Cheating wife Celia gets a taste of her own medicine

Cheating wife Celia gets a taste of her own medicine

My wife Wanda and I are in our early forties and have been happily married for 23 years. We are you average middle-income couple. We try to keep ourselves in good shape. If I say myself, I feel my wife has always been a hot piece, and she has always maintained a lustful body, especially her nice tits, ass, and legs. Shit, when I think of her I still get that stirring urge in my pants and can hardly control myself. Wanda also knows that I will do almost anything for sex when I am thinking with the other head. Fortunately, she has never had an issue with me masturbating when the situation required and she was not interested at the moment.

I have to admit, sex between us has been great since we first met. However, like most married couples, our sexual encounters had become fewer, especially since the birth of our now teenage daughters. Incidentally, things had started to become a bit staged over the past two years and sex had not been a spur of the moment activity. However, at no time had we been unfaithful to each other. There was not even any talk of extra-martial activity, until recently.

During the past several months, it seemed that bringing another individual or couple into a sexual experience had popped-up during sex. In fact, I actually consider my wife quite the “Milf”, and feel that she would be an excellent gang-bang candidate. And, as long as I could participate in the event, I would definitely not be offended and felt it may strengthen our relationship. Just talking and thinking about this fantasy and daring each other during sex about being with others had really become a turn-on for myself, and I think for her as well. It seemed like a renewed spice in our sexual relationship. But that is all it was until our recent vacation.

Earlier this year, in August, Wanda and I decided to take a one-week trip, by ourselves, down to the sunny south. As my wife had already had several chances to be out in the sun, she had the base of a very nice tan that accentuated her body, especially in a bikini.

Shortly after our arrival, I decided that I would like to partake in some deep-sea fishing. Thus, I arranged to take a trip out on a local boat with some other visitors. As Wanda was not really interested, she decided to sleep in the day of the fishing trip and just take a look around until I returned.

While fishing, I made the acquaintance with another visitor. I introduced myself to Roy. He was down south on a vacation. However, his girlfriend did not accompany him. Ironically, he was also from Canada, but from another province not far from our own. We had a good morning fishing and when we returned to the dock I said that if we see each other around the beach, we should get together for a drink.

Upon my arrival back at our room, Wanda was already getting prepared to spend some time at the beach. I quickly informed her of my being acquainted with Roy during fishing and she seemed quite interested and intrigued at the possibility of meeting him herself. While she was changing into her bikini, I noticed that she had recently shaved her pubic area and her vagina lips were clearly exposed, and already dripping wet. Evidently, she was more turned on than I thought. She knows that this is something that really perks my own arousal. She looked drop-dead sexy with her tight bight yellow bikini against her nicely tanned body. Her pubic mound and lips were exquisitely protruding through her bikini bottom when she put it on. I was semi-hard in an instant and felt like going at it right there and then. However, she said that we needed to grab a bite to eat and there would be lots of time for that later. So, I ran to take a quick shower before heading out. Just thinking about her in that bikini, that smooth pussy, and that tattoo she has on her lower back was too much. Before long, I was full erect and fantasizing about her in there with me and her warm mouth wrapped around my pulsing cock. I could not help jerking myself off in the shower. My balls quickly tensed up and my cock twitched as I shot my load. I finished showering, put on my trunks, and we headed off for a bite and to the beach.

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By the time we arrived on the beach, the sun was incredibly hot. So hot that my wife headed for the water right away, and I was close behind. After about a half hour relaxing in the water, I noticed Roy walking alone on the beach. I waved to him and asked if he wanted to join us for a drink at the bar. He agreed. I introduced my wife and we headed for the beach side bar.

