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Dirty dreams with Tara Moss

Dirty dreams with Tara Moss

It was an invite only industry gathering, held at the prestigious Sydney Opera House, which overlooked the spectacular Sydney Harbor. Being an extremely formal occasion, I reluctantly slipped into my dinner jacket and joined the other guests for drinks.

Unfortunately I soon found myself bored out of my mind as I watched Australia’s pretentious elite shamelessly flaunt and parade their wealth and muscle.

Having my fill of ego stroking for one evening, I was just about to finish my glass of champagne and prepare to leave when something caught my eye. That something was a tall majestic figure which shimmied across the room.

She was the most incredible creature I had ever seen. Beautiful, feminine, graceful and elegant, she was a true femme fatale. Standing at almost 6’2, she was fit and slender, with long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, large breasts and long legs.

“Wow.” I thought to myself, as I watched her move across the way.

Dressed elegantly, she was clad in a tight white body hugging diamond encrusted evening dress, which to everyone’s delight flaunted her incredible figure and showcased a generous amount of cleavage, and managed to frame her full round breasts just perfectly.

With a huge slit running up the side of the gown, her long slender legs drew your attention almost immediately and erotically exposed the tops of her black lace stockings as she mingled with various guests.

While I stood there gawking and admiring the blonde beauty, I heard a stranger beside me at the bar catch sight of her for the first time and speak his mind.

“Holy shit,” he cussed. “Is she fucking gorgeous or what?”

We both laughed before the bar tender then proceeded to explain to us who she was and what she was doing there. Her name was Tara Moss, and she was apparently a model turned author.

Shrugging my shoulders I had to admit that I had never heard of her before, but seeing her for the first time I suddenly took a keen interest in meeting her and decided to stick around.

God she was breathtaking, hands down the most captivating woman I had ever seen. Helping myself to another drink, I continued to keep my eye on her for the next several minutes, admiring the way she moved in her revealing dress.

It was then from a far that Tara happened to turn her head slightly while in mid conversation and our eyes met for the very first time.

“Jesus.” I heard myself gasp, as I felt her eyes almost glare straight through me.

Flashing me a friendly smile, Tara and I exchanged glances and we held our gaze for a few extra moments, sharing a brief but special moment together.

I don’t mind saying that my entire body tingled with exhilaration while my cock twitched as we made contact—if only with our eyes.

Watching her, I could see how most men found her intimidating. She was tall, confident, beautiful, and intelligent—a dangerous and somewhat rare combination.

Clutching my champagne glass, we then spent the next several minutes exchanging glances with each other, and it was soon abundantly clear to me that there was a very strong and strange attraction between us.

“Screw this,” I finally said to myself before downing my glass. “I’ve got to go over and say something.”

“Good luck buddy,” the barman winked, as I finally built up some Dutch courage and walked over in her direction.

My intentions were to break the ice and go over to introduce myself, but unfortunately for me I was suddenly and unexpectedly side tracked by an old friend who immediately grabbed me by the arm and began to introduce me to his circle of colleagues.

Despite my pleasant outward demeanor, I was crushed. Frustrated, I attempted to break away but to no avail.

Finally, I looked over to Tara and noticed her glancing back at me, most probably wondering where I was and what was holding me up, but now noting the situation, she simply giggled and apparently found the entire incident amusing.

Smiling back at her, I simply shrugged my shoulders to apologize and let her know that I was doing my best to come over and talk to her, but she simply smiled and slowly moved down the gallery, stepping away from the crowd and admiring some of the fine art work which adorned the walls.

Watching her intently, I couldn’t take my eyes off her butt, and that extraordinary figure. She was absolutely captivating. By the time I finally excused myself, Tara had moved to the end of the hall and was standing alone, drink in hand.

Glancing over her shoulder, she grinned sweetly once again before tipping her head to the side and nodded in the direction of the stairs, and suggesting that I follow her. I was more than eager to oblige.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly made my way to the end of the hall before heading down the dimly lit staircase. It was at the bottom of the stairs that a found a small opening which seemed to lead out into a tiny terrace and the cool summer breeze.

