Ex-Boyfriend Fucked In Revenge – Sex Stories

Ex-Boyfriend Fucked In Revenge – Sex Stories

A true story of a young girl whose name is Sheila, who was a bright student. Her father was a farmer. Her family members were very protective about her. She was dropped and picked from her school in their family 3 wheeler Goods Carrier Tempo. Where 2 people can sit in the front and open in the back for their farm products. She had easy life to lead with nothing so exciting till she reached puberty.

The incidence took place when she reached 9th std. Shelia and her brothers classes got little different. Their school timing was almost same in the morning even though they studied in different school situated at different locality. Her younger brother Pradeep’s school started at 11.00 am and ended at 6.00 pm where as her school started at 11.30 and ended up at 5.00 pm. Apart from that her brother was into sports and other extra curricular activity also that too made her wait for him in his school.

They both had to go by the same auto. The tempo driver who worked in their father’s farm was very trust worthy. The entire family trusted him as he was with them since his childhood. His name was Vitthal. The front seat had space for two persons only but they had to seat three. So since Sheila had got little grown up, the seat in tempo was becoming smaller for all three of them.

They used sit in their tempo all cramped up until her brother got down at his school. And then Vitthal used to drop her at her school which used to start at 11:30 in the morning. During that period she was alone with Vitthal in the auto. And that was really painful for her. The other painful thing was while coming back she used to be picked up at 5.00 pm but had to wait till 6:00 or 6:15 pm until her brother appeared from the gate of the school.

Vitthal himself was a athletic man just 22 years old though Shelia called him Anna and he too treated her like a real little sister earlier. But later his animal instinct started developing while taking the children to school particularly he used to fantasize about Sheila. He would watch her protruding breasts and tried to see her cleavage as far as possible. The jerks on the village road would make her boobs jump up and down much to the fancy of Vitthal.

While driving his elbows would purposely touch or even press Sheila’s breasts which made her wince in pain and shame. But being girl she was unable to share it with anyone and silently had to bear it. She knew if she told this to any one in the family she won’t be allowed to go to school again and she would have to sit in the house forever as other female members of the family.

Sheila’s brother Pradeep was in 8th std and also naughty he always wanted to drive the tempo and his dad too was strict but Vitthal did give him opportunity sometimes on vacant roads. This gave Vitthal an opportunity to play with Sheila’s breasts. While doing that he made sure that while he was supporting Pradeep’s driving, his left elbow started to press Shelia’s breast and she had no where to go but to bear it.

Slowly Vitthal too started getting erection with the same. The second arousal thing was the legs. Vitthal use to wear lungi which is very common in Hubli and Sheila used to wear her school uniform her frock and that used to trigger him as his legs touched her bare legs and his elbow on her growing breast time and again.

Shelia too was uncomfortable with the same but couldn’t do anything to protest his advances. Vitthal started getting bolder as there was no complaint from Sheila and he started to be more physical with her as and when Sheila was alone with him in the Tempo after dropping Pradeep to school or before picking him up. He thought Sheila liked his touches and teasing.

Initially Sheila didn’t like it, but as the time progressed the teenager lust took over her body and mind. Since Vitthal couldn’t be stopped from what he was doing she stopped minding his acts. She though if she cant stop it why not enjoy it. Slowly as time passed by she too got involved and started liking Vitthal’s molesting her.

One day finding it correct moment Vitthal thought of putting his hand on her breasts acting as if he was trying to remove something. He made a plan. He bought a plastic real looking spider and placed it on the roof of the tempo concealing it properly. He tied it to a string making sure it was hidden from all.

When Pradeep was dropped at his school, he adjusted himself so as Sheila was sitting just below the plastic spider. Vitthal pulled the hidden string making the spider to fall on her breasts.

He yelled pointing at her shirt, “There is one spider on your shirt.”

Sheila screamed as she got scared. And she lunged forward and hugged him with force. He got the time and swiped his hands on her shirt resting his hands on her breasts for nano second. Sheila was surprised by his behavior and moved away from him. But fortunately for him the spider further slipped inside her shirt. She felt it in her shirt and began screaming for help. She was frantic.

Vitthal stopped the vehicle and said, “It has slipped in your shirt. How can I remove it?’

Sheila was getting squirmy. She yelled, “Do anything but remove it.”

Sensing the perfect moment to carry out his plan he inserted his hand in her shirt. He found the spider but he wanted to fondle her breast. So he lingered his hands on her breast.

