family awakenings, chapter 02 by kccomputerdude

family awakenings, chapter 02
by kccomputerdude

((continued from chapter 01))

“God baby, yes, yes yes!” Suzanne uttered, collapsing forward on the young stud, who twisted to the side, and lifted her leg, granting him better access as he continued with the merciless thrusting into her cunt. “OHHHHH!” she moaned as he grunted and emptied his balls into her for the third time. “Ummmph,” she groaned again as he let her leg down with tenderness, still keeping his cock buried in her well used pussy. Tommy reached around and grabbed her tits again, massaging them sexily.

“God I can’t get enough of you, Suz,” he said into her neck as he began to thrust again and again. But to his disappointment, Suzanne moved away from him and stood up.

“Baby,” she began, taking a moment to catch her breath. “We have to stop. I could fuck you all day long, but my kid’s gonna be home soon!” Tommy watched her walk over to her discarded swimsuit and salivated as she began to put it back on. “Honey, before she catches you nude! Get dressed!”

Tommy groaned, but stood up, somewhat embarrassed that he stood on wobbly legs. “Damn mom, you wore me out!”

Suzanne grinned and pouted. “Don’t call me mom anymore… not after this. It’s too creepy!” Her suit was just below her sexy butt and he stared with admiration at it. He reached for her exposed ass and began to massage the shapely globes, admiring her firmness despite her age. She stopped putting the suit on and sighed deeply, leaning on the patio chair. He snuck in and shoved his fat cock back up her pussy with ease, and she groaned deeply. “Baby… please stop… oh please… ”

But Tommy didn’t and plunged in, holding her hips as he reached around and massaged her clit, bringing her back to that private world where she let him fuck her and there wasn’t a care in the world. All too soon she felt herself flooding over him, and she arched her back and threw her head against his chest as she fluttered over his cock and gushed what felt like another quart of honey. He groaned and emptied his load in her yet again, unable to believe he had been still hard and capable. He stayed buried in there, and reached around and massaged her breasts again. This time, angrily, she moved away from him, and his cock popped out with a loud noise.

He pouted a bit, but was actually grateful for the respite. His lower muscles in his hips and thighs were screaming in protest, but it felt so GOOD! “I will say this, MOM,” he reiterated, breathing deeply, as Suzanne gave him a glare. He began to put his suit on. “Your daughters’ are right. You should be wearing a two piece. I can even tell you have had kids!” He walked over and hugged her, grasping her fine ass. “Gonna miss this!”

Suzanne took his face in her hands. “No you won’t. Any time you want some of this, you just tell me. In the kitchen bent over the sink, doing the laundry with my pants down around one ankle and you thrusting that gorgeous cock into me while I’m sitting on the washer…, I mean it kiddo, ANY time you want to, just let me know! You’re the best lover I’ve had!”

Tommy blushed a bit and kissed her directly on the mouth. “I just think since you’ve hit your sexual peak, you’re just better at this!”

“Maybe so, but if that’s the case, you sir have been the one to ring my bell! Lord knows your dad can’t anymore!”

They heard a call for “MOM?” in the house, and they both jumped into the pool at the same time. Tommy tried unsuccessfully to pull his suit up over his cock… it was twisted and he cursed under his breath. He disappeared under the water with a splash and began to readjust it. Suzanne was a bit more successful and merely stayed with her shoulders under the water as she began to reinsert herself into the one-piece suit. Underwater, Tommy became pretty evil and reached over and rubbed her left nipple and grabbed her boob with enthusiasm, bemoaning the fact that such a piece of art was having to be concealed. She giggled and shoved him away as Shelly came out from under the porch awning, startling in her white two-piece. She sighed and looked towards the sun, shielding her eyes with her hands. Grinning, she jumped into the water. “Hi guys… OOO! It’s COLD today, huh?”

“Afternoon baby,” her mom called back to her. “I’m just going to finish my laps. Had a good workout today, so I won’t be long!”

Tommy popped his head out of the water and shook the remaining droplets out of his bangs. He grinned sheepishly. Shelly asked him if it was still cold, as he’d been underwater when she asked before. “Yeah, it’s cold as hell in here, but it DOES feel good! But I think I’m about done out here. I swam earlier when I got off work.”

