Doctor gets mom to teach daughter masturbation

Doctor gets mom to teach daughter masturbation

Hi, I am Ishita and this my story when I went to for a check-up to a doctor with my mom (Sujata). Read about the great time we had.

I was 18 when this happened and was a virgin with a figure of 32-28-32.

Let me first tell you a bit about my family. We are 3 people in the house, me, my mom (Sujata), and dad (Rajesh). My dad works in a company where he holds a good post. His job is a responsible one and her works almost 10 hours daily. My mom is a housewife.

My mom is very beautiful and was once a TV actress for a short period. I take to her in looks and look a lot similar. My mom’s figure is 36-32-36.

Getting back to the story, I was at the peak of my studies and was very busy having a study schedule so didn’t take proper care of myself. Due to this, I started getting rashes on my body and some were near my vagina.

As I was ashamed to tell my mom about the rashes near my private part, I hid it from her and thought they might get healed on its own but it got worse. So finally, I had to tell parents about my situation.

My mom told me to show the rashes to them, but I was shy to open my pants in front of my dad, so my mom took me to her room and asked me to show her.

Well, I was open with my mom so I opened my pants. I was wearing panties so I was cool but then mom asked me to remove those too. I resisted a little but finally removed it.

By this time as you know teens start to have pubic hairs and I too had some. Seeing me feeling shy, my mom told me its fine and gave me a normal lovely smile to comfort me.

To examine me, she started touching my vagina and areas around it. I started to get horny cause I never had anyone touching my vagina. I tried my best to hide my wetness but I think mom saw it and understood.

My mom then asked me to get dressed. Later she discussed the situation with my dad who suggested that I should get a full check-up from the doctor. The next day mom told me that we were going to a doctor for a full body checkup that afternoon.

So my mom and I got dressed and went to the doctor. The nurse, who was present there told us to wait in the waiting area until we were called in. After 10-15 minutes the nurse called us in.

There was a middle-aged man of around 35. He was pretty handsome for a doctor. He asked me to go and change into a clinic gown. I removed my dress except for my panties as I was shy feeling shy.

Then mom came inside and she started to remove her top. I was shocked as to why she was doing this? I asked her, “Mom what are you doing?” She said, “I told you we were having full body checkup.”

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I did know that but to my shock, she became nude. I could only see her ass and wow they were so round and perfect. I became a bit jealous. Then she wore her gown.

Seeing her, I also removed my panty and went inside. There my mom was already standing in front of the doctor and telling her about my rashes.

Then he called me and did some normal things like taking my temperature and asked questions about my periods, mood, eating habits and finally asked me if I masturbated? I was shocked.

I was trying to be innocent in front of my mother. I told the doctor, “I don’t how to do it.” The doctor didn’t react to this. He then called mom took her temperature, etc and asked her all the questions he had asked me. Finally, he asked her how often she had sex?

Mom without any hesitation replied once or twice a month. To this, he asked her, “Then you might be masturbating every week or so.” To this, she replied, “Yes once a week at least.”

Then he called me and asked me to remove my gown. I said, “I feel shy.” He told me, “It’s ok. I am a doctor.” Then my mom came and forcibly removed my gown.

I was standing there completely nude in front of my mom and a stranger. The doctor started checking my body, then he started checking my boobs. He did some circular motions while squeezing them.

My eyes were closed and I was taking heavy breaths. Then he told me that he has some more things to check. He started touching my nipples and later squeezed it hard.

I moaned loudly and opened my eyes and saw my mom. She was giggling. Then the doctor told me to spread my legs so that he can examine the rashes. He started touching my pubic hair and my pussy lips. When he finished his examination he told me to go and sit on the stool and wear my gown.

Then he began to check my mom. I was shocked to see my mom nude in front of a stranger. When I looked at her face, I saw that she was not at all shy and removed her gown without any hesitation.

To my surprise mom had clean shaved, shining pink pussy and her boobs were also perfectly shaped. She was looking like an angel. Even the doctor was happy to see someone so perfect.