He said, “I can’t find it. It has moved further in.”

Sheila replied, “Don’t wait, insert further and pull it out or I will die.”

Vitthal pulled his hand out as he wanted her to be more tormented for him to make further move.

He said, “Sheila I will have to open your shirt buttons as I can’t access the spider. It is deep inside. I don’t think it will be proper for me to open your shirt buttons. I think the spider is poisonous. So I would have to take care that it does not bite me or you.”

Sheila herself removed her shirt buttons and asked, “I have opened it for you. Now remove it. It will kill me. You say it is poisonous. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh ……….aaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaamamama…………. Do it now.”

Vitthal further removed her buttons. She was not wearing bra.(Gals of 9th std rarely wear bra in villages.) Her naked boobs were before his eyes. Her nipples were erect. Her brown breasts with erect black nipples were before him. He was so glad in his heart that his dream is about to come true. He had to act with caution else he would ruin everything.

He extended his hands and rested it on her naked breasts and said, “Keep your eyes closed. Don’t move until I tell you.”

He touched her nipple slowly………… Sheila got a jolt of current as no one had touched her naked breasts. He pressed the boobs and tweaked the nipple.

He talked, “I am unable to find it. Wait for few seconds. Don’t open your eyes.”

Sheila was not opening her eyes as she was also enjoying his touch. The tempo was parked in a secluded place so no one was near by and he had ample time for him. He pulled the nipple, “No not here…… Maybe it slipped further.”

He pressed the other nipples….. It was so soft to touch……. He was in dreamland……. He again touched both the boobs with his both hands………. He had never touched any naked breast….

Sheila moaned, “Uuuuaaaaaaah mmmmmmmaaaa. Do it quick. Aaammmmmmmmaaaaaa…..”

Here Sheila meant quick to remove the spider but Vitthal thought she meant quick with the fondling. He understood by her moaning that she was enjoying his fondling. He couldn’t control his feeling and he planted his mouth on her nipple. Sheila was taken aback. She did not expect such behavior. She tried to push him off but he was strong for her. Although she was enjoying it, she was confused also. She couldn’t decide whether to continue or not. Then nature took over. Then she let Vitthal do whatever he likes with her.

Her black nipples were sticking out of their one inch areola base. He squeezed both her breasts and pinched her nipples. He started massaging her left breast in a circular motion. Sheila went limp in his tempo. He was sucking both nipples alternately. Her eyes were closed due to excitement. Her hands were resting on the back of his head pulling him closer.

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She wanted to moaning for more and say, “Come darling…………SUCK my boobs……..BITE my long hard black nipples ……….SQUEEZE my boobs………HARDEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR”

She some how managed to say, “Stop this or I will tell my father.” Her sound itself was bereft of conviction.

“Don’t be angry” and he said “I’m not finished with you. He pulled out the spider and threw it.” as he kissed her lips, then her eyes, nose, throat, the top of her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples and breasts, she was on fire.

She was getting wetter between her thighs. She started squeezing her thighs together. Vitthal saw her pressing thighs. Her frock had bunched up showing her thighs. He put his hands on her naked thighs. She jerked her head backwards. He slipped his hands upwards slowly.

Sheila tried to stop him, “No don’t do it. Please stop this and let us go from here.”

But he was in no mood to listen. A fool would stop after having a cute topless girl with him. He pushed his hands further up her thighs. He met stiff resistance. Unmindful of the same he parted her thighs using both his hands with force. He pushed further till his fingers were close to her crotch. He could feel the heat emanating from her little furnace like cunt. He was glad to see that her cunt was already wet for his hands and fingers.

He laughed, “You are saying no and your gateway to heaven is saying ye. See it is already wet for me.”

He patted her love spot again sending current through her body. She was on the verge of crying. She knew Vitthal won’t stop come what may. His fingers were caressing her pussy mound from over the panty. She was breathing hard. Her mind wanted him to stop but her body wanted him to continue………………. Her breath was coming in jerks and parts.

Suddenly she felt his fingers on her bare pussy flesh. He had inserted it from the edge of the old worn out panty. She cursed herself for wearing the worn out panty as it gave way for his fingers. She knew if he pulled her panty further it would tear off. He was fondling her bare pussy lips. She held his hairs and pulled it with force partly wanting him to move away from her and at the same time partly wanting him to continue.

