Emotional devar bhabhi [ Very Hot ]

Emotional devar bhabhi [ Very Hot ]

it was a kind of emotional time for all of us in family. my bro in law ravi was going abroad after two days for study. now i realise how much he grow up. since i was married 8 years back he was just 09 then and now independtly going abroad for higher study. a emotional and happy feelings were inside. my husband sunil was on tour and was supposed to back before his flight day. my mom in law was bit more emotional for ravi. we are five members in family, me , my husband sunil, my son rishu, mom in law and brother in law ravi.
we are living nicely and happly. ravi my bro in law was brilliant in study so we Sepided to send him abroad for higher study. all prepartions were done and we were packing his bages and other things and ravi was out to meet his friends and i was in his room adjusting and packing his things. mom in law was in her room. soon i heard ravi enter in room i look him and smile ravi too smile and put the gifts given by his friends aside. he too started helping me packing. we were very nice and close friends and i always take his side in home matters and he take my side whenever required. so life was going on nicely.
i will miss u all there bhabhi ji he said while packing.
we too i look at him and keep on packing. be care full about your diet and health and study there. and dont b panic abt anything there. i said to him.
dont worry bhbahi he reply and came near to me and said i will miss u all there , mom, bro, rishu and u he was looking more emtioonal for leaving us and going abroad,
oh come on ravi we too will miss you but you are going to study there and also you will visit always on vactions here. saying so i look at his face, there was kind of sadness on his face.
oh cheer up ravi smile ravi come give me hug i ask him for hug, it was normal for us to hug in affection. he came neear me and we hug each other for few moments. when we seperated i find some emotional tears on his eyes. o ravi dont be so sad . be strong i again hug him and wipe his tears. o my little baby don’t cry saying so try to smile but i was also emtional too . i look in to his eyes be strong ravi, you are going for future there ,saying so i roll my fingers on his head with affection. now smile i almost ordered him and he smile and i look into his eyes and smile too . now look like a good boy i laugh and kiss his cheek. now lets do packing i said. he hug me again and said i will miss u lot. me too i reply looking into his eyes
with a friction of time dont know wat happed ravi put his lips on my lips and kissed me quickly. i was shock stunned and surprised his move. my heart beat was fast and i was confused and puzzzled wat happned because never ever before that ravi did any of simlple kind of naughty ness with me and today he kissed my lips. i look to his he said sorry bhbahi i was silent and my breath was fast i notice ravi’s eyes were stuck on my boobs that were going up and down due to my fast breath i cover my chest properly with dupata and look at him his face off with fear, sorry he was pleading and i move to go out of room he hold my hand and came near me and said pls bhbahi ji forgive me a lot of fear and tears were on his eyes. he was fully on guilty. i not like his sad face and said o ravi i never thought u will …
realy very sorry i swear i dont know wat happed to me i promise i will never…
its ok but pls dont be sad i cant see ur sad face you knew it i reply
oh thanks bhabi i find some relax to see his face normal
kya hua tha tum ko pehley to kavi.. i ask
pata nahi bhbahi realy very sorry
but muje pata hai i look at him
matlab he look at my eyes
i came near to him and put my lips on his lips and kissed him, he stand shock stunned
tumari gf ne tum ko kiss karni b nahi sikhai aisey kartey hai kiss, i kissed his lips for few second and said laughing
he was shocked my behaviour and but his face was not sad or tense.
i look at him and smile and he too smile.
lets do packing i said we got busy in packing.
apne mind nahi kiya bhabhi he asked me while packing
no i reply , i know u from many years and i know if friend do mistake other shd correct it.
matlab he look at me
i mean tum ne muje kiss karkey mistake ki mainey tum ko kiss karkey mistake correct kar di. i laughed
oh he too smile and lluahged
aur mistake karon he teased me
chup naughty we both laughed and got busy in packing. when i bend i felt ravi hand on my back i shock and look at him he remove his hand and said kuj laga tha wahan
i look at ravi
realy bhbahi kuj laga tha he smile ayo mirror ke samne khud dekh lo he smile and tken me to mirror ab turn karo he said i turn and find nothing he again place his hand on my hips and said yeh dekho. there was nothing but he move his hand all over on my both hips. it was first time ravi did such nauhty thihg with me and a sensation ran all over my body. but i control my self and look at ravi. ravi no sharat no badmashi ok.
ji ji ravi smile
etney badmash toh pehley kavi na they aj kahan se sikh kar aye ho yeh badmashean i ask him while adjusting things in room.
woh bhabhi 2 din bad ja raha hoon so socha kuch majak kar look apse he laugh
acha ji i look at him majak kuch galat jagah par nahi kiya .
oh toh ap he bata do sahi jagah kahan hoti hai saying so he ran out of room
ruk badmash i shout slowly. but was happy that he laughing and not emotional or sad.
bhabhi bhukh lagi hai pls luch ready kar do he call me from outside
i came out and said wait few minute i going to make. till then u get fresh . after few minute rishu also came from school and we all four sit and have lunch. after that mom in law got busy in wathcing tv and ravi said me ayo packing mein help karwa do bhabhi and i get up and move with him to his room and rishu also follow us. we all were busy in packing and adjusting things and talking and laughing. all sad and emotional atmoshphere changed.
ravi look at me and smile and said kuj laga hai
stop ravi koi sharat nahi karna rishu yahin par i warned him.
ravi smile and came near me and wisper in my ears bhabhi ek kiss de do
wat i shocked and looked at him r u crazy ravi. no no no way i shake my head in negative
ravi looked at me and his all smile gone and i again got busy in packing. i find ravi was doing packing but was silent and looking sad . ravi’s sad face made me emotional and sad too. i gone to the conrer of room near closet and call ravi
yahan aana ravi
ji bhbahi ravi came there
i gone behind the closet door and said
jaldi se le lo ravi
ravi looked at me and smile with happyness
jaldi se kar lo rishu dekh lega i wisper behind the door
aram se karni hai bhbahi ravi wisper
oh tum be na i look at him and came out from behind the door and move to rishu and said to him ” rishu yeh packed upar terrace par rakh kar ayo ‘ rishu taken that packed and gone out of room
i quickly gone again behind the door and said to ravi lo ab kar lo aram se
ravi stand still and smil
kya hua i ask him
ap karo ravi smile
oh tum b na i laugh and hold his face and put my lips on his lips out lips meet and i start kissing. ravi too start rubbing his lips on my lips. our eyes meet and i taken his lower lip and start sucking it and ravi too started sucking my upper lip . i try to push my tounge in his mouth ravi open his mouth, my tounge gone inside and touch each other tounge , we keep kissing and in exictment of kiss i did not notice or ealise that when his hand move on my boob and start squeezing my left boob. soon we heard the sound of rishu commingn . we seperated and was breathing heavily then i realise that ravi was pressing my boob while kissing uffff it all happed in excitment rishu enter inroom i adjusted my kameej and dupata and we both again gone busy in packing

