Evacuee – the end by

Evacuee – the end

While all this was going on, Caroline had cycled into the village and then out of the other side, deep into the forest. She had stopped off in the village to buy a bottle of lemonade and was now sat under a tree in a small glade enjoying it. She wanted time to herself.

Her mind was whirling with what had happened since she had met David. She had learnt a lot but wondered if she had learnt too much. She had spent many a happy summer in the past enjoying innocent childish games, and suddenly the games didn’t seem so innocent or childish any more. Was she growing up too quickly?

Although she did not regret what David had taught her, what they had done, she was almost looking forward to going back to school, back with her friends and well away from here. In any event, she had a lot to tell them!

She had no idea what time it was so decided to make her way back to the house and arrived back in time to see her mother, Aunt Helen and David walking towards the house, by the looks of it from the lake. She was briefly envious that they had gone there without her.

“Caroline you’re back!” Her mother exclaimed. “Where did you go?”

Caroline briefly explained and then joined the three of them for lunch. She sensed an atmosphere around the table but didn’t like to ask. Had something happened while she had been away? She glanced briefly at David. She hoped to God their secret wasn’t out…

That afternoon, at her suggestion, she and David went down to the lake.

“So…what’s up?” she asked as they lay in the sun after the first swim. David had hardly spoken to her. He opened his eyes and looked up at her. They were both still in their swimming costumes, Caroline having at first started to take hers off but seeing that David kept his on, she did the same.

“Yesterday…down by the lake.”

“What of it?” Caroline was in two minds. Part of her was hoping that David would offer to make love to her again, but part was hoping that perhaps he’d say they shouldn’t do it again. She couldn’t make the decision herself.

“Your mum saw us.”

The air was still for a few seconds and Caroline’s head spun. She closed her eyes and sank back onto the grass. That was it. Her world was at an end. Next week couldn’t come quickly enough as far as she was concerned. The sooner she got back to school well away from here the better. But how on earth would she be able to face her mother over the next few days. Then it struck her. She sat up on her elbows and turned to look at David.

“She didn’t say anything to me.” Her mother had seemed quite normal last night and this morning. “Are you sure she saw us? Did she tell you?”

David gazed out over the lake and recalled the previous evening. She told me all right. God did she tell me…

“She mentioned it to me last night. But I think she’s alright about it.”

Caroline couldn’t believe her ears. Her mother had spotted her having sex with her cousin and she was alright about it? This didn’t sound like her mother at all. David still didn’t dare look at Caroline.

“So let me get this right. Mum saw you and me having sex by the lake yesterday and she doesn’t mind?” David simply shook his head. Caroline gazed out across the water. How could she look her mother in the face again now that she knew this? She looked again at David. And how on earth could he be so calm about it?

“I’m going back to the house.” Caroline said shortly. She stood up and without a word slipped her summer dress back on and strode off, away from the lake. David watched her departure with mixed feelings.

He was glad he had told her. He had been plucking up the courage to do so all afternoon as he was convinced it would come out at some stage. From what had happened earlier this morning he had a horrible feeling that his mum and his Aunt would want Caroline to join in at some stage. He had always thought his mum considered herself a bit wild…a bit…bohemian. Was that the word? She would love the idea of all four of them fooling around in the sunshine. What a family picnic that will be he thought bitterly. He turned on his back again and gazed at the sky. God what a mess!

Caroline approached the house with some trepidation but then realised she didn’t have to be cautious. She had seen her mother several times since yesterday and there was no way that her mother knew that Caroline had been made aware of her being spotted. She went straight up to her bedroom and looking out of the window saw her mum and her Aunt happily chatting away in the garden, sat by the pool. How could they? How could they act as if nothing had happened? She wondered if her mum had told Auntie Rose. She guessed probably not.

She turned away from the window and sat on the bed. Perhaps her mum had told Auntie Rose after all. Perhaps they were both laughing at her, laughing at her innocence. Well she certainly wasn’t innocent anymore! She lay back on the bed and gazed at the ceiling. Boy had she lost her innocence! She closed her eyes and let her mind drift back.

