Confession Of Shruti – English sex and adventure story

Shruti was a young lusty young virgin gal from Sangli,which is about200 kms from Pune. She was just 18 with 5.5’ in height and well developed body and was going to get married to a guy from Pune called Madhav. She was from a very middle class family, but still was educated from a very good English school and had a good flare of English. Madhav was working in a construction company as a supervisor. They too were poor. She was never indulged into sex other
then having a small affair with her neighbor Prakash who had a cycle shop. He uses to teach her cycle at the same time he used to suck her heavy breast and press her all over. He too was young and didn’t have the courage as they were living in a small village.
But Shruti learnt lot of about sex through the Internet. When her marriage was getting nearer and nearer she was getting excited that she was no more going to be a virgin. They got married in April 1997 and the heat was too much.
Madhav’s mother Prabha Maushi (as everyone use to call her Maushi means Auntie)
told Madhav to take Shruti to Mahableshwar which was hill station 070 kms from Pune. Prabha Maushi use to work from very early age in a big family called as Agarwal. Now a day she just
uses to visit and speak to Mrs.Agarwal, as she was pretty old. In fact Mr.Agarwal had arranged the same as a gift to Madhav, as Prabha Maushi was more then a servant to them. She was a part of there family.
Shruti was more delighted to hear the same, as she was going to be alone with her husband for 3 days. The first night of honeymoon was terrible for Shruti as before she could come to know anything happened her husband almost finished what they had come for. She was damn upset but could not do anything as she was sleeping through the night the only thing which came to her mind was of Prakash, at least without giving him the full liberty he had satisfied her most of the time. And her husband was nothing but a moron. She was unable to sleep so went to the balcony was feeling the chilled air through her body. She was tired of waiting, and she went in and saw her husband lying nude, she was more upset seeing his tiny cock which nothing from the one she use to watch in the Internet while surfing. She was going crazy with the same.
She was frustrated as Madhav had sex with her the next day in the afternoon, but again it was for him only, and Shruti never realized when he entered when he fucked her and when he finished. At last her horrible 3 days were over, and she was excited to go back. They left for Pune to her hubby’s house. They had a big old house and in fact after his father’s death they were burden with loan, and many things has to be sold off and they were left with nothing.
Mother in law welcomed her in law. Madhav didn’t have any brother expect his widowed cousin sister in law Rakhee, her small one-year son Samir and his Mama Ashok who was almost 40 unmarried and drunkard. He was looking a small shop,
where he uses to sell cigarettes, eggs and some bakery products. After 07 days Madhav left for Bombay where he use to work. This was one more blow to her sitting in the house and doing nothing. All the house hold work was done by Rakhee and during day time Prabha Maushi
too was going to work at Mr. Agarwal’s place and come back in the afternoon. She sometime use to take some money from Prabha Maushi and go to café and browse her favorite sites. She didn’t any thing do in life. Madhav her husband to use to come once or twice in a month for a day or two, where he use to satisfy for himself and then leave. She too came to know she has to accept the life in the same way, as Rakhee being widow for the last 6 months is staying then I can stay too. But her predication went wrong, one day in the night when she went out her bedroom for nature’s call, while she was coming back she was that Ashok Mama was walking out of Rakhee’s room.
At that moment she didn’t though, but she slowly passed through her room, she was surprised to find that she was just in her petticoat and blouse, and she was wearing her Sari. She got the shock of her life, how can this happen. But she forgot the same and came to know that Rakhee
is much luckier then her. She always thought of peeping but never had the courage to do so. She left them thinking let them be happy together if they were really doing whatever she was thinking.
She stopped going to the café too. Two years passed in the same way. One day Prabha Maushi came to her and said, that Mr&Mrs.Agarwal is going to go to US for 6-8 months to be with there daughter, and their only son who has a small office where he used to do something in computers is going to stay. She told Shruti, ‘beti so I have asked them if you can work there instead of me and also asked baba (Mr.Agarwal’s son Salil) to give you some computer work’. She said ‘Maushi merko udhar kam karna padega, aur kay kam karneka ka udhar’. Maushi told her ‘See beta ghar ka problem to chalte rahega, mein isliye bolke aiy tak ki tum padiliki to ho hi, aur tumkho computer chalna bhi ata hai. Isi bahne tumhre samay bhi kat jayega aur tum kam karne ka nubhav bhi ajeyga. Aur ghar ka kam ki liye tumhe darne ki koi bat nahin ku ki wah pe washing machine, vaccum cleaner sab kuch hai. Aur ek bat jis time baba Bombay janeka rahta hai, us time tumhe uske ghar phar hi rahneka rat ko, us time mein bhi tumhre sat rahugi’.