kiya bana rahi hoo bhbahi ravi came near me in kitchen and put his chin on my shoulder.
dinner mein ur fav food i smile. its was his normal doing with me i mean affectionately he many time comes and c me cooking. but i feel little strange today his standing behind me like this.
my fav food i eated at lunch ravi smile and affectionately hug me from behind . he hug me like this many time before too . so i not surprise from his hug. vohat tasty that he wisper in my ears. i felt his hot breath near my ear and i flet today his hug me more tight then before and his hands were wrap on my tummy and his thighs were now touching oon my hips first time he hug me like that i feel exicted and was not in mood to say him leave as i dont want him to sad. it was only two days left for him to go abroad
i remain busy in cooking and he remain with me talking .
hato ab muje kam karney do i said
ap aro na he smile and hug me more tight and i feel his finger tips pressure on my tummy .as i try to move while working his thighs brushed on my hips and a sensation felt i as i feel his hardness i feel on my hips and for a second it stuck on my hipline ogod it was firsttime i feel this on back he hugged me like this many time but not like this.
hato ravi kam karney do mom dekhegi toh kya kahegi
kyoun kiya khahegi meiney toh kkai bar apko unke samne b aisey hug kiya hai
aj kuj jyada he hug kar rahey ho i smile
seeing me smiling his courge increase and he hug me more tightly o god i easily and clearly feel his hardness on my hips which stunned shock and exicte me too

kitna jyada bhbahi he smile and kiss on my neck acha lag raha hai muje apko aisey hug karna
hato ravi nahi toh mom ko bol doongi ravi muje kam nahi arney de raha
my this threat work and he released me from his hug
kya hua dar gaye i laugh
i smile and luagh nahi mom se nahi apse darta hoon and came close to me. and kissed my lips quickly and ran away laughing
oh u naughty badmash i shout behind him. and smile seeing him running out of kitchen
after dinner he left for his room n mom in law said let rishu sleep with her tonight so i walked towards my bed room .