Shelly smirked at her mom’s comments, and looked over at Tommy as he made his way past her. As he was passing, she put a hand out, stopping him. He gave her a questioning look. “I saw you two… saw you fucking yourselves silly!” She put both of her arms up on his shoulders and grasped her hands. Her lower belly rubbed up against his semi-hard cock, and he groaned inwardly as she found it, and rubbed her mound sexily over his buldge.

Tommy’s throat slammed shut and his heart leapt up into it at the same time. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t breathe. All he could do was look at the sexy brunette as she leaned towards his ear to speak in a more subdued tone of voice.

“Did you enjoy it? Poor thing isn’t getting any, huh?” she said, looking at her mom.

“Um, Shelly, it’s not what you think…” he started to say, but Shelly stopped him with an upraised finger. She slowly lowered it and under the water she continued to openly massage his erect cock with her pussy. He gasped and stepped back a bit, but she put her left leg over his right hip, and drew him tighter against her. Now her mons were going up and down against his length, and as she brought her mound up at the height of her movements, he could feel himself almost penetrating her. He glanced up at her with upraised eyes, and saw her panting slightly, her mouth agape with the sensations. She caught his glance, smiled widely, and licked her lower lips, causing a shudder to run through him. She grasped one of his shoulders, and with the other, simply grabbed the suit over her right tit and pulled it away, showing him her own breast and erect nipple, who stood up proudly and saluted him. He saw it and smiled. “Like mother, like daughter,” he thought happily.

“If you want a tighter pussy and firmer tits, I’m all yours. I wanted to do something to you for some time, but since you feel it’s okay to fuck my mom, how about someone a bit closer to your own age… someone that saw you jack off to a porno a few months ago and hasn’t been able to get your big cock out of their head?” There, she said it, and her own heart was beating like a jackrabbit!

“Are you kiddin’ me? Why didn’t you say anything?” Tommy looked around, and Suzanne was swimming like a pro. He glanced back at her daughter, who had unhooked her leg, and had began to pull his suit down. “Hey, I just put that thing back on,” he joked. She grasped his erect cock, and went under the water and enveloped it almost to the base with her opened mouth. Surrounded by a tight warmth, he gasped aloud. She worked her mouth and tongue on him for a few minutes, giving him a quick blowjob, and he swelled in length within her. Running out of air a few moments later, his step sister popped above the water, and grinned openly.

“Tell you what babe,” Shelly said, straightening up, and tossing his suit out of the pool with one hand. “You can put it on when you want to swim!” She reached down and untied the single tie on her left hip. She brought the swimsuit up out of the pool, and tossed it over by his. Tommy stared and grinned, and reached down to cup her ass. “Even firmer than Suzannes…. oh this is going to be a great day!” he thought.

The moment he began to massage her ass, she arched her back, slamming her mons against his engorged cock. She quickly found his thrusting pole with her pussy, and the head began to disappear in her open slit. But the angle was wrong, and he couldn’t get in right, but she moved her clit over the head of his cock, enjoying it immensely. He pulled off her top and tossed it out of the pool to join the other two pieces of material, and he began to massage her tits and tongue her nipples, both at the same time. She cooed like a pigeon, and reached down and grasped his cock. She turned around, still holding him and walked to the stairs of the pool. All too soon, her ass became visible and he got harder in her hand. Her ass couldn’t have been more perfect. Again, just like her gorgeous mother.

Shelly grabbed the guard railing, and spread her legs and bent over. “I’m so fucking hot Tommy, watching you two fuck like there was no tomorrow. Just slam that big fucker in MEeeeeeeeeee!” She wailed as he did exactly as he was told, amazed that she was as moist as she was. “Nuuuuu, Hell YES, NYUHH!” she loudly moaned, similar to her mom.

Tommy was grabbing on her ass and slamming his cock in hard, when Suzanne walked by surprised. She had seen them walking out of the water and had moved to the other side of the pool and grabbed her towel. She walked back towards the patio and heard her daughter squeal with glee and him grunt loudly. She was behind them on the left side, and saw his ass tighten ((what happened to his suit, she wondered)) .A moment later, Suzanne caught on that he was banging her daughter. Mesmerized, she walked over and said, “Wha? What brought THIS on?”