There it seemed the private balcony overlooked the splendid harbor and foreshore and was suspended just a few feet above the waterline.

Finding it secluded, I started to turn to leave and continue my search for my mystery woman when suddenly she emerged from the corner, obscured in the shadows.

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Smiling sweetly, my eyes immediately drifted from her beautiful angelic face and to her thick erect nipples which clearly and obscenely poked hard from beneath the thin material of her exquisite dress.

Without saying a single word, I instinctively reached over and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her in close. To her credit Tara didn’t resist or pull away, and in fact simply smiled seductively at my enthusiasm.

“Oh, you find this amusing?” I grinned. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all night.”

It was then as I pulled her in close to me that she spoke for the very first time.

“Wait,” she finally whispered. “Don’t rush it.”

I was immediately floored by her delectable voice and charming accent.

Watching her from across the room I had simply presumed she was a local personality, but now hearing that incredibly seductive accent of hers, made me want her even more.

Panting with anticipation, I noticed the way her heavy chest rose and fell erotically with each breath she took.

Still, as I held her hand and we briefly played with each other’s fingers, we dare not introduce ourselves officially and risk ruining the incredibly charged, spontaneous moment we shared.

Instead we simply stood there gazing into each other’s eyes, enjoying the spontaneous connection and waited for the other to make the first move. Finally, I took a deep breath and leaned forward to initiate a kiss, half expecting her to recoil or protest but she didn’t.

Instead, she simply stared at me expectantly, and feeling confident I slowly leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers.

Her lips were cold and moist, and tasted of champagne, but without wasting another moment I gently pried them apart with my own and ever so gently swiped the tip of my tongue across her teeth.

Our initial kiss was soft and tentative but no less extraordinary, as she quickly conceded to the passion and eagerly reciprocated. Making out fervently, I finally broke away and attempted to say something only to have her grin sweetly and place her finger across my lips.

It seemed she wanted to prolong the incredible moment between two strangers, and I didn’t want to deny her of that.

With that said, I then gently ran my hand across her bare shoulders and neck and lovingly brushed her long mane off her shoulders, while staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

She simply signed softly to my touch and rewarded me a moment later with another deep kiss, this one more passionate than the last. Tara quickly draped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me into the shadows with her.

There she kissed me urgently as I now grabbed her firm butt with both hands and squeezed be body, causing her to sigh and whimper in my mouth.

My mind was reeling. Was this actually happening? Were we actually making out with one another despite not even knowing each other’s name?

It was then Tara did something that took my breath away as she proceeded to purse her lips entirely around my tongue and began to suck it like a penis.

This action caused me to groan with delight and hold her tightly against me, before I happily obliged by performing the same action to her, causing her to moan in my mouth.

“Mm.” she purred audibly, encouraging me to repeat the process.

Just then, we were both startled out of our reverie as another couple suddenly appeared out onto the balcony directly behind us.

There they snickered among themselves as they caught us fooling around and apparently experimenting with our tongues, and found it amusing.

Fortunately for us they were dressed differently from the event upstairs and seemed to be from another event or party held in another hall of the Opera House, so they didn’t recognize us.

Nevertheless, the scare immediately brought us back to reality, and reminded us of our surroundings and the little time we had left together before heading back upstairs.

“I guess we should head back?” Tara whispered. “Before someone notices us missing.”

But I was not having any of it.

Determined, I responded to her claim by grabbing her by the hand and leading her back through the small opening and down another flight of stairs, desperately looking for a place where we could be alone for a few more minutes and get know each other better.

“Um, do you know where you’re going?” I heard her ask from behind me, as I ignored her concerns and we arrived to the ground floor.

There we found an empty and dimply lit gallery and two bathroom doors to our right, one labeled Ladies and Gents.

Flashing her a daring look, I wondered if Tara was as aroused and frustrated as I was and willing to go along. Fortunately for me a moment later she answered my prayers as she briefly looked around before pushing on the men’s toilet door.

“So are you coming or what?” she said in her sexy North American accent, driving me wild.

I assumed she knew full well what she was doing and the fact that she had intentionally marched right into the men’s lavatory. That simple gesture turned me on to no end, and I eagerly followed her inside.

