Dark side of Katrina Kaif fucked

Dark side of Katrina Kaif fucked

It was about 12:30 in the morning and the nightlife of the city was in full swing as people of all sorts headed out to shows, nightclubs, bars, and the like. The dazzling neon lights and glare of vehicle headlights did little to phase the slender, trenchcoat-clad figure who wove about the crowds of people with ease. For anyone watching, they would not have guessed this person was female, as aside from the brown trenchcoat with its collar turned up, she also wore a large, wide-brimmed hat that had most of her hair tucked beneath it, and dark sunglasses to avoid being recognized. The only thing that might have given her away (if anyone had bothered to look down at her feet) was the pair of black pumps that she wore. Yet it was nighttime in the city, and the people she passed barely gave her a second glance, too wrapped up in their own affairs and immediately forgetting about the strange attire as quickly as they noticed it.

The trenchcoated woman rounded the corner of a busy avenue and headed quickly down a side street. Here it was less crowded and noisy; nothing of general interest was located here save for a few cheap bars and a couple of adult bookstores. She paused by one of these bookstores and, after a moment of looking around, ducked into the small alley beside it. A partially-concealed door, marked only with an “X” in faded graffiti, was there, and the woman stepped over to it. Raising a slim hand, she knocked three times.

A slot opened up and a voice grunted. “Who is it?”

“It’s me.” She dug in her coat pocket and pulled out a card. Flashing it to the person behind the door, she said “Let me in, it’s freezing.”

The slot slid shut, locks clicked undone and the door opened. A burly black man wearing a stained T-shirt and jeans pulled open the door, a wide smile on his face.

“Hey girl, how you been?” Spreading his thick arms wide, he wrapped the woman in a big bear hug, who responded in kind. “It’s been a while…how come you don’t come down to see us no more, huh?”

“I’ve been busy, Marcus, you know that,” She walked into a narrow brick corridor lit with only a few bare light bulbs, her heels clicking on the linoleum floor. Marcus, the bouncer, shut the door behind her and locked it again. She removed her sunglasses and stowed them in her pocket. Stunning eyes turned to the hulking bouncer. “You’ve seen the movie, right?”

“Hell yeah, about four or five time,” he responded as he followed her down the hall. By now she was undoing the buttons of her long brown coat. “I gotta say, you were bitchin’ in it. Watchin’ you in that fuckin’ thin top and fine-ass jeans.” He made a noise of approval as they stopped in front of a flight of stairs going down and grabbed his crotch obscenely. “Gave me a fuckin’ hardon all through the movie.”

She laughed delightedly and turned to face him. Her coat hung open and loose around her frame, showing off her gorgeous, tanned C-cup breasts and trimmed pussy. To top off her looks she was absolutely beautiful; azure eyes and exotic-looking features on a face that was now famous, known to millions of people worldwide…and only half of them could only fantasize that she would visit, much less frequent, a place like this.

Finally removing her hat and shaking out her long mane of dark hair, Katrina Kaif, female star of the blockbuster Dhoom 3, plunked the hat on the head of her friend (and sometimes fuck-buddy) and kissed him on the cheek. Her lithe body pressed into his burly form and she ran a hand down his pants until it was cupped around his balls. She leaned over and whispered in his ear “Maybe later I can give you a special screening, hmm?”

“Fuck yeah,” Marcus grunted and closed his eyes, feeling her fingers stroking his testicles gently, teasing them. “Like that…just like that…”

“Hmm,” Katrina smiled as the 6’2, 240-pound bouncer shuddered under the touch of a woman only 5 ½ feet tall. “Why don’t I give a preview now…” She stuck out her pink tongue and gave his neck a long slow lick. Marcus had been working hard all day, and he was sweaty and filthy—just the way she liked her men. The perspiration and grime left a bitter taste on her tongue and she savored it. “…and we can have some more fun later?” Marcus only grunted in agreement. Katrina could feel his big cock straining against her wrist, the veins pulsing as he fixed to cum.

“That’s it…that’s it…cum for me,” Katrina continued to stroke his balls, and then slowly dragged her hand up the underside of his dick, enjoying the expression of intense pleasure on his face. She reached the head of his prick and, after circling it with her index finger once, twice, three times, she ran her finger over it before pressing her fingertip gently into his pisshole.

“FUCK!” Marcus shouted loudly and began cumming all over Katrina’s hand and the front of his boxers. Katrina wrapped her hand around the spurting cock as he jetted hot sperm all over her fingers, her palm, and the back of her hand. She remained like this until Marcus stopped climaxing and then withdrew her hand carefully. It was shiny and streaked white with fresh cum, with smears and dollops all over her palm and webbed strings of it between her fingers.

Marcus leaned back against the wall to recuperate as Katrina methodically licked off her hand inch by inch, cleaning it of semen. When she finished she smacked her lips and grinned. “Mmm, I’d forgotten how good your cum tastes.” She winked at him as she turned to walk down the stairs. “Save some more of that for me later, okay?”

