Drizzling Night Sex – Sex Stories

Drizzling Night Sex – Sex Stories

I am sharing my experience that happened around 3 years ago. During my initial days of my college days we had a gang of friends but I was attracted to this gal named Raji(name changed). She is 5 feet tall awesome structure and nice curves. I used to look at her always and we could not speak much as we had our gang of friends always around us.

Whenever I got a chance I will try to flirt with her and she responds well. I had to wait until our college got over to get what I want but it was worthy to be waiting for that long as she was that worthy. During our final year exams I had chance of getting her in my bike and she came happily and i would teach everything in studies and will hold her hands and teach. She initially dint respond well but later she too liked it.

While going in bike i always make sure I put a sudden break so that I can feel her boobs on my back. This happened for couple of weeks and college was over and we started over phone at night. I started flirting so badly and she was responding so well and I felt that I should fuck her now. It was a drizzling at night and i thought it would be right time to ask her. I told her I want to go for a walk with her by holding her hands and she said yes immediately. She asked to come to her house and she can sneak out. I called her after reaching her house and it was around 2 A.M and it was very little drizzle. She was in t shirt and track pants.

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Her boobs was quite obvious as it was a tight t shirt and her ass was huge. I was holding her hands and walking in that dim light no one was there that road. I felt it was right time to kiss her and I kissed on her forehead by going in front of her, she pushed me away I said sorry couldn’t control you look so gorgeous she blushed. We walked back to her house after 10 mins of walk, she asked me to leave. I was sad. I wanted to go inside her room and play with her like anything. I said can I stay with you for 10 minutes alone in your room and she accepted after I begged her.

She went inside her room and I went behind and closed the door and immediately hugged her from behind and was kissing near her neck. She resisted and I told I have got only 10 minutes please let me kiss you. She dint say anything and I took it as green signal and I started kissing her more passionately. I slowly put my hand over her breast and started pressing it slowly. She started to moan as I did it. Now I put my one hand under t-shirt and pressed her breast slowly and pinched it and other hand I put inside her tracks and panties and massaged her pussy. My Cock became very hard and made sure her ass felt it. She liked it a lot I removed her t shirt and saw her in a bra and it was a dream come true she such a big boobs which I wanted to play always. I turned her around and made her back rest against the wall and was kissing her on her lips and it was our first smooch and it was for around 5 minutes.

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I slowly held her boobs and was kissing her pussy. I removed her tracks and started kissing her panties. She was so wet and horny as I could smell it in the panties. I started kissing inner thighs and was teasing her. I went up again and started kissing her lips more passionately than before and we were playing with our tongues.

I made her lean against the wall by holding her breast with my one hand and fingering her pussy with other. My cock was against her big ass and she was enjoying a lot. She turned and said now my turn and she undressed me and started to play with my dick. She was on top me now and I was licking her pussy and she was playing with my cock.

I started to tease her a lot by licking and fingering her pussy. I was playing with her inner lips of her pussy and reached the G spot and she was moaning a lot and I was having my finger inside her mouth and she was sucking it.

I then started to put my dick around her pussy and tapping it, she was enjoying it a lot and wanted my cock inside her pussy. She asked me please don’t make me wait any more fuck me Ram.

I started with few gentle strokes in a slow pace and she was enjoying it and was asking more. Her pussy was tight and I had bit difficulty in inserting completely. Slowly I felt the smoothness as her pussy expanded it was very smooth to insert it and my cock was in her completely. Slowly I increased my progressing and started to push it in faster. She was moaning and I was lip locked with her and after sometime and when I was about to she came and had it completely in her mouth and gave a best blow job.

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We were sleeping on each other and was kissing, I was playing with her boobs and she was cuddling me with her hands.We had one more session and we finally halted at 4 A.M and I dressed up and came home.

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Drizzling Night Sex – Sex Stories

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