She supposed it hadn’t been so bad. David had been very gentle with her and for her first time…well it could have been a lot worse. She found herself grinning. David had fucked her! She had been fucked! She and David had been fucking! She giggled to herself, rolling that word around her mouth. She felt a buzz at her groin. She squeezed her thighs together, enjoying the intense buzzing tingling. Her fingers subconsciously slid below her waist. Why not?

She quickly jumped off the bed and pulled off her summer dress. Peeling off her swimsuit she got back on the bed again. If anyone disturbed her she would just saying she was getting changed. As a precaution she quickly skipped to the window and peered carefully over the sill, checking that her mum and Auntie Rose were still by the pool. They were. She grinned again and dashed back to the bed.


“Was that Caroline coming back by herself? I hope she and David haven’t argued” Helen opened her eyes.

“We’ll find out in a minute. Here he comes.” David strolled towards them looking disconsolate.

“She’s gone into the house.” David looked up at the house and decided to leave her to it. He went over to sit with Helen and Rose.

“Everything alright?” Helen ruffled her hands through her son’s hair, something she often did but now it felt more intimate.

“I told her.” Both women quickly sat up.

“Not about us?” Rose gasped. The thought of her daughter finding out about their morning’s activities horrified her. David turned to reassure her.

“No not that. I just told her that…well that you saw me and her yesterday.” Rose put her hand to her mouth.
“Oh God David why did you do that?”

“I couldn’t help it Auntie Rose. It felt like a lump inside me. I needed to… I don’t know I needed to tell her. I felt terrible with her being left out of everything…”

“Left out?” Helen was puzzled by this remark.

“Well it’s just that… I don’t know I think she wanted me to…you know do it with her again and I didn’t want to. It’s not that she’s not pretty or anything it’s just that.” David looked to the skies. What was it? What was he trying to say? He turned to look at his Aunt.

“It’s just she’s very young and you’re not…” Rose stifled a laugh as David said this.

“So you’d rather go to bed with a couple of old ladies than a young girl?” David blushed and realised this was coming out all wrong. What he was trying to say was he felt safe and secure with his mum and his aunt, a safety and security he didn’t feel with Caroline. Was it because Caroline was that much younger than him? Did being with his Aunt and mum make him feel more grown up? He really didn’t know.

“I think I’d better go up and make sure she’s okay.” Rose stood up and picking up her housecoat, wrapped it around her walked across to the house. She quickly mounted the stairs and tapped gently on Caroline’s door. There was no reply so she turned the handle and carefully opened the door, peering round into the room. The sight that greeted her was almost as much of a shock as what she had seen by the lake yesterday morning.

Her daughter was lying on the bed, naked, her head thrown back and her fingers busy between her legs. Her hips were twitching upwards as she played with herself, small grunts and whimperings barely audible in the still summer afternoon. She knew she should immediately close the door but she was mesmerised by the sight. The sun was shining through the window, bathing her daughter in dusty light and it made her realise how beautiful she was.

There was nothing sordid or dirty about what she was watching. How could there be with one so young? Disconcertingly, Rose found herself becoming aroused. Suddenly she realised why her sister had been turned on by her own son that morning. There was a connection…a link. It was taboo but it was there.
Rose had an urge to go across to a daughter, to hug her, to squeeze her, to slide her own fingers between her daughter’s legs to replace her own. Suddenly the floorboard creaked beneath her feet. Caroline’s eyes flew open and met her mother’s gazing back at. She gave a shriek.

“It’s alright! It’s alright my darling! Don’t worry…it’s quite alright.” Rose quickly covered the few steps to the bed and sat down next to her daughter who looked as if she was about to burst into tears. Rose’s heart went out to her daughter and she quickly took her hand, noting the stickiness on her daughter’s fingers.

“You know don’t you? You know about me…and David.”

“Yes I do my darling and it’s alright. I don’t mind honest! We all do silly things don’t we? Blame it on the war. Everyone blames everything the war!” She echoed the thoughts of her sister that morning.

Caroline squeezed her eyes shut, hoping that her mother would go. She was absolutely mortified. She opened them again and her mother was still there, still smiling benignly at her. To her horror she realised her mother had placed her hand on her leg. Her bare flesh.

