Erik having sex with the hottest girl in class

Hi Friends, My name is Erik. I am 27 and I work and stay in Bangalore. This is my first story in HumanDigest. It is about how I fucked my girlfriend when I was in 12th class. Coming to the story, it’s about my first love making with my the hottest girl in my class whom I fucked her in her house when no one was present.

I moved to a new school in a new town and she was in my class. Her name was padmalaya. She was very fair and good looking. she was the hottest girl in class. Slowly I started to chat and flirt with her and tried becoming friend with her. I asked her number after some days and then we started chatting on phone.

We started getting together and one day I proposed her and she Accepted my proposal We started to chat on phone a lot and slowly we started to have sex chat too. I used to go her house to meet sometimes but always someone was around so couldn’t do much except kissing and fondling her boobs. I was virgin and she told me sometime that she was virgin too.

I went hiding couple of times to her house and luckily I never got caught. Once her mom was out and no one was at home. She called me and asked to come to her house. I went to her house in no time. She was waiting eagerly for me and as soon as I reached, she started kissing me. We kissed for more than 10 mins. then suddenly the bell rang and we found that her mom was back.

She asked me to hide in her garage. I was hiding there and she opened the door. Her mom went inside and after 2 mins she came back and opened the garage and asked me to leave. Then one day my lucky day arrived when she told me that her parents were out and she asked me to come soon. I reached her house in no time and she was standing at her door.

She was wearing a skirt and a top. She was looking very pretty and she was smiling naughtily looking at me. She took me to her bedroom and then I started smooching her madly. We smooched for more than 5 mins. Then we broke our kiss and I started fondling her boobs from over her clothes.

Then I removed her top and bra and saw her boobs for the first time. They were big but firm and had big areola and medium sized nipples. It was 34D size that I came to know later. I couldn’t resist myself from sucking them and started sucking them one after the other. She also became horny and started moaning loudly ahhhhhh ahh hmmm hmm ahhhh ahhh ahh.

She was waiving her hands over my hairs while I was sucking her boobs. After sucking her boobs, I started licking her entire body starting from neck to her stomach and gave her love bites all over. Then I slowly removed her skirt and panty and made her nude. It was the first time I saw a pussy. She had already removed her pubic hairs and it was clean.

I smelled it and started licking it. She started moaning loud as I licked her and then her body started shaking and she had her first orgasm. I tasted her cum and it tasted salty. Then I removed my pants and became nude too. I took her hands I made her hold my penis. She was feeling shy. I asked her to give me a blowjob, but she didn’t agree and started jerking my penis with her hand.

She jerked me penis for few min and it became hard as rock. I asked her to put in her mouth and suck and she agreed this time. She started sucking it softly and ahhhh what a feeling it was. I loved it and soon I cummed in her mouth. She didn’t like it and went to bathroom to clean her face. Once she was done cleaning and came out, I started smooching her again.

Then I made her lie down on the bed and came on top of her and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. She became horny again and started moaning. I slowly started entering her pussy and she shouted in pain. I took out my penis and started sucking her boobs. Then I took some cream and applied to my dick and I tried to enter her pussy slowly.

My dick was half inside and then I gave a hard push and I was completely inside her. Slowly I gave soft strokes in and out and in few mins she also started moaning in pleasure and pain. I fucked her for few minutes and I cummed inside. When I removed my dick from her pussy it had some blood on it.

Both were exhausted and we laid there naked on the bed for some time. Then I asked her is we can have sex again and she smiled shyfully and nodded yes. I became more horny now and made her in doggy position and started entering her from behind. She was enjoying this time with less pain and in some time started moaning loud again.

I was fucking her an sucking her boobs also meanwhile. We fucked for 5 minutes and we cummed again. I slept alongside her on the bed hugging her for sometime and then I started dressing myself as I had spent more than 2 hours by then. I bid her bye and gave her a kiss and came back home.

As soon as I came back home she called me and said that she was happy and enjoyed the sex a lot. However her pussy was still paining. We had sex a couple of times and we were in a long time relationship. We continued our relation for 10 years until she married someone else recently.

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Erik having sex with the hottest girl in class

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