So it was decided that Shruti will be looking after Mr.Agarwal’s house in there absence, and doing all the house hold things at the same time she will be doing part time data entry work too. Next day Prabha Maushi took Shruti to Mr.Agarwal’s house. She was wearing Purple color Sari, with black velvet blouse and she was looking gorgeous. Mrs.Agarwal was nice lady she told her everything what has to be done by Shruti and also Prabha Maushi told her to take good care of the house, and her garden. At that time Salil was about to leave to office, Mrs.Agarwal called him. She told him, ‘well look she is going to take care of the house from now, till we come back’.
Salil was tall fair and was 26 year of age and he was pretty horny guy too.
Salil looked her and seeing her big firm breast first gave me hard on instantly.
He was wondering what a girl, but next moment he was back to normal as he knew she was married, and gals from village was not easy lay, and he was guy who don’t like troubles. He said ‘Kaisi woh Prabha Maushi’. Prabha Maushi, ‘yeh meri bahu is age padne ki tamnha ti, aur ise computers ka kafi kuch ata hai, mein chati huwa baba tumhe is jitne hoskta hai utna tum pado, aur ise kuch computer ka kam bhi de dena’. Salil asked ‘computer mein kay ata hai’. Imdtly
Prabha Maushi interrupted him by saying ‘isne English mein paday ki hai, kafi din se bat nahi kiya, to tum isse English mein hi bat karna’. Salil said ‘Tek hai maushi, aur koch muje jane hai, mein ake bat karto huw’.
November 18th 1998 Mr. and Mrs.Agarwal left for US. Salil had gone to drop them at the. Flight was an early morning flight at 2 am, so he came back home at 5 am early in the morning. He tried
to open the doors with his keys, but it was locked from inside. When his parents were there they never use to lock it, they use to latch it from inside when ever he was out. He rang the door bell Prabha Maushi opened the door, he went to freshen up and Shruti made him tea and also gave him breakfast. He was feeling something different and was uncomfortable seeing Shruti lovely ass and breast.
Days passed by, Prabha Maushi use to come with her sometimes but not daily after few weeks she stopped coming, as she was not feeling well.
For many days nothing happened between both of them other then brushing each other body’s and that too by mistake. Once Shruti told him to remove a jar from the top shelf and when he took his hand back for something his elbow pressed her breast by mistake.Shruti felt a current in
her body, as her breast was very firm. She was waiting that her new boss could take some step or the other. But nothing happened, she thought there won’t be any luck for me, she considered him as a very shy guy, and she didn’t want to do anything on her own at least with him.
If something happens she will blamed for, which she didn’t want to. Her too was helpless since he did not have the courage to make a move on her. But at the same time he was dying to fuck her and waiting for an opportunity to present itself. But after that things started to change bit.
Their eyes started to meet, and also while teaching her about data entry job, he was trying to take the best of my opportunity to feel her body. She too started liking the same. He knew that, its matter of moments before the ice could be broken. Worst part part for Salil was, after completing her job when she use to leave at 7 PM in the evening he use to feel lonely and used to take
his dick in his hand and masturbate thinking of Shruti.
His work was getting lesser and lesser due to the Christmas Vacation, and he used to spend most of the time in the house with Shruti, as he was dying to fuck her. Salil had fucked 2 gals before, they were very open, but he felt Shruti was completely different.
One day as Shruti was working, Salil came home with one of his friend Pradeep, who was is his close friend and he owns a restaurant. He had some work, and he saw Shruti and asked him about the same. Shruti was over hearing them their talks from the kitchen. He asked Salil ‘so buddy how is half-holiday going on. And how is your taka’. Salil answered back, ‘are you crazy, I am not even thinking about the same, and you don’t make me thing something different’. He
said ‘you are fucking lucky asshole very lucky. You got one free in office and you also got one at home, and the luckiest part is both are married.
I can’t believe your luck’. Hearing the same Shruti came to know that her boss is fucking someone who is married, and they both were taunting her. Salil replied to him, ‘trust the same there is nothing between us’. Pradeep then made a hasty statement ‘trust me if you ever utter that you had fucked her, I am going to rape her, and then its you who are going too responsible’. I said ‘just shut up, she is Prabha Maushi’s daughter in law’. They had drink in the house and Prakash left. Shruti was a bit upset, she thought at least let her boss tell him a lie and let the bastardrape her. She said to herself ‘ohhh what’s happening to me’. She was continuously thinking of sex and Salil what’s she didn’t have that he hasn’t passed any comment or never bothered touch me, am I have that different. Or is it because he is fucking someone from the office who might be much more beautiful then her. She thought there is no use of thinking of
him in the way she was thinking that he will fuck her.
