Dr Nirupama enjoying sex with Jeevan

I am Jeevan and this is about my encounter with Dr. Nirupama, who was a pretty resident doctor at a reputed orthopeAdic hospital cum nursing home in Baroda. She was a divorcee and had a small kid, staying with her moms.

I had brought a friend of mine to the hospital who had a fracutred leg, and she was the first one to attend him. Since there was no one to look after my friend, I had to stay with him in the ward. I interActed with Dr. Nirupama everyday several times and later in the night, she would drop in for just a casual chat and we would learn about each other.

The lobby/reception area would be all deserted and dark in the night as all the nurses would have gone to some or the other room to sleep and would only wake up if there is a call from the patient. We would sit in a lonely corner on a bench and just chat away. I later realised that her leg is touching mine alot frequently and duration of contact was progressively increasing.

I had never been with a girl before, so I was getting nervous. Later during our talks she hung her arm on my shoulder and then she took it off when she realised that I have gone stiff out of nervousness. She asked me, “Do you have a girl-friend?” I said No. There was silence between us. I broke the silence after some time and asked if I could kiss her. She just hummed to say yes.

I slid myself on the bench closer to her and grabbed her from the sides and started kissing her on the cheeks and then went further down to her neck. She was getting hot and had started moaning. I cupped her boob and she made space for my arm to reach there. We started smooching, and I took liberty of following my instincts and squeezing her boob lightly.

Our act got interrupted with the phone buzzer and she had to attend it- it was a call from one of the patients and she delegated some nurse to attend it. Later when everything was settled, she came back to me on the bench smiling and asked “So you were waiting for me…” I said “yes… See… I have never been with a girl before, so I am very nervous”.

She just smiled and took my hand and held it for sometime. Then she got up holding my hand and pulled me towards one of the vacant rooms. It was dark inside with just some streak of street light. She bolted the door and then lied on the bed and said “Come lie next to me”. I knew what it was about. I just got on the bed and started smooching and rubbing one hand on her tummy.

She was excited in no time. Her hands were exploring my back. Then she started unbuttoning my shirt. I too started unhooking her blouse I reached her back and unhooked her bra. Both her blouse and bra were hanging on her shoulders and she didnt allow me to take them off “Let them be please… I might get a call and I would need to rush”.

I asked about the saree and she just rolled it up her legs and raised her butt slightly to tuck it there. I was seeing some lovely small boobs and some long slim legs in the faint light and I wish I had a few more limbs so that I could feel every bit of her body. I was shy but I took off all my clothes and then pulled down her panties completely. All I knew now was that my dick needs to go inside her cunt.

I got between her legs and positioned my dick on her cunt and tried to push but I was unable to penetrate. After a few attempts, she became impatient and held my dick and tried to guide it at the right place. It was well lubricated and it went in with ease this time. She was very tight and gripping me hard.

I slowly tried to push myself as deep as possible and she gasped several times and was rolling her head from one side to another. I tried to pump and I was worried if I could be hurting her. The moment I stopped she got her hands around my butt and said “Dont stop”. I again started pumping again and didnt care of my pace. And soon I could see orgasm passing through her.

She was gripping my arms tighter and moaning very loud. I could feel her cunt spasming. After a few minutes I was building up and would be coming any moment. She realised it and said, “Dont come inside” and pushed me off. I immediately spurted and I covered my hand over my dick so that I dont spoil her dress.

I got off the bed and asked if I could put the lights On. She said No and she got up swiftly and entered the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later with all her garments decently covered on her. She put on the lights and we tried to see what all we had dirtied. We cleaned the linen and spread it back. Then I dressed up and said thanks to her. She hugged and kissed me on my lips.

We shut the lights and came out and sat on the bench again and did not speak much. She later said that she needs to sleep and that I should go and sleep as well. We parted with a kiss. In later days, we explored each other further, we both liked ‘me eating her’ and also fingering her; She would get volcanic orgasms with that.

In later months we started living in and I would say that we were a lovely couple. The relationship lasted eight years. I was getting busy with expanding my business and had to travel out of town for several days. One day when I got home in the night, I discovered that she was sleeping with a fellow doctor. They both apologised to me.

I was badly heart broken, and I didnt ask as to how long all this was going on. I started packing my stuff and left before dawn. I did leave her crying and wailing behind me. But I was no more sure of her… I still love her and have no grievances though. It has been a few years now and am married and am actually into a dead marriage.

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Dr Nirupama enjoying sex with Jeevan

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