kya hua when i open the door and see ravi standing there
ap so toh nahi gai thee muje neend nahi aa rahi thee socha apse bat kar loon 2 din bad toh mein chala he jayounga.
haan haan kyoun nahi ayo andar i let him enter the room .
rishu kahan hai he ask me
woh aj mom ke pass soya hai ayo beitho he sit on chair. tun 2 min ruko mein change kar key ati hoon saying so i pick up my nihgty and move to bathroom i remove my suit and change into nihgty. normaly i not wear bra while sleeping but as ravi was there so i not off bra and wear nighty over panty and bra.
i sit on bed neend kyoun nahi aa rahi thee i ask
pata nahi shayd jana hai es liye he reply
oh yeh b ho sakta hai i smile
waisey bhbahi yeh colour vohat nice hai apki nighty ka ravi look at me and said
oh yeh pink ur bhaiya ka fav colour hai i smile
aur black kis ka ravi smile
oh i realise in pink nihgyt my black bra and panty was visible so he teased me
i smile and laugh u nuaghty badmash
sab friends ko good bye bold diya yi ask him
haan bhabhi he smile
aur gf ko i tease
oh bhbahi ap b
bolo bolo pehley toh kehtey they 2 gf hai ab kiya hua
woh toh bas aisey he ehta tha he smile little
i know usney toh theek se kiss karna b nahi sikhaya i laugh
bhabi apne bura toh nahi mana apne meine apko kiss kiya
are nahi agar bura manti toh repeat kiss kyoun karti i laugh
waise bhbahi last wali kiss vohat achi thee he smile but sorry
sorry kis bat ki
woh kiss katey kartey mera hathh galti se apke waha chala gya muje pata he nahi chala

haan muje b bad mein pata chal i reply and feel and remember those moments
waisey jo mere pichey hath lagaya tha woh toh galti se nahi tha na i smile
nahi bhbahi he laugh jab ap bend hue the toh muje apki back vohat achi lagi aur mera hath apne ap waha chala gaya control nahi hue
hota hai hota hai i laugh wasey aj etna naughty kaisey ho gaye tum toh hamesha shy shy rehtey they
ja raha hoon toh socha thori vohat sharat kar loon apni pyari c bhabhi se ravi laugh.
kyoun gf se sharat nahi ki i laugh
ap b na bhbahi nahi hai koi b gf kaha na
i laugh hoti b toh koi fayada nahi tha i smile kiss karna toh kisi ne sikhaya nahi
sahi kaha apne bhbahi wiasey jo last wali kiss apne ki us ne toh muje stunned kar diya
mainey socha ravi ne pheli bar kuch manga hai mana nahi karna chayea wiasey b ab ja rahey ho so sad kyoun karna i smile
u r so good bhbahi ji karta hai apko ek kiss aur karun
no no no i smile rat ko nahi
kyoun bhbahi rat ko kyoun nahi
nahi bas naahi i smile janey se pehley kar lena i smile
avi karney do na i came near me and sit on bed
no pagal ho avi nahi
kyoun bhabhi tab toh rishu tha ab toh koi nahi hai
esi liye toh keh rahi hoon i look at ravi
par kyoun ravi look into my eyes with question
are baba kuch nahi kal kar lena pls
ok jaisi apki marji ravi reply acha mein ja raha hoon soney ravi standup
are ruko na i hold his hand betiho toh thori der
ravi sit again and i was holding his hand ravi look at me and said ab hath toh chor do bhbahi and laugh
i too laugh and hath chor diya
ravi smile
kya dekh rahey ho when i find ravi staring my boobs