Katrina laughed to herself as she descended down the steps.
Katrina Kaif didn’t just love sex, she LUSTED for it. Since she had first been introduced to sex at age 15 while secretly watching one of her dad’s hardcore porn flicks she had found, fucking was one of the main things that existed in her mind. For years she had viewed her dad’s collection, then when it had lost its appeal, she had spent countless hours on the Internet searching for harder, more extreme porn. She had found some pretty sick shit, to be sure—and while some of it did turn her off, most of what she’d found got her hot and sent her dashing for the shower where she finger-fucked herself into a stupor. Even when she began acting for a living she still surfed for porn, firmly establishing herself in some of the more twisted fetishes that existed. She had been 17 when she first had sex, and it was an exuberant feeling. However some of her previous boyfriends, while they loved that she was pretty wild when she fucked them, backed down when some of the things she wanted to do were too much for them. This left her feeling horny and disappointed, having to search for other ways to explore her kinks.

Now at 28 she frequented underground sex clubs on her days off, special places that could suit her needs. She was particularly lucky this time; after doing Dhoom 3 and a slew of interviews, she had finally been granted a month’s time for herself, which she greatly appreciated and intended to use to the fullest intent with the three S’s: sleeping, shopping, and sex!

As she reached the botTushar of the stairs the familiar sounds and smells of perversity assaulted her and she breathed it in deeply. Her pussy was tingling and wet as she entered.

It had once been a large storehouse for stashes of alcohol during Prohibition before being legalized again. It had remained empty for decades until a group of like-minded perverts had found the place and decided to revamp the place into their own private pit of sexual depravity. Katrina had found the address of this place on one of her porn searches and, after working up the nerve to risk public exposure in coming down for the first time, she quickly became a semi-regular and a favorite of the staff and other visitors. The fact that she was a well-known celebrity who rubbed elbows with Bollywood was also a huge turn-on for the people down here, and in return for her semi-regular visits they agreed not to give out the secret that Katrina Kaif was down there with them.

Pausing only to shrug off her coat and step out of her heels, Katrina stored them in an empty locker by the door before walking naked and barefoot into the main room. It was essentially the room for breaks between fucks, where people could sit at the bar, get drinks, and talk casually before heading back to one of the various rooms that satisfied their particular kinks. Right now there were only a few people scattered around the room, drinking and engaged in conversation. The sight of the newcomer caught their attention. As one everyone got up and began clapping as the Dhoom 3 star walked in.

“Awesome movie Katrina!” “Really great!” “You were HOT!” Katrina blushed at the praise and, smiling, gave a little wave. “Thanks guys,” she said, walking over to a barstool and sitting down. The leather felt cool on her bare ass.

The bartender, a pretty blonde named Sheila, welcomed her. “Can I get your autograph?” she asked jokingly. She didn’t bat an eye at the nude beauty in front of her, as nudity was the common “attire” around here.

“Sure!” Katrina agreed, taking it a step up. She took a napkin from the bar, wiped it against her pussy a few times, then gave it to Sheila. “There you go. Careful, the ink’s still wet.”

The two women laughed. “The usual, then?” Sheila asked.

“Definitely,” Katrina relaxed as she got her first drink of the evening. After so many long hours of working, she could finally take a load off and just be herself, back in her element.

“So did you miss us?” Ashok, a young, good-looking guy and one of the regulars, asked her.

“Every day, baby, every day!” she responded. “Working took so much damn time I hardly managed to get time to masturbate in my trailer. And even then I wasn’t satisfied!”

“I can fix that,” Ashok said with a lecherous grin. He picked up Katrina’s drink and held it at crotch level. Carefully he dipped his semi-erect penis into the liquor and swished it around for a few moments before withdrawing and handing it back. Katrina took it, threw her head back, and downed the dick-tainted drink in one gulp.

“Mmm, I taste Megha’s cunt on your cock!” Katrina licked her lips. Megha was Ashok’s girlfriend and also a regular here. Just as she said that small hands reached around and cupped her tits. The sultry redhead was behind her, her own sizable breasts against Katrina’s back, breathing into her ear.
“You want another taste?” Megha whispered. In response Katrina leaned back and kissed Megha passionately, their tongues sliding slickly against each other. Megha and Ashok were high-powered attorneys at a law firm, and the constant stresses of their jobs always led them down here to relieve themselves. They also managed the paperwork needed to get the club its various supplies and equipment, keeping it hidden from public scrutiny.

Katrina stood up and walked down the hall, the two following. They passed several rooms, their specialties posted as silhouetted pictures on the door: a whip, a length of rope, a drop of water.

They entered the rooms used for regular fucking. The lights were turned low for a sexual atmosphere, and there were already several couples and a few small groups engaged in sex. The air was heavy with the smell of sweat and musk, and the floor was sticky with sperm and cunt juice.

Once inside Megha took charge.

“Over here, Kat!” Grabbing a handful of Katrina’s silky dark locks Megha dragged her over to a mattress on the floor. Forcing Katrina to her knees and bending her over so her tits brushed the sticky floor, Megha lay down on the mattress with her legs spread. Megha was a firm believer in being “au natural,” and so kept her pussy unshaven. As a result she had a wild forest of coarse pubic hair covering her cunt. Thick gobs and streaks of semen were caught within it; apparently Megha had just gotten out of a gangbang. Megha gripped Katrina’s head in her hands and pulled her towards her well-fucked crotch.