He even commented that she had the best body he has seen in years. Then he started doing the same things to mom, like checking her boobs and nipples but I felt like he was playing with her boobs, but mom didn’t say a word.

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He didn’t examine mom’s vagina and said that he will do it later on the table. He told mom to sit next to me. I noticed that mom didn’t even bother to wear her gown back.

Seeing mom nude, I became horny and my nipples became hard. The doctor saw this and jokingly commented, “Someone is really jealous of mommy’s body.”

Then again he told me to remove my gown and lie on the table to check the inners of my pussy. Mom told the doctor that I am a virgin and it might be painful for me.

The doctor assured her that nothing will happen and inserted his finger in me. I screamed. Mom was trying to comfort me and hugged me. Her boobs were on my face. I was getting wet down there.

The doctor might have felt my wetness as he removed his finger and brushed his hands on my pubic hair. He told mom, “these hairs can be one reason for the rashes.” Then he turned to me and said, “You should also have a clean pussy like your mom.”

Saying this, he touched my mom’s pubic area and commented on how perfect it is. Mom didn’t react much to this. She just looked at me with wide eyes as she was surprised as well as happy.

He told my mom to take care of this at home. Then he told me to get off the bed and said that you will see how your body will become in the future after you keep your pubic area clean.

Then he told my mom to get on the bed. When she did so, he told me to come near her legs and spread mom’s legs wide. I was looking at my mom’s glory hole, the same hole I was born from.

He put his fingers in her pussy and spread her pussy lips. Mom moaned very softly to hide it from me. The doctor told me, “Come feel it.” I touched her pink pussy for the first time. I could see mom’s face turning red but I was excited.

Then the doctor picked up a small rod-shaped object about 6 inches long and an inch thick connected to a wire and slowly pushed it into mom’s pussy, very, very slowly. She jerked up a bit when he did this.

I asked him what he was doing and he just said internal examination and continued till it was all the way in. Then the doctor turned around and flicked a switch and she shook again grabbing the sides of the table firmly with both her hands.

I was not sure what he did. I think he also knew that we both were horny and took a little advantage of this. He asked mom if she was ok? He said that she could show me how a girl masturbates so that I can do it in the future.

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I was very happy hearing this I don’t why, but I knew that mom will reject the idea and she did. But the doctor persuaded her and she finally agreed.

Mom was very shy to face me and she started masturbating with one finger. The doctor asked me to come close by and watch. Mom closed her eyes seeing me but she couldn’t control her moans. She started making, “Aaaahhhhhh” sounds.

I was getting wetter and wetter seeing this. Then I saw that the doctor has a boner and was slowly massaging it. Mom kept increasing her pace and was now using three fingers.

After 3-4 minutes, mom squirted her juices all over the table. The doctor asked me if I had got it? I being innocent again replied, “No,” so he asked mom to get herself cleaned and come back again.

While mom was cleaning herself,  he asked me to get on the table and started touching my pussy to teach me how to do it. Then mom came back and now all her shyness was gone.

The doctor told her that I still haven’t understood so she should help me masturbate. My mom didn’t hesitate for a sec and pushed me on the table. She then started fingering me. This made the doctor so horny that he started pressing mom’s breast and her pussy and she didn’t mind him doing it.

I started to moan and mom kissed me on my lips. The next thing I saw was that the doctor was on his knees and licking mom’s pussy. This continued till I came on mom’s hand.

After I leaked my juices, the doctor came back to senses. He went back to his desk, then performed 2-3 tests and told us to sit on the stools in front of his desk.

We sat there nude while he wrote medicines for me and asked us to collect our reports later. Then he told us to visit again after 2 weeks for my rashes.

Finally, we stood up and thanked him and went to get dressed while we were going the nurse came in saw both of us naked, and was surprised. She collected our reports from the doctor while staring at us then left.

While returning home, mom told me not to tell dad what happened at the doctor’s clinic as she will talk to dad. I already knew it was not good to tell dad myself, so I sat silently.

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Doctor gets mom to teach daughter masturbation

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