apka mangal sutar ravi hold my mangal sutar his hands were near my boobs
vohat acha design hai ravi came near me and start looking mangal sutar
koi bat nahi tumari wife ke liye b aisa he banawa doongi i laugh
haan bhabhi vohat acha design hai ravi leave my mangal sutar and look to my face
aur koi wish i laugh
batyai toh thee par apne kal ke liye post pone kar di ravi laugh
u badmash i too laugh
all of sudden ravi kiss my lips quickly and ran away saying kuch b pending nahi rakhna chahea
u naughy i throw pillow on him but he save himself
i standup and ran behind him he gone to the other corner of bed
are bhag kyoun rahey ho muje b kiss karni hai i laugh
oh realy he smile came near me, i hold his ear u naughty badmash and slap on his back.
sorry bhabhi he laugh
u badmash i again slap on his back
oh bhabhi he look at me and said apki back par kuch laga hai laugh, layo hato do he try to touch my hips but i go away rehney do saying so i gone to other corner of bed
realy he said and came near me
no no ravi i laugh
but ravi put his hand on my hip over nighty and laugh
ohhh uuu i look at ravi with anger
sach mein laga hai ravi became more naughty and hold my hip in hand and squeez a excited thrilled feeling ran all over my body.
oh ravi i almost moan na karo pls
but ravi was in naughty mood and he hold my other hip on other hand squeezeed bod and even try to sperate them
o ravi i look at him
his face was near me and his hot breath was hitting my face. it was first time ravi was doign so and his touch and squeezing my butts make me exicted
kya kar rahey ho ravi hato pls koi dekh lega i almost surrender.
koi nahi dekhega ravi wisper near my ear.
oh ravi na karo pls when ravi try to play with my hipline with his finger tip. i said this but was enjoying what ravi was doing.

oh ravi na karo pls when ravi try to play with my hipline with his finger tip. i said this but was enjoying what ravi was doing.
ravi stoped and we seperating and heart beat was so fast. ravi look into my eyes and smile
jayo ab i fail to face him and push him towards door. we stoped at door ravi look at me and said jayon bhbahi and smile.
yes i reply smiling ravi look deep into my eyes and and taken my face into his hands and started kissing my lips at door. a current wave run into my body. he was kissing rubbing and sucking my lips with his lips. and push me towards wall behind the door. my eyes were closed and i too started responding his kiss by sucking his upper lips. a passion and exictment was all over in my body. we both were kissing each other crazyly. pata nai menu ki ho gaya c, instead of opposing ravi i was also kissing him passionately. in my 8 years of married life i never ever got kissed by else then sunil and today i was my self kissing ravi.
after kiss we seperated ravi was smiling and looking my red shyed face.
ab jayo bhbahi mein he ask me looking into my eyes
haan i rreply very difficutly but was not in mood to let him go. he gone out of room i look in room and closed the door and move to bed and off the light. ravi touch and kiss make me exicted

he gone out of room i look in room and closed the door and move to bed and off the light. ravi touch and kiss make me exicted there was no sleep now in my eyes. i was rembering all the incidents of day which exicte me more uff the touch and feeling of his hardness on my back taken away my sleep.
i get up from my bed and lock my room and walk towards ravi room. slowly i knock ravi’s door and to my surprise ravi opened the room immediately.
he smile to c me and said ap soyi nahi avi
neend nahi ayi i said and enter inthe room ,
muje b neend nahi aa rahi thee he reply and close the door. my heart start beating fastly.
but instead of doing any thing he sit on bed and said to me ayo yahan beitho bhbahi baten kartey hai he smile
i sit on bed and look his face he was also looking my face.
aram se beitho na bhbai he made me sit on bed and put his head on my lap.
i roll my fingers on his hairs
apko vohat miss karunga bhabhi
mein b i smile
meiney apse etni sharat ki apne ne gussa toh nahi kiya he ask me innocently
haan kiya i smile
oh bhbahi he get up and sit before me kyoun bhbahi he look into my eyes
i smile and pinch his cheecks tum ko pata hai kyoun
oh bhbahi etna toh majak kar sakta hoon na he smile and hold my shoulders agar ap ne gussa kiya i promise dobara nahi karunga he became serious
promise i look into his eyes
haan bhbahi he reply
waisey aj tum ne kafi badmashean ki mere sath i smile
apne he ney kaha tha muje kiss karni nahi ati ravi smile
woh toh theek par baki i smile again
woh bhbahi he smile , sach kahun muje apki back vohat achi lagti hai es liye sharat ho gai he said looking into my eyes.
badmash , aur kya acha lagta hai i laugh
ab toh ap muje puri achi lagti hoo he laugh and dil karta hai apko dekhta rahun
toh dekhtey raho i laugh
aisey nahi he smile
toh phir kaisey i too smile
bina kisi pardey ke he look into my eyes
chal hat badmash i reply
sachin bhabhhi he came close to me
chup naughty i reply door khula hai
agar door close kar doon toh… he look at me smiling
chup badmash vohat sharati hotey ja rahey ho aj i smile and laugh.
pls bhabhi aj tak bina pardey ke kisi ko nahi dekha hai ravi smile and pleaded me.
kyoun pehley toh vohat kehtey they meri yeh gf hai meri woh gf hai , hum wahan gaye date par blaah blah
apki kasam bhabhi koi gf nahi hai woh toh aisey he bluf marta tha ravi laughed.
oh acha ji bluf aur woh b bhbahi se ….
acha ek bat batyo apko acha nahi laga jab hum ne kiss ki
i smile and said haan laga tha
aur jab wahan touch kiya tha he point to my boobs
badmasssssssssssshhh i reply
batyo na bhbahi jab apke room mein meiney apko wahan par touch kiya tha apko gussa aya tha
i silent
batyo na bhabhi
agar gussa ata toh kya avi mein tumarey room mein beithi hoti i smile
o meri pyari bhabhi mein toh dar gaya tha muje se kuch jyada he sharat ho gai thee
haan jyada se b jyada i smile vohat naughty ho gaye ho aj tum
apne he kiya he laugh dobara karun
chup i look to him with false anger
ravi smile and came close to me
kaha na nahi door open hai
koi bat nahi bhbahi sab so rahey hai ravi came close to me
i look at him and standup
ruko na bhbahi look at me but i move out of room and came to my room and sit on bed

