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I had joined a dating site where several single men, women and couples have joined to search partners for themselves only a couple of days ago and was searching a couple to get my threesome fantasy fulfilled. After several days of browsing I came across a couple profile and it read something interesting.

The husband had mentioned that he wants his wife to enjoy the free sex life and she being a typical Indian from a native village dreaded thought of another man. He wanted someone who can help him in making his wife think more modern and Act modern and even if this effort failed he should take is sportingly.

Though it was frustrating not to have got a single credible lead from the site, I was more than game for such a situation and thought I may stand a chance. So I mailed the hubby giving my intro and also asked him about where he works, the nature of his wife, the kind of dresses she wears and whether he has ever watched porn with her and other general details of the marriage.

I got a mail about a week after and he introduced himself as Ravi working in an IT company in Bangalore and is 28 years old and his wife as Nisha who is 25 years old. He told me that she generally wears salwar kamiz (traditional Indian wear) at home or even outside.

She is jolly and very positive about life and that he tried to make her watch porn once but she just got turned off and has never tried ever since. He further mentioned if I could suggest some ways to make her a bit so that she wears more modern dresses and her thinking about sex opens up a bit.

I thought for some days and then mailed him back with a idea that he could try and narrate some couple sex stories to her and see what her reaction is? If it is positive and she gets turned on they both can read some stories online together so that her knowledge about sexual positions and what’s in vogue could be altered a bit.

After about 15 days I got a mail from Ravi that the idea has worked and now whenever they have sex Nisha insists him to narrate her a sex story and it gets her wet sooner than earlier. He also stated she has started taking initiative and now rides him too while earlier they only had sex missionary style. Now I told him to go to the next step and read some stories online together.

He did the same and was pretty pleased with the results and said in the last 2 months he had some rocking sex of reminded him of his just married period of life. After a fortnight, Ravi mailed me again saying that one night he had opened a group sex story and Nisha had enjoyed every bit of it. He was thankful to me that I had suggested introducing stories first to Nisha.

He slowly started describing her attractive features to me and how wild she had become in bed thanks to the stories that she started reading and her inhibitions regarding blow job and 69 have also been laid to rest. But as he mentioned the thought of a threesome with a male, Nisha straightaway refused and told him not to bring the topic again.

So, he wanted to know if there is any idea to make her open to the idea. I mailed him back saying that it may take some time and if I get any ideas for it I will let him know. After a couple of days I was chatting with Ravi on yahoo messenger when I advised him that he should now mention Nisha about watching some porn online.

Since she liked sex stories so much so the next step should be to bring porn movies and watch it together. Ravi responded by saying that he has already started doing it and she is now loving every bit of it. So I asked him if he has ever shown her films where the girl is being drilled by 2 or 3 guys? He responded negatively to it.

So I asked him to show her such films once in a while and while she is being drilled in all her holes, he should make comments such that Nisha feels jealous of the girl in the movie. I also asked him to show her some Hindi porn where the girl on being drilled is abusing the guy and enjoying every bit of it.

He brought some 4 or 5 films in the next 2 months and though initially Nisha was a bit reluctant watching group sex after a couple of movies she became comfortable with it. Though she felt bad hearing the abuses in Hindi and did not even know the meaning of some slang later on she became comfortable with it.

Ravi even told me that one night while having sex when she was about to come and Ravi came before her she even abused him in Hindi. Though it was a shock for her he was happy that she is coming out of the conservative mindset and encouraged her. He even told her that once in a while having sex with expletives and abuses is not bad to which Nisha gave a shy smile.

After a month Ravi asked me if I ever travelled to Bangalore to which I replied in the affirmative but that was 8 long years ago and I never had any work in that part of the country. So for me to move out was also tough without there being a genuine reason. He asked me even if I come to Bangalore in what pretext will he take me home to introduce me to his beautiful wife Nisha?

I told him that though it is tough for me to travel for the next 6 months but he should prepare the base for it from now onwards. I told him, he should in general mention about me during any conversation relating to his friends. On being probed why he never mentioned in the last 3.5 years he should say he was not in touch and now found me through a mutual friend.

He said ok and for the next 2 months we chatted only 2-3 times during which he said that he has mentioned casually about me to Nisha a couple of times. But he also told me that now Nisha has come out of the conservative mindset and asks him to bring porn movies with group sex too.

Though she wears salwar kamiz only she has moved her neckline below what she used to wear earlier and has started wearing backless kamiz too. The dresses now hug more tightly to her body and her sexy figure is hard to ignore in such dresses.

Around 8 months since we first started talking I had to go to Bangalore for 2 nights. But I was to reach there tonight and leave day after tomorrow early morning. I informed Ravi of the same and told him that it might be hard to meet this time due to time constraint. But he insisted and said that the next night I had to visit them even if it is only for a cup of coffee.

I was late the next day and by the time I could reach their house it would have been almost 10 to which Ravi said that he didn’t mind and that they’re waiting for me. I reached their home which was in a flat scheme and rang the door bell and Ravi opened the door. We smiled and hugged each other and he let me in his drawing room.

It was a nice flat with neat interiors and Ravi was handsome too. In about 5 mins I heard footsteps and when I raised my head I found a stunning beauty walking towards me. She was about 5’4”, fair and had nice firm boobs and just the right amount of flab on her tummy and looked gorgeous in the figure hugging salwar kamiz she wore.

I was spellbound on seeing Nisha and had never thought that such a beautiful woman could ever exist. She said hi to me to which I was about 5 seconds late in responding and said hi. She asked me about my well being and I replied all is fine and Ravi seeing my discomfort joined in the conversation and made up some false stories about how we had fun during schooling.

All the while I was trying to catch her glimpse without being noticed by either of them. We all had coffee a bit of chit chat more and then it was time for me to leave. Rest to follow …

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Cuckold Husband Ravi Naughty Wife Nisha – I

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