His fingers were intruding her private parts. She gasped for air. His fingers were in her pussy hole. He was fondling her pussy lips. He found her clit and pressed it. It was too much for her she fell back lifting her legs in air as if showing him her naked pussy. Her head was leaning on the glass screen of tempo. It was very uncomfortable for her. But she was not bothered as long as she was enjoying it. He grabbed her thighs and placed his mouth on her pussy lips. He gave her a big kiss on her vertical lips.

Her first kiss on her pussy lips that too from her driver. She let her body go with what ever Vitthal was doing. She chose to enjoy her each moment. Vitthal tore off the remaining parts of tattered panty she had. He licked her pussy lips swiping his tongue all along the edge. He sucked in the lips. She unable to control her emotions was pressing her thighs hard on his ears.

He found her swollen clit. He licked it and began sucking it too. Then he bit her pussy lips, and her body jerked as he took her clitoris in his mouth, sucking gently on it, and then slid his tongue into her wet willing pussy, licking her juices, and coming again back to her clitoris, he inserted two fingers into her cunt.

Though he was from a village but she found him to be expert type in cunnilingus. He bit her clit. This was too much for her and she started to come and he pushed his lips tight against her shivering pussy, and when she came, she arched her body and made her body tight. She sensed a funny sensation in her cunt and cervix. It was her first climax. She loved it.

She oozed her love juice for her driver. She cummed heavily.

She cumed, trying hard to muffle her scream, “Oohmmaaaaaaaaam…. Oh noooooooooo.”

As she relaxed he came up and she kissed. She thanked him for the wonderful cunninlingus. It was wonderful day for Vitthal. What started with a spider trick allowed him go for her breast and then he got opportunity to play with her vagina and ended up as him sucking her cunt.

Now it was Sheila’s chance to satisfy Vitthal. Pay him back for what he had done. Vitthal had parked his vehicle in secluded place. He took Sheila’s hand and placed it on his erect cock. Vitthal took out his cock from his lungi. He made her hold his dick. Vitthal sat on the edge of seat and she knelt below on the floor with his naked cock in her hand. She took a closer look. She was seeing a matured cock the first time. She never knew it could become so big, hard and hot. She gave it a kiss. It gave out a funny smell but she liked it.

He said, “Take it in your mouth. It won’t bite you.”

She said, “What put that in my mouth…no way… Hard luck man.”

He pulled her head closer to his erect and angry cock and made her kiss it. She peeled the foreskin back and started licking the cock head. It was slowly oozing precum, which she licked. She liked the taste. Slowly she took the cock head inside her mouth and started sucking like a lollypop.

She rolled her tongue around the purple head and soon got wild. He caught hold of her hair and thrust his cock deeper in her mouth. Her driver’s cock was in her mouth. He held her head and started mouth fucking her. He was fondling her boobs to keep him excited. Soon he was about to juice out. He felt his balls boiling. He could feel the orgasm approaching.

He wanted to warn her but didn’t warn her, he shot his cum in her mouth. She was surprised by his action. She was aghast and wanted to spit it out but swallowed nevertheless. It was her first cock sucking and the same for Vitthal. And it was first time that he was ejaculating inside a woman’s mouth, and that too his owner’s daughter.

He was happy that he could make her take it in her mouth. Both of them were very happy of the incidence. He dropped her at her school failing which would have resulted in serious trouble. They continued this affair for long but no sexual intercourse. They got much opportunity to repeat their oral stuff. Though she was strong for sexual intercourse but hesitated to do it fearing pregnancy. Vitthal too didn’t want to take the risk with the same as both were satisfied with oral stuff.

But after her schooling Vitthal got married to a girl from the village and had no chance of playing with her and she too ignored me as she started going to college. She did have so called boy friends but still afraid of her parents so didn’t go ahead with any sexual affairs.

While her graduation she got a job in chemical firm that of a receptionist out there.

One of the managers of the company Rakesh Mitra was after her. He purposely used to take her in his car here and there telling its respect to company work. He started gifting her and she too fell in love with her. Shelia told him strictly that she won’t have intercourse till she got married. Her virginity would be her gift to her husband. He always avoided her when her marriage proposal came in to the picture.

Her father was looking for a suitable groom for her and Shelia was forcing Rakesh to come and speak to her parents. But one Sunday when she went to his house she was shocked to see his wife and son who lived in Tumkur had come to visit him. She was shocked to know that Rakesh was married man. A fact which he had hidden from her. Her heart was broken. Thankfully she never had sex with him.