i was sure ravi will come so did not lock the door.but he not come. i missed him but time passed he not come . i was looking at roof and whole day naughtyness of ravi make uneasyness in my body. i was playing with mangalsutar and was sure that ravi will come and soon i hear the knock of door and then door open ravi enter and look at me and said
soyi nahi app avi tak
soney lagi thee i smile tum ko neend nahi ayi
nahi babahi ravi smile and lock the door my heart start beating fast when i c ravi locking the door
nahi bhabhi neend nahi aa rahi ap se sharat karney ko dil kar raha hai ravi came near me and sit on bed
kaisi sharat i look at ravi face and sit on bed.
koi b bhabhi and ravi smile and came near to me and i feel his breath on my face.
karun ? bhabhi ravi deep look into my eyes and asked.
agar mein mana karungi toh nahi karogey i laugh.
bilkul b nahi karunga ravi smile and look deep into my eyes
i smile thats like a good boy i laugh
bas mera dil kar raha hai apko dekhta rahoon bas dekhta rahoon ravi smile
toh dekhtey raho roka kis ne hai i laugh
ap es nighty mein vohat achi lag rahi ho bhbahi ravi smile
waisey achi nahi lagti i smile and asked
waisey toh ap aur b achi lagogi ravi smile and look naughtyly to me
u badmash i smile and laugh.
sach bhabhi vohat dil kar raha hai apko waisey dekhney ka ravi smile and look me from head to feet.
oh acha ji by the way tumari yeh wish kavi puri nahi ho sakti i smile looking his face.
i know bhabhi nahi ho sakti par jo mere dil ne feel kiya mainey keh diya hope apne mind nahi kiya hoga. ravi smile and hold my hand and play with my fingers.
aj kuj jayada he dil mein nahi aa raha i smile
haan bhbahi aj pehli bar kuch jayada he dil kar raha hai he came very close to me and hold my face and kiss my lips again,
oh ravi i try to stop him but ravi was in some other mood and he push me bed and lie over me and look into my eyes. and said pls bhabhi aj muje mat roko saying so he put his lips on my lips and rubbed and kissed my lips. my eyes were closed but i was responding his kiss. my boobs were pressed under his broad chest and he was passionately kissing my lips, soon i felt his hand moving on my thigh that shocked me for a while but i keep silent and responding his kiss.
ravi i look into his eyes and broke kiss and hold his hand that was on my knee lifting my nighty up.
ravi look into my eyes and put his face on between my boobs. i realise that ravi is now not in mood to stop, rather he starting kissing my cleavageline and his hand was holding he edge of my nighty at knee and i was holding his hand and stoping him.
oh ravi i try to say some thing
he hold my both shoulders and kiss my neck and he was completely on top of me and loosen the knot of my nighty at neck and while kissing my shoulders and he sliped my nihgyt from shoulders
was kissing my neck naked shoulders, neck and cleavage .he softly press my both boobs over nighty and bra.
oh ravi ruk jayo pls i try to stop him, yeh theek nahi

