Cheated and discarded Indian wife ends up with a Stud

Cheated and discarded Indian wife ends up with a Stud

I could not believe what I was seeing. After the initial few minutes where it was impossible to decipher what was unfolding before my eyes – probably due to my heart pounding so hard – however, one thing was clear that I have deserved this.

Payal, the woman who loved me so much that she gave me her heart and body (and who I ‘used’ for my sexual needs all those time) was in a state of ecstasy that I never had been able to provide her with.

Her eyes were closed, head moving slowly from side to side, she was biting her lips (between moans and groans); her hands were spread on the sheet which she was clenching with her fingers. Her lovely thighs were spread wide by the elbows of this stud of a man who had his monster of a cock buried deep in Payals, tight pussy (it had to be the tightest, she had only been with me so far and I was not even half of what this giant cock was in both length and width); her lovely breasts swaying with every thrust of her lover. I watched in awe as the giant cock would move out, stretching her tight pussy and sucking her pussy lips out along with it, shining with her pussy juices (and the lube), all the way till I could see his cock head, then go all in, forcing her pussy lips apart. He would go all the way out and Payal would sigh out aloud, and when he would push it in she would groan even louder. He did this slowly, tormenting Payal all the way, would suck on her nipples which were as tight and big as I had ever seen them. Then suddenly without any warning start pumping her hard and fast driving her crazy. As if all this was not enough, whenever he approached her mouth, she would stick her tongue all the way in and groan and run her hands all over his head and back.

This stud was James, the ugliest and skinniest guy I had ever seen (even by Indian standards). James was white, in his 40s, about 5 six or seven, thinning hair on his head, crooked teeth, his skinny frame gave an impression that he was starving, when he dressed in his suits it seemed they were on a hanger! Yet, what I saw between his legs, made me wonder if all the beauty and nourishment went straight into it! His cock was thicker than my wrist, beautiful thick piece of meat with a smooth pink head. My guess would be about 9 inches or more – compare that to my 4 inches that Payal said gave her the joy of her life! I wonder if it was true and if it was, what would it be like to have more than double that size of pleasure giving tool that James was using like a pro.

James certainly knew what he was doing – I wondered with his looks how he managed to get that kind of experience and skill to fuck like that. He had now been drilling Payal’s beautiful tight, pink pussy (with dark brown outer lips) for more than 15 minutes. If I include the 10 minutes of oral service that Payal had been providing before then, would make it 25 minutes of action for that monster cock – that is 10 times of what my fuck sessions used to be with Payal! This stud was still not over for what I would have given Payal in 10 days!

Earlier, James took his time penetrating Payal’s tight pussy (he had to unless he wanted to rip Payal apart) – it was an erotic sight, him lubing it up which he had assigned Payal to do – she would pour the lube in both her hands and coat his giant cock from top to bottom, the most horny look in her eyes I had ever seen.

Given her shy nature, I could not believe what magic spell James must have cast on her – or maybe it was his big cock! The girl who would go red when I even mentioned that I would keep the lights on when fucking and would hardly lead on anything in bed was a treat to watch. Payal was always a great fuck – though just pretty in looks, shoulder length straight hair, lovely big eyes, large kissable lips, ok features, about 5 three or four, 34 b cup breasts with large nipples, nice tight pussy (which was always shaved and looked like a baby’s pussy till she was horny and it would open up like a rose)!

And Payal was a blow job queen, she knew what to do, she had sucked James with more enthusiasm I had ever seen – she had taken is cock admirably in her mouth, almost 2/3rd and the way James was moaning all the time, I knew he loved every minute of it. She used her hands well by playing with his balls, caressing his ass and even poking and stroking his asshole (which she must have learnt makes guys go crazy – I certainly used to love it when she did that to me). She would go down all the way on James big cock, come back, slide her tongue up and down, tickle his cock head on the underside which had made James groan loudly. She would use her both hands to stroke his big cock while sucking his uncovered cock, then take one hand off and take it further, then at times just suck with no hands… awesome.

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After James could not take any more, he had her lie on her back, and licked and kissed her tight pussy using his fingers to spread her lips and playing with her clit – which was something I know Payal could not take for long – I think James knew that too well by now as he had stopped just before she would have cum. James then moved up, placing his knees on the sides of her waist offered the lube to Payal. She knew what had to be done, but before applying the lube, she got on her elbows and sucked his cock head lovingly as she looked straight into James eyes. His cock was so long that he did not had move much and from that position and was easily reaching her mouth!

She then applied the lube generously – she knew she would need it – coating it lovingly with both hands. When James was satisfied, he moved back slowly to be in position to take Payal into the bliss she was showing little patience of! She was moaning already and saying ‘I love you’ again and again – this was really tearing my heart apart! She used to say that when she would come (most of the time after I had finished my 1 minute of pumping and was eating her out to make her cum)! This guy had already taken here there and he had not even started!