With the heat of the day, it did not take long for the three of us to knock back a couple of drinks. I could tell that the alcohol was quickly having an effect on my wife, as she is an infrequent drinker and the heat was not helping the situation. We continued to have a few drinks and the conversation started to flow. My wife became daring and sidled over between myself and Roy. She asked Roy if he was on vacation alone and he responded by saying the company he worked for sent him down there on the spur of the moment and that his girlfriend could not get away. Though, the work he was sent to complete was now finished and he was going to head home tomorrow. As the heat was starting to become really unbearable, I asked if he wanted to join us back in our air-conditioned room to continue the conversation. He agreed and we all grabbed our drinks and beach towels headed back to our room. As my wife walked ahead of us both, I couldn’t help but staring at her. The shine of the tanning oil on her skin in the heat was amazing. I felt like reaching out for a feel of that beautiful ass and legs, and to kiss that seductive tattoo. My cock was starting to twitch again. I also caught a glimpse of Roy also staring as if hypnotized by that butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

Back in the room, we continued our friendly conversation, just talking about different things in our lives. Roy sat on the sofa and I sat on the sofa chair. After the few drinks we already had, my wife wasn’t shy in front of Roy at all. She came and instantly sat across my lap. With the sight of my wife in that bikini, the smell of the tanning oil, and the effects of the alcohol, my hands started to unknowingly rub her neck, back, and legs as we sat there talking. I noticed that she was aroused as her nipples were fully erect and pointing out through the material of her bikini top. Unknowingly, my wife also started to caress my inner legs and groin area. In a short while my penis was straining in my trunks and growing to attention. My wife and I also noticed that Roy appeared to be enjoying the show and getting aroused with the situation by his erection starting to show through his shorts. My wife looked at me in a seductive way and didn’t say anything. I believe at that moment we were both thinking the same thing and just wanted to see where this was going to go. I wasn’t really surprised when my wife asked Roy if he needed anything or felt uncomfortable. There was not a word spoken, just a shy grin between the three of us. That is when it got interesting.

My wife immediately decided to kneel on the floor next to the sofa. Within 30 seconds she looked at me again as if looking for my approval to do whatever. I nodded and she turned and placed her hand on Roy’s shorts on top of his fully erect cock. Then she turned to me and said, “this will do. It is much the same circumference as yours, but a tiny bit shorter.”

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By this time at the sight of this I was fully erect and ready for action, and started rubbing my own cock through my trunks. The only thing I heard from Roy was groans as my wife proceeded to rub his cock up and down through his shorts. You could also see that he was very aroused by this situation as his pre-cum was already seeping through the thin material of his shorts. My wife appeared enveloped in the moment by the way she continued to focus her hands on his crotch. I could tell she was excited and anxious to get a close up view and taste of his hard shaft. She finally pulled down his shorts and let his granite hard cock spring free. “Very Nice”, was all she said as this foreign cock stood there at attention in front of her.

You could see that Roy was not going to last long as the pre-cum glistened at the head of his cock. My wife gave it a big lick from his ball sack, up his shaft. And took some pre-cum on the tip of her tongue. Roy groaned. She then grabbed a bottle of tanning oil and squirted some all over the taught skin of his hard cock. She then started pumping his cock with one hand, while swirling another around the throbbing mushroom head. I watch this for a minute, peeling off my own shorts and stroking myself at the excitement of the spectacle. I then decided to get in on the action.

I moved in from behind my wife and lifted her ass to allow me easier access to remove her bikini bottom That beautiful ass and seductive tattoo was now staring me in the face. I lid on my back on the floor beneath her to allow me full access to her smooth pussy, but still allow a view of the action. I then placed my mouth against her and proceeded to give her tasty cunt a tongue-lashing. She was dripping wet and her clit was like a hard pebble. I knew that she was aroused and would cum before long as she started to twitch and gyrate on my face. She glanced down at me between her legs and indicated her agreement in the moment with a seductive smile, as she reached back and squeezed the head of my stiff cock. Then she turned her attention back to Roy. By the way he was groaning I knew she was giving him one of her fantastic hand jobs that would make any man cum in very short order. Within less than another minute of my wife jerking vigorously up and down with both hands on the head and shaft of his slippery cock, I heard Roy let out a loud groan as his cock twitched and he released several spurts and dumped his load over my wife’s bikini clad breasts.

