Exposing to a complete Stranger

Exposing to a complete Stranger

My name is Neha and got married 4 months ago. I and my hubby works in an IT comp. In Chennai we stay in a place called Pammal. We live in a newly constructed building of 2 stories and we very recently occupied it,it is our own house too. We live in the first floor and the ground floor is to be given away for rent. The area where we live is kind of isolated and the density of the buildings are not much. You might find a building in every 50 mts gap.

It was on Friday I came home by 6 in the evening from office. We had a office day out so was very tired as we played, roamed and enjoyed a lot in a Resort. After I got refreshed got a call from my Hubby.

“What is up Vicky?”, I asked my hubby.

“This morning i noticed that there seems to a leakage in the water tank on our terrace. Please find some plumber to get the problem fixed”, he replied.

desi-wife-fucking-stranger-hindi-sex-storiesI went to a near by shop and checked with the shop keeper about plumber in this area. Since I am new here I obviously dont know much. Shop keeper said a construction work is going on the street next to the street where we live, and If I go there I will for sure find a Plumber. That was a great idea and I headed towards the construction site. When I checked with the workers over there in the site, they called a guy named Kumar.

He came down from somewhere. I told him about the problem in water tank.

“The time now is around 8.45 and already dark. I will come tomorrow early in the morning around 6 and check it, because my work here starts around 7am and I must not be late”
, he said.

6 AM seemed quite early to me but I agreed because I dint want this to be delayed.

After our conversation i went back to home. It was around 9.45 and my hubby also reached home. Both of us took bath as we both were very exhausted and it is common people taking bath before going to bed in Chennai. Coz summer will be damn hot here.

By the time we completed all our work and went inside the bedroom the time was around 11.15. I changed my dress to wear night suite. My night suite typically be a 3/4 shorts and a night suite shirt. The shirt will be of a silky material, loose and will have buttons from top to bottom. I usually dont wear a bra while sleeping as it makes me completely uncomfortable.

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Both my hubby and i lied on the bed. It was very hot inside the bedroom and my hubby told me to decrease the temperature to its lowest. I got up, took the remote, and tried decreas the temp. But it was already at lowest. I told my hubby, he got up from bed and checked it. Later we both realized that the AC is not working.

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“What do we do now?”, i asked my hubby.

“I dont know”, he replied.

“For sure we cant find the AC mechanic at this time, let me find one tomorrow and bring home to repair this”, he then said.

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There is a fan in our house, but it is not fixed yet. As we always preferred AC during day and night, we were not in a hurry to fix the fan. Both of us started sweating and din know what to do.

There my hubby gets an idea.

“Both us on can sleep on terrace for tonight as it is completely impossible sleep in this hot room”, he said.

I agreed and took two pillows and headed towards terrace. My hubby brought a blanket and a mat to put on the floor. He locked the door and came to terrace.

He laid the mat quite away from the place where the staircase ends and i dropped the pillows. There was no light in the terrace except the moonligtht. As i was sweating i removed my shirt first button and lied down. There was a huge distance between every button on the shirt so removing the first button started showing of the curves of my boobs. Looking at that my hubby started getting aroused. He lied next to me, we both covered the same blanket and he started kissing on my lips. As i mentioned earlier ours is 2 stories building and all the houses around my house had only ground floor and moreover there was huge distance between every house. There is no way anybody can see us from any window or any terrace unless we stand near the walls of the terrace.

As my hubby was kissing me he started squeezing my boobs. And to tell more about my structure, i am neither fat nor skinny, about 5.5″ tall and my breast size is 36B. I know that is quite huge. I have never had intercourse with any men before marriage and the only man who has seen me naked is my hubby.

As my hubby started squeezing my boobs he started removing all buttons one by one.

“I am not wearing a bra”, I whispered.

“That is ok there is no one around us”, he replied.

He removed all the buttons and slid all the way down. Now his face is straing in front of my busty boobs and I am sleeping facing him. He is on my left side and my left boobs sagged towards the groud, so he started sucking my right boob. while he was doing it my shirt was falling on his face and making him uncomfortable. So i decided to remove my shirt. I did that and kept the shirt right beside me. He slept off like a kid as he was tasting my mangoes. It was quite stuffy inside the blanket so i lowered the blanket upto my breast. It was about 2 inches above from my nipples giving a clear view of my mountains. I was facing the sky and slept of the same way.