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“Clean me, you Bollywood whore!” She thrust Katrina’s head into her groin, who began licking immediately. The bush of pubic hair felt rough against the smooth corners of her mouth, leaving smears of cum behind. It tickled her nose, and strands of it were coming off on her tongue as she licked Megha’s cunt fervently, moaning joyously at the copious amount of sperm leaking out.

Ashok stood behind her, jerking his cock at the sight of the movie star being treated like a dirty bitch. He knelt down and leaned forward so that the purple head of his cock rubbed against Katrina’s moist slit.

“Fuck yeah!” Katrina cried out, her voice muffled by cunt hair. “Stick that cock in my cunt and drill the piss out of me! Fucking do it!”

Ashok drove his cock halfway into Katrina’s cunt, and it seemed to wrap around his thrusting member like a glove. The walls of her pussy were hot and wet, and he began fucking her in earnest.

Still swabbing Megha’s pussy with her tongue, Katrina began sawing back to meet his thrusts. It felt so good to have a real, throbbing penis inside her after so long. The sensations were driving her wild and she was grunting and moaning like a bitch in heat.

“Fuck! I’m fucking gonna cum!” shouted Megha. Her thighs squeezed around Katrina’s head as she orgasmed loudly, squirting cunt juice into her mouth and down her chin. Katrina swallowed everything that entered her mouth, including the pubic hair. Behind her Ashok was pumping her cunt furiously, his large hands firmly gripping her slender, well-toned ass.

By now word was spreading throughout the club that Katrina Kaif had come down to the club, and was engaged in a hot threesome. Enough time had passed since she’d last been down; there were many newcomers to the club since then, and they couldn’t believe that an actual celebrity, much less one they had seen recently in theaters and on TV, had come to join their debauchery. There was a mini stampede as men and women came into the room to view the spectacle for their own eyes.

“Holy shit, it IS her!” One man gaped.

“No way!” a slender woman with what looked like blonde hair standing next to him said, refusing to believe her eyes. “It’s some hooker they got off the street and made to look like Katrina Kaif. It has to be.”

“Trust me, Neha” Megha panted, coming down from her orgasmic high. “This is definitely her. See for yourself.” She grabbed Katrina by her hair again, pulled her head up and made her turn to look at the crowd, who gasped and made noises of awe. “Tell them your name.”

“I’m Katrina Kaif.” Katrina Kaif said to them. Her mouth and chin were shiny with cunt juice and there were a few red pubic hairs sticking to them.

“Gladly.” One of the men moved to do so.

“Not you!” She pushed him away. “I want to get a piece of that celebrity ass!”

There was a chorus of agreements. “You’ll all get your turn with this cunt.” Megha said, grinning wickedly at the mixed expression of surprise and apprehension on the star’s face—apparently she hadn’t considered getting into a orgy tonight. Well, tough titties for her! “But Ashok and I found her first, so naturally we have first dibs. She’s already made me cum, so now she has to make Ashok cum before we pass her around.”

“That’s not gonna take long,” Ashok said, panting with exertion. His face was red and shiny with sweat as he jackhammered into Katrina’s twat. “Her pussy’s so fucking wet, she’s begging for it!”

“Is that so?” Megha reached down and pinched Katrina’s left nipple, making her grunt and bite her lip sexily. “You want his hot cum in your fuckhole, don’t you? Tell them how much you want it!”

“Fuck yes!” Katrina was on the verge of screaming now, incredibly aroused by all the people watching her copulating shamelessly in front of them. All uncertainty of getting into a full-blown orgy vanished, replaced by the overwhelming desire to get well and truly fucked before the night ended. “I want his cum! I want him to shoot a huge fucking load of thick sperm into my whoring twat! Fucking give it to me, give it to me, GIVE IT TO ME!!”

“Ahhh SHIT!!” Boiling hot semen bolted through his cock and erupted deep into Katrina’s snatch. This set off Katrina’s climax, and she came loud and long. Her pussy clamped down on Ashok’s cock, milking it for all it was worth as she threw her head back and let out a near-animalistic scream.

Ashok shot the last few squirts into her pussy and had barely withdrawn before being pushed aside by two of the burlier guys who had watched them. They grabbed her and flipped her over so that she was lying on her back on the sticky floor.
The man at her legs spread them wide and thrust himself inside her in an instant. She was still coming down from her climax, and the new meat shoved inside her made her cum again.

“You’re a good rug-muncher,” said the man kneeling beside her head. “Let’s see how good you are with a dick.” He pushed his manmeat inside her mouth, muffling her cries of pleasure. She closed her mouth and began sucking in earnest, swirling her tongue around the shaft. “Damn, you ARE good,” he said.

The rest of the group began swarming around the celebrity whore. A few women dropped down and began licking her body all over, paying extra attention to her large tits and stiff nipples. Other women tried shouldering for a chance, pawing and groping every inch of her body. The men stood around, jacking themselves at the sight. Some of them leaned in and tried rubbing their cocks against her face and hair.