Rose hadn’t realized she had done it but when she saw her daughter glance down at her hand her stomach turned. However she left her hand there. She turned back to her daughter who was now gazing up at her with a puzzled look on her face.

“Mum…” Rose put her finger to her lips.

“Sshhh…” Caroline’s body was now frozen as she felt her mother’s fingers slide up and down the inside of her legs. Go away! Go away! Her mind kept shouting. Please don’t do this…

When Rose thought about it later, she had no idea what made her do it. She could only think it was seeing her sister and David that morning. However before realizing what she was doing she was sliding her fingers along her daughter’s legs and up to the soft moistness between them. Her daughter gave a little gasp as Rose’s fingers round the telltale wetness. Was Caroline still aroused?

Caroline was asking herself the same question. Second by second, her body was relaxing and there was now no doubt that if she closed her eyes it could be anyone’s fingers between her legs. It could be David’s. As this thought flitted across her mind she quickly snatched at it. Her fear seemed to lift from her. That’s it! Pretend it’s David…

She gave an involuntary sigh as she felt a finger…her mother’s finger. No…it was David’s finger. It was David’s finger sliding into her pussy. It was David who was sliding his finger slowly in and out of her moist pussy.

She screwed her eyes up tight and could not help herself from thrusting her hips up off the bed to meet the insistent finger. She felt her thumb on her clitoris. Her mother…no, David – David knew what to do… Suddenly she felt her orgasm approaching. Then she could not help herself. Her eyes flew open.

“Mum…” she gasped.

“It’s alright sweetie…” Rose leaned down and kissed her daughter gently on the lips. Caroline’s arms wrapped around her mother, pulling her closer to her as suddenly she came. Her mother’s finger was now up to the knuckle inside Caroline’s pussy and she thrust her hips up at her, now not caring. This wasn’t David. This was the soft familiar scent, the soft familiar bosom of her mother. Her mother rocked gently as Caroline’s orgasm trembled through her. She had never felt so warm, so secure. It was if they were sharing a special moment.

Rose sensed that her daughter had finished. She gave her final hug and then eased her back onto the bed. Caroline gazed up at her and grinned sheepishly. She was about to say something but Rose once again put her finger to her lips. She gave her daughter’s hand a reassuring squeeze them and stood up, leaving the room without a word. Caroline gratefully closed her eyes.


Outside the room, Rose gave a deep breath to calm her thundering heart and leaned against the wall. What had she done? Whatever had she done? She continued to breathe deeply and then, once she felt sure herself, she went back downstairs and out to the pool. Helen looked up.

“Is she okay?”

“Yes she’s fine.” Rose tried to sound natural.

“Did you talk?” Rose nodded and Helen knew better than to ask further. David was splashing about in the pool and said nothing

Eventually Caroline came out to join them on the terrace. She casually greeted them and then taking off her summer dress she slid into the pool and swum about for a few minutes. Rose got up and decided to join her daughter. She stepped gingerly into the pool and watched as Caroline, not accidentally she felt, gently floated to the opposite side and then stood up gazing at her mother.

Helen and David watched as Rose waded across to her daughter.

“I think I’ll go in now. Shall we?” Helen gave her son a meaningful glance and he took the hint. They quickly left the terrace and went into the house.

“Mum…” Caroline started and Helen quickly interrupted.

“Caroline it’s alright. I know I shouldn’t have and I’m really sorry.”

“But mum…it was nice.” She lowered her voice and gazed down into the water. Relief flooded through Rose. She put her fingers under Caroline’s chin and lifted her head up to gaze at her. Caroline blushed.

“Am I better than David?” Rose teased her with a grin.

“Mum!” Caroline protested.

“Sorry I shouldn’t joke about it should I?”

“You’re just…different. It was nice when you hugged me.” Caroline looked at her mother. Her face was a picture of pure love. Without thinking Rose put her arms around her daughter and pulled her to her. They hugged tightly for a few seconds.

Caroline was aware, once again, of her mother’s large breasts against her own. Again the feeling of safety and security flooded over her, mixed with a feeling of nostalgia. The nostalgia was for her childhood, surely lost these last few days.

