Cuckolding In The Car And In The Theater

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As soon as the car exited my apartment, I told Divya to remove the zip of the jacket.

She looked at Mayank with puppy eyes and asked – Mayank, your colleague wants me to remove my jacket’s zip. Should I? I’m practically naked. Shall I expose my body to him?

He said yeah ok and adjusted the rearview mirror. The car has a Magnetic window sun shield which is a zipper-type one that can be closed and opened. No one can see through it especially during nights.

She now pulled down the zipper completely. I kept one hand on her thigh and started rubbing it slowly. She leaned back and gave a small sound. Mayank slowed down the car, he’s trying to take peek whenever possible.

I now moved my hand to her inner thighs. Her pussy got hot and I can feel the warmth already on my fingers. I kept teasing her pussy and she’s enjoying it. My other hand went to her boobs and pulled her boobs out of her bra. I am squeezing her boobs and twisting her nipples.

She started moaning slowly. Her voice is not too loud so no one can hear her from outside of the car. Mayank is looking at us whenever possible.

Divya said – Mayank, don’t look back. It’s important to stay alive. And we can’t afford an accident especially when I’m almost naked in the backseat. If you want I can narrate what’s happening in backseat. You listen to my voice but concentrate on driving.

Mayank said okay to her idea.

Divya – Now Sid’s one hand is on my thighs almost near my pussy. He’s rubbing my thighs but not touching the treasure just 3 inches above the thighs. Also, his other hand is tweaking my nipples while I am trying to control my moans. It is so hot. I am loving it.

Divya – Your wife is enjoying getting mauled by your colleague while you’re driving the car. His hands are making me go crazy. Please ask him to touch my pussy and give me an orgasm Mayank, please.

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Mayank – Please touch her, Sid.

Me – What should I touch? And whom? Say it properly, Mayank.

Mayank – Sid, please touch my wife’s pussy. She needs an orgasm. Make her cum. Please.

Me – Should I do it with my fingers or should I use my tongue?

Mayank – Anything you wish, please make my wife cum for you.

“Ok I will, Divya you continue to narrate what I am doing.”

Divya – Thank you Mayank. Now Sid pushed my legs apart, he pushed my thong aside. He’s looking at my pussy. He slowly got on his knees on the car floor. Now he’s kissing my thighs. Now he’s kissing my inner thighs. Go on Sid. He came to my pussy and stopped, looking directly in my eyes with a cunning smile.

Divya – He is not breaking eye contact. Now he used his tongue to give a soft lick on my pussy from bottom to top. His hands went back and caught hold of my ass. They’re so warm. Aah, now his tongue went inside. He’s licking my pussy. He’s sucking all the juices.

Divya – I love this feeling. I love being sucked by your colleague while you’re driving the car. Aahh, his tongue is making me mad. Wow. I am gonna cum. I am cumming.

She came and I drank all her juices. I got up and cleaned my mouth with tissues and sat back. Now she’s in the trance of cumming and just breathing heavily. Her boobs are heaving up and down as she kept breathing. It was a great view to watch.

Soon the theater we were supposed to go arrived. She adjusted her boobs in her bra, set her thong properly and wore the jacket. We kept walking. I held her by the waist as we walk and he was walking behind us.

I went and took three tickets to a flop movie. It’s in the top row center. The whole theater is empty except for a few couples here and there in corner seats. She sat in the center and I’m on her right. Mayank on left. The movie started and lights were turned off.

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I kept my left hand on her thigh. She got the cue. She looked at Mayank and asked him to remove her jacket’s zip. He immediately accepted and pulled it down. Now she removed the whole jacket and gave it to him. I moved one hand behind her and caught her boobs over her bra.

She took her hand to my cock and pulled it out of my trousers and boxer. As I said she loved seeing my cock. I told her to lose the thong. She pulled it down and thrown it at Mayank. He was happy to sniff it and keep it with him. I told her to come on my lap and ride me. She stood and came on my lap.

She took the support of the front seat and raised herself a bit. I adjusted my cock at the entrance and lifted my hips so that my cock slides in. She’s finding it very difficult to come down on me. Her pussy is very tight. I took my hands to her boobs, pulled them from bra and kept kissing her on neck and back.

She’s moaning softly while enjoying the ride. She began to loosen up in a few minutes and finally, my whole cock went in. I asked her how long is Mayank’s cock and she said about 3 and a half inches. I laughed at it. Now her riding speed increased.

Mayank took his cock out and started masturbating. He’s enjoying the view while masturbating. He came in 3 minutes. I laughed at how fast he came. She told me in my ears that is why I was never satisfied. I told her I’m gonna satisfy her from now regularly and she smiled and kissed me.

We kept fucking slow and nice. I gave her hickeys on neck and back. After 15 minutes of slow fucking, she increased the speed of riding. And suddenly she came on my cock. I started pounding hard. I came in her too. Then she got up, wore her panty, adjusted her bra and wore her jacket.

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I wiped off the juices with my handkerchief and threw it at Mayank. She sneakily folded it and kept in his pocket. It’s the time for the interval. I told them to let’s go to their home. As usual, Mayank kept driving. We got in the backseat. She hugged me from the side.

My hand kept squeezing her ass all along the ride. Then we went to their home. As she closed the door, she removed her jacket and got naked. I kept my hand on her waist and told her – Let’s go to the bedroom.

Divya – Mayank, from today only I am gonna sleep in the bedroom with my lover. You can sleep on the couch or in the spare room. Of course, you can come and watch, but you cannot touch me.

Saying that we left for her bedroom but didn’t close the door. As we got on the bed, we heard the door opening and Mayank standing in the corner watching us.

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