Katrina was in heaven. Hands were all over, massaging and rubbing her smooth skin, while wet tongues were sliding over her flat sTusharach and long legs. She could feel warm mouths suckling at her fleshy tits, every so often gently flicking her nipples with their tongues or nipping them with their teeth. Meanwhile a thick prick was sliding in and out of her cunt while she sucked on another like a lollypop. Two men took her arms and made her grab their dicks, and she began jerking them off. There were cocks rubbing against her neck, cheeks, and forehead and she even felt one or two men take handfuls of her dark hair and wrap them around their dicks while jerking off.

The man in front of her started to push himself forward, his dick sliding deeper into her mouth until the bulbous head prodded the back of her throat. Katrina had deep-throated cock before, but she didn’t make a habit of it. Opening her throat as much as she could, she attempted to swallow the prick in her mouth. Tears came to her eyes as the man pushed into her throat, making her gag. Not wanting her to pass out, the guy pulled himself out, letting Katrina gasp for air. Strings of spit drooled out of her mouth as she coughed. She swallowed hard and opened her mouth. “Again,” she said.

In half disbelief, he pushed into her mouth again. This time she leaned forward as much as she could and worked the head of his cock into her throat, letting herself get adjusted as the veins in his dick pulsed on her tongue. She leaned forward more and managed to get the first inch into her throat before she reached her limit.

“Fuck, she can deep-throat!” someone shouted, and there was cheers of excitement. The guy in her mouth moved slowly so that he was gently fucking her mouth. She slobbered and drooled all over it, letting it slide easier into her throat. Her cheeks and throat were bulging with cockmeat and she was turning red from the effort.

“Fuuuucck!” The guy in her mouth couldn’t hold it for too much longer. He grabbed her head as he began cumming, thick ropes of sperm shooting down her gullet. She pulled back and let him shoot the rest of his load in her mouth, tasting its salty goodness on her tongue. He pulled out, his dick slapping wetly against her cheek as he did so. Katrina held her mouth open for a moment so they could see the white semen in her mouth before she swallowed noisily.

The two dicks in her hand were next to shoot, and jism rained down on her face, covering her movie-star features. It splattered on her forehead and cheeks, with a single shot hitting her directly on the nose, before being smeared all around by the cocks still rubbing her face. Some of it dribbled off her chin and landed wetly on her tits, where it was licked off greedily by a couple of the women.

Letting out a shout of pleasure, the man pounding her cunt lunged forward and began cumming also, his sperm firing deep inside her. “Jeez, I figured she was a whore, but I didn’t know how much of one,” he said while pulling out. “This is a grade-A piece of ass.” He slapped his dick on her spermy labia a couple of times to emphasize his point.

“Let’s see what we can do with it.” Another guy stepped forward and got her to turn over so that she was on all fours, with her fantastic ass facing him. He spit on his fingers and rubbed it against her tiny asshole. “You ever been assfucked, Katrina?” He asked.

“Mmm-hmm,” Katrina made a noise of agreement, her mouth stuffed with cock again.

“Good, ’cause I’m not gonna take it easy on you.” He positioned himself at the entrance to her butt and pushed himself in slowly, inch by inch until all of his cock was buried inside her ass. He could hardly believe it if he wasn’t feeling it flex around his cock, trying to accommodate its width. It was a tight, snug fit.

“God, you’re as tight as a virgin! You sure you’ve had a dick up here?” Katrina was too busy sucking to answer. Her ass felt full and itched to begin taking a pounding. Mentally she begged him to start going at her; even go so far as to move her ass on his dick. He held her in place though, relishing the fact that he was finally going to fulfill his fantasy. He was in control here.

He ran his hands up her sultry body. Cupping her big tits, he leaned forward until his mouth was against her ear.

With a heavy grunt he pulled back and began reaming her ass with hard, fierce strokes. Katrina was screaming, at first in pain at the hot cock stroked deeply into her bowels, but quickly changing to pleasure as lust took her senses once again. People all around them were jeering, calling her disgusting names and urging the man to fuck her even harder, to really rip the shit out of her asshole.

He needed no encouragement, thrusting himself deep into her shit-chute before pulling out almost all the way and pushing back in again. “Let’s hear you scream for it, whore!” He grabbed her mane of hair and pulled her off the cock she blowing. “Let’s hear how much you love it!”

“I FUCKING LOVE IT!” Katrina shrieked, eyes wide and glazed with pure lust, spit flying out of her mouth, dripping heavily off her full lips and down her chin. She screamed out to all the people watching her. “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY MOUTH AND MY PUSSY! I WANT YOUR CUM ALL OVER ME! MAKE MY FUCKING WHORE HOLES GAPE! BATHE ME IN YOUR SEED! FUCKING NAIL ME, YOU NASTY MOTHERFUCKING SONS-OF-BITCHES!!!”

Letting out a roar, the man fucking her ass jetted hot bolts of cum deep in her ass before pulling out and popping her mouth on his ass-flavored cock. He pumped her mouth a few times, making her taste her own filthy ass on his prick, while squirting out his last and pushing her away. The rest of the men closed in on her.

