Curious girl confirms she is a sub lesbian at private party

Curious girl confirms she is a sub lesbian at private party

LEZ AWAKENING: Halloween Hijinks

Although no one else knew it, I was already pretty sure I was a lesbian while I was still in high school. But being from a conservative family with very strongly religious parents, I tried not to be. I dated a couple of boys in high school, sucked and fucked like a teenager is supposed to do… but didn’t even come close to coming, nor did I even remotely enjoy it, and I despised the taste and feel of semen.

But the biggest problem was I simply didn’t find guys attractive.

When we were at a basketball game and my friends were going on about how hot our power forward Derek was, I was slyly checking out the cheerleaders, especially Cameron, who was the hottest (but bitchiest) girl in the school.

In the change room during gym, I couldn’t help but steal glances at friends and others… especially Cameron, having my own, much more lesbian, Sixteen Candles moment as l stared at her perfect body.

I became fascinated by the female body and its many idiosyncrasies: from breasts, to ass, to legs, to vaginas.

Additional quirks like shaved or not, hair colour matching or not, also intrigued me.

Plus, girls just smelt nice.

Boys, on the other hand, were oddly shaped, hairy, smelly and their penises looked like an error made by Victor, the crazy who created Frankenstein’s monster.

Not to mention the obvious… their cum… gooey, salty and bland. Yecch!

Of course my parents weren’t my only roadblock to happiness; I was brought up in a very small conservative town in the south where it still felt like the fifties (wives stayed home, men went to work… wives did everything else). My strict, religious parents had bought me up to think of lesbianism and homosexuality as a sin. My dad got crazy when gay equality laws started getting passed in the more liberal states.

So, I dated boys in high school, as few as possible, which only confirmed my secret forbidden sexuality… I liked girls. Confirmed it to me anyway, my preference wasn’t something I would dare to share with anyone else.

But as I headed to a New England college, and finally got free of the shackles of my parents’ and community’s judgemental narrow worldview, I decided I would explore my sexuality as soon as I could at college… I mean it was 2018, wasn’t being a lesbian or bi the in thing?

However, as I started college I was faced with a new problem.

I was excessively shy.

I felt uncomfortable at parties full of drunken fools, and I quickly learned I was a target for being groped by drunken boys.

Although I didn’t expect to find girls walking around wearing t-shirts saying ‘I’m a lesbian, do me’, I was dismayed to discover that although I wanted to experiment and explore my sexuality, I had no idea how to begin.

Thus, I ended up doing what many lonely men and women do regardless of age, I watched porn on my laptop… in my case for the first time.

At home I wouldn’t dare search out porn of any sort, my parents being such control freaks they regularly checked all of my and my two siblings’ computer searches.

So I was utterly stunned when I discovered all that was available on the World Wide Web. I mean I guess I shouldn’t have been since I’d long heard the Internet had everything… but wow!

I read dozens of erotica stories, I researched sex toys, I read dozens of forums about questioning sexuality and I watched a lot of porn… and although I started with a couple of male-female scenes, I ended up just watching just the women, as I found them far more attractive. Thus I soon ended up focusing exclusively on lesbian porn, partly because even the orgasms seemed more authentic. (Yes, I know it’s hard to get more authentic looking than shooting visible semen on a pair of breasts, but the women’s emotions seemed more genuine without a man present.)

Yet, although I was a lesbian virgin, the more that I read and the more I watched, I began to gravitate towards the subcategory of lezdom videos where one girl was seduced or forced into sexual submission… and these were what really got me off with the vibrator I bought online. (It came from Amazon in three days which was impressive… I felt so naughty opening it, even naughtier putting the batteries in, and wickedly wild when I turned it on and fucked myself to multiple orgasms. Who needed men? Not that I had ever needed them except for camouflage.)

The idea of serving others, which I’d instinctively been drawn to do in non-sexual ways my whole life, seemed so natural to me.

The idea of being forced to submit was exciting.

To be seduced.

To be taken.

To be dominated sexually.

