Deepika Padhukone Abduction – Sex Stories

Deepika Padhukone Abduction – Sex Stories

One Spring day, Deepika was walking home from shooting alone, as her car had broken down just near her appartment. She happened to notice a white delivery

van that seemed to be following her. Every time she’d turn down another street, the van would turn also, but kept its distance. It stayed just far enough

away so that she couldn’t read the license plate, or identify the driver. She started to get quite nervous, and twice she thought about running into one of

the businesses she passed by to call her Mom for a ride home. But instead, she kept on walking. After continuing on for several more blocks, it seemed that she

was worried for nothing. The van was no longer in sight. Relieved, Deepika continued on her way home without worry. Just as she rounded the last corner

from her home, the van appeared from nowhere, screeching to halt right next to the sidewalk. Two men jumped from the side door, and grabbed her from behind

before she could run away. Deepika started to scream, but as soon as she opened her mouth, one of the men placed a rag over it. It was soaked in

Chloroform, so she was almost instantly rendered unconscious.

It wasn’t until an hour or so later that Deepika woke up. Her head pounded, and her vision was blurred for a few moments afterwards. Almost as soon as she woke

up, Deepika realized that she was naked, and lying on the concrete floor of a room about 12 feet square. Looking around, the room she saw that it had no

furnishings, and only two doors and a small window high off the floor, well out of reach. One of the doors was large and made of steel. It had a small opening with

bars covering it. Deepika got up and ran over to it. Standing on her tip-toes to see out, she found nothing more than a long hall way, with nobody in sight.

” Help, koi hai pls meri help karo. Hello koi hai?” she screamed.

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Her calls went unanswered. Deepika quickly ran over to the other door, but after attempting to open it, she found it was locked too. She started to cry. ” Where

am I, and who did this to me?” she wondered. Deepika walked over to the corner of the room and sat down. It was somewhat cold, and getting dark fast. She sat

in the same spot all night, wondering where this place was, and why had the men taken her here. She tried to get some sleep, but she kept thinking about her

parents, and her sister at home. The night was very long, and she couldn’t get comfortable on the cold concrete floor.

The next morning, Deepika was wakened by the ” Boom” sound of the metal door slamming shut.

“ache se soi jaaneman?” a man asked Deepika. He was tall, tan and muscular and was dressed in jeans and a white dress shirt. His hair was dark brown, and was

cut short. She noticed he wore several large gold rings on his fingers, and a thick gold chain around his neck.

As Deepika looked up at the man, she said nothing at first. Then after a few moments she asked the man, ” Who are you? Please, Main ghar jaana chahti hu” ,

she said, still curled up against the wall trying to hide her naked young body.

“Iskey baarey main chinta mat kar. Tu yha thodey din rahegi and I promise you be

fine” he said.

Then without saying another word, he pulled his cock out of his pants. The man started playing with it, making it grow. When he was finished getting it hard, it

was 7-inches long, and thicker than most men’s cocks. Deepika had never seen such a large penis. Soon she realized that she was staring at it, and quickly

looked away.

“Come here” he ordered her, ” I want you to suck this little one” .

Deepika couldn’t believe what he was doing, and just sat there crying. She had

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never done that before, and it scared her. What would he do to her if she didn’t obey, she thought to herself. She soon found out. “Slap” , the man hit her

opened handed across her delicate face.

“Mujhe majbur mat kar, yeh sab karne ke liye, bitch.” the man yelled. “Now, here’s

what you get.” he said, as he grabbed her by the ankle, and dragged her to the centre of the room. “taangey phela cunt.”

Deepika did as she was told. Her face stung from the slap, and she didn’t want him to repeat that again for sure.

“to tu chusti nahi hai ha? Theek hai phir yeh kartey hai” With that, he grabbed her by the backs of her knees and forcefully pushed them up flat against her

chest. “vahi pakar kar rakh saali” he ordered. Deepika did as she was told. Then he stood over her, and began jacking himself off while staring at the young girls

pussy and ass hole.

Deepika was never so humiliated and embarrassed in her life. Here was a stranger

looking at her naked body, playing with his dick. Then the man reached into his back pocket and pulled out a large double dick dildo. It had one cock about

six-inches long, and another that was about four-inches long right below it.

“What the heck is that for?” Deepika wondered. She had never seen such a thing in her life.

Her question was soon answered. The man smiled at helpless bollywood diva, and started smearing a clear lubricant all over the grotesque looking device. Then he

placed the double dildo against her young pussy and started pushing it in. When the smaller cock started to enter her asshole, Deepika clenched it tight, trying in

vain to stop the anal intrusion. But the man persisted, and soon both cocks were buried deep in her tight holes.

“Oh my God” thought Deepika, “It hurts, please stop. Please chor do mujhe” She cried.

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The man began pumping the dildo into both of Deepika’s holes. First he would slowly pump it in, then he would stop and hold it in her for a moment, then repeat

the slow pumping. He wanted her to get used to the feeling of it buried in her pussy and ass.

All the while he fucked her this way, Deepika continually cried out, ” Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh oooowwww, it hurts, it hurts, pleassseee stop!”

This lasted for several minutes. Then the man stopped pumping the dildo into her, and slowly removed it from her burning asshole and pussy. Then he started

beating his dick faster and faster, aiming his swollen cock at her crotch. Suddenly, the man knelt down closer to her, and placed his swollen dick head at

her asshole and jacked the first load into her still gaping butt hole. ” Oooohhh yaaaaa” he groaned, as the cum continued shooting from his cock. He milked the

rest of it onto her nearly hairless young cunt. As the thick globs of white cum boiled from his cock and onto her pussy slit it covered it with his sticky mess like

frosting on a cake.
” Agli baar jab main kahu chusne ke liye, tu bheekh mangegi” Without saying another word, the man then put is softening dick back in his pants, and left the room.

Deepika was completely disgusted. The strangers cum ran down her leg when she got up. She had nothing to clean up with, so she just curled up in the corner and

cried, with the mans sticky cum dripping from her asshole.

A couple hours later, the same man returned, but this time he had someone with him.

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Deepika Padhukone Abduction – Sex Stories

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