In mid stroke, Tommy looked up at the sexy woman and said, “She saw us!” And pounded again into that young pussy! “She wanted me for some time, I guess!” He pounded again, and Shelly fell forward with a gasp. She caught herself, and adjusted her position. Now her ass high in the air as her shoulders were now lower than her hips, she put her hands flat on the concrete patio. She looked back at Tommy, and slammed back against him. Tommy saw that perfect moon, and began to thrust harder.

From this position, he could penetrate even further, and she wanted it. Shelly looked up at her mom and yelled, “YES, oh GOD yes I have. Such a big fucking cock! Oh Mom, I can’t blame you at all! Fuck me you horny bastard!” she wailed, feeling an orgasm coming.

Suzanne looked around and said, “Um, be mindful of the neighbors… they can hear you guys!”

Her daughter laughed with her eyes closed. “Um mom, I heard YOU guys…” And she groaned as she came, her pussy tightening over Tommy’s swollen cock.

“GOD DAMN!” he uttered, and pounded again and again.

“Oh!” Suzanne closed her mouth with a snap, and walked into the house. She quickly closed the patio door. “Fucking bitch stole my cock!” she wonderingly thought with a bit of dark humor.

She stared at the two lovers as they grunted like animals, the young stud mercilessly pounding in his stepsister’s pussy. He began to tell her how many times she’d teased him in the past and he’d wanted to do this. She began to say that he was stupid for not doing it before. And before Suzanne could continue with any assassination thoughts directed at the pair, there was a knock at the front door.

“NOW what?” she said softly, as she tossed aside her towel and went for the front entrance of her house, upset. Now she was horny again, and doubted Tommy would be up for round four. She stared in the peephole, and made an interesting discovery.

“That’s Georgie, the kid behind us that likes Shelly so much! Too funny!” she giggled. Then shrugging her shoulder, she opened the front door, and with one arm on the door and her right hand on her hip, she greeted young George Franklin, a former plump kid that still had a few ounces of fat in the right areas. He had red, curly hair, and his skin was too fair, so he wouldn’t ever be able to enjoy the sun that much. He had a flaring sunburn now, so it seemed as if he was in denial of that fact. George, for his part wasn’t even looking at the door when it opened. He’d thought nobody was at home, and was looking as if he might have been getting ready to leave.

Until he looked at the door.

“Holy Shit, is that her MOM?” he thought. “Um, hi Mrs. Davis… Is Shelly around? I know she usually gets home around this time.”

A plan began to form quickly for the spurned lovely woman. “Why, HELLO George. How are you? No, Shelly came home, but she’s out spending time with her stepbrother. They’re now working out I think.” Suzanne grinned wide. “Would you like to come in and wait? They shouldn’t be too long now.”

George was about to say “Nahhh!” but then he took a quick look at Suzanne. Being a healthy teenager, his dick made up his mind for him. “Um, sure… got a coke I could have?” Shit she’s HOT, he thought.

She grinned as she stepped back, allowing him entry. “Yes, I think I’ve got something here for you!” And she closed the door and led him to a chair where he could sit. A big poofy chair he collapsed into. “You look great, George. You really lost some of that extra weight this year!” It was an earnest compliment. She’d thought he was cute over the years as she watched him grow up to be the young man before her.

George blushed furiously. He started to reply an auto reply, but as he began to take notice of the steamingly hot woman in front of him, he became lost in thought. The light was just right for him to see that she had an incredible figure, nicely shaped tits with prominent nipples, a narrow waist and sexy stomach. Then a well muscled lower belly with a cute curve down to a sexy space between her finely tuned legs. He let himself become lost looking at her thighs, and before he could stop himself, he glanced all the way down.

“Well, not as well as you have done. You’re just fantastic looking, Mrs. D.”

“Mrs D… that’s cute!” she said with a laugh. “And thank you, good sir. It’s nice to be appreciated, even if you’re only being polite!”

George shook his head negatively. “Uh hun,” he disagreed. “You look hot! No way you’re Shelly’s MOM!” He of course knew better, but his dick couldn’t agree with his mind. “You look like you could be her older sister!”

Suzie smiled widely. “Not hardly! Well, don’t let the appearance fool you, kiddo. The back hurts… ” and she arched her back, making her tits stick out further. He stared wide-eyed at her nipples, wanting to rip the suit off! As she stretched sexily, his shorts quickly sported a huge bulge. Suzanne noticed right away and continued with her merciless teasing. “And my legs cramp, too…” and she flexed her leg muscles and showed him an area that supposedly hurt for her. He just stared openly, admiringly.