In fact in her dreams Salil had fucked her many times. But now she lost the charm for him. The same evening she was cleaning the garden at that she could hear someone calling ‘Bhai ek minute’. She saw where the voice came from, and it was man standing next to the compound. She looked at him, he was working as a carpenter out their, his name was Gunjan he was basically from Rajasthan. She knew he always used to look at her whenever she used to go out do something or the other. This was the first time he dared to call her. She went near the ompound wall and asked him what does he want. He told her ‘bhai yeh pe pani nahin he, kay toda pani milega pine ko’. While speaking to her he was looking at her fair slender arms and her heavy breast. Shruti saw the way the guy was looking at her, she felt good the way he was looking. At least somebody was looking at her in a way she liked.
She told him to come and take the water. She went and again come out as she was getting excited that someone is after her. She asked him, ‘thanda pani chalega’. He said yes. She brought a bottle of water and a glass. He was standing outside the kitchen door, and she stood from there and bent low and poured water in the glass showing her proud asset. Seeing the same Gunjan couldn’t believe the same what he was seeing. He asked her ‘ap yeh pe akle rahti yeh’. She said ‘mein yeh pe kam karti huw’. He couldn’t believe the same and asked her
‘ap yeh kam karti ho, mujhe to ekeen hi nahi hota. Mein socha yeh apka ghar’.
She laughed and said ‘aisa kuy’. He imdtly said ‘apko sundarta dekhe kohi bolega ap kiski badhe ghar ki ladkhi hai’. Shruti almost felt proud of herself she was beautiful no doubt, but getting a comment at least from carpenter is something different. Gunjan started to come now and then to meet Shruti to talk whenever Salil was out.
The D-day for Shruti arrived, that was December 25th 1999, it was Saturday and the day where her life was complete changed. From that day she got she wanted. She came to the house at her stipulated time, her look changed completely as she was getting closer to Gunjan. His touch made her heavenly, as she never got the same from anyone. When she came to the house Salil too was amazed to see her, she was wearing purple colored design Sari with a black blouse, Salil remembered the same as she was wearing the same on the very first day and she was looking hot. She prepared breakfast for him. Salil omplimented her saying, ‘Shruti tu Aaj Kuch alag lag
rahi hai’. She asked him, ‘Sahib alag ka matlab’. He felt as to fuck her there and then on the dining table. He was unable to control and he thought that, today he wouldn’t leave her at any cost. He left to the office around 9 am, thinking how to fuck her. Shruti started to do her household work and in between she popped out of the kitchen to see if Gunjan had come, he was no where to be found. She was upset at around 11 am Salil came back opening door. She was upset that he came in so early. He came to meet her, she was near the watching machine,
cleaning his clothes. She pretended to be happy to see him, and asked him ‘Sahib you came in early, kay huwa’. He said there is no work due to Christmas for a week. She was bit disappointed and didn’t knew how to react, then suddenly realized and said to him, ‘mujhe bhi kam nahin’. He
just nodded his head saying no. In fact Salil use to get some work for her daily, where she use to do for 4 hours sitting at home.
Salil was unable to think what to do and was sitting in front of the TV and almost dozed off seeing the same. Shruti saw the same and she went to the garden for some work, at that time she saw Gunjan and was very happy to see him. He thought the as usual the owner is not there, and climbed the compound wall and came to meet Shruit. She was afraid like anything, and imdtly went near him. ”Gunjan kay kar rahe ho, Sahib ghar par hai’. He said ‘kuy jhoot bhol rahe ho’.
She was unable to control the fear she said ‘ekin nahi ata hai to jakhe dekh lo sofa per lehte hai’. Gunjan was desperate and wanted to be with her, so he told her ‘mein dekh ata huw, agar nahi rahe to dekh lena’.
As he was going behind the garage to peep in through the hall, Shruti was getting more and more afraid. She stood near the garage was seeing Gunjan what he was doing. Gunjan saw him sleeping and came and stood behind her. He said ‘Aaj kohi margaye uska, itna jaldi aya ho’. She pleaded to him, ‘tumhare hat jodti huw, abh jale jao’.
His mind was reluctant to go, as she was looking too beautiful today. And without any warning or anything he just hugged her very tightly. Her hands tried to stop the same, but his one arm was on her back holding her tightly and he took the other hand and kissed her hand saying “
Shruti aaj tu sachme kamal ki dikh rahi ho, mein pagal ho raha huw’. Shruti could just wanted to stop him she just said ‘Gunjan’. He took her hands and placed it on his neck and he hugged her
more tightly and started to kiss her neck. This was too much for her. Shruti for the first time felt a masculine body odor and felt excited and she was imdtly out of control. She could feel his hard
dick on her thighs and this has aroused her to no limit. Seeing her passion Gunjan pressed her breast very hard. His touch was not gentle but firm and demanding. He had full confidence that Shruti was feeling him intoxicated and was unable to stop him from what he was doing.