And although I was normally a strong-willed, determined woman in school or at a job instead of during social occasions, the idea of serving as someone’s pet was the fantasy that got me off the quickest and the hardest.

So I began almost exclusively reading stories and watching videos of girls being seduced, mostly by older women… the idea of older women appealed to me for some unknown reason. Cherie DeVille, Alexis Fawx, India Summer, Syren De Mer, Phoenix Marie and Veronica Avluv (especially when she was driving Bonnie Rotten crazy) all had me a gush of mush at the idea of being their pet.

Yet, I still didn’t know how to start.

Plus, after every single time I came, my strict upbringing reared its moralistic head, making me feel a rush of guilt at my taboo, twisted, morally weak fantasies.

This cycle of lust, fantasy and orgasm, followed immediately by guilt, continued for all of September, my first month of college. In spite of my initial intentions, I was no lesbian. I was still just a wannabe.

Then, deciding I was eighteen, almost nineteen, and still so deep in the closet I wasn’t sure I could see any light, I began searching online… thinking an anonymous hookup might solve my curiosity, likely confirm who I was or wasn’t, and yet keep my secret from my friends… the few I’d managed to meet so far since starting college.

I scrolled through lots of ads, shocked by how many there were from women (less surprised by how many there were from men) including:

Looking for playtime tonight

No back and forth emails, no flaking out. You come to me, get naked and we 69.

Stats and picture a must or no reply.

That one sounded interesting, but I wasn’t yet ready to send an unknown someone a picture… this initial foray had to be completely anonymous. I kept scrolling down, clicking on the ones that looked intriguing.

AA looking for plaything

Are you obedient?

Are you someone who obeys without hesitation?

Are you an eager pet?

If so, you may just get the opportunity to serve me.

Tell me in a paragraph, no one word or single sentence responses, why I should give you the pleasure (and yes it will be a pleasure) to serve me.

You must be between 18-45, white or Asian, clean and willing to obey without hesitation.

Curious straight girls a bonus.

That one sounded appealing, I bookmarked it, as it looked to be exactly what I was curious to try. That said, I had no idea what AA meant, so I looked it up and discovered it meant African American. Being from the south, there were still some pockets like my hometown where interracial relationships were strictly taboo, thus this adventurous idea intrigued me even more.

Mamma bear looking for a little girl to play

Strong mommy looking for submissive daughter role play.

Come to Mama!

Weird; incest, whether real or just role play, didn’t do anything for me.

College girl looking for similar

Shy freshman lesbian looking for someone my age to explore with.

Not out to friends, but wanting to explore my fantasies.

That sounded just like me, so I bookmarked that one too, although I was worried that I may know the girl.

Pillow princess looking for pet

I watch television or do my homework.

You crawl between my legs and pleasure me for as long as I want you to.

Be ready to give me multiple orgasms.

Be warned I don’t reciprocate… you are simply coming over to please me.

I googled pillow princess and found it was a girl who only received oral from another person, usually another girl. That one was also appealing as I was much more curious about licking another woman than being licked… although I did want to do both.

Straight and curious?

Are you straight, but curious? Then come and let me show you the pleasures only a woman can give another woman.

This one appealed to me too. I was technically straight. And I was more than curious… I was obsessive.

So far my lesbianism had been restricted to my fantasies and longings, and my distaste for the hetero sex I’d participated in. So my orientation was really just theory. I needed to actually be with a girl to know for sure, and to quell the obsession I had with the idea of lesbian submission that was consuming me, and was even impacting my studies.

Then just as I was pondering which of these posts to respond to first, I saw this:

Lesbian Masquerade Party

This Friday we are holding our monthly lesbian sex party and for the first time in months, we have a few openings for the right girls.

Please complete the application form below and include a picture (your face may be covered if you wish).

We will be in contact if you are chosen to be a server for the party.

Note: first timers are not allowed to participate, but only to serve the guests.

I was in awe. This sounded so interesting. I could likely see women in the act of lesbianism, but I wouldn’t actually have to participate (which kind of appealed to me in a testing the waters kind of way, although another part of me was sure I really would want to participate eventually… although my shy side was still in control of me).

