A Naughty Date With A Trans Woman

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Hey everybody, and a very special welcome to all transwomen, femboys and queer folk. It’s been a while since I posted a story here. But I’m back to start providing some brand new content.

Some info about me first: I’m 5’11, Punjabi by background. But been living abroad for quite some time, bisexual and most definitely a dom top. I find myself to be attracted to femininity in all of its forms.

Although I find trans women incredibly attractive I don’t purely sexualize them. I believe there is no difference between a cis and trans woman. But let’s get started with the story.

The sun was beginning to set over the city. The last rays of the sun lined the buildings with a golden, almost godly rim as the blue of the sky began to fade into darkness. I twitched impatiently in the cab. It had only been about 5 minutes since I left the hotel. But it was beginning to feel like an eternity.

My heart pounding louder and faster in my chest with each passing minute. I kept checking my phone, re-reading her messages, again and again, to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. “See you at 6 pm hun, xx.” This was gonna be my first proper date while visiting India.

As I stared at her profile pic, I couldn’t believe that it was with someone so beautiful. She had plump pink lips, dark brown eyes, and curly long hair. Caramel skin that looked as smooth and sweet as caramel itself. Finally, the buildings parted and the mall came into view.

The setting sun behind it; its golden aura acting as a beacon of light, beckoning me towards it. The excitement of being with a beautiful woman can make a man find beauty even in the most basic of things. Quickly handing the cab driver some cash I jumped out.

A notification popped up on my phone, “Hey, I’m here. I’m standing in front of the mall.” I took a deep breath, composed myself and made my way towards the entrance. “Wow,” I thought to myself as she appeared before me. An adorable smile on her face as our eyes met.

We made our way towards each other. A flowery tube top adorned upon her caramel skin which she paired nicely with a sexy black mini skirt and black heels. She put her arms around my neck, locking me into a warm hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her petite feminine frame against my larger masculine body.

Not only did she look beautiful, but her fragrance was also beautiful. I didn’t wish to let go of her. However as I felt a rush of blood begin to go down towards my dick, I realized it was time our loving embrace came to an end. And as we began to talk, we made our way into the mall.

The conversation wasn’t difficult with her. We had been chatting for quite some time online. I felt comfortable with her and I could tell she felt comfortable with me. Her arm brushing up against mine whenever she got the chance. She was resting her head against me as we watched people frantically run from store to store.

Grabbing onto my arm she led me through the mall, entering any store we found to be of interest. Helping each other choose outfits and shoes and accessories. Smiling and laughing together like we had the world to ourselves. After going to a few different stores we found ourselves in Zara.

I held her hand as we walked through the women’s section, pointing out anything that I thought would look good on her. However, her eyes lit up when she spotted this gorgeous black dress, pulling it out she asked me what I thought. “It’s sexy,” I said, “but yet again you’d look sexy in anything.”

Suddenly as she raised her eyebrow, her adorable smile became a sultry smirk. She slowly took two steps closer towards me; mere inches apart and she looked up into my eyes. I placed my hands on her waist and whispered “I think you should try it on,” biting her lip she replied, “Maybe you should join me, baby.”

The Zara employee continued to stare at us as we walked past her, making our way towards the change room. The adrenaline rushing through our bodies as we searched for an empty one. The store was busy but I guess we were too impatient to wait. So we didn’t care about the people.

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I let her enter before me, watching her ass as she sexily struts into an empty change room. I quickly looked around to make sure nobody was looking before pushing aside the heavy curtain and entering in. As soon as I did so, I pushed her up against the wall. Her fragrance was enough to seduce me.

Closing my eyes I leaned in slowly for a kiss. Very quickly I felt her lips meet mine. Her plump lips tasted so sweet. As I savored her, my hands sliding from her waist to her ass. I squeezed her booty tightly as our kiss became more passionate.

She wrapped her arm around my head, her hands running through my hair. Her other hand ran down my chest towards my crotch. And she grasped my hard cock firmly through my black jeans, letting out a cute whimper of surprise as she felt its size.

Now kissing me more passionately, our tongues began to tussle as we sucked and bit on each other’s lips. I started to pull her skirt up, resting it on her waist, squeezing her booty again. While I did so she began to undo my belt, unzipping my jeans as I kissed her neck.