Looking directly into Shruti’s eyes and pressing her breast Gunjan said ”tum bhaut sexy ho Shruti”, he brought his face nearer and Shruti involuntarily opened her lips expecting to be
kissed by him. Gunjan imdtly kissed her roughly on her lips and inserted his tongue inside her mouth. She had never expected such kind of kiss from her husband Madhav. He took her against the wall, and removed her two buttons from her blouse. Shruti was standing against the wall, and this guy was sucking her breast and his hands were inside her sari pressing her bare thighs. At the same Salil just came down there, and seeing the same he was really shocked and disturbed. He never thought she could be like this. Gunjan imdtly left and he jumped the compound wall and went to the other side. She started to wear her blouse. Salil was angry and was very much disappointed seeing all this way. He went in.
She too came in and said ‘Salil Sahib I am sorry’. He just looked at her, ‘just tell Prabha Maushi to come and see me tomorrow’. She was afraid, and imdtly was on her knees with her folded
hands next to the bed. ‘Sahib please Unse se kay kam hai, mein bhol rahi hoon na mujshe galti ho gayi, sorry Sahib’. As she was on her knees Salil saw her Sari palu just slipped a bit and he was able to see her breast properly and also her bra strip which was out of the blouse drive him crazy. He got up and said ‘what sorry kal kuch uch nich hogya tau puri tar mere gale padjayaga. Mein tumhare liye kuch nahin kar sakta huw’. But she still pleaded ‘Sahib sorry’. I said ‘what sorry, ha bolo, tu kisi sei chudhwa rahi yeh mere ghar pe hone ke bawjood, aur
mein jab ghar pe nahin rahta tab tu kay karti rahti, god knows what could you have done’. She again pleaded, ‘Sahib galti ho gayi’. I said ‘what galti ho gayi, and from when that bastard has been coming here Kaun hai aur tu use kaise janti hai’. Shruti was afraid and knew there is
no chance she told him “Uska nam Gunjan aur samne wale building mein carpenter
ka kam karta hai. Aur kuch din se hum dono ek dusre ko jane lage’”. Salil was more pissed on the same and said ‘wow that’s great kuch hi din tum dono ek dusre ko jane lage ho, aur mere ghar kitni bhar usne chodha tumhe”. She said ‘Sahib vishwas karo aaj pahelii bhar hum ek dusre ke itne karib ti, kasami se’. He said ‘you want me to believe the same, tum ek kam karo Prabha Maushi bulwa aur jo uski marji hai, use karne do”.
She caught his legs, and started to plead him, But at the same time Salil was feeling a different sensation, he could feel her breast touching his legs on his tracksuit and he was unable to control the same. She said “Sahib meri zindagi kuy tabha karne chate who, please Maushi kuch mat batna. Please Sahib mein vadha karti huw ap jo bologe mein apke liye karungi, kuch bhi, kasm se”. Shruti knew the only way to get out of the same is to seduce him, and she started to
hold his legs more tightly pressing her firm breast against his legs. Salil couldn’t control the fell of her tight breast on his.

”Okay Shruti I wont tell if there can be a deal between us.” I said. “Kay deal?” she looked at me with surprise. “It depends tu mujhe kay de sakti ho.” He said looking at her breast. She came to know what he meant, and she knew she had him. She started to play with him. She said in frightened tone. “No Sahib. Mein waise kuch apke sath nahin kar sakti please mujhe maf kar do mai shaadi-shudaa hoo. Mein apke sat It’s impossible”. He looked into her eyes and said, “Dekh waise bhi Prabha Maushi ne to bolo hi ta ke tujhe sabi kuch sika du, English sika do,
computer sika do, aur jo bhi achi tar se sikha do. And Chodh dhe, Okay you can go now, you told me you can do anything, but you really cant so forget it. Mere sath karne ki liye tu shadi shoodha hai, aur uske ke sath karne ke liye tu shadi shudha nahi ti”.
She said, “Sahib mein bahek gaye ti” She stood and was standing with her back on his side.
Salil stood on her backside and hugged her tightly and cupped her breasts. She stood there dazed. Probably, she never expected that he could be starting the same so quickly and she was excited too, but didn’t reveal the same. As soon as he held her firm breast in his hand Salil was out of control. He started squeezing both her breasts. She was pleading me ‘Sahib pleas no’. He kissed on the back of her neck and moved his lips all over the uncovered portion of her body. He slowly sat on the bed and made her sit on his lap. She obeyed; but didn’t react. He started kissing on her cheeks and lips. His lips came down to her neck and cleavage. He opened the buttons of her blouse Her bra was very tight and he couldn’t get an easy entry to remove the same. She imdtly stopped me, I said ‘Shruti nothing is going to stop the same now’. Saying that he imdtly lay on the bed and he was on top of her.
He was very happy that at last his long cherished dreams were going to be fulfilled because of that carpenter.