ravi look into my eyes and said i know bhbahi yeh theek nahi hai par agar mein ruk gaya woh b nahi theek hoga. my ninighty was loose on top he remove it from my chest and my boobs were now before him in black bra. my boobs were tight in black bra and nipples were errect he hide his face on my cleavage and start kissing licking my cleavage, a enjoyment, thrilling sensation was going through my body. i wrap my hand on his neck to hug him. his lips were kssing my boobs over my bra his every move was exicting me he hold my nipples in his lips and suck.
oh ravi i moan and hold his head tightly on my boobs.
ravi’s were moving on my boobs and soon he start kissing my tummy over my nighty. i was enjoying so much and did not stop him when he kiss my thighs and knee then was licking my legs he again kiss my knee and then start kissing my thighs by liffting my nighty up.
i try to stop him from lifting my nihgyt but he continue and lift my nighty up and kissed my naked my bare nude thihgs. i exicted too much but shy too so turn to bed on my tummy.

but he did not stop and start kissing my back thighs by lifting my nighty up, wetness and hotness of his lips on back thighs were making me crazy and exicted, he lift my nihgty from my hips upto my waist and start kissing there passionationely his lips were kissing and rubbing on my hips that was out from my panty.
oh ravi aj tum vohat naughty ho rahey ho i moan in exictment
aj honey do muje bhbahi mat roko saying so he rolled my panty from my both hips into my hipline, my both hips were naked and he was was kissing them crazyly and some time giving me wild bites with his lips on my naked hips. i was so much exicted with his moves i never though ravi would be so crazy to lick and kiss me on butts. he hold the waist band of my panty to try to rolldown my panty.
oh ravi na karo pls i said my last words to stop him but he was not in mood to stop he roll down my panty upto my knee. o god i was first time lying naked before ravi. i crossed my legs in exictment and shyness. ravi was squeezing my both hips with his hands and kissing my hipline. i was dying with his touch and doing. he hold my both hips and seperated and kissed my hipline deeply uff he was licking my hipline inside. uff it was a pleasurebale experice for me i never get such experince from sunil ever in life.

he make my hips more wide by seperating them and start licking my hipline deep with his tounge from down to up ogod it was immense pleasure for my life. every time when his tounge move from down to up inside my hipline it got rubbed on my asshole and that was creating sensation in my body and i was holding pillow with exictment. he hold my love handles and lick my waist allover. he try to lift my nihgyt from back but it was stuck below my tummy so he kissed my back over my nighty and hold my back shoulders and kiss my neck and lick my ears passionately. his hot breath was makaing me crazy.
he kiss my cheeks and i turn my face and look into his eyes his put his lips on my lips
o ravi tum vohat badmash ho i moan and trun to my back
apne ne banaya he kissed my lips passionately and hold my boob over bra and squeez.
o ravi my mouth got open and he push his tounge inside my mouth and start rolling it inside i too was crazyly responding. ravi move his hand between my thihgs uff it was first time in my life that other then sunil some one else touch there. his hand was moving softly slowly on my pussy. he palm was rubbing my pussy and his fingers were playing with my pussylips.
tum vohat shararti ho ravi i moan.
aj apki es se sharart kanrey ko dil kar raha hai ravi hold my both pussy lips with his fingers and rub them each other.
oh ravi aj tumahari har sharart achi lag rahi hai i moan and kissed his lips crazyly. it was immense pleasureable feeling for me when ravi try to push his finger tip inside my pussyhole. in exictment i crossed my legs and his half finger stuck inside my pussyhole. ravi slowly slowly started moving his finger in out inside my wet slippery pussy i was moaning with excitment
oh ravi na karo pls i was enjoying and said just to stop him, but ravi was aware that i like that very much as my pussy was all wet and ready to enjoy. he looked into my eyes and lifted my nighty and i help him to remove from my body i was only in bra lying with ravi, all my body was shivering with ravi touch he bring out my one boob and hold and take my nipple in his mouth and start sucking it, his tougne edge was hitting my hard errect nipple and he was sucking my boob crazyly and bring out my ohter boob and start squeezing it. my bra was just on my body was not covering my body. ravi lick my boobs all over his tougne was doing trick and my body was melting to enjoy more. he roll his tounge on my tummy and struck his tounge edge on novel.
oh ravi pls na karo pls muje sharam aa rahi hai i moan pls pls light off kardo.
ravi look into my eyes and smile aj muje jee bhar kar dekh lene do bhbahi saying so he try to move down i immeditaly cover my pussy with my hands.
oh bhbahi muje dekhne do na ravi said kissing my waist,
nahi ravi muje sharam aa rahi hai , pls light off kar do i said
ravi smile and kissed my hand that was covering my pussy area. but i did not remove my hand and ravi started licking my hand and other area of my thighs he tounge was moveing so nilcey and perfectly on hand that i feel to have it on my pussy but i not move my hand. ravi hold my hand and remove it from my pussy . o god first time ever other then sunil some one was looking my pussy so closely. i closed my eyes shyly and felt hot breath of ravi on my pussy, son i feel ravi kissing my pussy.
o ravi so r so badmash pls dont do i said this but in excitment and to enjoy more his kissing on my pussy i spread my legs and now ravi was licking the outer lips of my pussy. it was awesome amazing pleasure of my life.he was so smoothly, so nilcely so softly kissing my pussy that i was going out of control and was dying to get lick more so i open my legs more and ravi now started rollking his toung on my pussyline
uff i was dying pleasure to feel when his tounge was moving down to up licking my pussy line.
oh ravi tum vohat besharamm ho i moan
aj muje sab kuch ban janey do bhbahi badmash, besaram he open my both pussy lips and insert his tounge inside my pussy hole. omygod he was licking the cozy soft wet innerwalls of my pussy. i exicted so much that i lift my hips up to receive his tounge more in my pussy.