Sucking on her caramel skin, biting her neck softly as she let out a whimper of pleasure. She pushed me back, staring into my eyes yet again with her sultry smile. She pulled her tube top off. In turn, I pulled my shirt off exposing my bare chest.

My shirt, her top, and her bra fell to the ground before we hungrily grabbed onto each other again. Our lips locked as I started to play with her titties. Teasing and pinching her nipples with my fingers, squeezing her petite yet natural tits.

She began to moan into my mouth, gyrating her hips against my crotch. I grabbed onto her waist and slammed her against the wall again. Making a loud thud. We froze in place. Afraid that we may get caught, but it appeared that the customers didn’t notice the sound. Or maybe they just didn’t care.

I grabbed onto her waist again and turned her around, pressing her chest against the wall as her ass rested on my cock. She arched her back, pushing her gorgeous booty against me. I knew she wanted it. Standing behind her I kissed her neck, she let out a quiet moan.

I went down and kissed her shoulder, which was followed by a whimper. As she felt the warmth of my breath move down her back she let out a sigh of pleasure. Her body tingles as she feels the teasing sensation of my breath. I was on my knees, inches away from her ass as she stood pressed up against the wall.

Suddenly a Zara employee yelled out, “Excuse me ma’am is everything ok? I heard a sound earlier.” We froze, for a moment I thought it was over. We were getting so close to the fun part. Pressed up against the wall, with her ass inches from my face she replied, “Yeah sorry everything’s ok, the sound was nothing.”

And with that, the attendant left and we could return to our dirty, naughty fun. Grabbing onto her skirt I pulled it down to her ankles. She stepped out and kicked it to the side. Her black lace panties looked so good on her ass, barely able to contain her hard clitty as it dripped precum into her panties.

I kissed her ass cheek and as I grabbed onto her panties. I bit her booty softly. She let out another whimper as her panties fell to her ankles. Once again she stepped out of them and brushed them to the side with her feet, spreading her legs a bit wider and pushing her ass out more.

She understood exactly what I had in mind for her. So I grabbed her booty and spread her cheeks. She felt my breath move closer in, she moaned as she felt my lips on her buttpussy. Her dick twitching as my tongue circled her tight hole, moaning again as my tongue began to slide inside her.

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I grasped her ass tight, digging my lips and tongue in her pussy. She began to quiver. Her quiet moans and whimpers became louder as I quickened my pace and thrust my tongue further inside her ass. She let out a loud moan. So I grabbed her black panties and got up.

Grasping her face I kissed her. “Open your mouth,” I said. Without hesitation, she did as she was told. I slid her panties into her mouth, she chewed it up, holding it in her mouth. I slammed her back against the wall. Going back onto my knees, I dug my face back into her ass.

As my tongue explored her tight, wet hole, I spanked her ass. Hard enough for her to feel it, but soft enough so it wouldn’t be heard by the other shoppers. With her panties in her mouth, her moans became muffled. Yet she began to grind her ass on my face, shaking in pleasure as I ate her pussy out.

With one hand she started playing with her dick, and with the other, she grabbed my head and pushed me deeper into her ass. Spanking her ass again I got back up and pulled her panties out of her mouth. She took a deep breath, smiled and kissed me, tasting her ass on my tongue.

“Your pussy tastes so sweet, baby,” I said as I ran my hands through her hair. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then started kissing my neck, she moved her lips up to my ear and whispered, “Fuck me.” Within seconds she found herself slammed against the wall again.

Her ass poking out towards me even more than before, smiling with anticipation. Her asspussy aching to be fucked. I pulled a condom and sachet of lube out of my wallet (I came prepared for this). But she grabbed my hand and said, “No baby, fuck me raw. Please.”

I put the condom back in and threw my wallet to the side. I pulled my pants down and emptied the lube sachet onto my dick and a little bit on her buttpussy. Placing my cock against her hole, I pushed ever so slightly. I started teasing her hole, circling the tip of my thick cock on it.

“Daddy’s gonna breed this pussy,” I whispered into her ear. She closed her eyes and nodded, “Hmmm yes daddy,” she said. I wrapped my arm around her, sliding my hand up to her neck. I started to choke her softly. Whispering into her ear again, “How bad you want daddy’s cock?”