Rakesh’s wife too came to know something was the problem and as Indian wife she humiliated Sheila and told her to get out. She was crestfallen and didn’t know where to go. Sheila left the house heart broken and humiliated and left the job immediately and got married of her parent’s choice. Her husband was an engineer with very nice salary. Sameer Rao was her husband and she loved him. She came to Belgaum and she got settled there.

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But after 2 months when she went to her parent’s house for a function she had received letter from her previous company telling to come and collect her dues and PF and they require her signature.

Sheila went to her erstwhile company only coming to know that the office had shifted to a different location and the company was still there. She was told by one of the staff the new office address. When she was about to leave for the new address, she saw the man with whom she was madly in love with, Rakesh.

Rakesh greeted her and told her that nothing to worry he will escort her to the new office address. He was sorry for his actions and happy that she got married. As he was also going to the office so he told her to sit in his car and he will take her to the new office. She refused but he made her sit in the car and told her he will take her to the new Office but how wrong he was. He took her to some place at Renuka Nagar and entered a small bungalow.

Sheila found something was wrong but Rakesh was telling that they haven’t fully shifted and so on. Rakesh had some will plans up his sleeves which Sheila could sense. She was unaware of his nefarious thought.

As they entered the bungalow she noticed that it was vacant and Sheila was not ready to get out of the car. Rakesh dragged her out of the car and tied a handkerchief around her mouth and tied her hands with her duppatta. She was unable to resist his actions.

He opened the door of the bungalow and pulled her inside and threw her on the bed. Rakesh had faced lot of humiliation because of his wife in his family. Now his wife is like a monster to him and his parents and he just have to keep quiet. He thought Sheila was responsible for all his sufferings. He wanted to take revenge for that. He started tearing her dress. First removed her saree, then her blouse then her bra and at last her petticoat and panty. Within seconds she was fully nude.

Sheila was fully nude and Rakesh too was nude and removed his handkerchief from her mouth as he wanted to hear her. Sheila was pleading him, begging him to stop and let her go. She was not able get up as her hands were still tied with her duppatta behind her back. Her heavy boobs were rising and falling due to her heavy breathing. Her black nipples shone with sweat.

He then moved his gaze to her upper body. He was mesmerized by her big breast and black nipples. He licked her face making it wet. He kissed her lips. He started kissing her neck and proceeded to her boobs; he pulled and massaged them till she moaned. Her nipples became swollen inviting him to them. He took them in his fingers and squeezed them hard. She tried to scream as she felt pain. He liked her discomfort.

He sucked the boobs. He was sucking and biting her nipples alternately. She liked to be bitten on nipples which her husband never does. He began licking her body starting from her breast to her tummy to her navel to her pubic mound. She tried to cover her pussy by tightening her thighs. Her pussy was hidden between her thighs. He parted her legs and looked at her juicy pussy with hungry eyes. Her cunt lips winked at him. She tried to resist his action but was unable to as he was stronger.

He lifted her legs and placed it on his strong shoulders. He placed a pillow under her buttocks lifting her ass. Her cunt was so close to his face. He placed his lips near her cunt lips and delicately kissed her on her pussy. Once she was quiet Rakesh pulled his head closer to her bushy cunt lips and planted a long kiss.

Rakesh put his finger inside her cunt and caressed the portals of her wet pussy. He massaged the outer and inner labia of her pussy like an expert masseur and inserted his middle finger inside the soft cave of her pussy. He caressed her hole taking care to rub the most sensitive parts of her cunt. It got so wet and hot even by his touching. Despite her effort not to get excited she was getting turned on?

When he touched the ultra-sensitive clitoris she let out a moan “Oh, Rakesh, don’t do it. I am married woman so are you? I belong to some one else. Please don’t spoil me and my life. Let me go I won’t tell anyone.”

But he was in no mood to listen. He said, “How can I let you go? You spoiled my life. My wife has made my life a living hell due to you. She doesn’t allow me to touch her. I am without fucking since four months.”

It was his chance of lifetime. He bent down and started kissing the loose labia and dived in to kiss her clit. Sheila jerked her body and moaned and squirmed in forbidden pleasure. He parted her pussy lips with his fingers exposing the reddish pink insides of her vaginal walls and licked it till she was asking for more. He could see the juice oozing out.