His hands crushed her big hard breasts. He started pulling the stiffened nipples
on top of her bra. He continued kissing all over her body. He forcefully removed off her blouse and her bra and was amazed to see her breast. He imdtly started squeezing one and took the nipple of the other one and sucked it hard. She was still pleading me ‘Sahib please no’. He was really upset and got angry on the same, he knew her pleading was not full resistance, as she liked the same. He said ‘Shruti just shut the fuck up, I am not going to leave you now, after all you
have been troubling for a month. Mujhe pata nahin tu kay sochti hai, mein terko pasand karto huw aur to ek carpenter se chudwa rahi ti, randi sali’.
Then he inserted his tongue into her mouth and started probing his tongue all in her mouth. The juice from her tongue mixed with his saliva was exciting her as he was kissing. He was pressing her nipples very hard, which were already hardened by now. He took one nipple in his mouth and bit the same hard. HoooooooooooH! She moaned. As he was biting her tits, his hands went down, He didn’t like being interrupted every now and then and her resistance. He stopped doing all the stuff. He got angry on her and told her to get out. He knew she too was burning with desire and it was matter of min, before he pin her down again. She was standing holding her phallu against her breast. Shruti was very upset on herself, she was cursing her, what the fuck I have done, what I wanted for all this year, and now again it is coming into a misery. Her blouse and bra was lying on the bed.

She told me ‘Sahib please’. He said ‘now what, happened to you. Dekh Shruti if you don’t want me to tell anything to Prabha Maushi, you have to do as I say apna deal ta. So now I suppose if you agree to accept me, we can leave this between us…’ she got a sigh of relief. He caught hold of her hand and placed it on his throbbing prick, enjoying the look of surprise and astonishment on her face. Shruti gasped as she felt the heat of his prick. It was so rock hard, for a moment she could not believe it, she felt it throbbing. ”Unngghhh, sahiiibb, “ Shruti moaned softly. “Jor se dabha Shruti “ He said. She touches his prick a bit more firmly and he was excited feeling the same he said, ” tumhe aisa chodunga ki tumh yado karogi hamesha “.
Feeling his hard prick through his tracksuit and hearing him saying that he is going to fuck her she was very excited and her breathing became heavier. Her body would not allow her to remove
her hand from feeling his prick. He then hugged her tightly and clenched her breast very tightly “ I am going to fill your cunt with this jan and make you cum like hell”. On hearing his erotic talk she was unable to control, and she wanted him to fuck her imdtly. She was thoroughly wet by now and her cunt-lips were swollen and straining against her soaked panties.
She clenched his prick tightly as she moaned. Salil’s cock in her hand delighted her. “But…” She stammered. She wanted to say him to fuck her. Salil imdtly interrupted her “Now forget all and drop your phallu now don’t derive me from those tight boobs of yours’. He pulled her phallu down, and started to press her breast. His cock was troubling him as Shruti was playing with her as
if it was her toy. He pulled her closer and imdtly kissed her inserting his tongue deep in her mouth. She started to respond by pressing my cock hard. As he was kissing her he took her hand and inserted the same in his tracksuit. He broke the kiss and told ‘Ohh Shruti catch it bare’. She took her hand inside his undies and held his cock bare. On feeling his naked prick and feeling the size of the same she knew it was pretty thick and a long one, the one she mostly imagined to get fucked with. Her soft cold hand touching his cock drew Salil crazier. She too was unable to control her passion
”Oooooh Saahhiibb” saying that she gripped him more tightly with the other hand. Salil again inserted his tongue between her passionate lips, and was moving his tongue all over her mouth. “ That’s good Shruti you have taken a good decision.” She was lost in her own world of
pleasurable and didn’t hear what he said. He could see the knot of her petticoat, where her sari was tugged. He always dreamt of removing a Sari by pulling it. But he was excited feeling her hot body besides him and instead of removing her sari and then removing her petticoat, his hands moved to the knot of her petticoat and he started removing her knot. She didn’t even tried to stop him from removing the same, as she was busy playing with his cock. He undid the knot and he pulled down her petticoat along with the sari. There was his beauty standing just in her panties. He removed his T-shirt and she imdtly hugged him tightly to feel his bare chest. He could feel the heat from her beautiful body. He too hugged her tightly as she has gripped her arms around him. They were hugging so tightly and because of the pressure Shruti’s breast were smashed
between their bodies. She again took her hand around his cock, which was pressing on her thighs. He made her sit on the bed and standing in front of her removed his tracksuit along with his undies and stood in front of her. He was holding his cock and moving it too and fro, and
said to her “Yeh tere liye hi hai”. She too brought her hand in front and seeing the big thick cock she could feel her juices flowing freely between her legs. He made her lie on the bed and his hands started to rub for the first time on her panties it was soaking wet and her pussy was dripping which was only known by her. ”Shruti, you really have a gorgeous body. And I knew it from the first time I saw you, and I really wanted to fuck you baby” He said. As he was rubbing her cunt on her panties, he managed to slip his fingers inside through the side of her panties, and started rubbing her hairy cunt. She was just held him tightly and her hands were on his erect cock. He smiled and said, “ Go ahead Shruti Suck me off. You know you want the same.”