She rubbed her ass on my cock. My words turning her on so much she couldn’t bear to wait. “I want your cock so bad. Please fuck me, daddy,” she whispered, “Breed my pussy.” She moaned as she felt my cock push inside her hole. With my other hand, I slid my fingers into her mouth.

Now standing behind her, my cock sliding inside her, one hand choking her and the other sliding in her mouth. She started sucking my fingers passionately, muffling her whimpers as my cock entered her. Stretching her tight buttpussy, until I was inside her.

I started thrusting, starting slow as I opened her pussy up for me. Biting her ear, I teased her. While slowly fucking her, increasing my pace after every few thrusts. I was fucking her ass deep, stretching her wet hole as she sucked on my fingers. Her moans were muffled but only slightly.

I heard a voice from outside the changing room whisper, “Pata nahi yeh saath wale meh kya ho raha hai.” But I believe they could tell clearly what was going on. The sound of our bodies slamming against one another echoed alongside my powerful grunts and her sexy moans.

I started fucking her ass hard. Her body shaking and trembling with pleasure as she held the wall trying to keep her balance. My cock almost lifting her off the floor, barely standing on the tips of her toes. I stretched her asshole. I grabbed her face and turned it to the left.

Both of us staring into the changing room mirror next to us, “Look at how good you look getting fucked like a slut,” I said, “You like it don’t you.” She looked up at me with her eyes wide, biting her lips as she quietly nodded. Afraid that if she opens her mouth to speak she would moan louder than ever before.

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She didn’t want this to end. But as she looked into my eyes she started thrusting her ass back and forth in time with my thrusts. Riding my cock while I fucked her. I kissed her lips, increasing my pace. We were at the point of no return. I wanted to fuck her so hard. And so that’s exactly what I did.

Slamming my cock inside her as she thrust her ass back onto my cock, I filled her pussy. I moved my hand down to her dick. Taking it into my hands, rubbing it while I fucked her against the wall. She placed her face against the wall, to muffle her moans. But she was too loud for it to work.

I pulled her off the wall, grabbed her left leg and pulled it up. My arm wrapped under her knee. Her calf and foot dangling as I held her leg up high, still fucking her ass from behind. I held her up as her hand caressed my face. The pleasure had loosened her body to the point where she had no control.

She had succumbed to me and my cock. With one of my arms wrapped under her knee, holding her leg up and the other wrapped around her waist. She began to jerk her dick. Whimpering and moaning as both of us started getting close. Soon she whispered, “I’m cumming.”

With that, she shot her load straight onto the wall. It began to slowly drip down I whispered, “I’m cumming now too,” she moaned out loud as my cum shot deep inside her, filling her tight hole. I continued to kiss her neck. I let her ass drain the last few drops of my cum, sliding my cock out.

Placing her leg back down, I turned her around, kissing her again. Now in a loving embrace, a passionate and romantic kiss. As we kissed I slid my hand back down her ass, scooping out some cum from her hole and sliding my fingers into her mouth. She ate up my cum with glee.

And she looked gorgeous doing it too. After one last quick kiss, we quickly got dressed and stepped out of the change room. We completely forgot where we were and both foolishly excited at the same time. Suddenly several eyes were on us. 2 women and a Zara employee watched quietly as we quickly ran out.

Our cheeks were red with embarrassment but also excitement. We had just fucked in public, and it was awesome. Unfortunately, we left the black dress there and were too embarrassed to return for it. We left Zara and continued walking through the mall.

Suddenly she tugged at my arm and turned me around. “Hey let’s go watch a movie,” she said, “Okay, sure. Which one?” I replied. She took a second to think and said, “How about Street Dancer 3D?” With a surprised look on my face, I said, “Really? I heard it was bad.”

She raised her eyebrows again, giving me that sultry smirk that turns me on so much. “Oh wait,” I said, “We aren’t going to the cinema to watch the movie. You have something else in mind…”

And that concludes Part 1 of the story. If you liked it please feel free to leave me some feedback and comments. You can comment to let me know if you want part 2 of this story. And follow my pages for the latest sex story updates and new sex stories for you all to touch yourself to.

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