For over an hour Katrina Kaif was fucked in all three holes, in as many positions as she could manage. There were many triple penetrations, times where she felt so tightly full of cock that she couldn’t stop cumming. Her cunt was sopping, squirting out juice almost endlessly as she came again and again. Soon her pussy and ass were gaping open as cocks of all sizes and shapes were shoved inside with ease. Sperm flew all over her, showering her lovely body, and soon she was plastered in thick cum. Her gorgeous tanned form looked like it had a gallon of silvery-white dick juice. Heavy drops of goo hung off of her nipples, chin, and nose, and she had to wipe her eyes repeatedly before it caked them shut. Long white streaks of spunk showed brightly against her dark hair, pasting it to her forehead and scalp, and making it become tangled and knotted. Cum leaked out of her stretched orifices in continuous streams, pooling on the floor.

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During a pause in the animalistic copulations, Katrina spotted Marcus the bouncer, hanging back against the wall. He was nude, his long black prick jutting out like a tree branch, but he had apparently decided to wait for the other guys to have their fill of her. She thought that was sweet of him, and made to call him over. Her throat and mouth were thickened from all the sperm she had swallowed, and she couldn’t get out anything but a gurgle and semen bubbled from her lips. Marcus took the hint, and came forward as she swallowed hard to clear her throat

“Ready for your special treat now?” asked Katrina, her voice still slightly slurred. Marcus nodded, not saying a word. “Turn around.” He turned so that his ass was facing her and bent forward slightly on his knees, already knowing what was to come. She sat up and grabbed each asscheek and spread them. The rank smell of his sweaty, dirty ass hit her nose, and she would have gagged if she wasn’t already used to it. She worked her mouth and spit a large wad of saliva and cum on his asshole before unflinchingly diving in with her tongue.

There was a new stir of commotion as people watched the disgusting spectacle of this beautiful actress rimming a large black man twice her age. Degrading epithets were tossed at her as she buried her pretty face into his asscrack, her tongue probing deeper and deeper into the unwashed shithole. Katrina didn’t like scat, normally, but she loved being nasty and kinky and doing this always got her hot. The dark, bitter taste of his ass mixed with the salty aftertaste of cum and she moaned as she dug her tongue in, relishing the filthy flavor in her mouth. Her hands dropped to her spemy cunt and she began fingering herself.

“Damn, I didn’t know this bitch could be so nasty!” someone said. “Look at her, she’s getting herself off while eating out his ass!”

“Give him a rusty trombone!” There were jeers to this statement, and more debasing names came her way as Katrina took her hands away from her cunt, pushed them between Marcus’ legs, and wrapped them around his throbbing genitals. She began jerking him off roughly while cupping his sweating balls, rolling them between her sticky fingers. Her tongue swirled and fucked into his ass in an awesome attempt to reach his prostate.

She heard him grunting and cursing loudly, and knew he was going to cum soon. Katrina pulled away and turned him around before quickly lying back, pulling her legs up and wide so that her cum-dripping ass gaped at him. Marcus thrust his hot cock deep in her well-fucked shithole and they rutted like beasts, both shouting obscenities at each other before Marcus exploded a hot load deep into her bowels. Katrina came hard at the feeling, her juices spraying over his thrusting pelvis.

At this point the women took over, nearly tackling her in their frenzy. They intended to be especially rough with her; after seeing her on the big screen becoming the sexual fantasy of their husbands and boyfriends, they wanted to get back at her by teaching the cockteasing bitch a hard lesson. Seeing Katrina Kaif debase herself for the last hour, acting like the lowest gutter whore in front of them and reveling in it, made this desire even stronger. Four women held her arms and legs down while the rest of them crowded around. Megha, the sultry girl who had made Katrina eat her out and had hung back watching while her friend was used as a cock-socket, straddled her.

“God, you’re disgusting,” she said by way of greeting. “Look at you, covered in cum and the taste of ass in your mouth.” She grabbed two handfuls of Katrina Kaif’s fleshy tits, which were slippery and slimy with seed. “Your jugs are fucking covered in jizz, I can barely hold them. You’re nothing but a cum rag, aren’t you?” She gripped Katrina’s tits in her hands and pulled them, causing Katrina to thrash wildly, screaming in half-pain, half-pleasure. “Aren’t you?!”

“Yes, yes, I’m a filthy fucking cum rag!” Katrina panted out. Her breasts felt like they were swollen and throbbing under Megha’s rough hold, and she was sure they were turning a harsh red under the covering of sperm.

“Much better,” said Megha, and pulled her up by her tits to kiss Katrina lustily, forcing her tongue into Katrina’s mouth. She tasted Marcus’ ass and pulled away, wearing a look of mock-disgust. “You taste like shit, you fucking twat!” She slapped Katrina across the face, the slap making a wet sound as it hit the mask of semen. The women let out jeers of derision. “How can anyone want to make out with an ass-eating cum slut like you? Take the nasty taste of ass back!” And with that she hawked and spit a large wad into Katrina’s face, which ran down the side of her nose.

