Proposing To My Girlfriend For Marriage

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This is a story about me, my wife, my mother-in-law and my wife’s sister, where I fucked all of them

I am Rahul living in Pune now and age 29. My wife Nisha is also 29 years. We got married 3 years back and ours was a love marriage. I met Nisha during college days (engineering) and were in the same class. In the 2 years, we become very good friends.

I was attracted to her due to her sweet smile, shy type and soft-spoken. I also felt she liked me and in 3rd year, I proposed to her. She confessed, she also likes me and accepted my proposal. We were in deep love. You can imagine when you are 21 years, in love for the first time and the world is yours.

Her parents were very strict and hence the late-night chats, phone and going out of town were not an option. We used to bunk classes and go out to movies, restaurants, parks, etc. I was only able to kiss her, feel her body when we were alone in parks and movies, but no sex.

Let me tell you how Nisha’s looks. She is a Mallu, not very fair and brown in color, 5.5 inches tall, weighs 56 kg, body structure 34-30-32. She has a cute face, small lips, and pretty eyes. But the best part of her is her smile. She always smiles which was the biggest attraction for me.

After college, we both got placed in different IT companies thought campus recruitment. After the initial training period, I was placed in Pune and she was placed in Bangalore itself. We continued our love story and finally decided to marry after 3 years.

We convinced our families with a lot of difficulties and finally got married. Post marriage, she applied for location transfer and luckily got in Pune. I now work as a project manager and Nisha as a domain consultant. We are now settled in Pune, purchased a 3 BHK apartment, of course, EMI. We are living a great life.

My wife Nisha (full name Nisha Nair) is original from Kerala. Her father Kunju Nair, mother Priya Nair and elder sister Puja Nair who is 3 years older. My in-laws got married at an early age (coming from a village background) when she was 19 and my father-in-law was 20.

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My father-in-law moved to Bangalore after marriage. He started working in a construction company as a clerk and settled there. During the initial days, my father-in-law stayed alone in Bangalore and used to commute between Althur (village name) and Bangalore. He used to come once or twice in a month to Althur.

My MIL brought up both the daughters alone. When they reached the 10th standard, they relocated to Bangalore for children’s better education. My in-laws still live in Bangalore and my father-in-law continues to work.

My MIL got pregnant immediately after marriage. Puja was born when my MIL was just 20. 3 years later Nisha was born My mother-in-law is 53 now and my father-in-law 58. My sister-in-law who is 33 years now, is also married. She stays in Mandya with her husband who is a businessman.

It’s been 5 years of her marriage and still, they have no kids. They have been trying very hard but no luck yet.

Before our marriage, I used to often come to Bangalore to meet my sweetheart. I used to come on Friday night and leave on Sunday evening. I used to stay in the hotel and Nisha used to come and meet me there.

Whenever I used to come, we used to enjoy each other body but never had sex. Nisha wanted to do that after marriage and keep it for the first night (suhagraat).

This was the day when we decided to tell our parents and get married. As usual, I checked into a regular hotel near Majestic on Friday. We were supposed to meet in my room the next day. Nisha knocked on the door at 10 am on Saturday and I had woken up just an hour back.

I opened the door and saw the beautiful smile which always turns me on. She walked into the room and I closed the door behind her. I went behind her and gave her a tight hug and said, “I love you.” She smiled and pushed her back against my chest.

Her hands were on my hair and she was slowly massaging and said, “I love you too.” She was wearing pink sleeveless salwar and was looking gorgeous. She turned towards me and we were hugging each other. I held her face and kissed her lips. She was wearing pink lipstick and I started eating it.

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We kissed for good 15 minutes, sucking each other lips and it was becoming intimate. I was passionately sucking her lips one after the other. Upper sometime and lower sometimes. I also inserted my tongue inside her and feeling her tongue and sweet saliva.

We broke the kiss and I pushed her on to the bed. She said to wait in a smiling tone, removed her dress else it will get crumpled and will be difficult to answer her mother. Now she was in bra and panty and was looking very sexy. I jumped on her and started to kiss her breasts on top of the bra.

I was kissing her breasts right, left and center. She was getting aroused and making sexy sounds. I slowly removed her bra and started to suck her breasts, her areola was small in diameter and she had small back nipples. Her nipples were erect now and she was pulling me to suck more.

I kept sucking for 10 minutes and when she started to vibrate, looks like she was near her orgasm. She pushed me to suck her pussy. I obeyed and went down on her, removed her panty and started to suck her pussy. She had a clean shaved pussy as she knew I was coming.

She was already wet and my sucking made it even worse for her. She was pushing my head deep and asking me to suck her deep and fuck with my tongue. “Baby, I am cuming, fuck with your tongue, faster, lick me, bite me, taste my honey.”

And with that, she had her orgasm and filled my mouth with her juice. I licked it every time. We both were exhausted and slept for a few minutes talking about the week and other things. I said, “Let’s take a shower.” She said to go ahead and she will join in a minute.

I started taking a shower and she came joined me. I was rubbing soap and she took it from me and started rubbing the soap. She asked me to turn and my back towards her chest. She started to apply soap on my chest from the back and then moved her hand to my dick.

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It was semi-hard by now and as soon as she touched it, it became fully hard. She smiled and said, “Looks like the king is waiting for the queen.” She applied soap on my fully erect cock and moved her hand to apply it on my ass. She parted my ass crack and applied soap on it.

In the act of applying, she also fingered my ass a bit. It was erotic and the pleasure was very high. We finished the bath and came back to bed naked. She asked me to lie down on the bed and her fingers started to play with my cock. In no time it became hard.

She started to kiss me on my lips and at the same time was shagging me. She started to shag me very hard. What a pleasure, man! I was not able to control anymore and started to cum on her hand. She cleaned me with the towel and lied down on the bed hugged me.

I asked her, “Can we get married?” Her eyes were filled with tears when I said that and she immediately said yes. The next task was to talk to both parents.

With a lot of struggle, we got married and she moved to Pune with me after getting a job transfer. In the next episode, how I got attracted to my MIL during the Onam festival when I visited Bangalore.

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