk ho aur pyaar se chaato baby!!!!

Didi bhi pure randi ban ke apne boss ko mazze dene lag gye aur phir didi ne uske tatte bhi chate.

Phir johnny ne didi ko apne cabin wale table par lita liya aur didi ki tangee khol di. Main toh riti didi ki chut dekhr hairan reh gya, ek dum lal thi aur fati padhi thi.

Johnny ne didi ki chut ko chatna shuru kiya aur dheere dheer fisting bhi shuru ki. Didi ki awaaze pure office mein ghunjh rhi thi ahhhhhhhh aahhh ahhhhhh yeahhhhh c’monnn yeahhhh.

Kya dum tha didi ki awazo mein aa haa maza aa gya.

Johnny ne phir apne lund par thukkk fenka aur didi ki chut par rakh kar ragande laga. Phir ek dum hi riti didi ki chut mein johnny ne apna lund dekhr didi ki lene laga..

Pehle toh woh pehle gear mein tha, lekin ek dum se hi boht hi tez ghasse marne laga didi ke. Didi ki chut mein se paani nikalne laga.

Phir johnny jaakr office ke sofa par late gya aur didi uske peeche peeche aayi aur didi ne johnny ka haath pakda aur bade hi araam se johnny ke lund par beth gyi.

Takreban adhayi ghante chudayi krne ke baad, jab johnny didi pe reham nahi khaa rha tha unko buri tarah pel rha tha. Main jaakr aaram se kursi pe beth gya aur didi ki awaaze sun rha tha aur bs maze le rha tha.

Didi ne har sex position mein aakr apni pyaari si fati huyi chut ke maze diye apne boss ko.

Kareeb 3 ghante baad meeting se bahr aakr didi kehte rahul mujhe secretary ki job mill gyi, didi ka muhh lal tha lips mein halki si swelling thi aur mujhe pta hai didi ko secretary ki nahi balki “Suckretary” ki job mili hai ?

Dhanyawaad ummed hai apko kahani pasand aayi hogi. Mujhe comment krke apni raye de aur meri aane wali kahaniyo bhi apna pyaar dena jo meri pehli kahaniyo ko ap sab dete aaye hai.

Main apne didi ki bharpurr chudayi ke kisse apke saamne laakr pesh krta rhuga dhanyawaad good night.

Main Ban Gayi Office Ki Randi

Hi friends, how are you!

Main Shifali aj apke liye ek bahot hi mast kahani le kar ayi hoon. Par meri kahani shuru karne se pehle main apko apne bare me kaafi kuch btana chahti hoon. Main bahot hi sundar hoon aur main married bhi hoon.

Main bahot hi sundar toh hoon hi par mere naen naksh use bhi jyada sundar hai.Main aj apni life ka bahot hi acha part btane ja rhi hoon jo ki main zindgi me kabhi bhi bhul nhi sakti hoon.

Chalo ab jyada samye na lagte hue main apko apni kahani par le kar chalti hoon. Par usse pehle main apko apne figure bhi kuch btana chahti hoon. Mera figure bahot hi kamaal ka hai. 32-28 -30 ka hai mera figure aur bahot hi kamaal ka hai .

Ye baat aj se kuch samye pehle ki hai. Jab main nayi nayi badi hui thi yani ki mere upar nayi nayi jawani chadi thi toh kayi ladke mere upar marte the. Main bahot hi pagal hua karti thi. Kyoki ye keeda mere andar bhi tha ki main kisi se baat karu aur apne dil ki baat btau aur khud ko chudwau.

Main paglo ki tarah ladko se baat karne lag gyi thi. Mujhe ye sab bahot hi ajeeb lagta tha par sath hi sath maja bhi aya karta tha.

Bas fir aise hi time beetta chala gya. Maine school time me aur even tak college time me bhi bahot hi ladko se baat kari aur khoob masti bhi kari.

Fir aise hi mere gharwalo ne mere bade hone par meri shadi bhi kardi. Main abhi shadi karna nhi chahti thi par fir bhi mujhe karni padi thi. Main bahot hi udas bhi thi ki abhi se hi itni jaldi meri shadi kardi.

Mere husband ka nam Vishal hai aur unka import export ka kaafi bada business hai. Main ab apne pati ke sath busy ho gyi thi. Shadi hote waqt toh bura lag rha tha ki akhir ye kya ho gya par baad me dheere dheere sab thik hota chala gya. Main unke sath ab kaafi khush rehne lagi thi.