“Holy cow! You look incredible!” It sounded dumb and lame but he was mesmerized!

“Thanks cutie! Still, I’m not near as shapely as some women. Even my age… Oh, your coke!” she said, and turned on a dime and moved into the kitchen. She heard an audible gasp as she left. “What was that?” she teased back.

“Um nothing,” he said somewhat belatedly. He didn’t want her to know he said “Oh My God!” as she turned away, and he saw her perfect ass; it was so well formed in that clinging suit. And was it his imagination or it looked as if her suit was going up her twat!?

She came back in, walking sexy, torturing the kid. He saw her tits jiggle, followed her nips as they bounced. Then he looked down, at her sexy sway, trying to memorize her details for some serious jerk time later. He stared at her cunt (or the space where it was just barely covered up), and yep, the suit was outlining her pussy lips. Unbelievable! “Here ya go, one cold coke. Have you ever been in this house before?” she asked, and sat on the couch near him, and put her legs on the coffee table, knowing full well he was checking them out.

“Um no ma’am,” he replied slowly, taking in the sight of her and putting the forgotten coke on the table. She sat there with a smile on her face, letting him look. The poor kid was stunned and didn’t even know how to gawk where he wouldn’t easily be caught! Finally, she grinned and offered him her hand and George stood up with her, trying hard to keep one hand in front of his hard dick. Shelly’s mom acted as if she didn’t know anything was wrong, and gave him a quick tour of the home. Currently they were in the living room, and she walked to the opening that lead to the dining room. He stared at the sexy older woman’s gorgeous ass as she walked and young thoughts of burying a hard cock filled his mind. Her words drifted in and out of his consciousness. He was quite literally being led by his dick at the moment.

“And through there is the laundry room. Over to your left is our main family room, and two bedrooms are there. Behind you is the door to downstairs, where we have a bar, a basement, and a wreck room that used to belong to Dee, but you know, she’s away at college. So we converted her room. Poor kid will feel left out when she gets here in a few days.”

“Um hum” George said, eyes on her ass.

“Something wrong, hun?” She stopped and damned if he didn’t run right into her. His cock buried itself in the cleft of her ass cheeks, and he groaned slightly as he felt her big buns softly resting there. She giggled internally and let the poor kid be in dick heaven. Then she stepped forward and turned around. He caught the jiggle of her cheeks and suddenly, he was staring at her pussy. He blinked and looked around trying to fake it, not fooling her in the slightest. He shrugged with her questioning stare, when he finally looked up to her eyes.

“Bar you said, Boy I could use a drink,” he finally muttered, somewhat lamely.

“You left your drink in the front room,” Suzanne said with a smirk. She glanced down, and swore softly. The kid was packing a bigger cock than Tommy had. OH yes!

“Um, when did you expect Shelly back?” George said weakly, trying to get her attention away and give him a chance to leave so he could rub one out. Hell, rub four out as hot as he was feeling right now!

“Well, in the family room, there’s a patio door. I think they’re out there working out.” Suzanne grinned. Let’s see how THIS turns out.

George looked over that way and frowned. “I see something, but the glare from the sun is making it hard to tell. Excuse me,” and he moved over to the doorway. He stopped, and put his hands on the glass, cupping them next to his eyes. He gulped audibly. “Holy shit!” he finally said.

“What?” Suzanne said, acting as if she didn’t KNOW what George saw. She came over and looked at the kid. “What’s wrong?” and then she glanced at the glass doorway. “OH MY GOD!” she fake exclaimed. Tommy had pulled his cock out and was spewing all over Shelly’s back at the moment, and she was turned around looking at him. From the liquid that had poured down her thighs, Suzanne had guessed that her lovely daughter had had a good time too. Then Shelly rolled on her back and Tommy shoved his dick back inside her and she moaned loudly.

Suzanne took George’s hand away from the glass and grasped it in her own and pulled it to her heart as she moved him away from the doorway. He left, but very reluctantly. She breathed in and out rapidly, trying to fake her heart beating strongly, hoping it worked. She swallowed hard and gulped audibly, running her hands through her hair nervously. “Oh boy!” she said weakly.