Dinner that night was a very relaxed affair. A local Farmer had managed provide a couple of rabbits which Rose made up into a stew and they ate well. This was one of the things that David had appreciated. People in the countryside always seemed to eat better than those in the town. It was as if rationing didn’t exist here.

“So have we all had a nice day then?” Helen asked lightly looking round the table. They all exchange glances and it was, surprisingly, Caroline who spoke first.

“Mine was good thanks. I had a nice walk in the forest, a nice swim in the pool and then my mum played with me! It was lovely!” She looked challengingly at her mother. Rose grinned back at her as Helen spluttered into her wine.

“Yes it was nice wasn’t it?” She turned to her sister. “We had fun didn’t we?” She looked at David. “The three of us went down to the lake this morning while you were in the forest and David made love to both of us didn’t you David?”

David went bright red.

“Yes he told me! He said it was brilliant didn’t you David?” Caroline turned to her cousin. There was a few seconds silence and then a smirk flickered round David’s face. Immediately everyone burst out laughing.
Once a noise that die down they sat looking at each other.

“You realise of course we must never tell anyone about this don’t you?” Not Uncle Tom or Uncle Alan when they come back, or anyone at school. It’s got to be our secret. Everyone nodded and murmured assent.

“So…” Helen spoke up brightly. “Anyone fancy a picnic tomorrow? Down by the lake?” This suggestion was met with general approval and the following morning, after breakfast, sandwiches were made and a picnic assembled. They all went down to the lake and spread out a couple of blankets. The two children quickly stripped down to their costumes and splashed round in the lake whilst Helen and Rose sat talking on the bank.

“Rose… I had a phone call this morning”

“Yes I heard it ring. Who was it?”

“It was my boss.” Helen gazed at Rose steadily. Rose had no idea who her boss was but knew it was somebody important. She knew that her husband Tom was working for the same boss and guessed it was something hush-hush in London. The look on Helen’s face suggested that the matter was not up for discussion.

“When do you leave?” Rose asked simply. Helen gazed out to the lake where the children were still playing.

“Monday. Luckily it’s the same day as Caroline gets her train.” Caroline was due to catch the train to her school which had been relocated for the duration of the war.

“I’ll look after David for you obviously.” Helen had turned to her sister.

“Thank you so much Rose. I was going to ask. I didn’t like to presume.”

“Don’t be silly.” Rose laughed. “You know I’ll be more than happy to.” Helen gave her a mischievous grin. She guessed why her sister was so keen…“I’m not sure about staying here though. It’s a bit big just for the two of us isn’t it?” Rose looked out towards the lake.

“Why don’t you use our flat in Southampton?”

“What a good idea!” Rose turned to her sister. “We’ve have a lovely few weeks here in the forest. It’s been brilliant. But I feel useless. You’re working but I’m doing nothing. I think I might volunteer for the local hospital in Southampton. They always need people to help out. I want to do my bit.” Rose said finally.

“I can understand that. I’ll mention it to the people in the big house. They’ve dropped a few hints recently about commandeering it. I’ll go and see them tomorrow.”

Rose lay on her back again and gazed at the blue sky. The thought of looking after her nephew in a flat in Southampton filled her with all sorts of ideas!

“It’s lovely in there!” Rose’s reverie was rudely interrupted by the two children scampering up from the lake and splashing water in all directions. At that moment they looked so young…

“I’ll take your word for that!” Rose retorted. She sat up and brushed herself down where the two of them had dripped over her. She looked up at David.

Rose and Helen explained to the pair of them what they had just agreed. David was relieved. Whilst he would have been happy to stay here with his auntie, he was missing his friends at Southampton and didn’t relish the thought of making new friends of the local school. He was keen to get back to see Beth again. It also occurred to him that he’d be living in a flat alone with his auntie Rose…

“So this is the last time the four of us will be together like this!” Helen explained that they would be busy over the weekend, what with preparing for Caroline’s departure and closing up the cottage. The four of them exchanged glances. There was an elephant if not in the room, then at least by the side of the lake.
“Oh come on, we all want to…” Helen stood up and quickly rolled her swimsuit down to her waist and then further, letting it fall down her legs. Caroline and David looked at each other and then David shrugged his shoulders.