Pehle toh nayi nayi shadi me roj raat ko ache se chudai hua karti thi. Main paglo ki tarah chudwati thi. Main toh bas chahti thi ki mera pati mujhe kaaccha hi chaba daale aur aise hi karta rhe. Mujhe apne pati sath sex karne me bahot maja aataa tha par fir kuch time baad te sab bahot hi kam hone lag gya.

Kyoki wo ab busy hone lag gye the aur main bhi unke sath unke office me kaan sambhalne lag gyi thi. Main bahot hi khush thi ki main apne pati sath unke office me hi kuch kaam bhi sambhalugi. Udhar unhone meri ek secretary bhi rakh di taki mujhe koi dikkat na ho.

Fir aise hi chalta rha aur fir uske bad unka bhar ka bhi tour lagna shuru ho gya. Main aise hi unke aane ka intezaar kiya karne lag gyi. Par ab dheere- dheere ab intezar karna bahot hi mushkil lagne lag gya tha.

Ab wo mujhe time bhi nhi dete the yani ki main chudai ke liye tadapne lag gyi thi. Par fir bhi main muli ya gajar se kam nipta leti thi.Fir ek din aise hi office me meri ek bahot hi purani friend aa gyi. Jisko dekh kar main bahot khush ho gyi aur toh aur bahot hi pagalo ki tarah baat karne lag gyi.

Humari bahot hi achi dosti thi aur tab maine apni secretary ko bula kar use bear or kuch snacks chupa kar lane ko kha aur fir hum bear pine lag gye. Aise hi kafi purani bhi bahar aa gyi aur kuch ladko ki baate bhi ho gyi jisse ki meri choot bhi tadapne lag gyi.

Fir thordi der baad wo chali gyi. Par uske jane ke baad main pagal ho gyi thi. Kyoki mere upar chudai ka bhoot sawar ho gya tha. Ab aise hi fir maine bhar ke staff se dinesh ko bulaya aur usko kha ki mere sath peg laga le. Usne pehle toh kuch bhi khaa aur meri baat sun kar maan kar mere paas beth gya.

Main bahot hi khush ho gyi aur fir hum dono baate karne lag gye aur issi beech wo meri iccha ko jaan gya. Main bahot hi khush thi aur fir uske bad tabho bear khatam ho gyi toh usne kha ki bhar se pankaj ko bula lete hai.

Fir itne me wo aa gya aur use kha ki bear le aa aur fir dinesh ne meri pant utar di. Hum dono pehle hi josh me aa gye the aur fir dheere dheere karke hum dono nange ho gye. Maine uske lund ko hatho me le liya aur fir uske baad use muh me le kar chusne lag gyi.

Main bahot hi pagal ho rhi thi aur use toh bahot hi maja aa rha tha. Main isliye pagal ho rhi thi kyoki main kaafi time baad lund ko andar lene lagi thi. Fir maine usse kha ki choot ko chat aur fir uske chatne ke baad maine use lund dalne ko kha toh usne daal diya aur mujhe chodne lag gya.

Itne me piche se pankaj bhi aa gya aur ye dekh kar pehle wo heran reh gya aur fir usne bhi apne kapde utar daale aur lund ko mere hatho par de dala. Main bahot hi khush ho gyi aur use chusne lag gyi.

Fir udhar dinesh ne meri choot me apna paani chord diya aur fir uske baad mere piche pankaj aa gya aur usne meri gaand me lund de daala.Main bahot hi maje se cheenkhi aur tight gaand hone ki vajah se uska pani gaand me hi choot gya aur fir dono mere upar hi late gye.

Fir uske baad aise hi maine unke dono lund ko ek ek karke chusa aur khoob maja bhi liya. Mujhe dono ke lundo ko choos kar bahot hi maja aa rha tha aur man kar rha tha ki abhi aur chud jau. Par abhi dono me itni himmat nhi thi ki mujhe aur bhi chod daale.

Fir aise hi maine time ki taraf dekha toh time bhi kaafi ho gya tha aur main un dono se bahot khush bhi thi. Kyoki unhone meri choot ki payas ko jo kuch kam kiya tha. Par tab maine bato bato me keh diya tha ki main toh abhi aur chudna chhati hoon.

Toh ye sun kar Pankaj ne 2 aur ladko ko bula liya. Aur fir kya hua uske liye meri is kahani par comment karna na bhule aur aage ki kahani ke aane ka intezar kariye.