“I’ve had enough of this bitch,” Megha announced. “She’s all yours, ladies.” The women cheered as Megha got off Katrina, only to be replaced by a short-haired woman who nearly sat of Katrina’s face and demanded Katrina to eat her cunt. Meanwhile, a few others had broken out dildos and strap-ons from the toy closets and were choosing which girl would get to fuck her first.

For yet another hour Katrina was made to eat out the cunts of dozens of women while mercilessly being plowed in the ass and cunt by huge sex toys. The women didn’t bother too much with licking the sperm off Katrina’s body, as they felt it was an appropriate look for a whore like her. The women also molested her large tits something fierce, poking, slapping and squeezing them any chance they could, as well as pulling hard on her nipples. Many of them spat in her face as Katrina did, letting their envy show through, and soon Katrina’s face was soaking with spit over the drying mask of seed.

Rather than be turned off, Katrina was cumming furiously at the treatment; in all the lesbian porn she had watched, the rough stuff had really set her off. The sight of beautiful, glamorous women being treated like pieces of meat by others of their kind got her juices flowing, and the fact that she was now taking part in it sent her quim spasming again and again, her moans vibrating into the pussies she was made to eat.

One of the women got off, and Katrina was presented with a full, rounded ass in her face. The women Neha, who had initially disbelieved that Katrina Kaif could be so depraved, was squatting over Katrina’s face. Her hands were spreading her asscheeks apart, showing off her flexing brown hole. It looked like it was on the verge of leaking semen.

“I just got fucked in the ass by four guys while they were watching you get put in your place,” Neha hissed. “They want to see you eat the cum out of my ass. Here it comes, bitch!”

Neha’s ass flexed, and long strings of cum dribbled out of her shithole. Katrina held her mouth open, tongue out to catch the falling drops. Semen fell onto her tongue and she swallowed it as it leaked out from the ass above her. It seemed to stop, but Neha grunted and strained, her asshole opening and closing a few times before several more drops, tanned from being inside Neha, fell into Katrina’s waiting mouth. Neha lowered herself so that she was practically sitting on Katrina’s face and said, “Make damn sure you got it all!”

Katrina drove her tongue into Neha’s ass, digging out the last few pockets of sperm still buried within. Neha moaned loudly at the feel of the celebrity’s expert tongue swabbing her ass, and cursed as she climaxed, sending juices over Katrina’s neck and chest.

“Shit, that was pretty good, whore,” she said as she got off and looked down at Katrina, giving the star a good look at her. Neha looked young and was of medium height, somewhat skinny but with noticeable curves, and had been to the tanning salon regularly as she was almost as dark as Katrina. Her most distinctive feature was her hair: it hung straight and shiny down her back and looked to be a natural chestnut brown, yet had so many golden streaks running through it that it looked blonde at some angles. She also had small, perky breasts and, Katrina noticed for the first time, a shaved twat.

Neha noticed Katrina looking, and laughed. “What, cunt, didn’t get enough of my pussy already?” she asked. Apparently she had been one of the many women who had made Katrina eat her out. “I can give you another taste, if you want.”

“Yes please,” Katrina replied eagerly, then gasped as a particularly hard thrust penetrated her ass for the umpteenth time. She wondered dimly how swollen and gaping her genitals would be after she left.

Neha lowered herself down on Katrina, and she licked at the shaved twat, running it over and over again on her labia before tongue-fucking her. Neha didn’t take too long to cum again, and Katrina relished her juices as the flowed into her mouth.

“Good enough,” said Neha, and without warning she reached over and slapped Katrina directly on the clit. Despite all the fucking she had done, this sharp sensation was enough to trigger a last long, hard climax. Katrina shuddered and groaned as she came, and then lay back exhausted.

Sensing her fatigue, Neha made the other women release the fucked-out star and then, surprisingly, helped Katrina to her feet. She was wobbly, her legs bowlegged and her arms worn out, but still managed a smile and half-wave at the standing ovation she received from all her “fans”.

Neha helped Katrina back to the bar in the main room. “Sheila, get us a pitcher of ice-cold beer on me, she definitely earned it,” she called to the bartender. Sheila, who had already taken advantage of Katrina’s oral skills, agreed and got them the pitcher while Neha and Katrina sat down at a booth. Katrina could barely sit still, as her ass and pussy felt raw from all the cocks she had taken and streams of cum were still dribbling out from the stretched holes. She reeked of sex, the sperm drying into a layer all over her body, and her hair was still knotted from all the sperm within it.

Neha and Katrina got to talking as they drained the pitcher of beer and got another. Neha, surprisingly, was a college student at the university just outside the city. She had come down to the club almost six months ago with a few of her sorority sisters on a dare and immediately became hooked by all they had to offer. Since then she came down at least once a month, fucking her brains out between exams and papers. Neha was a born slut, she proclaimed, and always willing to try and do anything. She got to talking about some of the kinkier things she had done and Katrina, though her pussy was still sore, could feel herself getting turned on.

