College Days Mischief

College Days Mischief

Hello, XIS readers. My name is Michael. I am from Bangalore. A normal guy with a normal physique. I was searching for a good fuck myself when I stumbled upon my junior. Her name is Namitha. She had hot looks. She was a little dark with medium colored skin.

With a hot pair of 34 big round dark breasts having dark brown nipples and dark brown lining. Her ass was to die for it was soft as it was plumpy. It was about 36 loved its fatty and soft nature. She was about 5’ tall. I had a sexual desire for her. But couldn’t get her to open up.

I wanted to get her. So one day when she posted a sexy pic as her DP pic in WhatsApp. I told her she looked hot and sexy. She replied angrily. She said she didn’t like those comments. That I should never tell her those things. She was an innocent girl. I then slowly moved on. Trying to get her to open up.

Soon I proposed her and we became a couple. Everything was nice. Until we both decided to go to a movie. I chose the corner seats to get some action. Soon the movie started, it was a horror movie. Throughout the movie I rubbed her palm, scratching it, rubbing her hand. She didn’t resist. I was much more engrossed. Soon I moved on to her lap.

Then there was a comedy scene in the movie. I laughed and moved my hands on to her lap, and she didn’t react. I continued to press her thighs, moving up massaging almost up to her pussy region. She put her hand on my hand pressing it. Then we were interrupted by the interval. After the interval, we both got hot as we saw a hot scene in the movie.

Then she moved on to a women’s hostel close to the house I stayed as a paying guest. We didn’t get to see each other due to its closed nature. I then started thinking of the ways to get her. I came up with a devilish idea. I would go over to the hostel at night.

It was a risky shot. But we were in the same compound. I would score her or any other girl. It was my plan. They have started the hostel a few months ago. So, not many tenants were there. Just about 10 people or so, some of my juniors and MSc students.

I had laid a plan on how to get in with the info I got from them and all. I waited for a day. Then I got a chance. It was during my Id-Ul-Fitr holidays. Most of them had gone home. But Sherin stayed as she had exams in the next few days. It was a Friday night.

I walked over their gate as I knew the security guard there was a lazy man. And also my friend. He had gone home that day. Their hostel was a building extension from a house that of wardens. The time was about 9 pm. I then moved into the building.

I got in through the back door grill near the bathroom. They don’t lock it due to the chance of anyone wanting to go to the bathroom at night. As I started to move towards the stairs, I heard some moaning sounds from the bathroom. I had an instant hard-on.

I was wearing tight trousers. My dick had already formed a tent. I then moved to their toilet. I have never been in a girl’s toilet the very thought was making my dick throb. I then moved to the bathroom from which sounds were coming from. It was partially open.

I saw a girl. Dark, with large breasts, long hair fingering herself. She was nude sitting in the closet. Pressing pulling her perky breasts hard as her legs were wide open at either side of the closet. Her eyes closed as her fingernails scratching her clitoris and pinching her vagina top.

Her pussy was dark dripping her whitish cum. I had come prepared. I took out my phone and recording the sweet session. My dick was continuously throbbing in my trousers. Her moans were getting louder. Her fingers went into her pussy continuously pumping it in and out.

Her other hand pulled the nipples of her left breast hard. Her tongue came out and trying to gasp her breath she came with a cute moan. Then she started to take rest for a few seconds. She took her fingers and started to lick them dry one by one. An innocent slutty girl. I wanted to fuck her there itself.

But I waited. I thought what else could there be in this hostel. So I saw her come to the door. I moved from there and she closed the door completely. I then moved on to near the bathroom which had a ventilation opening to her bathroom. I then filmed her bath.

I slowly got out and moved on to the stairs. Then I took the stairs up to the main hall. It was usually lit up. But today there were no lights. I then moved to the rooms. Most of the rooms didn’t have lights on. All the rooms were locked. I was disappointed that I couldn’t get anything else.

As I started to move to the stairs, I saw a light in one of the rooms spreading outside. I then moved to the back of the rooms to the shadows. Height did frighten me. But I was happy it was not that high from the ground. It was just a floor away. I then started to go to the room window.

I slowly raised the window. I was both horny and amazed by the sight. My junior Shilpa. A fat girl, with 32 c breasts with the fatty navel, dark curly hair and 38 ass. She was nude holding her breasts in her hand face-sitting her pussy on a guy. He was busy sucking them hard.

Her pink pussy was dripping all wet while the guy’s 7-inch hard rock cock was being sucked by another hot girl. I didn’t know her name, but she was really hot. With a 34d saggy breasts and hour shape figure. With a 36 ass. She was the hottest girl. I started filming it on my phone as the last incident.

She was lining his cock with her tongue. She sucked its precum, then kissed its forehead. While she pulled down its skin. The cock was very black. I was dying to know who the guy was. Shilpa’s moans started to get hot. Her hands pressed her breasts. When she pressed them her nipples bulged.

They were rock hard. I could tell it from his sucking she would cum within a few minutes. While the girl started to take the cock in her mouth, sucking it hard. With a few minutes of sucking. Shilpa came on his face. As she came, she pressed her breasts very tightly. They almost milked.

Shilpa moved from his face as he rose I didn’t recognize him, whoever he is. He was a lucky guy. Then Shilpa started to come in front. She stood in front of him in all fours while the hot girl lay on her back. Shilpa slowly started to smell the hot girl’s pussy. It was already wet. It was all wet and pink.

She then started to line the pussy with her fingers. While the guy parted Shilpa’s plump ass cheeks she gave out a sweet moan. He then started to suck her ass hole while Shilpa’s fingers started to finger hot girls pussy. I wanted to jerk off right there. But the fact that may lose balance prevented me.

Shilpa moaned louder. They synchronized with hot girls moans. The hot girl was sucking and milking her breast. Then after some time, the guy pushed his hard cock and Shilpa screamed. While the hot girl was kissing her, she then slowly kneeled while the guy was fucking Shilpa’s ass.

The hot girl was sucking her breasts. Shilpa turned her head sucking his cheeks, while her hand pulling his head close. Smith was trying to gasp her breath with each of his pumps. She continued sucking his cheek her licking it and kissing. The hot girl was licking and milking her breasts.

Then the hot girl lay on her back as she started to suck Shilpa’s pussy. And suck his pumping balls. They were hanging out. Within a few minutes, the guy and Shilpa came together. The guy fucked her hard and Shilpa on to hot girl’s mouth. I was rock hard my hand instinctively was running the dick.

Then Shilpa returned to 69 position with the hot girl on top, and Shilpa beneath. They started to suck each other’s pussy. The guy was watching for a while. Then the guy started to push his cock into hot girls pussy after some time. He then pumped for a while and came on her body too.

They both started to suck the cum from each other’s bodies. He then dressed up. And started to leave. As they lay on the bed nude with Shilpa lying on the chest of the hot girl. The guy left through the same way I came in. I moved away from the window.

I then moved to rooms, there was light in the sharing room. I passed over her room to see what see she is doing. There wasn’t much action. She was in half nude with a tank top and panty. She switched off the light and slept. I then moved to the stairs. The room door near the stairs opened as I stood there helplessly.

This is a pure work of fiction just for your entertainment. I wrote it out of my creativity. Hope you like it. Mail me your feedback at [email protected]

College Days Mischief