Sunday Ka Din Chudai Ka Din

Main Mohit Delhi se aaj aapke liye apni life ke bahot mast sex ki kahani le kar aaya hoon. Aap sab ko bahot ache se pata hoga, ki Delhi ke ladke aur ladkiya dono bahot harami hoti hai. Par shayad wo ladki harami nhi thi.

Ye baat aaj se 2 saal pehle shuru hui thi. Jab main Delhi me Data Management ki job karta tha. Main dikhne me simple handsome aur sharif sa ladka tha. Dekho sharif aur handsome toh aaj bhi hoon. Maine kafi time se kisi ladki se realtion nhi rkha tha.

Kyoki jese hi college khatam hue, wese hi maine apni girls friends se bhi doori bana li. Us time main ek dam single tha. Ek din ki baat hai main apne office se apne ghar apni bike se ja rha tha. Raste me mujhe ek uncle road ki side me tadpate hue dikhe.

Main unhe dekh kar ruk gya, aur maine dekha ki wo apni jeb se kuch nikalne ki koshish kar rhe the. Main samjh gya ki unhe dama ka dora pada hai. Maine jaldi se unki pocket se unka pump nikala aur diya. Jisse wo pal bhar me thik ho gye.

Main – Uncle aap ka ghar khan hai ?

Uncle – Beta bas yhin pass me hi hai.

Main – Chaliye aap mere sath bike par baithye main aapko aapke ghar tak chord aata hoon.

Uncle – Are nhi beta, tumne meri itni help kar di. Mere liye utna hi bahot hai.

Main – Nhi uncle aisi koi baat nhi hai. Agar aapko fir se dora pad gya toh ?

Uncle – Haan beta tum thik keh rhe ho, chalo fir mere ghar tumhe aaj main apne ghar dikha deta hoon.

Fir main uncle ko bike par bitha kar unke ghar le gya. Unka ghar jyada door nhi tha. Kuch hi der baad hum dono unke ghar aa gye. Uncle mujhe jabardasti apne ghar ke andar le gye. Whan unhone mujhe apne sab family members se milaya. Aur sab kuch btaya ki kese maine unki help kari.

Uncle ki ye baat sun kar sab mera skhukriya karne lag gye. Tabhi meri najar uncle ki ladki par padi. OMG kya ladki thi, usko dekhte hi main uska ho gya. Itni khoobsurat ladki maine aaj tak nhi dekhi thi. Usko dekh kar aisa lag rha tha, mano bhagwan ne use free time me ache se banaya tha.

Uska figure 36-28-36 tha, uper se uska gora rang. Usko dekh kar mera dimag kharab hone lag gya tha. Mera man kar rha tha, saali ko abhi yahin pakad kar chod doon. Par us time main majboor tha, fir uncle bole.

Uncle – Pooja beti, inke liye chaye toh bana lo.

Pooja – Haan papa jarur kyo nhi.

Main – Nhi uncle rehne dijiye, uski koi jarurt nhi hai.

Uncle – Jarurt kese nhi, tumne aaj meri jaan bachayi hai. Isliye hum tumhare liye itna toh kar skate hai.

Main – Thik hai, uncle.

Itne me uncle phone aaya aur wo apne room me chale gye. Main ab akela hi sofe par baitha tha. Kuch hi der me unki beti Pooja mere liye chaye le kar aa gyi. Wo jab mujhe chaye dene ke liye mere aage jhuki toh mere ankho ke samne unke gore gore boobs aa gye.

Main toh uske boobs ka diwana ho gya, mere hath unke boobs ko pakadne ke liye uth rhe the. Par maine us time apne hatho ko control kar liya. Fir wo mere sath baith kar chaye pine lag gyi. Hum dono apas me baten karne lag gye. Bato hi bato me maine usse uska number mang liya.

Usne mujhe apna phone number de diya, aur fir maine kha ki main aapko kal phone karunga. Itne me uska papa bhi bahar aa gye, aur fir main whan se bye keh kar whan se nikal gya. Main ghar toh aa gya tha par mera dil dimag sa kuch mano Pooja ke pass hi reh gya tha.

Main uske bare me hi sochta rehta tha. Mera man kar rha tha, ki bas ek baar Pooja ko apne niche leatane ka moka mil jaye. Toh mera is duniya me aana safal ho jaye. Maine us raat dinner bhi nhi kiya, kyoki mujhe bhook hi nhi lag rhi thi.