George slowly turned to her. “Wow! Did you know…?”

“That they’re having SEX? Hell no, Geoge! Oh my God!” She began to pace nervously, and the kid watched her move, seeing her tits jiggle slightly, watching her ass move oh so gracefully. Soon she stopped and turned to face him. She placed a hand on his chest and then she grabbed the same hand as before and again placed it over her heart. George gulped.

“Oh God… Um, Georgie, you GOTTA make a promise to me. SWEAR you won’t tell this at school! Not even to your closest friends!”

George frowned, and was instantly irritated. “Um, I graduated last year.”

“Oh THAT’s right,” she said a bit too dramatically. “I forgot that you’re so much older than I remembered.” She patted his hand over her heart with her other hand. “Um look… don’t tell her dad or her sister, Dee. I gotta figure out what to say when I talk to them.”

“Gee, I don’t know…” he said, now looking at Suzanne, and where his hand was. “I…”

She interrupted. “Please, hun.” She placed her hands on his hand and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “I’ll do anything you want… even…” and she hesitated, shyly. He caught her staring at his throbbing cock barely contained in his shorts. She took a deep breath and spoke in a husky voice. “Even things I’ve wanted to do for a while, now!”

George could barely believe his ears. “Is she coming onto me?” he thought somewhat crazily. “No, no way!” he reminded himself. “Wha-what have you wanted to do?” he asked, rather stupidly. He cursed himself for his moronic-ness!

Suzanne realized she’d have to go further. She took her right hand that was on top of his and moved his hand beneath her suit and put his hand directly on her left nipple. “THIS!” she said breathlessly. He gasped and looked up at her in surprise. She stepped in and with her left hand, reached down and cupped his hardness, eliciting another gasp and a shudder from the poor teenager. “And definitely this!” He stared down at her hand as it rubbed his boner, and slowly looked up. He grinned slowly and and began to palm her tit. With growing confidence, he boldly grabbed and massaged it, thumbing her nipple quite expertly. “Ohhhh! Nice, George! I like THAT!” She continued to massage his hard cock and his legs began to shake. “And this seems REALLY nice. You got a big dick, young man! Bigger than I’ve ever seen, I think.”

She reached up with her hand that wasn’t massaging his dick, and slid her suit from her shoulders. One at a time, her gorgeous tits came into view. George gawked, never having seen such great boobs before in his life. They weren’t perfect, for they did droop a tiny bit with age, but he thought they should be forever immortalized in bronze or something. “George, do you like? I’m not too old or nuthing, am I” she asked, awkwardly.

That brought him back to reality. He took his eyes off her tits and stared into her eyes. “Hell no, Mrs. D! You’re GORGEOUS! Fuck I’ve seen women in magazines that couldn’t compare to you!” She grasped his cock more firmly at this and smiled openly. “Especially now,” he shuddered as he thrust forward, reaching down and cupping her ass.

She smiled and took his hands and led them to her exposed nipples again. “While I love my ass being squeezed, you’re turning me on something fierce with this! And hey, how about Suzanne or Suz or anything nice other than Mrs. D.? I don’t want to be reminded of my husband that neglects me. I want you… all of you!” And she ground her pussy hard over the base of his cock, making the teenager groan aloud.

He looked at her, at his dick in her hand, and back up to her. “You did say anything?”

She smiled with victory. She took the suit all the way down to her great looking legs and feet, and stepped out of it totally naked. Sliding down to her knees, she looked up at him with an innocent, pouting expression, and reached for his zipper. She smiled as she looked at his eyes, and pulled the metal tab down expertly and quickly. The teenager’s cock sprang forward, enclosed in white briefs. She could see a lot of pre-cum that had made the underwear wet. “Very nice, hun,” she said honestly. “Jesus, he IS bigger than Tommy!” Her hand trembled as she peeled off the briefs, and his freed cock sprang out like a missle. He groaned with the sensation of the cooler air on his hard dick and it immediately began to throb. Suzanne honesty was surprised at his length and girth… suddenly she felt like she was the one being teased. She looked up at him. “Wow baby, that’s just GORGEOUS! Can I?” as she reached for his hard dick.