i hold his t.shirt and remove from his body. he was before me and his nude broad strong chest was exicting me and i roll my fingers there and press my nails on his chest. ravi moan with pleasure.
oh ravi u r so hot i kissed his naked chest and roll my tounge on his nipples.

kya hua bhbahi ravi smile , i silent and was staring his long hard thick dick, ogod ravi i never thought u would have such nice long thick dick.
all is ur bhbahi ravi hold my hand and put on his dick, it fresh and untouched and is for u only have it and make me man from boy. i will love to give my virginty to my sweet bhbahi
i hold his hard dick and pressed. i am all urs ravi for tonight. take mine push ur inside and
do watever u want to do with me tonight, i will not stop u. blv me ravi i never ever get any one’s esle inside other then ur brother and now i say u to take mine, my legs are open for u, do watever u want to do with me tonight . come top of me and go inside me and take ur bhabhi’s single touch pussy.

ravi sat between my legs on his legs and bend over me his hard thick edge of dick was touching on my pussyline that was making me so crazy i life hips up to received his hot inside my wet pussy. i adjusted my hips this way that his hard thick edge stuck between my pussylips on my pussyhole he softly push his hard dick. ogod it was first time ever in my life that other then sunil’s was entering in my pussy. uff i was so excited and so was ravi he push and more then half of his long hard dick sliped inside my slippery wet pussy. ogod he was trying to push his dick more and suddenly i felt hot shower from his dick inside my wet pussy , ravi pushed inside me completely but same time get cum and drop of his hot dick juice was falling inside my pussy.

ravi lie over me completely confused and was taking heavy breath, his dick was still inside my pussy, my pussy was hot wet and was waiting more strocks but ravi was lying over me silent and confused.
i looked into his eyes and he said woh bhabhi he try to say some thing but i immeditaly put my lips on his lips and kissed his lips and smile and look into his eyes and said
i know ravi it happend first time and i feel so lucky for this
ravi was looking surprisingly into my eyes
yes ravi i am so happy and lucky that u put ur first time in me, o god can’t explain my happyness i hugged him tightly
realy bhabhi he kissed my lips
yes ravi this pleasure is too much for me that by touching to mine ur gone and make shower ahhhh i moan and try to bring his out. now i sure that i am the first whom u did o god i am so lucky i cheered up.
but bhabhi he try to speak i put my finger in his lips dont say anything, this is every lady want, o god so long so thick and i received that fresh untouched inside me. i knew it now u would be ok just go and take shower and come, u will feel much relax,
but bhbahi .. he try to said
go i smie and come back i am all night with u ravi get up his long thick dick was wet with my juice, i was staring his dick he notice that and smile and gone to washroom.

