Erotic Affair With A Married Neighbor

Erotic Affair With A Married Neighbor

Hi, this is Shyam, with a story of my erotic affair with a gorgeous married last staying in my apartment. I am from Pune and stay in a high rise apartment. It’s a real experience which I had very recently.

Due to the quarantine, I could not hit the gym. Hence, I  decided to go for a morning jog before sunrise to remain fit till lockdown is eased. I had absolutely no idea that this decision would extraordinarily ease my lockdown period.

The heroine of my story is a married lady staying on the 11th floor of my apartment, Meera. She was gorgeous, lean, tall, and great dressing sense. Very charming, dusky complexion but hot. She was approximately 36 years old well-groomed 5’8 around 65 Kgs.

I knew her husband but never interacted with him or her closely. Both of them were in IT and had no children. As usual, I was on my morning jog and saw her running in the opposite direction on the podium. She was wearing a tight tracksuit and top, which left nothing to the imagination.

I had always seen her in a traditional outfit, and this new avatar was stunning. She gave me a beautiful smile, and I felt a boner immediately. This continued for 3-4 days, and we crossed daily as a routine. We just smiled back, and nothing else was happening. I wanted to take it further.

The next day as it was early and dark, I thought to initiate the conversation. I started jogging with her and asked if it’s ok, she just nodded and gave me a thumbs up. I could feel her sweaty aroma, her hair in that ponytail swaying, shapely ass, and perfect jogging style.

I was checking her out, and she saw me. I got a bit embarrassed but then kept running with her. Meera was really sensuous, and I was getting really confident as the days passed by. We did exchange our numbers and started casual Whatsapp chats.

She told me that her husband was stuck in Bangalore and could not return until the lockdown eased. She was getting frustrated and feeling lonely. We were getting close. And as days were passing by, our chats were getting cheesy. I had started to flirt with her touching her shoulders and patting on the back.

She used to tap me back. While jogging, out of nowhere, she sprained her ankle and fell down on knees. She was in desperate pain and almost to tears. I tried to lift her, but she could not stand on her legs. I lifted her again and asked her to lean, put one arm around my shoulder, and take support.

I took her to lift with my support. It was early morning. Hence no one could see this in our apartment. I took her to her apartment, and she sat on the sofa, resting her back. I slowly removed her jogging shoes, she resisted but then gave away.

She was in desperate pain. I used that spray to give some relief. I slowly tried to give her a gentle massage on her sprained ankle. But she said no due to pain. She asked me to stay back for a while, as she was not feeling good. I was happy to do so. She wanted to use the restroom.

I guided her to the bathroom and waited at the door to bring her back. She had just washed her face changed to the loose top. I could see had removed her sports bra. Opened her hair and it was falling on her face. She was smiling and blushing.

She asked me if I wanted coffee. I helped her to the kitchen. She was now slowly able to walk, and pain had eased considerably. She was facing the opposite side, and I was checking her back. I took some courage and touched her shoulder with my hands and gave a gentle press.

I could feel her shiver, and slowly her body moving towards me and her head leaning on my shoulder. I gave a peck on her ears and neckline. My hands slowly cupping her tummy and lips playing with her. I was kissing her body and hands, exploring soft boobs that were free and waiting to be pinched.

Meera was giving gentle moans and her body dancing to the sexual ecstasy. Her aroma was giving me an immense sexual boner. I was really getting aroused by her feel. She turned, and with her closed eyes, we kissed and kissed. She was an expert kisser.

I just loved the way she shifted her hair and started playing with my face and kissing me. I slowly lifted her and placed it on the kitchen platform. Our kissing exploration continued. My fingers were playing with her boobs and pinching her pink nipples.

Meera was aroused and slowly removed her top and track pants. I placed my finger on her honeypot. It was dripping wet. I started to rub her pink hole and simultaneously kissing her nippies. Her moans were becoming dangerously loud and wild.

I took her to the bedroom and slowly placed her naked body on the soft bed and kissed her pink labia. She was ecstatic, and we shifted to 69 position. Meera gave me the best ever blowjob. I was over the moon.

My erect tool was ready to launch. I pushed it in slowly into her honeypot, and Meera gave a pain cry. She moved her body in tandem with my strokes. I spread her legs, and she bent her knees for deeper penetration. She was calling my name and wanted to be humped in a wild and carefree manner.

She was moaning and scratching me with her fingers. Her moans were making me pump her hard and rough. I was mauling her nipples, and she loved it. I humped her in the missionary position for 5 minutes.

She wanted to taste it. I dropped all the cum on her face, and she licked and drank it without dropping. Meera had a lasting orgasm. I took her to the bathroom for a shower. There we started kissing again and playing with each other’s body and bare naked wild hugs of passion and list.

Meera was a wild tigress, and I think I made her satisfied that day. I fucked her again the next day as she was not fit enough to jog. It was the best fuck of my life.

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Erotic Affair With A Married Neighbor