Cheating Delhi Housewife Natasha – I

I am 32 year old. I’m married for five years. I have two kids. I live in Delhi. My husband is very rich. We live in a posh neighbourhood. My breast size is 40d. We live on the sixth floor. Everybody living here are very rich.

I won’t tell my real name. Just think me as Natasha Malhotra. My husband used to come home late every night at 10 pm. Entire day I used to get bored. I started visiting gym and developed a relationship with the gym instructor. I had no interest in leaving my husband and marrying him. Later on I found out that he had affair with lots of married rich women.

One day we went to his room when the place was empty. We got naked and he kissed my entire body. He kissed my breasts and made me lie on the floor. Then he separated my thighs and pushed his hard penis inside my vagina. He fucked me hard. Pressing my breasts hard he went inside. I was crying aaaaannnh annnnh. He was enjoying.

He turned me and fucked me from behind. I raised my behind. Then he filled my vagina with his semen. At that time there was hard knock on the door. I was naked. I somehow wore my bra and panty jumped behind the long curtains, he simply put on a towel and opened the door.

The sweeper boy came inside and told him, Nisha madam is waiting for you outside, I think she needs fucking session again. They were talking in Hindi. This sweeper boy knows about his sexual Acts. That moment I found I am not his first rich housewife with whom he had sex.

That moment my phone started to ring. I was naked and couldn’t come out. My lover is downstairs. The boy closed the door. He was almost nineteen or twenty. He was short and strong but very ugly. He obviously saw my clothes and searched for the phone in purse. At that moment I had no choice but shout at him. Don’t touch my phone. He looked at me and smiled.

So you are also fucking him, I never thought, you could do this. I told him to go out. I was able to cover myself with the curtains. Only my head and legs were visible to him. He told me please have sex with me.

Then he became naked. I told him don’t think of anything, I am not going to fuck you. He went inside his pant pocket and showed me pictures of me and several other women having group sex with him and other trainers. He said nobody likes me so I use these pictures to seduce rich women like you. Women fall for him and sometimes I have a slice.

I don’t seduce everybody, only those who are too beautiful. Please madam just allow me to enjoy your breasts, and I won’t bother you. If your husband calls again then I would tell him everything.
I understood I have no choice but came outside. My head lowered I shame. He was short; his head was infront of my chest. He buried his head in my cleavage.

He opened my bra and touched my nipples. Then he sucked my nipples. He fondled my breasts too much. My breasts became his play thing. He told me to kneel down and hold my breasts. I said why. He replied I want to fuck your breasts as I have seen in porn movies. I sat and held my breasts. Then he held my breast nipples and pushed his penis inside my breasts.

I pressed them on his penis to give pressure. After that he came on my mouth. I never felt so humiliated in my life. I allowed a sweeper to kiss my breasts. I changed my trainer from the same gym and found he was decent and not a brave guy or any interest in affair. I changed my gym after two months. My married friend talked about this man when she was having an affair.

I am not the only rich housewife having sex with personal trainers. This guy was strong but bald. But still I decided to seduce him. I exposed my cleavage too much. And it worked, it worked yahoo. He helped me lift weights and sometimes touched my breasts from below. He wanted to see my reAction. I smiled. After some chat we drove off to a lonely place in my car.

My kids were in home playing with their grandparents. The guy was from Goa. His name was Samuel. I was wearing a green sleeveless blouse. Our car glass was dark. Nobody could see inside.

First we hugged and kissed each other. Then he pressed my boobs over my blouse. I told him how many housewives have you fucked before. He was startled. I told him I know about you, my friend told me. You remember the one whom you fucked in her bedroom last Christmas when he r hubby was in business trip abroad. He didn’t answer. I said don’t worry just tell me.

He said counting you five. Then I opened his shirt. He kissed my lips and neck and then my breasts. I opened my blouse and bra. He kissed my naked breasts and pressed them. He milked my breasts with his mouth.

He never tasted female milk before. Then he lifted my saree and removed my panty. He rode over me and pushed his erect penis inside of me. After five minutes he had cummed inside. I didn’t care if I become pregnant with him. After listening to music and having drinks we were still naked inside the car. All this time he was only kissing my chest again and again.

My breasts were wet with his saliva. I dressed up and went back home. I was so desperate to do this in my home in my bedroom but that is not possible it seems. So many other housewives knew about as they also do the same thing. But we don’t complain as we use him for sex and he also enjoy beautiful bored housewives.

I liked his muscular body and had safe sex with him regularly. He became friends with my husband also but he didn’t suspect anything as he was concerned with work. The guy was so sweet that he impressed my husband with his sense of humour.

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Cheating Delhi Housewife Natasha – I

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