Before she could continue they were joined by Ashok, Megha, and the guy who had first fucked her ass that evening, who introduced himself as Tushar. Tushar worked in the adult bookstore above and could get in the club for a discounted price. Even though he had already reamed the movie star hard in her butt, he was still somewhat thrown by her beauty and couldn’t help staring at her cum-dried body.

They ordered another pitcher of beer as the five of them talked and laughed like old friends. Katrina looked at the clock and saw it was around 2:00 A.M. Though she was tired and needed to shower and go home, she wanted to satisfy one last kink before she called it a night. She felt buzzed by all the beer she had drank, and the pressure on her bladder brought an idea to her drunken mind.

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She rose from the booth and cracked several stiff muscles before announcing to the group, “I’m going to go take a piss.” The bathrooms were near the bar behind her. However, she turned and walked straight past them, going down the hall of doors instead. The four of them watched her go and looked at each other for a moment before quickly rising and following.

The heavy smell of urine hit Katrina’s nose as she stopped outside the door labeled with a drop of water sign at pushed it open. The room was made to look like a wide, dingy bathroom: the lights above were a harsh yellow, the walls were cracked ceramic tiles with profane graffiti on them, and the floor was dirty and marked with large puddles of piss everywhere. A row of toilets lined up against one wall while a row of urinals took up the opposite wall. Only a few people were in their at this point, urinating on each other’s bodies when the celebrity walked in, followed by her friends.

Nobody said a word as Katrina Kaif stepped into the room, her bare feet splashing as she deliberately walked through several puddles of urine before choosing a dry spot on the floor and squatting down, legs spread wide and hands on her knees. She looked at her audience and smiled brightly before closing her eyes and letting a torrent of steaming hot piss flow from her cunt onto the floor. It felt good after all the cocks she had taken in, and she didn’t bother aiming it in any direction, not that it would have mattered because her pussy was still stretched out. It gushed sloppily from between her legs, splashing against the inside of the thighs and splattering all over the floor beneath her, some of it getting on her feet. She pissed for nearly a full minute before the heavy flow lessened to a small stream and finally a trickle. She wiped her cuntlips with her hand and slowly licked it off before sighing pleasurably and sitting down with a splash in the pool of her own warm piss, legs splayed out lewdly.

There was silence. Tushar couldn’t believe how filthy this gorgeous girl really was. “So you liked being gangbanged AND piss?”

“Hell yeah!” Katrina responded. “I love doing a lot of things, but watersports are one of my favorites. Don’t like shit, though…too messy for my tastes.” She looked at her enraptured audience. “C’mon people, don’t just stand there gaping,” she said to everyone. “Give me a hot load of your piss! I need to clean off my filthy body anyway. Piss on me!”

Several people came forward and let loose streams of amber fluid spraying over the depraved beauty. Katrina leaned back and rubbed her cunt with one hand, the other softly squeezing her tits, as yellow bodily liquids rained down on her. Megha and Neha turned and went to get more people as Tushar and Ashok came forward to let loose their full bladders all over Katrina. Ashok let his stream flow over Katrina’s head, trickling urine down her face and soaking her hair. Tushar, feeling braver, pointed his penis towards Katrina’s mouth. Katrina took his softening prick inside and looked at Tushar to relieve himself inside her mouth. With only a moment’s hesitation, Tushar let go, his piss streaming into the Bollywood star’s throat. Katrina was moaning as she tasted the bitter fluid on her tongue and swallowed it noisily. The barrage of debasing epithets was starting anew.

By now Megha and Neha had gathered more people and they stood in a circle, pointing their cocks and cunts at Katrina and pissing thick golden streams on her gorgeous body. Some drenched her face with their urine, while others pointed at her fat tits, their piss soaking them and dripping from her nipples. Piss was aimed at her sore anus and vagina, and the hot sensations on the senstivie areas made her squirm with excitement. She kept her mouth open as an easy target, and urine filled it repeatedly, letting it overflow onto her chin and down her chest before swallowing mouthful after mouthful wantonly as more people came up to relieve themselves on her.

Katrina was writhing under the hot shower of piss, her hands moving all over her body as though she was taking a bath. She scrubbed away the dried cum on her body and rubbed the liquid waste into her skin, even going so far as to massage her scalp with it while untangling her cum-knotted hair. Pretty soon most of the cum was gone and Katrina Kaif lay on the dirty “bathroom” floor, her body shining with a coat of piss and her hair slick and soaking. She looked like her gorgeous self—just after taking a swim in a urinal.

A man knelt down in front of her and pushed his half-stiff prick inside her pussy. She expected him to start fucking her, and was doubly surprised when he instead began pissing into her cunt. The feeling of heat was too much for Katrina and she came around his pissing cock.

“Do it again!” she begged as he finished. Another man dropped down before her, but instead of pissing inside her twat, raised her legs up so that her ass winked at him, inserted himself, and started giving Katrina a piss enema. Katrina was gasping and moaning at the sensation, having never done something quite like this before. “Yes! More, more!” she cried out. Two other men came forward and added their own bladder juices within Katrina’s bowels. Her ass felt full and she could tell some of it was leaking out already, yet she clenched it shut, wanting to keep in the dirty liquid as long as possible. Megha and Neha, who were watching the whole thing but had not pissed yet, were whispering to each other. Megha seemed to disagree about something, shaking her head as Neha whispered. Finally Neha shrugged, apparently giving up.