He was very apologetic and said that it had been several days since he had cum last. My wife said, “no problem, I am sure you can do it again” and simply untied her bikini and tossed it aside. She did not even bother to wipe the sticky jism off her chest and it started to run down her belly and onto her thighs. She just continued jerking his shaft and play with his cock head in hopes that it would stay erect. By this time, I had worked my oral magic on my wife’s clit and it exploded in my mouth as she rocked her hips, grinded her twat into my face, and let out several guttural moans.

We all then decided that it would be much more comfortable to continue this on the bed. On the way to the bedroom Roy and I could not help but stare at my wife’s beautiful body. Me, with my still erect cock bobbing in front of me. Roy, vigorously stroking his own cock in anticipation of what might be next.

Once in the bedroom, my wife immediately lid on her back with her legs splayed open to us. I knelt between her legs and in no time I was rubbing my pulsing penis against her smooth and soaking wet labia. I could feel her clit starting to harden again. She moaned and motioned for Roy to kneel beside her chest on the bed. By this time Roy had started to go flaccid, but my wife was not going to let it go. She immediately began to swirl her hands around his cock and pop it in and out of her mouth while licking her tongue around the shiny head. I was so extremely stimulated at the sight of her mouth engulfing his cock that I could hardly restrain myself from dumping my load into her then and there. I motioned for Roy to start playing with her tits, and in less than five minutes Roy was rock hard again and groaning with all the attention Wanda was giving his shaft and penis head. I slowly thrust in and out of my wife’s slit. Her vaginal muscles clamped around my shaft like a glove each time I withdrew each stroke. She was really milking the cum out of my balls. The moment was incredible.

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Within a very short time I could hear Roy starting to groan louder and his face starting to grimace. I knew he was about to cum again. I could also feel that wonderful anxious feeling of release stirring in myself. Roy gasped that he wanted to cum all over my Wanda’s tits. My wife withdrew his cock from her mouth and continued to jerk him hard and fast as her started to spurt cum on her again. At the same time, I grunted and jerked as several globs of cum released from my cock deep within her cunt. As I withdrew from her, I looked at my wife and realized how damn sexy she looked laying there with Roy’s cum all over her belly and tits and mine own dripping out of her cunt.

I leaned forward and shared a deep kiss with my wife. It was very erotic to know that she had another cock beside mine own in her mouth for the first time in our relationship. I was so turned on by this that I could not refuse her request to give her clit another tongue- lashing right there and then. Roy also leaned forward and proceeded to suck her nipples. I knew she was really intensely aroused by all this attention as she placed a hand on each of our backs and was scratching her nails into our flesh. It did not take very long for both of us to make her shudder, groan, and flood my mouth again with her climax.

The three of us just collapsed on the bed for several minutes. However, my wife placed a hand on each of our flaccid cocks and continued to squeeze any remaining droplet of semen from our balls. Roy and I both indicated our appreciation for the continued attention by simultaneously rubbing our fingers up and down her vagina.

Shortly after, Roy said that he had to go and meet a friend that was expecting him for dinner that evening. Wanda and I thanked him for the wonderful afternoon and wished him well. After he left, we just lay there together in a sweaty, cum drenched heap and dosed off. We were both so exhausted and satisfied that we did not awake until the moon was shining in through the patio door later that night.

We never did see Roy again.

Since this moment I have never had any feelings of animosity or regret over this incident. As I participated, I have no feelings of distrust for my wife and love her as much as ever. And I know that she will always love me. We were curious and acted on our curiosity.

Who knows what sexual experience may be around the corner. Time will tell….but I know we are both anxious and excited to find out what……..

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Cheating wife Celia gets a taste of her own medicine

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