So I examined the questions:

1. Age

2. Lesbian experience (it’s okay if you have none)

3 Stats

4. Fantasy

5. What is one quirky thing about you?

6. Why do you want to be a part of this secret sex society?

Before I could even think to change my mind, I answered the questions.

1. 18 (19 in January)

2. None, although if you include my masturbation fantasies it would be in the hundreds… Lol. I really like lesbian porn and in particular when an older woman seduces a younger one like me.

3. I’m a brunette, with hazel eyes, very shy. Medium height, slender.

4. Although I can’t explain why, I often imagine myself being submissive to an older woman.

5. I watch and read a lot of lezdom porn, always imagining myself the submissive in the story.

6. This is so hard to answer as I’m totally inexperienced and unsure what the full scope of your expectations of me might be. But here goes. I have been aware of what I think my sexuality is since high school, and I’ve always felt deep down I liked girls. But coming from a strict religious family in a conservative town, I was brought up to believe that any form of homosexuality is sinful and thus have always been afraid to explore my curiosity. Yet, now on my own and away from my parents and my small town, I want to explore my sexuality but honestly don’t know where to start. How do you even find a lesbian without asking someone and outing yourself?

Of course, truth be told, I was and am quite shy, so I’m not sure if I would have had the guts to explore, even if I’d been given the opportunity.

But away from my parents, away from my conservative neighbours, I have decided I need to explore my attraction to women, explore my recurring desire to be submissive as it has come (no pun intended) to be a serious distraction to my studies.

But my shyness (I know I keep coming back to that) has prevented me from even knowing where to start. Thus, how I ended up on Craigslist today for the first time.

I am compassionate, a quick and eager learner and obedient.

I think I will be able to obey without hesitation and hope that this can be the beginning of my self-discovery.

Yours hopefully,

Pet Lola

I then pondered the picture. And deciding to just go all in, sensing this was a very private and discreet group, I decided to attach an actual picture of me… face included.

It was from my prom a few months ago and was without a doubt the best I’d ever looked, and the day I knew without a doubt I didn’t like boys when I spent the entire evening drooling over Mandi Peterson and even afterwards watching her get fucked by my boyfriend’s best friend, while I was fucked too and couldn’t care less about that part.

I pressed Send, flipped on some lezdom porn and got myself off to a hot new scene where the ultimate MILF Cherie Deville catches her step-daughter smelling her panties and seduces her.

Of course, as soon as I recovered from a great orgasm, imagining being a servant at a lesbian party, worry hit me.

What if someone I knew saw the picture or read my answers?


And for two days I got no reply, which totally stressed me out. I worried when I wasn’t horny, I was frustrated when I was. Many questions swarmed inside me:

Am I too ugly?

Am I too inexperienced?

Am I simply not what they’re looking for?

These questions and many more swarmed inside my head as I tried to study. On Thursday when I got an alert signaling an email message, I did what I’d done ever since I’d pressed Send, I checked it immediately, expecting disappointment just like the recent thirty plus false alarms.

But this time it was a response.

It came from a Mistress Brenda

The subject line was: You are cordially invited to be my guest and servant at tomorrow night’s masquerade gala.

Pet Lola

Thank you very much for your thoughtful, interesting and I think brave responses to the questions asked.

After going through all the applications, we are more than excited to offer you the opportunity to attend on a trial basis.

First time expectations:

1. The first time you will simply be a maid, a servant. You are not allowed to touch any of the guests, although they may touch you if they wish.

2. You will arrive an hour early, at 7:00 PM, to put on your costume, meet Mistress Brenda and sign a confidentiality form.

3. Please take a taxi. It will be reimbursed by us. As well, we will get you home.

If you agree to these terms, please respond within the next six hours.

Hoping to assist in your sexual exploration,

Mistress Brenda

My cunt was drenched!

I was in!


It was tomorrow!

Wow! Wow!

I was selected!


I felt like it was Christmas Eve when I couldn’t wait to see what Santa brought me.