He finger fucked her as it was a real delight to lick her. He used his both hands to fondle her breasts alternately massaging them. Her moans grew louder and louder. She was telling him to stop but he wanted to continue and drink her love juices. He rounded his lips and placed a soft kiss on her wet pussy. He started tongue fucking her pussy and flicking her clitoris. He was lapping up her entire love juice.

Sheila too was madly angered but with so much of pussy sucking and clit licking her resistance grew weaker and weaker. Her body was not listening to her predicament as if it had a mind of its own. Her body wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. Her body went stiff and she was not able to hold back her orgasm for long and she cumed on his face. She was so ashamed of herself.

She knew she could not go home unless she allowed Rakesh to fuck her to his heart filled. Rakesh was just playing with her as if he didn’t want to fuck her but was having oral sex with her. For 45 min he was sucking her cunt, finger fucking her cunt and rubbing his tongue on her clit as he wanted Sheila to say from her mouth that she wanted to get fucked by him.

He said, “Until you get fucked by me, I am not going to leave you. You will have to stay with me for a week if possible. I am ready to go to jail for this crime but I want to fuck your cunt.”

He didn’t care about if tomorrow he goes to prison but knew the court will pardon him telling that Sheila was loose character women as she had been with him before her marriage and he could tell the court it was she who called him and so on.

Sheila was afraid of Rakesh’s wife, Sameer and society. She knew no one will believe that she was brought here by force. Everyone will say she went there on purpose. Even Rakesh’s wife will testify in court that she was Rakesh’s mistress before her marriage and she had one day humiliated her and thrown her out of her house. So to seek her revenge she has cooked up a story to malign Rakesh’s image and reputation.

And this revelation might ruin her married life and image for ever. She was in a fix and at last she told him that she allow him to fuck her. Though it was the second cock in her vagina she didn’t like it but her body loved it. Sameer was wonderful guy but when it comes to sex he was very slow no oral sex just plain traditional sex was for her. Now was her chance to experiment with Rakesh.

She said, “What will I have to do? I am ready to let you do what ever you want.”

Rakesh said, “That is not the reply I want. I want you to say that you are ready to fuck me.”

Sheil said, “Ok!!!!! I am ready to fuck you.”

Rakesh said, “Then you have to suck my cock first. And remember no smart moves, this house is secluded from the colony.”

He loved to have her mouth on his cock head. He removed the dupatta and freed her hands. She rubbed her wrist. He was standing with his erect cock dangling near her face.

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Sheila agreed to fuck him as per his wishes. She also wanted to enjoy. Then she reached out to grasp his rock hard organ to find that his cock was certainly fully erect by then. She was little stunned.

“How big is it? Let me check it.” She said slowly once again, sliding her hand up and down his erection.

All the while, she thought in her mind, “My God.!!!!!! I have never seen such a big cock. It is very huge. I have to have this monster cock inside me..”

She was wondering in her mind and her eyes never left the big cock that stood up erect. “This one is long and huge than my expectation. I didn’t know there would be a guy having a cock like this! I have never seen a big cock like this even to a big man. I want to enjoy it by all means. Neither Vitthal nor Sameer had such big cock.”

She was repeating the said words again and again in her mind making mental note of it. Her cool fingers encircled his hot throbbing cock and started to play with it. It was pulsating in her hand as a hot iron rod. He remained still allowing her all freedom. But she still couldn’t believe what was happening was real or fake. Here she was nude, playing with her previous boss’s cock and appreciating its size.

Slowly she ran her hand over every inch of its surface, feeling its bumps and ridges with great interest. She slid her hand up and down his pulsating cock shaft while pressing her fingers into the bulge that ran the length of its underside. She was gathering courage to suck it. Taking the sac into her other hand, she began to squeeze and massage his balls with the palm of her hand. Holding them in the channel of her curled fingers, she rolled them back to the rear of her palm and then forward again to her fingers.

Now she started to give his pulsating prick little tugs and jerks and sometimes hot kisses also. She was reminded of her school days with Vitthal. She ran her fingers around its crown in one direction, and then quickly reversed to go the other. She was bringing her other hand up to the mighty cock making the bulging veins on the side pulsating to her touch.

She kissed the slit and licked the side burns. Her tongue was sliding all along the length. She began sucking his cock, and within seconds her head was bobbing up and down no his cock. He couldn’t believe his luck. He was about to fuck the woman of his dreams. He pinched her nipples hard. She screamed but with more enjoyment than pain. He felt his ball boiling and he knew it was time for him to shoot.