James was a master and just placed the head of his giant member at her pussy lips and picked up her legs to suck on her toes – oh gosh, he knew it all – her toes, nipples, ear lobes were the most erogenous zones of her body! While sucking on her toes, he would just push a little to get his cock head just in which would send Payal throw her head back in agony. He did this for about 5 minutes showing no urgency at all. He did this with lust as if her toes were her nipples coated with honey! When Payal could take no more and was literally begging James to fuck her. James chuckled and got into position by placing his cock over her tight pussy, again spreading her lips and rubbing it against her now swollen clit. Payal by now was gasping and moaning like I had never seen her pleading and begging, please ‘James, please, come inside of me, please, oh please, I cant stand it anymore!!!’

At that moment I went back in time to realize how pathetic I have been to this lovely woman. Payal was my secret ‘wife’ in the sense that we were in a relationship which I promised to marry her but actually only used her body. She trusted my promises and gave me her body thinking I would marry her sooner or later. I had taken her cherry, luckily always used to pull out – our first, time it was within few pumps into her! She had bled and I knew I was her first!

Living in an Indian society, she had taken a huge risk. I was ok, being a man, I fucked her good whenever I wanted – we lived next to each other, being family friends for generations, our friendship was totally acceptable. I never showed in public that we were anything more, but once alone at her place or mine anytime no one else was around (which was often as both our parents worked and we were the only children in our homes). Payal was the homely girl, probably what made me want other girls who were more modern. She would prepare food for me, do special things, she was almost a dedicated wife and I made full use of her attitude – of course never gave her anything back. She loved me so much and even in bed was always happy, she never complained my lack of prowess, and even when she was in per periods would suck me till I would shoot my cum all over her face!

Payal always though of her as the inferior one and thought I was too good for her. Something I did not lose any opportunity to use against her. When my other friends (including girls) would visit, I would make her made tea for all of us and ask her to prepare things – which she would do like an obedient wife! My friends always thought she was after me because that is what I had told them. After all I was a handsome guy, had family wealth and had a bright future in front of me taking over my family business. What they did not realize was how well off Payal’s family themselves were, and in fact had helped my father financially many times.

Anyway, I would get this thrill by humiliating Payal in front of my friends by asking her to do stuff our servants would, things like ask her to clear the table – which was all coming back now and I was feeling that I thoroughly deserved this.

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Payal had tears in her eyes, when I told her that I cannot marry her because my family hated her (I was lying but she believed me) – I said I can leave everything for her, but she refused. I knew her heart and played with it, I knew she was the perfect Indian girl, totally submissive, sacrificing. I knew she would want me to be happy and my parents to be happy. Unfortunately for me, I had taken her love and dedication towards me as something that I deserved; I felt I was the best thing that could happen to a woman, how wrong I was.

I did this for Ria, the Sales Manager in my company. She was a total knockout. Had studied abroad, was a dumbo but when I interviewed her, I knew she was the one. She could have been a model, five nine (same as me), mouth watering 36 C breasts that stretched her white blouse to the limit, legs that never ended, and with a waist that was non existent, she had all the guys around her panting like dogs! Despite having no idea of sales or business, I hired her, gave the extra perks and a cubicle next to my office. Everyone knew about it and being my pet, no one dared to be rude to her even when she openly made a fool of herself in board meetings! I knew that I had to have her before she became a joke. Anyway as if she was waiting for it, I asked her out and on our first date she took me to her apartment and allowed me to fuck her. She moaned and groaned for the 2 minutes I managed with her and said I was the best fuck – though only her second guy after her boyfriend that took her cherry when she was 18! I did not find it strange that she said she was pregnant and wanted to marry me that week – in fact I thought I had nailed her!

So then I carried out my plan with Payal and bingo, she was there to be used again, I even faked tears and asked for one last good bye fuck, I still remember how erotic it was fucking her while she was still crying.

However, being an over possessive guy, I could not see her with another man. I was thinking of how to take care of this when, we had this consortium partner from the US came visiting. James. When I saw him I knew he was the one, I found out that he was still single, when I saw him I knew why! He seemed a no nonsense guy though, knew what business was all about, was well mannered and dressed well – only physically it was still not possible for that to help him look any good!

I started talking to him and soon maneuvered our chats towards how innocent and loyal Indian girls were, I told him to try meeting some while he was here (for about two months or so). He just smiled and said girls even in the US dated him how on earth would any Indian girls would, though, he added he always found Indian girls very attractive and would have loved to date one!

I told him that I could guarantee that if he fucked one Indian girl he would forget all American girls! They were shy and awesome fucks, I bragged how I had bedded so many (which I had because of my position in the company) and could tell that that’s what he needs. I don’t know if it was my talk or anything else, soon James asked me if I could introduce anyone to him. I said upfront that no one may date him but I have a girl in mind that might be wife material. James said absolutely fine – he did want to marry and not fool around.