“Why not?” He tucked his fingers into the waistband of his swim shorts and pulled them down.

“That’s better!” Helen exclaimed, gazing once again at her son’s cock hanging, almost menacingly, between his legs.

“I knew this would happen…” it was now Rose’s turn to take off her swimsuit, although she stayed lying on the blanket and once she had taken off and lay there, her large breasts lolling on her chest. She shaded her eyes and gazed up at her daughter.

“If you can’t beat them…” she seemed to be trying to excuse herself. However Caroline did not want to be left out, and quickly pulled off her damp swim suit. She quickly picked up a towel, drying her front almost as if wanting to hide her nakedness, but then seeing how relaxed the other three were, when she finished she casually spread the towel on the ground and lay down to sunbathe.

The four of them lay in a row, enjoying the sunshine, each with their own thoughts. Helen’s were flirting with what was going to happen next week. She knew that she and her husband would probably be sent to France. Nothing had been said in the phone call but the codeword was pretty conclusive. She knew, as all SOE operatives knew, that she might not be coming back. This made her grimly determined to enjoy all that this last day might bring.

Rose was also thinking about the following week, particularly as she would be a lone with David. She glanced across to where he was lying on the other side of Caroline and gazed hungrily at his young cock as it lay along his thigh.

Caroline was also thinking ahead to going back to school. She was looking forward in particular to the first night in the dorm, when, no doubt as usual, the girls would exchange highly improbable stories about what they had got up to in the summer. Hers would be no idle boast! She also wondered if she would repel the advances of Sophie, one of her friends in the dorm, as she had done before. She thought perhaps this time she might welcome her to her bed…

David, meanwhile, was also thinking about the week ahead and renewing his acquaintance with Beth. He hoped she had remained faithful to him whilst he had been away but realised with a guilty start that he had hardly been so! He was determined not to reveal anything of his adventures whilst he had been away, and he also wondered what his aunt he would expect of him!

These thoughts caused the usual stirrings in David’s groin…

“What are you thinking about young David?” David opened his eyes as his auntie broke the silence. He looked down with horror to where his cock was now semi erect, twitching along his thighh and starting to point inexorably upwards.

“I expect he’s thinking about you!” Helen suggested. Her eyes still closed but with a smile flicking around her features.

“Are you David?” Before he could answer Caroline piped up.

“He’s thinking about Beth isn’t he?” Caroline turned to David. “You’ll be seeing Beth again won’t you?” Rose’s features clouded. She had forgotten about David’s girlfriend back in Southampton. If he had her what would he want with his old auntie Rose?

“Go on then David, tell us!” She insisted, trying to keep her voice light and unconcerned.

“I was thinking about both of you.” David admitted.

“Both of us together! That would be good wouldn’t it?”

“For god’s sake Rose I don’t think you ought to involve Beth! Heaven knows what she would think of the pair of you!” David felt relieved. His aunt his suggestion had worried him greatly. The last thing he wanted was for Beth to be dragged into any of this.

“I can still see you Auntie Rose. And see Beth as well but…not together.”

“When you say see me David…” David looked across to where his auntie Rose was grinning at him. Helen lifted herself up on to her elbows.

“I think your auntie wants to know if you’re still going to a fuck her on a regular basis!” Both women shrieked with laughter and looking down David saw that even Caroline had her hand to her mouth, stifling a giggle.

“You’re going to be busy Davey…” she looked up at him, grinning.

“Not as busy as I’m going to be right now!” Suddenly David brought his hand up and started tickling Caroline’s tummy. She giggled and writhed on the blanket as David continued and both Rose and Helen looked on enviously. When David thought Caroline was getting close to hysterical he stopped and she lay there on the ground panting, her chest rising and falling. There was a moment and then…

“I want you…” Caroline murmured. David glanced at the two older women. Caroline saw this.

“Don’t worry, mum’s already seen us do it and it’ll give Auntie Helen a treat!” All three were astonished at Caroline’s sudden relaxation. It was as if she had decided to give up and just go along with what was happening.