He said, “I am about to cum. Where you want me to cum?”

Sheila wanted to take out his cock, but she could say anything he shot wads after wads of cum in her mouth, saying, “I am cumming you fucking bitch………… Take my cum in your mouth drink it……. Ooh dear.”

Sheila drank his semen. It tasted funny, reminding her of Vitthal her childhood lover. She wiped her face with her dupatta and tried to get up.

Rakesh said, “Don’t get up. It is not over I have not fucked u still. My cock has not tasted your cunt. Spread your thighs for my tool.”

Sheila was aghast by his language. But she had no option but to agree. She lay naked on the bed with her legs spread apart. Rakesh got over her jerking his cock to come to life again. He had been without sex for months as his wife didn’t let him fuck her. After few minutes of jerking, pulling and tugging his cock got erect for the second time.

Then I placed his rock hard cock on her pussy lips and rubbed it on them. He took deep breath and pushed his cock in her cunt hole. It slipped in easily as it was wet and perfectly lubricated by his saliva and her wetness.

She asked, “Push in some more…….keep FUCKING Mmeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……Oooooooooooooo…”

He began jerking his body forward and back in fucking motion. His thigh was hitting her thighs very hard making her jerk her body. Within seconds he got the perfect rhythm. Rakesh increased his speed and was pounding her cunt like a piston. Sheila was also bucking her ass up to meet his thrusts. Rakesh was fucking her like a wild man and surprisingly Sheila loved it.

Sheila said, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnngggghhhhhhh
LOVE YOUR BIG COCK………..come fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

His chest was pressing her breasts. His weight was crushing her nipples below. His cock head was touching her cervix. She gasped when he hit her cervix. She was jerking her ass in gay abundance. The room was filled with the thumping sound of their bodies hitting each other.

Sheila was calling, “Need your BIG cock now……..push in HARDEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRR
…….fucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..love your cock…….. Ccuuummmmmmmmm in me…… Make me young again…….”

She was urging him to fuck faster and go deeper. Her words were making him more hot and aggressive. He was about to cum. He arched his body and shot his load in her cunt without any warning. She also cumed with him. Both had second orgasm in the evening. He got down from her naked body.

They lay side by side and rested. Now Sheila was in no hurry to go. Even when Rakesh had removed her dupatta she was not moving out of house as she was tired of his wild fucking. After sometimes he again fiddled with her cunt and she responded well. They again had sex.

For 3 hours he fucked her two times and Sheila enjoyed the wild fucking she got. He became soft and tender on the second fucking onwards. She loved his wild and hard fucking way. She began comparing him with Vitthal and Sameer. She was in another world with all the oral sex and the way Rakesh fucked her. She loved the way he fucked her hardcore lifting her legs high in the air and placing pillow below her ass.

Turning her doggy style and spanking her butts and he even fucked her ass though it pained she loved it as both Vitthal and Sameer had finger fucked her ass many a times as they sucked her Vagina. Now was the time to depart. She was getting ready to leave when Rakesh dropped a bomb.

Rakesh asked, “I want you to be here tomorrow again. We will enjoy this daily till you are here.

She denied, “No I can’t come daily. This is first and last sex between us. No more.”

Rakesh didn’t do anything but removed her kalungura (Toe ring) and her engagement ring and knew the importance of the same.

He said, “I will not return it until you promise to come daily. I will return you the last day. Now you decide what you will tell your husband about this.”

Sheila cried and told not to do all that. But Rakesh didn’t listen and told till she is here in Hubli she has to come everyday. He dropped her at the office where she went in the procedure signature and the accounts manager told her to come and collect the cheque in couple of days. Means she had to stay for few days there and come again to the office. She came out and saw Rakesh was waiting for her outside. She sat in his car and told him what happened. He was also happy to hear that.

He offered to drop her at her home. While driving back Rakesh made Sheila sit in the front and made her suck his cock till she was near to the house. He gave her warning if she didn’t come she will lose her kalungura and wedding ring as he would throw kalungura (Toe ring) and her wedding ring in the river. Sheila knew she was in a fix; she had to agree to his fucking request. So till she was in Hubli she met Rakesh daily and had sex to her heart’s content. Sheila loved his ass fucking the most. They patched up and became good fuck friends. Rakesh returned her goods the day she left for her place.

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Ex-Boyfriend Fucked In Revenge – Sex Stories

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