“How does it feel, Katrina?” asked Neha, laughing as Katrina strained to keep her butthole shut.

“It feels fucking fantastic!” Katrina breathed, rocking back and forth slightly so she could feel the urine moving in her.

“Make sure you hold it in for us, Katrina, Megha and I have to piss now,” Neha said as the two women stepped up. “Open wide, Katrina, and have a drink on us!”

The two women sprayed Katrina down with their own gushing torrents of urine, aiming for her heaving tits first before splattering her face. They were as sloppy as Katrina had been with her own piss; yet they deliberately made sure they were hosing her all over. Some of it got into her nose, and Katrina coughed hard, her coughs turning into squeals as Megha managed to get a spray into her eye. There was laughter as Katrina sputtered and struggled to keep her ass from letting the enema of urine out too soon. Finally the deluge of urine stopped, and Katrina Kaif sat there looking like a piss-drowned rat.

“You can let go of the piss in your ass now, Katrina,” Neha said, after giving Megha a final look and seeing the redhead shaker her head. She gesturing to one of the toilets.

Katrina decided to one up her, though, and moved so that she was squatting again, her knees to her chest and her back shining wet against the light. Katrina relaxed her colon, and a rush of rank dark-yellow urine rushed out of her shithole and onto the floor Katrina groaned in relief. The flow tapered off, and Katrina leaned up against the wall. She then worked each finger of her right hand into her ass until half of her hand was inside her butt, to the stunned looks of her audience. Looking at all of them, Katrina slowly fisted her own ass for a few minutes before withdrawing her hand and licking it clean of her filth. She slumped against the wall, grinning at them. The men who had been watching this spectacle grunted as they whacked off, their loads landing on the walls and floor next to Katrina. Katrina swiped some off the floor with her finger and sucked on it in her mouth.

“Wow, Katrina” Neha finally said, still a little awed by what she’d seen. “I didn’t think you’d actually do something like that! I mean, I wanted you to get butt-fucked with the piss in your ass, but Megha said you’d be too exhausted from everything to do it. This, though…” She shook her head. “That was nasty and incredible all at once.”

“I could go for one more orgasm,” Katrina said, still picking semen off the floor and eating it.

“I’ll do it,” said Tushar, ready to come forward.

“No, thanks, I can take care of it myself,” Katrina waved him away. “Although…there is something you can do,” She looked at Megha, Ashok, and Neha, “That goes for all of you.”

The four of them huddled around the dirty-minded actress as she whispered to them.

“God, Katrina! That’s DISGUSTING! Are you sure?” Megha said. Even she was taken aback, and she had known Katrina down here the longest.

“Positive.” Katrina nodded, and her four friends walked out of the room. Katrina remained piss-drenched on the floor, now wringing out her hair of urine as best she could. The rest of her audience milled around and asked the celebrity about her career and her life. She answered them casually, and for a bit they were just people talking.

After ten minutes the group returned, with Neha carrying a full pitcher of what looked like water, except the water was tainted brown and white. Katrina’s eyes brightened as she saw this, her hands flying to her pussy. She began masturbating furiously as Neha stood over her with the pitcher.

Megha announced to everyone. “Katrina has asked each of us to receive an enema in the Enema Room down the hall, and squirt it out into this pitcher. We avoided giving her most of the shit, as she doesn’t like it, but we’re giving her all the rest, including all the sperm that’s been up mine and Neha’s ass.” She paused once before finally stating. “Apparently Ms. Kaif wants one more shower before she calls it a night.”

Everyone crowded around as Neha poised the pitcher of dirty douche water over the masturbating celebrity. “You really want this, Katrina?” she asked.

“Uh-huh,” Katrina moaned, her eyes fixated on the pitcher. “Drench me, go on and do it.”

Neha tipped the pitcher, and water that had been the asses of four different people poured out all over Katrina Kaif, who let out her loudest, longest scream of the night as she came wildly as she was drenched once more with filthy liquid. It cascaded all over her body, some of it landing in her mouth, and she swallowed it down. She continued to cum hard, her body thrashing and her juices squirting out all over their feet. The downpour of douche water ended fairly quickly, and Katrina eventually came to the end of her climax, gasping heavily and shuddering in the afterglow. There was a final round of applause for the famous movie star, who had proved to them in a single night just how filthy she could be when the cameras were turned off.

It was getting close to 3:00 in the morning. Neha and Megha got Katrina to the real showers, where they gently helped clean her off. Now cleaned and dry, Katrina took her things and got a ride from Neha back to the hotel where Katrina was staying. As she bid her new friend goodnight, Neha reached into the pocket of her denims and pulled out a card. She wrote something down on it and gave it to Katrina.

“This is the number of the sorority house I’m in,” she said. “Just ask for Neha, I’m usually available all night!”

Katrina grinned wickedly at her friend and raised her eyebrows. “How about next week?”

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