George nodded weakly, and began to shimmy out of his shorts and underwear. They dropped to his ankles, and she helped him get out of them. He stood there feeling like a moron as his nine-inch dick was inches away from her gorgeous mouth. “Suzanne,” he began…

“You want me to suck your beautiful cock, baby?” Suzanne answered breathlessly. George could only mumble in return, and she leaned forward, hands on her flawless thighs, and breathed deeply of his scent. Strong and spicy, but not a bad odor, she opened her mouth along his shaft, and licked near his balls. He groaned loudly as she continued licking upwards in one movement. She got to the tip of his dick and opened wide, and enveloped the tip with her mouth. It barely fit! She reached up and grabbed him by the base of his manhood and moaned loudly.

George thought he’d died and gone to heaven. “OHHHH GOD!” he near shouted! “YES!”

Suzanne smiled a bit and remembered the first time she’d gone down on a guy, remembering his exclamation. She opened her mouth bigger and took half of him and closed her mouth tightly, wrapping her lips solidly around his meat. She slid along his cock till just the tip remained inside, and she let her sensitive lips tease his nerves that were inflamed. He muttered her name weakly, and she glanced up at him to see his expression filled with lust and longing. Smiling to herself, slowly, she let her lips slide over his tip, and she stuck her tongue in the opening on the head. Then she slammed forward, taking as much of his entire length in her tight mouth as she could, and began a sexy blowjob that she knew would please him. Quickly and sexily, she sucked him while running her mouth up and down his length. She squeezed her lips tightly over his massive cock, and groaned with the effort. All too soon, she felt his legs go weak.

“Oh God, I’m gonna…!” was all he could say as a thick, ropey liquid shot strongly into her mouth and down her throat. Groaning with the sexiness of it, she swallowed his blasts as fast as she could. Some still escaped the side of her mouth, and he saw his jizz running down her lips, dribbling on her tits that were hanging below. She grabbed her tits and rubbed the lotion all over them, and then, unexpectedly, she shot her ass backwards and closed her eyes.

“GEORGE! OH!” she moaned and his dick popped out of her mouth, and he blasted one final time – the jizz popping on her face near her nose. Suzanne then she shot her hips forward, and he saw her cum spray out her pussy. She stuck a hand down there and began to frig herself crazily. She came again and again, not believing it herself. Finally she calmed down a few moments later and sheepishly looked up at George. She wiped away his cum on her face and stuck her fingers in her mouth. His cock seemed even bigger!

“Jesus, did you just come?”

She smiled and nodded. “Oh yes I did baby… do you want to see?”

Nodding his head, George fell to his knees, his throbbing cock sticking out painfully. Suzanne climbed to her feet, and not just a bit shakily. She spread her pussy lips with both hands, and looked down at herself, admiring her shaved mons. She rocked her hips forward to give both her and George the ability to see her extended clit. “Do you know what a woman’s pussy is like, hun?” she timidly asked. George was lost in lust as he saw this perfectly sexy woman that was showing her entire body to him. She’d just given him his first blowjob, and he wanted to do something to her in return. He reached up and massaged her right tit again, and his fingers brushed her nipple softly, and she moaned in response, and began to gyrate her hips sexily in front of him. Thinking of her question, he nodded dumbly, not wanting to tell this hot woman that his wicked sister had jerked off for him when he paid her money a year ago… Cindy sure seemed to love it, but George thought it was wrong and never pursued anything else with her. Cindy had a reputation at school, and she was only fourteen! No, Fifteen as of last week!

“That’s my clit right there, baby,” Suzanne said breathlessly. George leaned in and tongued around her pussy, cleaning off all her juices, and then deliberately and determined to do it right, licked upwards to her clit. The rest went naturally, as Suzanne rocked her hips forward as young George took to pussy eating as if he were bred to do it. He darted his tongue in between her plump pussy lips and she shuddered at his apparent expertise. Soon she grabbed his head as she came to another thundering orgasm, moaning his name over and over. George kept his mouth over her vaginal entrance, and drank it all up like a good boy!

Soon he stood up and she kissed him, tonguing him to get any juices he didn’t swallow. “Wow baby, who’s teaching whom?” He grinned and grabbed her ass, kneading it sexily. She turned in his hands and put her butt against his hard cock, and he ran his hands hungrily over her body. From her thighs to her muscled stomach to her diaphragm and up to her breasts where he groped and grabbed them like they were going to go away. Suzanne rubbed her ass against him, and asked. “Hun? Do you want your first pussy now?”