I then played my part convincing Payal’s family about how good James was, though they felt that he was a bit on the older side for their 26 year old, I had ensured that I made Payal promise me that she will marry James for my sake – due to her love for me, I could see she accepted without even asking a thing about who James was and what he looked like etc. I felt greatly amused that I would never have to worry about seeing a man with her; the ugly James will never make me jealous! How wrong could I be!

Our marriages were arranged within a week of each other. I was surprised when James asked me to come along on the honeymoon with them to the lovely southern beach resort specializing in honeymoon packages. After some hesitation, I agreed. I thought it would be fun for James to watch me with my stunning wife and I could enjoy seeing Payal with this jerk.

We booked adjacent villas (with private pools and overlooking the beach). I did not know how Payal would react, but then I realized now that James was her hubby she would abide by his rules! I was fine with an ugly joker hanging around her.

During the interactions between our departure and till we reached our resort, I found James act a lot confident – a sudden change which I could not understand. He would have more eye contact and smile mischievously, often taking the liberty of staring at my wife Ria. Ria of course did not show any interest in James but would keep chatting up with Payal and they got along really well. Payal would avoid my eyes and I could see her hurt, but I enjoyed showing off Ria more.

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As we had married in the summers, it was off season down south and we were the only couple apart from a few older guests. We checked into our respective villas and Ria immediately got into the bed saying she was very tired and I should not worry her for at least a few days! I was shocked and angry as I had a raging hard-on seeing her in her tiny dress flirting with everyone except me – a sudden change in her too! I tried to talk but she just shouted back that saying that she is not my whore and I dare not push her ever! If I ever tried she would file a divorce and tell the whole court how pathetic I am in bed which is the reason she is filing the divorce – not to mention take away most of my assets with her!

I was shocked and petrified, immediately visualizing my loving Payal who was so passive and totally submissive to my needs. I walked out of the room feeling a need for fresh air. I had just walked out when James and Payal walked out hand in hand, seeing me Payal tried to let go of James’ hand, but he held it tight and smiled at me again in his mischievous smile! He asked if everything was ok, I said yeah, he said they were just going for a walk on the beach and we should join them. I said Ria is not feeling too well and I was just going to check the gym (lying). But James insisted and said don’t waste time gyming, that’s not what you are here for – with that he shocked me by pulling Payal towards him and kissing her full on her lips, my heart sank….. Payal tried to push him back weakly but James just pulled her more towards her, putting his hands on her ass and pulling into him!

I tried to look away, but could not, for some reason I kept looking. Payal had by now melted in his arms (I could not figure out why) and James ended the kiss by moving his head away but sucking her lips with him. Payal looked flushed, all red and sweating! I was not sure if it was the Indian summer sun or her heat that was making her sweat!

They walked past me, I said well you guys go on, I would just freshen up. James said fine, but don’t wait for them for dinner, he and Payal would be a bit busy tonight (with that he winked at me) and I saw Payal blush and look away. I saw them walk towards the beach, Payal had her hands around his waist and head on his shoulders, while James had moved his hand to her ass and grope her and looking back at me winked again! I was now getting really angry at why James was acting like this and what was he trying. As if Ria was not enough I had this jerk getting on my nerves. I walked towards the bar area trying to clear my mind. When I got back Ria was not around, she got back around dinner time and asked me to order room service as she was totally tired after the spa treatment! I could not believe her nerve, but I had no choice. I thought maybe she would behave better once we were in bed, but she shoved my hand back when I tried to touch her saying she is not in the mood! I suppressed the urge to strangle here there and then… strangely I missed Payal, how she would adore my touch whenever, and never said No, on my what have I done, I thought!

Next morning at the breakfast lounge, we were eating silently when James and Payal walked in, they were giggling and looked like a couple who were really having the time of their life – I was confused, how on earth could she like this guy. They came and sat with us, Ria totally changed into her cheerful and asked how they were. James winked at me and said they should ask us – after all they were the couple that everyone envied – Ria just smiled and asked Payal if she managed any sleep – Payal just blushed and James said, oh Ria you don’t ask that in front of others, I am sure Payal will have a lot to say when you girls have the special honeymoon special spa treatment he has booked for us. I asked what was, James said just wait and meet them at the spa at noon! The rest of the breakfast was a torture, Ria James and Payal having great conversation, Payal was snuggling onto James and James would often kiss her openly sticking his tongue into her mouth, which is when Payal would blush and pull back, but that did not stop him from doing this again and again.

#Cheated #discarded #Indian #wife #ends #Stud

Cheated and discarded Indian wife ends up with a Stud

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