Dominant Guy Breaks My Anal Cherry

Dominant Guy Breaks My Anal Cherry

Hey readers, this is my first time writing a sex story, so please forgive me if I make any mistake. I am Karan, a 23-year-old bi-curious guy.

I am a chubby guy with a big chest and nice boobs and very big ass. I have a 6-inch long cock which is very fat. I had always been curious about anal sex and had tried to finger my ass and fuck it with cucumber at home whenever I am all alone.

Last winter I was all alone for a week and very horny. So in kik I met a girl Cindi from USA who was a sadist. We used to talk a lot, tell our kinks and used to masturbate together on videocam while roleplaying.

I told her about my fantasy of getting fucked in the ass so she told me about Grindr and asked me to search for guy there. I signed up on the app and found a guy near my house. His name was Anay. Anay was 28 years old, with a big body type. He was a full top guy.

We shared our pics and talked for a while until midnight and then he asked me for my boobs pics. I got all naked and clicked the slutty pics I could ever imagine. He was turned on by all this.

I kept updating Cindi about all this and she was also happy for me and she asked me to hookup with this guy. I asked Anay if he was interested to meet and he sent me his address and phone number.

Cindi prepared me well for my first sex experience. She instructed me how to clean my ass properly and I used a hair removal cream to remove all the hairs near my asshole, cock and balls. I was smooth like a sexy pornstar ready to be tucked. The next morning, I had a very nice shower, cleaned my ass twice and got to Anay’s place.

Anay had a huge body kinda like bear. He was wearing just a t-shirt and boxers. He let me in his house and we talked for some time about ourselves. I was very nervous and told him that I am a virgin.

He asked me to stand up. He was very dominant type which was a full turn on for me. He asked me to remove my t-shirt and jeans and be in my underwear only. And he asked me to blindfold my eyes with my handkerchief.

I was very curious what was going to happen to me. Suddenly, I felt someone breathing heavily near my neck. Anay then kissed my neck and started removing my underwear with his one hand. The other hand held my head still.

I started breathing heavily and was super turned on by this. Now I could feel is hot cock near my ass. This was the first time I had this feeling. It felt so good. He was kissing my neck, eyes and back with his hot cock rising in by butt crack.

Then Anay turned me around and removed my blindfold. He kissed me on the lips and put is tongue in my mouth. I removed his t-shirt and boxers. I saw his full hairy chest and a nice 6-inch rock hard cock with completely shaved pubic hairs.

He started pressing my one boob and sucking the other. It felt so good. I just started to play with his cock. But he slapped me and told me that I am just to follow what I am told to. Shocked with this and also feeling good by getting my boobs sucked, I said, “Ok, master”.

He then asked me to get in doggie position and took condom and lube from his cupboard. He stood in front of me with is cock right in front of my mouth. I knew what I was supposed to do and started licking and sucking his cock good.

I then started sucking his balls and his wet cock resting on my face. I felt like a slut. Suddenly, I felt a finger near my asshole. He spat on my asshole and pushed is finger deep in my hole. It started burning as he didn’t use enough lube or spit. He then pushed another finger. A cock in my mouth and two fingers fucking my ass! Oh god, it was fun!

He took his fingers out and asked me to lick it clean. I had already cleaned my asshole nicely so I readily licked and sucked my ass juice from his fingers. He then put a condom on his cock and asked me to put my face on the ground. He started pushing his hot cock in my small asshole. Even though he loosened it up, his cock was big for my hole.

So he said, “Bitch, just loosen up your muscles or I will just use my force and hurt you”. Like a slave, I obeyed his orders and he started pushing his big hot cock in me. Oh god, it was so hot and big. I felt my asshole full with his cock in my hole.

He then removed it out in one hard go and then again pushed it in until I got used to his meat. It was a nice mix of pain and pleasure.

He then started fucking me slowly. He spanked my big butts and fucked me as there was no tomorrow. I started breathing heavily. I felt very good. My cock was rock hard but master didn’t allow me to touch my cock.

He then started pressing my boobs while fucking me. With each hard stroke, I felt like I was in seventh heaven. After a nice 20 minutes ass-fucking, I came. He made me cum without even touching my cock and just by fucking my ass.

He got furious and said, “Bitch, who gave you permission to cum? Now clean all this up with your tongue.”

I obeyed my orders and started licking the cum off the ground while my ass was being fucked. He then stopped fucking and asked me to suck his cock. All my sweet anal juice and anal mucus were on his condom-covered cock. I cleaned it all. This time, I could feel the air going in my open anal hole.

I removed the condom and again started sucking is cock. He held my head and started fucking my mouth and came in my mouth. His hot, slimy salty cum was in my mouth with his cock still in my mouth. I drank all his cum and was satisfied. He was also exhausted after this. I got up and cleaned my body.

After going home, I video called Cindi and told her everything and showed her my recently fucked asshole. She was also happy for me. This was my only gay experience ever.

After that, I started dating a girl from my college. But I still want to have sex with some guy or a couple.

Please let me know whether you liked my first sexual experience. Pune guys if you are looking for bi male please let me know on [email protected]

Thank you for reading my story.

Dominant Guy Breaks My Anal Cherry