Main sone ki lakh koshish kar rha tha, par mujhe nind nhi aa rhi thi. Main sirf aur sirf Pooja ke bare me hi soch rha tha. Meri ankho ke samne unke jism ek ek hissa aa rha tha. Jise soch kar hi mera lund pura khada ho rha tha. Fir maine haar kar Pooja ko soch kar muth mari aur apne lund ka pani nikala.

Tab ja kar mujhe nind aayi, par saali sapno me bhi mera picha nhi chord nhi thi. Khair main agle din utha aur apne office me chala gya, maine socha ki use aaj main shaam ko free ho kar hi phone karunga. Maine shaam hone ka besabri se intzar kar rha tha.

Jese hi main office se free hua toh, maine sidha office ke back side wale chhote se park me gya. Whan koi aata jata nhi tha, maine Pooja ko phone milaya.

Pooja – Hello ?

Main uski mast awaj jhat se pehchan gya.

Main – Main Mohit bol rha hoon.

Pooja – Haan Mohit ji aapne toh bahot time laga diya, phone karne me main subah se aapke phone ka wait kar rhi hoon.

Main – Ohh i m sorry, maine socha ki aapse free ho kar hi baat karna thik rhega.

Pooja – Aur suno ?

Main – Pooja main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon. Mujhe umeed hai, tum meri baat ka bura nhi manogi.

Pooja – Are aap bolo, main jara bhi bura nhi manungi fikar mat kijiye.

Main – Darsal baat ye hai ki, jab se maine aapko dekha hai. Tab se mera chain khin kho sa gya hai. Main sari raat tumhara bare me sochta rha, mujhe ek pal bhi nind nhi aayi. Sach kehun toh Pooja main tumhe chahane laga hoon. Mujhe tumse pyar ho gya hai.

Ye kehne ke baad meri gand fat gyi, mujhe laga ki maine bahot jaldi kar di hai. Ab pata nhi ye kya kehgi. Mujhe uske jawab ka bahot besabri se intzar tha.

Pooja – Mohit ji, mujhe pata hai aap sach keh rhe hai. Isliye main bhi aapse sach kehna chahti hoon. Mujhe aap bahot ache insan lage ho, aapne ne mere papa ki help kari. Aur main apne papa se bahot pyar karti hoon. Jo haal aapka tha raat ko, wesa hi haal mera tha. Mujhe lagta hai, ki main bhi aapse pyar karne lag gyi hoon.

Ye sunte hi main khushi ke mare uchal pada. Fir main aur Pooja ne karib ek ghanta baat kari. Hum dono me brabar aag lagi hui thi. Maine jaldi se hi usse milne ka plan bana liya. Fir main use apne bike par kabhi park, toh kabhi kisi ache se resort par le jane laga.

Hum dono kafi baar ek sath lunch dinner karte. Kabhi kabhi movie bhi dekhne ke liye chale jate. Ab hum dono ek dusre ke kafi karib aa gye the. Par abhi tak maine Pooja ko touch tak nhi kiya tha. Ek din ki baat hai us din Sunday tha.

Pooja apne ghar bahana laga kar mujhe Budha Park me milne ke liye aayi. Aap sab ko pata hai, whan sirf couples hi aate hai. Main aur Pooja whan ek jhadi ke piche baith gye. Kuch der baten karte karte maine apna hath uski jhagh ke pass rkh diya. Pooja ne mujhe kuch kiya, isliye maine himmat karke kha.

Main – Pooja kya main tumhe kiss kar skata hoon ?

Pooja – Are yaar jisse pyar karte hai, usse puchte nhi kar dete hai.

Ye sun kar main khush ho gya, maine jhat se uske gaal par kiss kar diya. Fir dheere dheere uske hontho tak aa gya. Mere dono hath ab uske boobs par aa gye. Jise main jor jor se masalne lag gya. Itne me Pooja mujhe roka aur boli.

Pooja – Nhi yahan aur kuch nhi karna, agar aage kuch karna hai. Toh Mujhe aisi jagah le kar chalo. Jahan hum dono ke siwa aur koi na ho.

Uski baat me dam toh tha, par itni jaldi main room ka kese jugad karta. Tabhi mujhe yaad aaya ki aaj mere office me koi nhi hoga. Aur uper se office ki chabi bhi mere pass hai. Maine Pooja ko usi time bike par bitahaya aur apne office ke back side wale gate ke pass utar kar kha.