“Go on David…it’ll be the last time won’t it?” Caroline’s mother was actually offering her daughter to him! He wasn’t sure about doing it in front of them. Obviously he had done so before but with such a blatant audience he worried he wouldn’t be able to perform. However he then felt Caroline’s fingers curling round his shaft and he knew he would have no problem!

He gazed down at Caroline who casually spread her legs and looked up at him. He slowly traced his fingers along the inside of her warm soft thighs and then gently brushed them across the soft pad of skin above her pussy. Caroline closed her eyes as she felt David’s fingers tease her clitoris and then the middle finger slide gently between the wet lips of her pussy. He eased in, first an inch then another inch until the whole of his finger was now deep inside her. She flexed the muscles of her pussy, enjoying the feeling anticipating what was to come.

David began to slide his finger gently in and out of her pussy and she felt his other hand gently brushing across her clitoris. God she was getting horny!

Putting her hands on his shoulders she pulled him to her. Ignoring everyone else David positioned himself between Caroline’s thighs and she quickly guided the head of his cock to the wet lips of her pussy.

“In you go darling…” Caroline murmured and David slowly sunk his cock into Caroline.

Helen and Rose watched mesmerised. This didn’t feel to Rose like the voyeurism she had felt when she had first discovered her daughter with David. However she did feel a little awkward and was relieved when she felt her sister’s hand slide on to her tummy. She turned gratefully to her and within seconds Rose was on her back, her sister lying on top of her, kissing her passionately as they had done only a few days before.

The sun beat down on the two couples.

David’s young hips rose and fell between Caroline’s thighs, each thrust bringing both of them closer to their goal. Helen was now planting kisses on her sister’s neck, moving down to her large soft breasts, taking each one in hand and kissing and nibbling at the firm nipples. She luxuriated in the warmth and the softness of her sister’s breasts, and then started to work her way down her tummy to her neatly trimmed bush.

Caroline’s eyes were closed, concentrating on the wonderful feelings emanating from her groin. Her whole body seemed to be tingling whether from the heat of the sun or from David’s ministrations she wasn’t sure. However she wanted to remember this moment. She guessed it would be one she would treasure for a long long time.

Suddenly David gave a groan. Caroline squeezed the muscles of her pussy around his cock and suddenly felt him splashing into her. She closed her eyes, trying to bring herself off at the same time and luckily at that moment David’s groin rubbed against her special place and she too came. She gave a whimper, wrapping her arms around her cousin, drawing him closer to her as the two of them trembled together for the last time.

After the final few spasms David relaxed on to Caroline and opened his eyes. She was already gazing at him, and he noticed a glistening in her eyes.

“Are you alright?” Caroline blinked a couple times and nodded.

“Wonderful Davey.” She whispered. Then they heard noises from next them and they both looked to see Rose arching her back, thrusting her breasts towards the sky as her sister lapped at her pussy. She gave a long, low almost animal like groan as she came, both hands grabbing Helen’s head and pressing it hard against her groin. Helen’s hands were now clamped around her sister’s hips, her tongue continued to lap at the soft wetness between her legs until she sensed that her sister was coming down.

She planted a final kiss on her sister’s pussy and then knelt up between her legs. She glanced across to see her son still firmly embedded between Caroline’s thighs. David grinned up at her and then eased himself out. Then, to his surprise, she jerked her head down towards her sister.

“Do you want to?” She asked, a mischievous grin on her face. David looked down at his aunt as she opened her eyes and blinked at him. Her eyes went down to his groin and, to David surprise, he was already starting to stiffen. He was now past caring and shuffled across to take his mother’s place between his auntie’s thighs.

“You’d better get used to this!” Rose grinned up at him as she welcomed him between her legs. She used her hand to bring him quickly to hardness and then gave a long moan as he slid into her. Rose took his head in her hands and started to kiss him passionately, her tongue snaking out of her mouth into David’s, as he began to make love to her.

This was very different to Caroline. It lacked the tightness of Caroline’s pussy and this, together with the fact that he had come only recently, meant that he was able to last quite some time. Rose, meanwhile, was making the most of a large cock between her legs again and brought her hands down to clasp the cheeks of David’s backside trying him closer to her.