George groaned into her neck and began to thrust mightily between her ass cheeks. She took a shuddering breath and stepped forward and leaned on her dining room table. Then an inspiration hit her as she rolled over on it and spread her legs wide. She reached down and quickly frigged her clit, and rolled a finger around in her pussy. Yes, gotta get read for THIS monster! “C’mere!” she said huskily. “I want you so badly, sweetie!”

George took his queue and stepped forward, that big fucker moving with a mind of its own. He stepped between her outspread muscular thighs, the legs handing down, and his cock stood up proudly to the sky. He bent his knees instinctively, and she grasped his cock on the side, feeling the power within it. She guided him towards her hot tunnel, and he gasped as he entered her. She felt her lips spreading, and spreading. “Ohhhh GOD, I LOVE IT!” she moaned aloud as he withdrew and slammed more in her, gasping with the sensations. A few attempts later, and his balls slammed forward to tease her asshole. He groaned again, shaking his head in denial. “Yes baby, now do what feels natural!” she said breathlessly. She’d never felt so full in her life. It was a feeling she adored.

“Oh CHRIST!” he said as he fully withdrew and plunged into her hotness. Suzanne shrieked with pleasure and raised her legs to tightly wrap around his ass. George fell forward and braced himself on the table with both hands, his erect penis throbbing. In this new position he pulled his cock out with only his hips, and slammed them forward, driving his meat deep into her depths.

“Oh yes, baby, fuck me. OH FUCK ME!” she shouted as he continued with his loving. He caught onto her upraised pussy and was able to drive deeper. And when she rocked her hips backwards, he felt his cock rubbing against her clit. She shuddered, and again, he quickly caught on. He glanced down at his pinned lovely, and saw her stomach rising and falling with his thrusts; saw her erect nipples, and he sucked one into his hungry mouth. He was quickly rewarded with her grabbing his head tightly to her tit, trying to get more and more it into his hot mouth, and she exploded all over his cock. “OH BABY, YES! Oh God, I want you to cum inside me! I can’t wait. Fucking GIVE it to me!”

Hearing that did the kid in. He blasted deep in her depths. “OH FUCK!!” he groaned, and couldn’t stop humping her. Every thrust sent another blast and sensations down his cock and to his balls. He felt her hand gripping him fiercely on his ass, and he heard her scream his name again. His cock was flooded with moisture as her pussy grabbed his dick with an iron grip and pulsated around it. She moaned for a few moments, bucking her hips up to meet his intense thrusts. He was overwhelmed with sensations and he reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands and continued to pump into her. She came again under his ministrations and he moaned with her, loosing count of the number of times he felt his cock pulsating. His head began to swim and he collapsed on top of her as she drew him into a huge hug.

Suddenly clapping and cheering happened around him and he rose with fear in his eyes. There stood the lovely Shelly in her two-piece once more, but he noticed with nipples poking out. She was clapping and giving good natured wolf whistles as was Tommy, who nodded appreciatively. “Not bad, kid,” he said, impressed.

Shelly leaned on the table and grinned at him. “I guess this means that you will stop bugging me for a date, huh Georgie?” Tommy snorted and went to the fridge for a beer, and grabbed two. As he did so, George withdrew from Suzanne with a shudder and she sat up quickly, turning to her daughter with a frown on her face. Suzanne shook her head negatively, but her bratty daughter would have nothing of it. Still smirking, Shelly looked at George’s physique, impressed despite herself. The kid was only a year older than her, but in this past year, he’d really grown up a lot. As she checked out his still large cock, she noted that some parts of him had REALLY grown up.

“You could have knocked or something,” Suzanne muttered as she tried to get some dignity. She glanced around and her suit was across the room. She mollified her self by hugging the teenager, who returned it openly.

Tommy came back with the beer, and as George stuffed himself back into his shorts. “Um, we did once. You guys were pretty busy concentrating on something else.” He handed George the beer, saying, “You’re all grown up kid. Have a cold one!”

Embarrased beyond belief, the redhead refused the offered brew and instead made to get out of the place. “Th-Thanks but no, I gotta jet!” Tommy shrugged and chugged the opened beer, and drained it in a second. He popped open the other as the younger man moved to the front door.

“Suit yourself m’man. The offer’s still good.”
((to be continued))

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