Dominant (part 1) – Sex Stories

Dominant (part 1) – Sex Stories

he noticed him when she was throwing her trash outside. He was very hot. It was summer and she kept looking at his perfect abs. He stocked very deep in her fantasies after she watched him washing his big track. But she had boyfriend and her parents kept telling her how bad was that neighbor.

“Mom, why our neighbor is bad? What did he do?”

“Dear, you are only 21. I want to protect you from him. But rumors are saying he is dominant.” Woman said it with very low voice afraid somebody can hear her.

“Dominant? Who is that?” girl was so curious.

“I don’t want to tell you but I’m sure you’ll Google it. It’s a leader in sex.”

Girl got wet immediately. It was not a surprise for her. She knew she likes to be submissive. She had sex with boyfriend but it was so boring. One position all the time and too soft. She wanted to feel more rough sex, more male behavior, more dominant. She wanted somebody to hold her by throat and tell her what to do. Her boyfriend would barely lead her to orgasm. So, when mother told her “leader in sex” she already had plan in her mind.

He watched her. It looked like they had fight and whoever it was wouldn’t give something to her. He licked his down lip very slowly. He wanted her. Her butt would be perfect for spanking. His big dick got aroused. But he tried to calm himself down. It was so easy for him to imagine her cum. Her moans, screams, begs for more. He was slightly afraid. Who knew, maybe she was not into submissive games…

One of those very hot days he heard knocks in the door. “Saturday? At ten in the morning? Who can possibly would visit him in this hour?” Man opened the door and was slightly shocked. His look went up along long legs…short jeans shorts…lines of perfect female abs…and t-shirt. T-shirt was covering 2/3 of her breasts. It was so seductive and unfair.

“Yes, madam? How can I help you?” he tried to tell to himself she is too young for his games.

“I’m sorry to bother you, sir, but I’m afraid I might need your help.” She looked straight in his eyes. His dick answered the same time.

“How can I help you, my dear?” he looked on her face. His mind was already full of dirty erotic scenes with her body right there near the door.

“I want to say “I’m sorry” to my boyfriend and cook pie for him, but this jar with strawberries is too tight. Could you please open it? With your man power?” She looked at his arms.

Only now he noticed big jar with strawberry jam in her hands. Oh, Lord, he could clearly imagine how he would lick this thick sweet juice from her pussy. “Are you sure I am the only one who can help you? There are lot of men in this neighborhood.” He tried to reject her before it’s not too late.

“Nobody’s home. I’ve already checked pretty much every house. So it’s only you and me. Can I come in?”

Man let her in, understanding his mistake. He’ll fuck her very hard.

She followed him into kitchen. His deltoid muscles were so big. Is it possible for him to lift her and stick on top of his big dick? How big is he? Is it thin or thick? His voice interrupted her dirty thoughts.

“So, why you two had fight the other day?”

“Well, it was about sex. He fucks me but not enough and very light.” She looked at her feet.

“Look at me. Not enough and very light? How do you like?” Man opened jar with one move and gave to her.

“I-I…like it rough. Top of my fantasies it’s when guy holds my throat and finger fucking me. I don’t know what exactly it means but I read about it in one of the book and got wet.”

“So how you know you’ll like it if you’ve never tried it?” he got closer to her, playing with her down lip with his big thumb.

“I-I…” girl froze. His thumb teased her lips.

“Tell me. Did you ever try to satisfy…” he didn’t finish waiting for her answer.

“One time I asked my boyfriend to spank me while fucking…”

“And what happened?” The rest of his fingers were slowly holding her throat.

“S-sir, can you promise me one thing?” She could barely talk. He was so close to her. Girl could smell his male aroma.

“What is it?” his another hand started to play with her nipples.

“I-I…w-want you…to f-fuck me…like…really hard.” She bite her lip.

He couldn’t take it anymore. She already said “yes” so many times. He started to kiss her wildly. Girl basically hang on his arms. “You don’t cum until I say. Do you hear me?” Man took few breaks from kisses. “Yes, whatever you say.” Girl totally got lost under his lips. She remembered wet and slippery kisses of her boyfriend. But this man could kiss her till orgasm. His fingers were pinching her hard nipples. He stopped and pushed her sit on her knees.

Girl looked how man took out his big cock. It was almost reaching his belly button. Thick eight and half inches. She swallowed and wanted to cover it with her warm wet mouth.

“No, I didn’t allow you to do it. Ask for it.” Man grabbed her hair. Oh my God, it was one of her deepest fantasies. She sees beautiful cock but can’t have it.

“I want it so bad. Can I have it, please?” She could imagine how good this “beauty” will stretch her very tight pussy. Her boyfriend had almost nothing, compare to what she saw right now.

“You came to me yourself. Are you my slut?” he gently touched himself, teasing her.

“Y-yes.” Girl didn’t know what to do and what to say. “I want you to fuck me with your big cock, please?”

“Say “I’m your slut” and open your mouth.”

“I’m your slut.” Said girl and opened her mouth. His dick slowly slid in along her tongue down her warm begging mouth. She moaned and started to play with it with her tongue. He pulled her hair. “No, no tongue, just keep your mouth open.” Dick slid in again but deeper. Girl closed her eyes.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth now. Relax. ” Man grabbed her hair and held her head tight. His moves were slow but deep. He wanted her to adjust to his size. Pushes got deeper and deeper. He stuck whole length inside and stopped. It was sweet torture. Being so deep inside of her mouth he could feel ring of her throat. He was so close. But first he decided let her cum.

“Lay on the table and hold your thighs up so I can eat your pussy as a dish.” He helped her sit on the table.

“B-but I thought I’m here to please you. As you said, I’m your slut.” Girl took off her shorts and very little panties.

“You don’t ask questions here. Lay and thighs are up. And don’t cum until I say so.”

He kissed her pussy very slow. Enjoying smell and taste. His fingers spread apart big lips and his mouth covered her, sliding tongue deep inside. Girl screamed and lifted thighs higher. Man opened jar with jam, scooped a little and spread all over her pussy. “God, I adore strawberries.” Girl never felt anything like this before. Boyfriend would lick her lightly few times and be done. She didn’t expect somebody would literally eat her out. His fingers slid deep inside of her. She felt how gently he bites her throbbing clit.

“Sir, please, I’m cumming.” Man slowly took two fingers out and stopped everything.

“As I said, until I say you don’t cum.”

“Yes, sir, I’m sorry.”

He looked at her. She was so close. Few sucking moves on her pulsating clit and she’ll explode. He slid fingers very deep inside of her again and started to suck that throbbing top very hard. “Cum now.”

Girl exploded, shaking her legs. Man held her thighs tight keep sucking her clit, letting her cum one more time. She pushed his head down her pussy and screamed.

Few minutes later he opened front door and slightly kissed her lips.

“I’ll see you another time. Don’t even think about touching yourself but think about me fucking you. I want you to be ready for my big cock.”

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Dominant (part 1) – Sex Stories