Main – Pooja tum yahan 5 minute ruko, main abhi andar se door open karta hoon. Fir tum andar aa jana.

Pooja – Thik hai, please jaldi aana.

Fir main office ke gate par gya, whan samne gurad baitha tha. Main use bola.

Main – Dekho mujhe ek bahot jaruri kaam karna hai. Isliye main andar ja rha hoon. Mujhe disturb karne ki koi jarurt nhi hai.

Gurad – Thik hai sir.

Fir main apne cabin me gya aur back side wale door se Pooja ko andar kar liya. Ab main aur Pooja pure office me akele the. Kisi ko kuch nhi pata tha ki main andar Pooja ke sath hoon. Fir maine Pooja ko apni bahon me liya aur uski garden kar kiss karne lag gya.

Hum dono pehle se hi bahot garam ho rkhe the, hum dono ek dusre ko pagalo ki tarah kiss kar rhe the. Maine Pooja ke hontho ko jor jor se chusna shuru kar diya. Fir uske baad maine ek ek karke Pooja ke kapade nikalne shuru kar diye.

Maine use pura nanga kar diya, ab wo mere samne sirf bra aur panty me thi. Wo sach me bahot khoobsuart lag rhi thi. Main uske pure jism ko ache se dekh rha tha. Pooja mujhe aise dekh kar boli.

Pooja – Apne kapde khud utaroge, ya mujhse utawane ka irada hai.

Main – Tum hi utar do naa meri jaan.

Fir Pooja ne mere sare kapade utar diye, main uske samne sirf underwear me tha. Fir maine uski bra aur panty bhi uske mast jism se alag kar di. Mujhe uske gore boobs dekhe nhi ja rhe the. Isliye maine uske gore boobs par hamla kar diya.

Main uske dono boobs ko jor jor se chusne lag gya. Pooja ke muh se bhi aah aahh ki mast awajen nikalni shuru ho gyi. Fir main uske pet par apni jeeb chalne lag gya. Aur kuch hi der me main uski choot ke pas gya.

Maine Pooja ko sofe par leata diya aur khud uski dono tango ke bich apna sir rkh liya. Uski choot me se pehle se hi pani tapak rha tha, maine apni jeeb bahar nikal kar, uski choot ko chusne lag gya.

Mujhe choot ko chatne se hi pata chal gya tha, ki Pooja ki choot abhi kawari hai. Kyoki uski kawari choot ka pani ek bahot mast tha. Kuch hi der me wo mast ho gyi, aur usne mera muh apni dono tango se apni choot me ache se daba liya.

Pooja ki choot ne fir mere jeeb par apna kafi sara pani nikal diya. Jise main jor jor se chat kar pee gya. Kasam se mujhe isme bahot maja aaya, Pooja ek dam toot si gyi. Thodi der baad wo uth kar baithi main uske samne khada tha.

Pooja ne fir mera underwear khud niche kiya, aur mera lund bahar nikal kar use ache se dekhne lag gyi. Fir usne lund ko apne hontho ke pass liya aur apni jeeb se mere lund ko chatne lag gyi. Wo mere lund ko lolipop ki tarah chusne lag gyi.

Pooja – Mujhse aur ab aur nhi ruka jata please meri choot me apna lund ghusa do.

Pooja ko main sidha leata diya aur uski choot me apna lund ghusana shuru kar diya. Mera lund kafi mota hai, isliye use bahot jyada dard ho rha tha. Pooja dard ke mare jor jor se chila rhi thi. Par ab aur kuch nhi ho skata tha, mera lund dhere dheere uski choot me ghus gya.

Karib 10 minute baad Pooja ka dard maje me badal gya, aur fir wo niche apni gand hila hila kar chudai me mera sath dene lag gyi.

Kuch der baad uski choot ne fir se apna pani nikal diya. Fir maine use ghodi bana diya aur piche se apna lund uski choot me dal kar use chodne lag gya.

Maine apna lund ka sara pani uski choot me bhar diya. Fir hum dono ne kuch der rest kiya aur ek dusre ke uper 69 ki position me aa kar ek dusre ko chusne lag gye. Us din maine Pooja ko 4 baje tak choda, uski choot me se khoon nikal diya.

Maine Pooja ko 2 saal tak choda, fir uski shadi ho gyi. Par uska pati use khush nhi kar pata. Isliye wo har mahine mujhse chudne ke liye mere pass aati hai. Mujhe umeed hai, ki aapko meri kahani pasand aayi hogi.