“That’s it baby…that’s it…” Helen looked on, still feeling a little odd at seeing her son fucking her sister. She looked down at Caroline who was also on her side watching the pair of them, and she wondered how she felt, seeing her mother being vigorously taken by her cousin. The expression seemed to one of studied fascination. Suddenly Rose started to cry out.

“Yes oh yes! That’s it baby! Just there… Jesus yes!” For the second time that morning Rose arched her back in orgasm as David continued to thrust away inside her. Then once again she came down and she put her hands on David’s shoulders, as if to stop him. David was still some way off coming and wondered whether he should carry on.

“How about finishing off in your mum?” She grinned up at David. He turned to look uncertainly at his mother. There was a flicker in her eyes and then she nodded.

“I’d love that. If you’d like to…?” Caroline could sense the tension passing between them and was relieved when the spell was broken by Auntie Helen turning on to her back and lying down between Caroline and Rose, carefully spreading her legs.

As if on autopilot David eased out of his auntie and then scrambled across to his mother. He gazed into her eyes which returned the look. The eyes seemed to be loving rather than nervous and David felt his mother’s hand slide down and grasp his cock, guiding it towards her pussy.

“Go on it’s alright…” she whispered reassuringly. David closed his eyes and then eased forward, his cock sinking easily into his mother’s pussy. It seemed different to before. That time his mother had ridden him. She had been in control and he had felt helpless. However this time it was him. He was in control and carrying his weight on his hands he gazed down at his mother. He started to slowly slide in and out. It still seemed odd to him. The woman who had borne him, raised him and looked after him, was now lying underneath him, her legs spread to accommodate his cock.

“Try not to think about it darling…” It was as if his mother had sensed his thoughts and he grinned sheepishly.

“It’s just that…”

“I know.” Helen nodded slowly. “It doesn’t seem right fucking your mum does it!” David grinned and Rose burst out laughing.

“It doesn’t…but it’s nice!” David admitted quietly. Then he began to make love to her.

Helen closed her eyes as her son began to rhythmically slide his cock in and out of her pussy. She was conscious of Rose and Caroline either side of her and without thinking she stretched her arms out. Rose quickly snuggled into her sister’s embrace and Caroline, a little reluctantly, joined her. She felt wonderful. Warm bodies on either side, and her son pounding away between her legs.

She didn’t like to think how many taboos, laws, whatever you like to call it had been broken over the last week or so but she didn’t care. She opened her eyes again and saw that David was staring at her.

“Mum I’m going to…”

“I thought so! Don’t worry. Just let it go!” David screwed his face up and then suddenly gave a grunt. Helen closed her eyes as once again she felt her son’s semen thudding into her pussy. This time there was no need for her to bring herself off. As if sensing she hadn’t yet come she suddenly felt a hand at her groin and opening her eyes she saw Rose’s fingers delving into her groin, searching for her clitoris.

“That’s it Rose…just there!” She gasped as her sister’s fingers found her bud. She realised she was squeezing Caroline closer to her and then, to her surprise, Caroline leaned over and planted her lips firmly on one of her nipples. She closed her eyes and rested her hand gently on Caroline’s head, encouraging and reassuring her. Then she came.

“Fuck yes!” The word echoed through the quiet summer air as she experience the combined feelings of her son’s large cock inside her, her sister’s fingers on her clitoris and her nieces lips firmly clamped around her nipple. The orgasm seemed to stream through her, coursing through every inch of her body until finally, reluctantly, those feelings ebbed away.

Rose, Helen, Caroline and David lay back on the grass, spent.

The sun continued to shine.

The war went on.

David and his Aunty Rose went back to Southampton the day after they bade a tearful farewell to Caroline at the railway station. Helen had already been picked up in an army staff car early that morning.

David shared his bed with his aunty most nights. Beth – his beloved Beth – had lost interest in him after hooking up with a school friend of his who had stayed in Southampton. Occasionally he fooled around with Lucy Gorman. Everyone did.

But he was happy. He was okay…at least he wasn’t an evacuee any more.


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