She said “No Sahib I have never done the same before”. Hearing Sahib, Sahib was irritating him. He just told her “Shruti stop calling me the same, and you know my name”. And as he told, he could manage to enter his middle fingers right into her cunt hole, and he went mad feeling
her cunt so wet and hot. He said “Ohhh baaabbbyy youuurr tooo wweeettt”. She imdtly interrupted and said to him, ‘kuy Sahib aahhhh apppkiii offfficccee kiii maaddammm gilla nahhi yeehhh aaahhh dduuukkhh rrahhha Sahhhiiibbbb”. He was finger fucking her very hard, and was amazed to hear the same and asked her, “What terko kisne bola”. “Us din apka dost aur ap jor se bat kar rahei te 2-3 din paheli, tabhi mein suna”. Her hand moved to his cock and she took it
and began to rub it up and down. He knew she wanted it too, and was cursing him for wasting a month of enjoyment. He knelt on the bed and brought his throbbing cock near her mouth “Well baby here it is what you were waiting for? Suck it baby, suck it.” He taunted her. Her lips moved down and kissed the tip of the cock. Her lips ovaled and stretched wide and encircled the cock head with her warm lips. “Mmmmmm” she purred, “Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm”. Shruti sucked it so
deeply, then began feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside his hard cock and she almost started to make him feel better. Within few seconds she removed the same and said “No Sahib I cant’. He caught her breast tightly and lay on top of her and kissed her entering his tongue deep in to her mouth and swirling the same inside her mouth. As he was kissing he entered his hand inside her panties and his 2 finger entered deep in her cunt. He broke the kiss and imdtly went down. He pulled her panties and she too lifted her hips so that he can remove the same easily. He was thrilled seeing to see her hairy cunt. Salil was touching a hairy cunt for the first time as the other two were cleanly shaved always. He started kissing her stomach, moving down to her things, and moved finally to her pussy. He took a lot of her pubic hair in my mouth and bites them.
She pushed his head to move further down and suck her pussy neatly. He parted her pussy lips and inserted his tongue and started to suck the pink membrane of her cunt. Her long pussy hairs were tickling him. One fourth of his tongue went inside her pussy and she was moaning with passion. Her pussy had already started flowing he could start tasting her salty pussy juices. He took her cunt lip between his lips and started to pull the same and in between he was
fingering her clitoris with his index finger. Rubbing his finger around the opening of her cunt, stimulating the outside of her cunt. Shruti was unable to control the pleasure she was getting on her cunt for the first time, and moaning loudly “Oooooo, ooooooo, Ungh!” she groaned, arching her back. Salil could hear her cunt squishing wetly and felt the contractions of her cunt
muscles as she came with a powerful orgasm. He could see the white liquid flowing out of her cunt. He kept his middle finger on her cum, and entered the same deep in her pussy, and rotated his hand completely and again back to normal. He did the same for a few times, which made Shruti moan in pleasure “Aaaaahhnn aaaaaaaaaaannn uuuuuggggggnnnnhhh” as she was
nearing another orgasm. But Salil stopped and went on top of her and kissed her and said ‘Did you liked the same’. She just nodded her head. He didn’t know it was yes or no, but
he knew it was yes. In the same way he tried to part her legs and tried to enter his cock in the same position. But due to hairy cunt which was tickling my cock, He was not able insert the
same. He lifted himself and raised both her legs over his shoulders. Then placed his cock near her flowing cunt juices and pierced the head of his prick into her cunt. As his cock was pretty thick he had only put the head in, and he could see her outer cunt lips where fully stretched. She screamed in pain. ‘Ooohhhh Sahhhiiibb pllleaassee its hurting pleease nnnnoooooo’, she cried. She was pressing his hips back. He was thrilled with her too tight cunt; his cock was
unable to move in. He had never experienced the same with Rupa or other gal whom
he fucked. He was in the same position and asked her ‘Shruti what happened’. She
said ‘nahin sahib pain ho raha yeh bohot’. ‘Madhav never fucked you or what?’ he asked her. He
just lay on top of her and his cock popped out of her cunt.