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It seemed Tara liked to take risks and the dirtier the situation, the better it was. Fortunately for us the men’s room seemed completely deserted as she ignored the full length mirror and casually sauntered towards the very last stall.


Then without warning she pulled me inside and locked the door. There we kissed each other fervently once again, and I wasted little time groping and squeezing her tremendous body through her dress, fondling her breasts and squeezing her butt.

Tara and I hungrily kissed each other like two love sick teenagers, before I proceeded to slide the thin strap of her dress off her shoulder and kissed my way across her delicate neck and throat, tasting her perfume and licking my way down to her amazing boobs, and taking one of her erect nipples into my mouth.

Tara immediately moaned and lolled her head back, running her fingers through my hair as I devoured her large pink nipple.

“Mm, I like that.” she cooed as I mauled her fantastic chest, now clutching both tits in each hand and alternating between the two.

It was during this time that the model turned author took the opportunity to reached down to stroke the pulsating erection in my pants, as I in turn slipped one of my hands under her elegant dress and caressed her panties.

To my delight they were silk and moist, and burning with desire.

Pressing my palm against the soft fabric, I tried in vain to slip my finger underneath the garment but due to the design of her dress it was almost impossible.

Tara briefly giggled at my frustration, apparently amused by my determination to get inside, and taking pity on me she finally granted me some assistance as she reached up under her own dress to slide her panties down her long legs, letting them pool around her ankles lewdly.

“Better?” she said slyly, before she directed my hand back inside her gown and this time I immediately found her center.

We both gasped as we realized just how wet she in fact was.

I brushed my digits along her bare pubic mound, discovering firsthand how totally bare and clean shaven she was, and caressing the fine stubble there.

I then dipped the tips of my fingers between her velvety smooth cunt lips and smearing her wetness all along her slippery slot, and in the process almost burning my digits.

Tara was literally on fire, her body trembling as I caressed her center and penetrated her.

Finding her entrance, I then playfully toyed with the fuck-hole for several moments before I ultimately buried my forefinger all the way inside to the first knuckle, causing the leggy blonde to groan with delight and thrash about wildly.

“Ugh! Ooh God.” she whimpered before grabbing me by the collar and kissing me urgently on the lips.

Tara now kissed me like never before, thrusting her long wet tongue down my throat and moaning into my mouth as her hips seemed to have a mind of their own. The striking author and I now swapped spit, our mouths and chins both covered in makeup and saliva as I continued to explore her womanhood with my curious fingers.

Opening her stands a little, Tara finally stepped out of her panties and squirmed against the stall wall as my fingers were granted more access to her searing sex.

Adding a second digit I then used my middle finger to lovingly caress her delectable folds while my thumb gently rubbed against her throbbing clit, which in turn riled another series of moans and spasms.

“Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.” she gasped involuntarily, as I probed and finger-banged her in the men’s toilet stall, her butt now bouncing against the wall.

I was now in actual fact fucking her with my fingers.

“You’re so fucking wet.” I hissed, as my fingers speared in and out and gleaming cunt, her precious butt still bouncing off the flimsy cubicle wall.

At this point I was so fucking aroused I thought I was going to drill a hole through the front of my pants. I now had two of my fingers delved deep inside the Amazonian author, and she moaned in languish as I probed her deeper still.

Pulling my slick fingers away for just a moment, I then smirked to myself as Tara actually groaned in disappointment while I hungrily slipped them into my mouth. I just had to taste her, and just as I had suspected she tasted absolutely divine.

There I relished her sweet nectar as she panted breathlessly and kissed and licked my neck fervently.

Staring at me lustfully, I then presented my juice coated fingers to her lips, and without hesitating she keenly slipped them into her mouth, glaring at me the entire time as she twirled her long wet tongue around my slick digits and savored her own essence.

“Mm such a sexy little slut,” I groaned, which to my amusement seemed to turn her on even more.

Just then, I grabbed her by the arm and abruptly turned her around and pinned her against the wall in front of her, causing her to yelp and groan in surprise and excitement.