slowly knock the door n door got open n shower was on and ravi was under it. he back was towards me . first time i was seeing ravi naked. a strong well built muscler body was under shower long legs and strong back thighs i fail to control my self and enter in washroom and hug him under shower from behind. my hands were rolling on his chest and i was kissing his shoulder and my boobs were pressed under his back .a well buit strong body of ravi was in my hug my one hand was moving on his chest and other on his tummy. slowly slolwy i move my hand down to his dick. ogoddddddddddddd it was hard and hot again i hold it and pressed ravi moan with pleasure.
kya hua i bit his ear and wisper
o bhbahi ravi turn and taken me to his arms and put his lips on mine and we continue kissing each other for long and my body was melting in ravi’s arm and his hands were playing with my boobs.
i look at him and his naked body wet with shower and kiss his neck and then chest i was going crazy to licking his chest n bitting his nipples with my lips my toung was rolling on his tummy and i sit on my knee in washroom and kiss his thighs

and hold his dick it was very close to me and i was so much imppressed from the thickness and length of ravi’s dick i slowly shake ravi moan with pleasure. i kiis between his thighs at root of his dick and roll my tounge the sides of his long hard ddick ravi was holding my shoulders and ddying with pleasure, hard and thick dick of ravi was making me crazy and i myself licking it without ravi saying i roll my tounge all over on the balls of dick. i push back the skin of his dick ogosh a big thick pinkish topa came out. honestly saying it was big thick and cute then sunil. i kiss on the edge and then softly slightly kiss whole topa. ravi was dying with pleasure to exicte him more i rub my tounge edge on the small hole of topa.
ravi moan with great pleasure i look at him and stand up ravi hold my sholder and look into my eyes and said o bhbahi i cant control now i need this for my dick he rub his hand on my pussy
o ravi i aslo need this i hold his dick and squeez. it amazing big thick and long i need it i shake his dick in exictment.
oh bhbahi then take it i am dying to enter in u now ravi hugged me , is it good bhabi
more then good ravi i wisper u have a very supereb solid thing, more then ur brother
o bhbai i cant control now lets go to bed ravi look in to my eyes

o bhbai i cant control now lets go to bed ravi look in to my eyes
then wat u waiting lift me and take to bed and do watever u want to do i will not stop u i smile
ravi lift me and bring in the bed room and put me on bed
i smile and open my legs and raise my arms
o ravi come on love me , give me ur, i need it ahhh i am urs for whole night make me love
ravi came over me and hugged me and his dick was touching on my pussy i wide my legs and adjusted my butts that ravi’s hard dick edge touch my wet pussy hole, ravi softly push and his whole topa inside me , i moan with pleasre and exictment and mouth got open ravi put his lips on my lips start smooching my lips and softly slowly start pusshing his whole dick inside me .
uf it was dying pleasure for me , ravi whole hard thick long dick was in me and ravi was lying over me and slolwy start moving his dick in out inside my pussy and i was moaning with pleasure with his every strock , he speed was increasing with his every strock and i was enjoying greatly, ufff
ufff ravi i moan when ravi speedup his speed of strocking his lun in my pussy. and his every strock was hittingn deep inside my pussy and he was great and sucking my lips passinately. ogod he was so good and doing with great speep and stamina off a young hot and virgin ravi was fucking my pussy and give me the feeling that my pussy is fresh and tight as his dick was more good thick and long then sunil.

i was enjoying so much and lift my hips on his every strock to get his dick more and more he look into my face and bring his hands down under my hips and and hold them and lift them up and with great speed he started stocking his dick fastly inside my pussy, ogoshhhhhhhhhhh i never experienced ssuch a great speed of lun inside my pussy by sunil ever, ufff i am in the sky of exictment and his speed was so fast. ufff it was not controllable to me and my pussy ufffff i moan and my pussy got completely fucked and my juice came out from my pussy uffff unblvieable i got fucked by ravi and he was still pumping my pussy with hard hot dick in great speed i hugged him tightly and my nails hit on his back shoulders , uffff my eyes were closed and i was biting my lower lip with teeth when i feel a hot shower from ravi’s dick inside my pussy that was the ulti mate pleasure to my pussy , he lie over me and his dick was inside my pussy he looked into my eyes and asked
he looked into my eyes and asked
how was i
it was superb i hugged him tightyly i never get such pleaure in my life so r so good ravi i bite his shoulder and moan and wisper.
oh bhbahi ravi smile and wisper mein toh dar gaya
jab i done first time
ohhhh i laugh it happend when first time in exictment u have no idea how much superb u r ravi, o my god i think i get this kind of pleasure first time in my life. and ur is so much solid i smile and roll my hand on his semi hard
o bhbahi pls yeh fir jag jayega he smile when i hold his semi hand in my hand and pressed.
jagana he toh hai esey i wisper aj rat na esey soney doongi aur na khud soyoungi ravi saying so i kiss his chest and start slowly shaking his dick and it start becoming hard.


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