She started to sob, He again asked ‘what happened, are you getting fucked by me for got any problem’. ‘No Sahib he fucked me but uska bohot hi chota hai apka adha bhi nahin yeh. Aur phichale 2 sal mein har maina jab ata hai Bombay se to kabhi karta hai to kabhi nahin”. He said, ‘Uska kay chotha hai aur mera adha hai”. He teased her and wanted to excite her. At the same Salil was thrilled to hear the same, and he knew that Madhav might have not fucked her properly. She said ‘I don’t now’. He was feeling pity for her, but suddenly Salil remembered about the incident in the garage. He yelled at her “fuck you don’t tell me that, aur tumhara yar that fucker your carpenter uske kas sat to tu 2 hapte se chudhwa rahi”. She started to sob, ”Sahib vishwas karo aaj paheli bhar usne mujhe chuwa yeh kahek kar ki bahut achi lag rahi huw, iske pahlei usne mujhe chuwa tak nahin”. As he was lying on top of her and talking to each other he was rubbing his cock against her cunt wall, moving it up and down as not to loose his hardness, neither
release her of her sexual moment. She said holding her hands against my arms ”Sahib ap paheli admi ho, jisne mujhe is tara dekha, Madhav ne bhi mujhe puri tar se nahi Dekha”. He said “Kay matlab hai tumhara”. “abh talak usne mujhe rat ke andhere mein hi kiya”. Salil said, “I can’t understand who can leave beuatiful gal like you, aur kay karta tumhe, tujhe sharm kis bat ki. I don’t understand the same Shruti”. She gave a mean look at him and said “mujhe sharam kis bat ki, and why should be, itna sabh honke bad aur ap se”. “Madhav married to you two year back and he has not seen you the way I have seen you, yeh kuch samjha nahin”. Shruti was getting
pissed of with his talk, she felt that it was useless talking all this stuff, and but still she proceeded and said to him, “Saheb he had had till now fucked me only in the night. He just lift my sari, and enter his cock, and just suck my breast lifting my blouse.
Before anything happens its over. Now don’t ask me anything and I am not ashamed’. He asked her “from which school do you study, you are too good in English why don’t you speak”. She said “New English School Sangli”. Salil was continuously moving as they were talking. He came to
know her by now, and he started to like her, he was dying to fuck her, but now he didn’t want to hurt her in any way. He told her “well Sangli ki Rani, don’t you think so we are wasting our time, bakwas bat kar ke. Abhi talak to mein tumhe chodkar tere choot bhar deta ta”. To that she said to him imdtly, “Apka lagta nahin Sahib Bakwas bat kar ke Aap time waste kar rahe ho”. Salil got excited and also bit angry as this bitch was teasing him, and told her ‘tu gai kam se abh,
dekh Shruti if I don’t enter my cock full then you wont enjoy the same. Vishwas kar todha sa pain joror hoga, then its heaven baby, tu kudh bolegi choodh mujeh aur chodh”. He went down to make her cunt more wet, he entered a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her cunt, he started to twist his fingers in her juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting and twirling the same. Her pelvis moved up and down, working itself on his fingers, she wanted his finger deeper in her
cunt. He slowly entered another finger in her cunt taunting it out from under the thin membrane of its hood. She whimpered, writhing in excitement on the bed. He was finger fucking smoothly with her cunt juices and then slowly entered his third finger. She started to shudder her body in excitement and the thrills she was going through. He started to move up towards her with 3 fingers still in her cunt. He edged up a little and kissed at her neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perched pink-colored tits.
His tongue moistly caressed the stiffened bud as his lips sucked. She groaned. The double stimulation she was getting was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting desires that trembled through her. Her body writhed, swishing over the bed. Her hips rose and fell in time with the steady in out pumping of his fingers. He was exciting her more by saying, “Shruti now
you want me to fuck you baby, you like it”. He was thrilled to hear her saying, ‘Fuck me!’ she
moaned, gasping for her breath. “Please, I want you to fuck me! Please! My God, PLEASE! Please fuck me” He slid on top of her, pressing on her with his full body weight. At the same time his fingers jerked free of her cunt and gripped her hips. He told her, “Shruti you want me in you, so take my cock in your cunt”. Her hands guided the knob-like thickness of his cock and she guided his cock in to her throbbing entrance of her cunt. He jerked his hips violently and slammed up into the quivering wetness of her pussy. She grunted-whimpered with the abrupt penetration my cock in her cunt. This excited him, as his cock was half in her. She was begging me to remove the same, “Please Sahib it’s paining Ohhhh my gawd please slow”. I said “Fuck you don’t tell me to stop now, mein tumhe kisi bhi hal par aaj chodne wala huw”. He was in no mood
to listen to her pleadings, but she was not giving to move, as it was tight for her. He meanwhile removed the head slowly, putting some spit in her cunt and applied some to his cock and this time he again sank it again in her cunt. After repeating this a few times her cunt was able to accommodate his thick prick head. Salil went mad feeling the tightness of her cunt, as her cunt squeezed and crushed his cock, as he was entering in her. He started inserting his prick bit by bit,
thrusting and withdrawing and got it into slow rhythm going and now he could feel the pleasure of her cunt. Her cunt walls were fully stretched to accommodate his prick. Shruti too was lifting her
buttocks to meet his thrusts. He asked her “Shruti do you like it”.She clawed on his back egging him to fuck her fast. She managed a whimpering sound “ Oohh aaargg ffuckkkk mee”. He started thrusting and withdrawing faster and faster. His cock packed her cunt to the brim. There was no pause, no hesitating moment to revel their bodies. His pelvis jerked up, wrenching the filling firmness of his cock from her cunt, then lurched forward, cramming his cock deep into her. She
grunted again, as his heavy impact forced the air from her lungs in a startled ”Hooufff!”. He knew this is what she wanted hard and rough! He was moving in too fast holding her hips. He could feel his cock getting gripped by her cunt walls, all due to the wetness of her cunt, which was giving him the pleasure of his life.