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Still twisting and moving her hips erotically, I moved in close behind her and reached around to roughly scoop her breasts from out of their restraints, and keenly kneaded and massaged them with both hands.

Feeling their softness and weight while I rubbed my hard cock into her butt from behind.

“Oh.” she purred as I keenly fondled her.

Finding her nipples, I then twisted and tweaked her growing buds and leaned over to hungrily kiss and devour the back of her neck and ears. This seemed to really rile her up and she moaned aloud for the first time.

Tara could only moan and whimper about as she now stood topless, pinned against the cold wall with her dress hanging precariously around her hips while I had my seedy way with her.

Tilting her head back she then proceeded to lick her lips and spear out her tongue, almost begging and enticing me to kiss and take her right there.

“Mm… do it.” she said breathlessly. “Fuck me.”

“Yeah? Is that what you want?”

“Yes.” she panted. “Fuck me. We don’t have much time.”

Kissing her hard on the lips once again, Tara moaned into my mouth as she began to grind her butt back against me, urging me to take her.

With that I finally bent her over, and swiftly peeled the her dress the rest of the way down, leaving her to stand there in the seedy toilet completely and utterly exposed, naked as the day she was born.

Now clad in nothing more than her diamond earrings, thigh high stockings and heels, I suddenly found myself admiring two of the most exquisite, succulent, heart shaped buttocks I’d ever seen.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” I let out as I marveled at her flawless behind, her strong legs and muscular thighs accentuated through her sheer stockings and high heels.

Her ass was simply breathtaking, and the vision of her gleaming sex peeking through those two gloriously mounds caused my cock to twitch once again. In a word, Tara was simply magnificent.

I was so taken by the sight of her perfectly formed arse that I was half tempted to drop to my knees and kiss and praise it.

Instead I reached up and plunged two of my fingers into her open mouth, allowing her to drool all over them before I impatiently buried them into her sopping wet cunt from behind.

“Nnngh!” she grunted as I impaled her pretty little cunt with two of my long fingers.

The naked author now bucked wildly and arched her back sharply, moaning aloud as I impaled her with two fingers.

“Hmm, you look so fucking good right now.” I groaned. “Are you a bad girl, huh?”

Tara moaned over her shoulder, “Yes. Yes I am.”

I responded by flicking my hand across her glorious butt and spanked her arse, causing her to jump and moan aloud.

“UGH!” she gasped with surprise.

Her initially response was to stand up straight and turn to challenge me, but I held her firm and instructed her to stay in place.

“You’re a kinky little whore, aren’t you?” I snickered, “You fucking love it when I pull your hair and slap your butt, eh?”

“Yes.” she answered honestly.

It was only now that I noticed that when I tugged on her long mane, she suddenly came to life as though I had sparked something deep and dark inside of her.

“Ugh. Ugh!” she grunted repeatedly as I pulled her hair harder, and slipped my tongue into her ear.

“You just love strutting around upstairs and teasing us with that body, don’t you?” I growled into her ear. “Knowing everyone wants to fuck you till you scream.”

“Yes. I like it.” she moaned.

“What?” I hissed. “I didn’t hear you?”

“Yes, I love it!” she moaned. “I get off on it. I love the attention.”

The sexy novelist suddenly began to thrash about and buck her body hard against me, grinding her hips and pounding that bare bottom against my probing digits, and causing my fingers to delve even deeper inside her hot little cunt.

I was now knuckle deep, and frantically probed and fiddled around inside her sexy box when she suddenly grunted loudly, paused, and abruptly turned around and lunged at me.

Tara totally took me by surprise as she pushed me back against the opposite wall and pinned me there.

“Nngh! I want you, now!” she growled as she kissed me frantically all over my face, neck, and throat… her hand reaching for my cock.

Suddenly Tara Moss, the acclaimed author and model dropped to her knees directly in front of me and proceeded to fish out my erection.

Without wasting a single moment, she exposed my throbbing member to the air, and stroking it briefly, slipped it effortlessly into her hot mouth causing me to shut my eyes and groan deeply.

“Holy shit,” I gasped involuntarily, as I felt her soft luscious lips envelope me completely, her tongue massaging the head.

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Dirty dreams with Tara Moss

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