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I was in deep sleep and the cool breeze was sliding inside my curve between my breast and it was so chill felt like heaven.

That is not all, here is the important section of the story. After hours the time must be around early morening 5.45. My hubby got up from the mat on which we were sleeping. I felt him waking up and what i didnt notice was that the blanket was at my hip level. Revealing a great view of busty boobs and pinkish nipples. The breeze that was blowing must have lowered it. But thats fine no one here to see me and moreover my hubby lifted the blanket up above an inch from the nipples and walked towards the staircase and went down.
I am sleeping facing the sky, the sun is about to rise and me in desperte sleep wanted to sleep for more time. I lifted my hands and placed abouve my head and was feeling so relaxed. I am sure any men who see me in this pose gets aroused like hell. My underarms were revealed but it was cleanly waxed. I again went to deep sleep.

Very few mins later a heared someone climbing the staircase and sound that the footwear that they were wearing was making so much of noise. When i opened my eyes i noticed the wind swept away my blanket completely and it was in the front corner of the terrace, about 20 feets from me. Even my shirt was in some corner. I was kind of getting afraid as I am partially naked and someone climbing the staircase and no way it can be my hubby as he just left for jogging few mins back and it will anyhow take more than an hour to come back.

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I could have ran and grabbed blanket but by the footwear sound i could judge the person must be about to reach the end of the staircase, i.e. the terrace. By the time i could think of all this there comes the plumber guy. It was him climbing the steps. I saw him quicky after he placed a step forward from the last staircase. My good luck as soon as he reached the terrace he turned right side looking for someone, or maybe the water tank. That is when i saw him. But i am sleeping on the left side from the staircase. As soon as he could turn my side, i immediatly turned my body towards left. He should now be able to see my back, but that is fine he cant see my boobs unless he places few more steps forward.

He was seeing me sleeping partially naked and leave the terrace. But that is not what heppened. He started slowly walkig towards me and stood in front of me. I was closing my eyes and pretending like sleeping. I am almost shivering and so embarrased. I thought he will just stare at my tits and leave. But he slowly lifted my boobs which was hanging towards the ground as i was facing side. He slowly started massaging by boobs. I didnot know what to do so just continued to to pretend to be sleeping. I can just open my eyes and slap him, but do i fight with him showing off my boobs and get embarrased?

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He started slowly pulling my nipples so many times. and at last he pressed my boobs quite harder that is when i shook my body. He got scared as I will wake up and catch him red handed. So he ran towards the steps making no sound. I thought he will leave now. But from the staircase he started shouting my name to wake me up.

“Neha madam”, he kept shouting.

I had told him my name when i went to meet him yesterday. I can no more pretend to be sleeping as he does not seem to be leaving without waking me up. I took a deep breadth and decided to get up. I turned towards right, that is my body facing the sky. And got up and sat. For every move my boobs were jiggling and he must have seen a great show. I saw him and immediately crossed my hands above my breast hiding it from him. I was so ashamed but he was so casual as if he saw a man without shirt.

“I have come to repair the leakage”, he told.

I know where my shirt and blanket is but still i pretended to be searching it turning my face here and there. It was in other corner. If i have to pick it up, i need to walk across him and there is no other go. I got up and started walking towards the shirt and crossed him. How much can i hide my breast with my hands, he was staring at my tits completely but the only thing that he could not see was my nipples. I reached where my shirt is, now i have no other go other than taking my hands off my breast to pick up the shirt. i did that, i bent and picked the shirt while my 36B boobs were hanging like the swing in the park.

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If i were a slut i would have turned towards him like a slut and wore the shirt. But i am not that kind of girl. I turned as though my back is facing him and wore the shirt. Then i was pointing him where the tank and what the problem is, he still often continued to stare at my breast as he knows i am not wearing a bra. Later i quickly ran inside the house and wore proper dress as i might have to speak to him once his work is done and i decided to pretend as if nothing happened when i see him. Coz i dont wanna feel embarrased again.

The reason for posting this here is that i dont know how i handled this situation is correct or not, and i really cant share this with any of my friends. I was googling to see if anyone else had been in this situation and that is when i found this forum. Please give me your feedback as to let me know how i should have handled this and how i should react when i meet him again.

#Exposing #complete #Stranger

Exposing to a complete Stranger

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