Although perhaps I should have been nervous, my only emotion was excitement… this was a best-case scenario. It was a safe place. I was going to be with other lesbians, or at least bisexuals, and because I had a job to perform I didn’t have to worry about what to do when I got there. Plus, because it was a masquerade party, my face would be covered, so I could enjoy the evening anonymously.

My pussy burning, I closed my eyes and imagined tomorrow night… although in my version I was servicing the unknown Mistress Brenda.


The next day I could barely focus on any of my professors, as I was too excited about the evening.

As I tried to pay attention to Professor Adams, a very pretty redhead with unflappable dignity who I had imagined seducing me from time to time… of course, now my fantasies had progressed to her not just seducing me, but dominating me… although her demure, feminist persona made that unlikely… but fantasy was indeed fantasy.

Anyway, the day dragged on forever as I kept thinking about tonight. And although usually my shy side would create reason after reason not to go, I found it ironic that it was my responsible side that reminded me I’d made a commitment (even though it was to do something scandalous, it was still a commitment), and of course my body and curiosity were also clearly leading the way.

I arrived ten minutes early, both out of eagerness and my personality (I always hated being late).

After passing through the gated entrance, where I had to show photo identification to a girl dressed as a policewoman, including a short dark blue skirt and black thigh highs, I walked up the long driveway to the mansion.

After pausing at the door for a deep breath, I pressed the buzzer.

The door was opened a moment later by one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen (in person, in magazines or in the movies) and of course there was no air brushing like in the magazines. Her platinum blonde hair was almost snowy white; her blue eyes were clearer than the waters in the Bahamas; and she had the clearest skin that defied colour description. And yet this goddess of beauty was wearing a maid’s outfit made from material that was almost see-through and with an ultra-short skirt. It looked amazing on her perfect body. She smiled warmly, which only enhanced her pure beauty, “Good evening, name please?”

“L-L-Lola Mathews,” I stammered, so in awe of her beauty.

She looked down her clipboard and once she found my name she ticked it off and instructed me, “Before I can invite you in, I need you to sign this form. You’ll be agreeing that if you reveal anything that you witness or experience here to anyone you haven’t met here, you will be subject to a very large financial penalty.” She turned to an unsigned page and handed me the clipboard and her pen.

I, of course, signed the paper with no worries of me sharing anything I witnessed here, although having such a disclosure agreement only added to the intrigue.

She treated me to another gorgeous smile as I returned the clipboard to her. “Thank you, Lola. My name is Lexus. Please come in.””T-t-thank you,” I replied, again stammering, unable to formulate my words in the presence of such beauty. If I had ever doubted my sexuality for a second, that ended the moment I laid eyes on her (although I imagine in retrospect that almost any straight woman would be intoxicated by her perfection as well).

I followed her inside, and after she closed the door, she instructed, “Please follow me.”

And somehow her perfect face and body from the front was equally perfect from behind, the black skirt tight and short to showcase her ass, and her seamed pantyhose amplified her long, toned legs… which were showcased perfectly in five-inch heels… which I couldn’t fathom ever wearing… I was more a jeans and sneakers girl. I’d worn pantyhose only a few times in my life (weddings, funerals and my graduation) and always found them uncomfortable and itchy.

Lexus led me past a massive living room, down a long, wide hallway past at least a dozen rooms (each ornate door closed), before leading me into a room at the end that was perhaps thirty times the size of my dorm room and likely even bigger than my parents’ entire house.

The blonde beauty looked me up and down for a moment before walking into a closet (which also seemed like the wrong term, as it too was bigger than my dorm room). She returned with a maid’s outfit identical to hers and instructed me politely, “Please undress completely.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded obediently, wanting to show my true submissive nature, even though she couldn’t be much older than me.

She chuckled softly as I began taking off my dress (which was just an ordinary one I wore knowing I would be provided with a costume for the masquerade party) as she smiled, “You’re an adorable little thing, aren’t you?”

My cheeks blushed at her reply. Once I was in only my bra and panties, she ordered, “Those too, if you please.”

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Curious girl confirms she is a sub lesbian at private party