Shruti’s cunt was wet and tight which was driving him crazy. The tight channel of her cunt stretched back, and the walls of her vagina closed around his swollen cock, squeezing tautly. Her breath was hard and fast, as Salil was fucking her like a bull as he pumped in and out of her wet,
cunt. Seeing her breasts jiggle with each thrust he latched one in his hand and started pressing the same. Tears started to run down Shruti’s cheek as she came and came. Salil felt bad and slowed down and asked “yeh kay huwa”. She just nodded her head and said “nothing, fuckkkk
mee moorree ahhhaha ahhhh”. Salil’s cock was deep in her and he lay on top of her. She parted her legs and kept on his hips and arms imdtly went around his back. She was in pleasure, which she has waited for 2 long years. Despite the heaviness of his weight on her, she worked her hips in the same rigorous tempo by hammering strokes.
Up and down, she hunched, arching her back to meet each slamming thrust of his prick, and then dropping her ass to the bed as he jerked out. He was moving downward, from her hips, caressing her highs. Now, they were sliding behind her knees.Abruptly, he pushed her legs upward and pushed toward her chest, his arms holding them there. The juice-filled cunt of her opened in an increased angle of entry as Salil rammed his cock spearing into the innermost depths of her cunt.
She groaned and writhed, her hips no longer able to move. She was moaning like hell unable to bear the pain excitement whatever. He was moving his hips too fast in her and her body esponded to the same. He was brutally fucking her, almost in a punishing fashion, as he kept on fucking deep into her. ‘You are my mine, my fucking bitch from now on’. He was
moving in and out of her too fast and yelling at her ‘Take my cock deep in your pussy baby. Tell me you baby you like it, want some more’. He grounded his cock into hers, his hairy ball bag slapping at the curves of her up tilted ass cheeks. He lashed and pounded her cunt as much as he can. He was stuck by the respond I was getting from her. ”Yes! Sahhhihhhbbbb, I am your bbiiitttcchh. Fuuccckkkk youuuuurrrrr oohh aaargg ffuckkkk mee harrdddd with youuuurrr
haarrdddddd coccckkkk.” He knew she loved it! Her hands were dug into his buttocks. Her fingernails were scratching into his ass as he fucked her. She pulled more towards her gripping his ass tightly. Her vagina seared with the rising, consuming heat of her desire. Unable to move
her hips, she made up for it by squeezing. Her cunt was sucking mouth that squeezed his cock as if she was sucking it through her mouth. She strained, drawing his cock tighter hold her cunt muscles. He was grunting and breathing heavily as his hips was lashing up and down. Every nerve in her body sizzled as she was she had a powerful orgasm. He could feel her hot
cum, covering his cock, as he was fucking her in and out. She came, rocked and caressed by the
ultimate of pleasures. Simultaneously, he too was unable to control the same and started hitting her very hard, and his balls broke free and loaded deep into her load of cum into her cunt. He could see the creamy whiteness of the mixed cum oozing around his cock which was buried in her cunt. It excited him more seeing the same and lay over her. Her arms moved around his neck
caressing my back. He
sealed his lips on her and probed her mouth with his tongue. After a long kiss
he lifted his head and smiled at her. “Ohh Gawd fuck you, tere kahne pe
mein agar nahin chodhta ta, tua aaj nah tu, nah mein dono istra hote. You are my
bitch, randhi chuti everything baby. From now onward you are my fucking bitch”.
Saying that he again bit her lips and then
turned around and slept next to her.
Shruti felt bad the way he said to her, but at the same time, didn’t thought
much on the same, as Salil gave her what she wanted from the time Prakash use to
feel her body, and its almost 2 years of thinking that she got it today from
Salil. Her husband too cannot give her what she wanted, but she got this from
this wonderful man.


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Confession Of Shruti – English sex and adventure story

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